Coffee Break – Cami Bra

Reader C wrote in to recommend this item, which seems like it fills a definite niche:

This cami bra is my new best friend. I have it in white and in black. It is perfect under wrap dresses and the like for work. Some people might prefer the “cami” to come up a little higher, but if I need to be that conservative I’m probably wearing a suit anyway. I had been looking for a product like this for years but the ones at Neiman’s were too lacy and crazy expensive. This one is perfect. No more cutting off perfectly good camis so they bottom line won’t show through. Packing for a trip just got easier too. (How many times have I packed the blouse or dress but forgotten the cami?) Incidentally, at least on me, a 34-D, the support and shaping of the bra is very good and the comfort is fine, though I probably could have done with a DD, which is not available.

Wow! The bra apparently features an underwire, so this is a full-on bra (and not, say, a “dickey” like I remember wearing as a teenager — Amazon has a few lace dickies for sale; they may also be called “modesty panels”) I do like this more modern cami bra, though, and can see how it would be welcomed by a lot of women in the summertime. This one is $32 at Target, and is available in white and black. Assets® by Sara Blakely ® Foundations Cami Bra



  1. Should we talk about the fact that the image shown is photoshopped almost beyond recognition as a human torso? Because that’s a little creepy.

    • Anonymous :

      ? What do you mean? It doesn’t look photoshopped to me…

      • I agree, but that’s only because she looks to me like she is 100% CGI and was just taken straight out of The Sims or some other similar game.

        • I was just thinking the body looked cartoony.

          • me too. I do not have a nice body and perfect skin like this either! There needs to be some freckels or something!

      • yes…it’s heavily photoshopped. click on the link and look at a larger version of the picture.

      • She’s had ribs airbrushed away.

  2. I just ordered this, thanks to a weekend dressing debacle that involved cutting a camisole in half and then switching outfits all together because it still wasn’t right.

  3. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time, but just assumed that the coverage would not be high enough on my 36D frame. This is very heartening, and I think I will go order now!

  4. Can someone explain this cutting off camis thing to me? Why would you do this?

    • Ditto…I don’t get it.

    • So the fabric doesn’t bunch up under your bra.

      • Shouldn’t the cami go OVER the bra? Otherwise, I thought people cut off the cami because it made too many layers under a shirt, sweater, etc.

    • soulfusion :

      With the wrong combination of dress and cami, I have one or both of these problems: 1) a clear line where the cami ends; or, even worse, 2) sometimes the cami refuses to stay in place and bunches and rolls as I move throughout the day.

    • I’ve done it so that I could wear a cami under a dress. With a shirt it doesn’t really matter because it will hit at generally the same spot as the shirt, but with a dress, the bottom line of the cami can show through the dress sometimes. I hope that made sense…

  5. I would love to see this in beige. I wear a beige cami probably 3x per week (more in summer, under sheer tops).

    • This one from Gap might work – I have a few of them that I use for this purpose. I get the XL size so there’s more coverage (I’m usually a small on top).

  6. Wondering :

    I have a similar one that I bought from JC Penney for $10. It does not have underwire though. I wish they came in more colors. I bought the black and white.

  7. This reminds me of a “chickie” which was featured on Oprah earlier this year. It’s a fake tank top that clips over your bra. Check it out!

    • $33 for this? What the heck? If I needed one of these ridiculous things, I’d make one myself!

      I saw this in a store the other day and thought it was a joke. It’s so freaking silly!

    • Even better is the “Cami Secret,” which I think is a real seen-on-tv product, but someone made a hilarious (if you have a slightly sophomoric sense of humor like I do) parody of the infomercial on Youtube.

  8. Maybe it’s just me, but in my mind nothing that looks like a bra should be visible, nevermind whether or not it’s intended to be worn that way.

    • I used to think that too but bought a bra similar to this one a few years ago. No one would ever think it was a bra and I never have any weird bunching around my waist from a cami. You should try it out.

      (However, I would NEVER pay $32 for one. You can find less expensive versions around).

      • Ballerina Girl :

        Where? Do tell!

        • I found some comfortable cotton versions of this (sans underwire) at walmart for $7 for a group of three (black, white, and nude). I know there are plenty of people who won’t shop at walmart, but this is one of my best purchases. Bought it in a bind in a town where the only store were piggly wiggly and walmart. Definitely a good purchase.

          • The underwire is what makes this worth $32. It’s meant to replace the bra and seems like it would be more comfortable than wearing a cami over a bra.

  9. "My nail beds suck." :

    Anyone have experience with gel manicures? Pros/cons?

    • Another Sarah :

      I had one done a few weeks ago, and it was pretty nice for a manicure. I always smudge my nails before I leave the salon, and the gel set before I left so no smudges! Mine lasted until I wanted to take it off – about 2 weeks. But then to take it off I had to soak (as in, stick my fingernails in a cup for about 7 or 8 minutes at a time) my nails in 100% acetone. I could see the acetone basically burn off the polish, and was thinking, “jeebus, I wonder what this is doing to my nail if that’s what it does to the polish…” Also, the polish has to set under UV-lights for a bit; when they had me wash my hands my sunscreen came off so I got a sunburn from the UV lights. Other than that, it was nice, but because of the cons I don’t know if I would get another one over a regular manicure.

      • "My nail beds suck." :

        Thanks for your input! I totally never thought about the UV lights aspect. I have pretty fair skin, so I’d likely burn too.

      • Makeup Junkie :
        I take this to the salon with me and put a drop on each finger and toe. Saves a ton of frustration!
        OPI’s Drip Dry works the same!

    • Makeup Junkie :

      I’m not a fan. The polish dries fast and doesn’t chip, but there is a margin between your nail and cuticle that has to be maintained that looked bad as my nails grew.
      Also, the polish peeled off one one nail taking a layer of nail with it.
      So both of those factors made me equate it with getting acrylics. It might be worth it for a special event though

    • I had one done two weeks ago and loved it. It took a lot less time than acrylics, and was thinner than acrylics, and thus more natural looking. I found it to be more durable/held up easier for me than acrylics, since the material is bit more “flexible.” I had no chipping. and the grown out part was noticeable to only me after two weeks.

      • oh, and on the UV part, it was not very long at all, and no longer than I usually sit for my regualr polish to dry.

  10. Delta Sierra :

    Um… isn’t this just a sports bra?

  11. I’m going to try this out. I’m not sure that I’d wear this to the office, but it might be perfect for more casual occasions.

  12. SF Bay Associate :

    Nordstrom anniversary sale markdowns are online! Yesterday, there was maybe 1.5k items on sale, and today it’s more than 5.3k. They usually start posting them on a rolling basis on the Monday before the sale (which always begins Wednesday). Today is no different. My credit card is already sizzling (most of it is going back, I swear!), and I’m sure I’ll swing through it again with more updates and more time. Several of the weekly suits are now on sale, including the beautiful Nanette Leopore white one, and the Classiques one with the hook and eye suit jacket closure, which I ordered among other things.

    There is a ton of designer markdowns, including Armani and Burberry.

    Strike while the iron is hot :)!

  13. What about headlights/party hats?

  14. I once had a junior colleague who thought it was ok to bare her moulded bandeau bra when wearing a wrap dress. I gently asked her if it was her bra I could see and got a huge smile and nod …her idea was that all rules were waived for a bandeau!!!

    Now if only this has been featured then…….

  15. ‘had’ ..not ‘has’.

  16. This is underwear to me. If I saw it peak through a dress or a tank at work I would be pretty weirded out…

  17. I like the idea — summers where I am are so hot that wearing a cami under a low-cut sundress is just too hot! This would solve that problem, though I’m not excited about the price, either.

  18. I picked up a black one and I love it (thank you Corporette & Corporette community). Like some of the commenters, I was concerned that it would feel strange to have my bra visible, but the “modesty panel” is a separate piece of fabric that goes over a full bra and is attached at the bottom and at the straps. IMHO, having two full layers (bra cups + panel) makes it the equivalent of a bra + separate cami and eliminates the feeling that my “bra” is showing.

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