Coffee Break – Hard-Earned Cash Coin Purse

Hard-Earned Cash Coin PurseThere’s a glare on the picture of this amusing little coin purse, but what it says on top is “SHE WORKS HARD FOR THE MONEY.” Love it! I’d use it for a “lunch money” pouch — I’d keep all of my “buy 10 get one free” cards, along with change and about $20 or so — to take with me while making my lunch run for regular lunch spots in the area. It’s $4.99 at Modcloth. Hard-Earned Cash Coin Purse



  1. It’s cute, but it’s teeny tiny- only 4′ by 3′.

    • Obviously I meant inches. :)

    • MakeUp Junkie :

      It’s very small, but perfect for loose change! And with that phrase on it… I might be sold!

    • North Shore :

      Anyone remember the tiny Stonehenge in Spinal Tap?

      • “I think that the problem *may* have been that there was a Stonehenge monument on the stage that was in danger of being CRUSHED BY A DWARF!”

        Love it:)

      • Lol! I remember it!

    • I’d like to recommend a similar item I recently purchased that is just a bit bigger: the Matt & Nat Maya Wristlet. It’s 4.5″ x 7″ — perfect for a cell phone, cash, cards, and a small set of keys. I love it. It’s vegan for those who care — for those who don’t, this is my first non-leather purchase of this type, and I’m pleasantly surprised.

      Here’s the wristlet at Endless:

  2. I have all of my frequent-eater cards in my wallet, but never remember to pull them out. A little just-going-for-lunch coin purse, where I can keep those, a $20, and my ID card, is brilliant.

  3. This is too cute! I’ve been looking for a little something I can carry my debit card, phone, badge, and keys, rather than my large work tote. This seems like it might be a smidge bit too small for what I’m looking for, but I like it just the same.

  4. Annabelle :

    Would this suit work as an interview suit? I’ve always worn pant suits before but I’m having trouble finding one that fits right. Klein%26sp%3D2%26spc%3D50

    • Cute. I’d say yes, assuming the skirt is longer on you than on the model and that you’ll wear a conservative top. I don’t mind slightly above knee skirts in the office generally but would not wear one for an interview.

      • Just above the knee is actually quite a flattering length for skirts on most people, especially in an a-line cut such as this one, which might look a bit frumpy or old if kept too long. I don’t think the “just above the knee” cut is bad for an interview, especially seeing as how it’s generally recommended to keep skirts (ideally) anywhere between just below the knee (at longest) to just above the knee (depending on the person/what looks best). I think it’s pretty common that if you hem a skirt anywhere in that range, it will likely look nice and flattering.

        A just above the knee skirt, by the way, isn’t the same thing as some of the very much above the knee (think inches) skirts that you see a lot of at places like Ann Taylor these days. I agree skirts of that length border on inappropriateness for any day, especially interview days. But a just above the knee cut? In general and/or in a more traditional suit such as the one above? I see no reason to eliminate it for interview wear.

    • The skirt is 22″ long, which hits me just at the knee. I am 5’6″. I would say that is very appropriate for an interview. The jacket is simple and conservative. I say go for it!

    • I think this is a great suit. If you button the jacket, and wear a conservative shirt and jewelry, it would be fine for an interview.

  5. My boyfriend gave me a leather DKNY wallet change/purse combo and it is absolutely fantastic. Of course, I have precious little money to fill it, but I believe in being stylish over frugal! I recommend it highly!

    • legalicious07 :

      Interesting philosophy! In theory, I don’t agree, but in practice, I think I need to adopt your mantra. I was taking a hard look at my wardrobe, shoe closet, etc. this past weekend — and I think the frugality that has served me well up to this point (coming out of law school and, before that, a series of non-profits) does not have the same value now that I’m doing biglaw.

      Here’s to being stylish over being frugal. (Within reason, of course!)

      • Obviously, I have no idea what is actually in your closet. But it sounds like you find yourself very much in the same position I recently found myself. I never made a lot of money (non-profit employers and then school like you), so I bought a lot of stuff with a “frugal” mindset. But once I started at a large firm, and started earning a large firm salary, I realized that my next move needs to be to buy stylish, classic, quality pieces as I find them (esp. when on sale), integrating them into the frugal, but plentiful and conservative, wardrobe I already own.

  6. Proactive v. annoying :

    Thoughts please: How long should I wait to follow up on biglaw lateral interview? Had the full day with multiple partner interview and sent thank you emails already.

    • I wouldn’t follow up at all. This is a “we’ll call you” situation. In my experience lateral offers come by phone within days of, if not the day of, the multi-partner interview, and dings come in the mail within a week or two.

      • Proactive v. annoying :

        I’m hoping that is not the case but appreciate you being straight forward.

        • Anon for this one :

          Ditto. Hang in there. All is not lost until you get the ding.

      • previous lateral :

        I lateralled about 4 years ago (so things may have changed) and I didnt get my offer for quite some time. And I finally called at which point they said, we’ve been meaning to call you . . . . you got the job.

        • Me too. I waited I think a week and then called. And the partner I called called me back and said “oh, oops! I thought Partner X had called you and he thought I’d called you. We’d definitely like to extend an offer”

    • DC Lawyer :

      I agree with the above commenters, but if you haven’t heard anything in 2-3 weeks I think it’s fine to follow up.

  7. This is awesome. Totally getting one.

  8. MakeUp Junkie :

    I just bought a wristlet on Etsy specifically for running out to lunch! It fits my wallet(it’s quite small), building pass, metro tokens, and lip gloss.

  9. Classof2011 :

    I am having a hard time finding a basic black leather tote bag. It seems like everything now is oversized with tons of hardware/zippers.

    Is this Kate Spade tote bag appropriate to carry to an interview? I saw a black one at my local TJ Maxx for a lot less today ($120!)and I am wondering if I should go back and just make the splurge. I feel that it’s not too trendy and would last me a while. The leather felt nice, too.

    • Get it! You will find a lot of uses for it.

    • DC Lawyer :

      I think it’s fine, but I’d carry it with the tote handles, not with the slouchy folded-over top and shoulder strap.

    • If you like this bag for your purposes, get it at the TJ Maxx price when you see it. This kind of staple will round out your wardrobe and you will never regret having it.

  10. Is it me, or does this model look like a botched photoshop job?

    • Either that or the model is rocking some crazy/weird/contortionist pose!

      • Hey JessC! About a Tampa Bay meet up: not sure if Monday night post will be well read, but should we just set a date – like maybe next Thur 3/10? Taps would be my first choice but I am pretty open. Consensus from 813/727 Corporettes?

    • Lol. That is an extremely funny pose. Thank you.

  11. If your in a more conservative field I would go with something a bit more structured than the slouchy leather which reads as more casual to me. How about:

  12. Alias Terry :


    To the goddess who posted the PSA about Fair Indigo: I got my shirts today and they are outstanding! They are far better made than the BR ones I recently purchased, the fit is also better and the price can not be beat.

    Thank you for the great tip. I will be buying from FI again.

    • How does their sizing run, say, compared to BR? I’m interested!

    • Alias Terry:
      I’m so glad the shirts work for you! I really like the stuff I’ve purchased from there & obviously, I want to support fair trade where possible.

      Midori: I’d say their sizing is pretty close to Banana. Because they source from different factories, their sizing can vary depending on the individual item. FI is really good about telling you whether you should size up or down on an individual item and they do allow comments on their website (including describing body type), so that’s helpful if you’re in between.

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