Coffee Break: Mercury Glass Frames

It’s been a while since we talked about framed photographs as office decor (particularly family pictures at the office) — what pictures do you have framed? These pretty mercury glass frames at Anthropologie look great for walking that line between stylish and nondescript — they’re not loud or flashy, but when you look more closely they’re pretty cool. They’re available in three sizes, and prices range from $24-$32. Mercury Glass Frames

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  1. I’ll be taking 3 long-haul flights (10 hours+) with my 18 month old on Delta and Air France. Everyone has told me that if we get bulkhead seats we’ll be fine and if we don’t we’re in trouble. I booked the flights through a third party service and wasn’t able to reserve bulkhead seats (although they apparently recorded by request for a bulkhead seat on my booking). Is there a way to do so now? I don’t mind if there’s an extra fee, but I don’t have “status” with either airline.

    • Anonymous :

      I would just just call the airline and ask. It will probably be the best way to get a direct answer.

      • Anonymous :

        Or try logging into the airlines sites with your confirmation code and reserving seats that way.

    • Anonymous :

      Yeah this is an issue with not booking directly. Call and ask or try and log in and do it. There’s quite likely an additional fee.

    • Gail the Goldfish :

      Call and ask. I recently got a bulkhead seat on a long haul and had to ask because they did have it blocked off for people with babies/young children (because it had things where you could attach a bassinet)–this was Virgin Atlantic, and I don’t know if Delta and Air France have similar situations, but worth asking.

      • My friend and I had bulkhead seats on Austrian Airlines, but you’re right, they are normally reserved for people traveling with babies and they need to attach the bassinet. We got lucky and the baby who was supposed to be next to us was too big to fit in the bassinet, so they moved the parents to a space where they would have a seat for her and moved others up. We ended up with bulkhead and an empty seat next to us. No such luck on the way home for a longer flight.

    • anon a mouse :

      Call again tomorrow and ask how early bulkhead seats will be released. Some airlines do them a week ahead of time, some only 24 hours. Then set a reminder on your phone to call the minute that they should be released.

  2. Anonymous :

    Have any of you had luck moving your household over to using rags instead of paper towels? We have a million small white rags on hand, but we still reach for the paper towels. I’d love to switch over to just using the rags. Have those cloth, snap-together “paper towel” rolls sold on Etsy worked for anyone looking to break the habit?

    • lawsuited :

      Stop buying paper towel so there’s none to reach for, and put an attractive ceramic jar filled it with rags on your kitchen counter where the paper towel roll used to be?

      • Anonymous :

        +1 keep the rags handy and washed and stop buying paper towels. I have a set of cloth napkins as well.

      • I like this idea. Any recs on what that jar might look like?

        And where do you keep the dirty ones until the next load? Our machines are downstairs in the basement and laundry baskets upstairs, so I find that the family has a hard time knowing where to put a too-gross-to-use rag and will reach for a paper towel instead of dealing with it.

        • Lana Del Raygun :

          You need a rag bin/bucket wherever you use rags the most. Ours is under the kitchen sink.

        • Anonymous :

          If possible, a place to hang the rags up to dry, then a bin to toss them in until you take them down to the laundry.

        • Anonymous :

          We use a large wicker basket on top of the fridge, since we mostly use rags in the kitchen. Rags, dish towels, and napkins go in there once dirty and get washed when the basket is full.

    • Anonymous :

      basket with the rags where the paper towel roll used to be. Store the paper towels in a hard to reach place like the basement storage room or attic so it’s a pain to go get them.

    • Anonymous :

      Yes, that and no more paper napkins. Get a hover cover for the microwave too.

      • Anonymous :

        Yeah, I think we are going to have to rid ourselves of paper towels because the nanny, housekeeper, and in laws can’t resist them. We don’t use them except when necessary (red sauce or wine or the like) but we still go through them so quickly because of the others!

      • Anonymous :

        Or…just use another dish? I just use a plate or bowl to cover the thing being heated up to avoid splatter. I don’t think you really need a whole separate thing for that.

    • Yes. I just stopped buying them. I didn’t buy the thing you’re describing. I just keep a pile of cotton hand towels and rags in the kitchen and reach for one when I need one. I don’t care if they get stained. Family comments on it when they come over. I just shrug and tell them to deal with it.

    • Anonymous :

      We use rags exclusively and just don’t buy paper towels (our monthly housecleaner uses both so we store a roll for her in an out of the way closet). I think rags do a much better job!

    • I just use rags. I keep a roll of paper towels under my sink but honestly I don’t even go through a roll a year.

    • In House Lobbyist :

      We just dedicated a drawer in our kitchen to kitchen towels that we bought off Amazon. Yes, they get stained and I move the really gross ones to the true rag pile for my husband. Our laundry room is off the kitchen so its not a bad walk to get ride of them but I do like the basket idea. I find just using the kitchen towels really helps alot and we kept wash cloths handy when we had dirty baby faces to wipe up after meals.

  3. any other big law ladies freaking out about when/if other firms will match the salary raises?

    • surprising :

      honestly i find this very surprising

    • Anonymous :

      Seriously?? Tenure at my firm just keeps getting shorter every time the scale goes up. What used to be a 5th yr push our became 4th last time, now I guess we’ll be down to 3. And it’s not like 20-30k in extra money makes up for losing 2 full years in biglaw.

      • Anonymous :

        * push out.

      • Anonymous :

        This is honestly why I am kind of stressed about this. I really thought the last round of raises was more than generous and don’t want to have to leave.

        • Anonymous :

          Yup, and I will never be profitable enough as a litigator to make partner. Eye roll.

          • Anonymous :

            I don’t get it — are firms saying that now?? My firm has said no lit partners for years going forward but they don’t dare say their lit partners currently aren’t profitable.

        • Anonymous :

          Same. It was one thing when people were pushed out with 6-7 years experience – you could still land a good medium firm, in house or govt job because people recognized that 6-7 years is a lot of experience. It gets harder at just 3-4 years because hiring attorneys at those places don’t keep track of biglaw salary and stealth layoff trends and just assume you were pushed out in 3 years because you couldn’t handle it, not because the firm comp line item got a lot bigger while business didn’t really grow and they weren’t going to take any hit on their partner profits.

        • Anonymous :

          Is this happening primarily on lit side? Forgive my ignorance, I’m transactional and haven’t felt this pressure (although only a 5th year so it may be waiting for me shortly…)

      • +1. Don’t get so excited. This is bad for job security.

    • Anonymous :

      Not freaking out because I know my firm won’t match. But still very interested to see what happens!

  4. anon in brooklyn :

    What shoes do people wear for work (with a walk/subway commute) in warm weather rain? In cooler weather, I’m fine in boots, but I hate getting my feet wet in flats or sandals.

    • Anonymous :

      Well, I wear Crocs flats – they’re totally plastic – but that doesn’t prevent my feet getting wet. I do just change into dry shoes once I get to the office. You could wear short booties.

    • Cookbooks :

      I still use my rain boots. I find them particularly useful when wearing dresses because then my legs are covered to about the knees. I leave flats at the office, and I change into them when I reach work.

      But I agree with anon poster above: short rain booties could be a good compromise. My roommate has a pair and they look nice with both dresses and pants.

    • Ugg Haylie rain slippers (moccasins). They’re super preppy, super-comfy and I love them.

    • Anonymous :

      Dansko clogs

  5. Rainbow Hair :

    Huh, I would think these are far from neutral — they look very Anthro (or grandmotherly) to me. I go with black frames and white mats though, so what do I know?

    • I agree, they are not neutral. I applaud you for the black and white (true neutrals).

    • +1 – these look very consistent with the 80’s/90’s revival in fashion. Shiny!

    • +1 to these not being neutral! I considered some gold geometric frames for my desk, but went with simple, thin, solid black instead. At the time it was because I wanted square frames and they were hard to find (think they’re more common now!) but since then I’ve been glad to have a neutral frame. After all, I put the pictures up to focus on the images, not to display a pretty frame.

      • Rainbow Hair :

        I could see someone with a style that’s really different from mine (someone using soft colors, gold, organic textures, white) displaying these on a desk in a really pretty way. But I don’t think you can just slap em on there and have it work, like you can with black.

    • I think they’re neutral in the sense that they don’t have a strong pattern that might look off with some photos if the colors in the photo are really clashy. Not necessarily neutral in the sense of what style of frame you prefer.

    • Anonymous :

      Agree that I would never call them neutral. Maybe neutral…. tacky? Trump-y?

      I picture them on a glass end table next to a sofa covered in plastic.

      • Anonymous :

        I pictured them next to a sofa covered in plastic and kind of liked them, but not for the office. I guess they look domestic to me.

    • Kat, I like these frame’s! If they look old to some, I suppose it is b/c I am an old soul at heart. That is what Mrs. Sheketovits told me when she praised me for putting up with her son, Alan. I am not sure why, but I think it was b/c I let him do what he wanted even tho it was doeing nothing for me, emotionaly or s-xueally. FOOEY on men that just want for us to do stuff for them, but then they just roll over and take a nap leaving us with nothing! We deserve so much more then that. DOUBEL FOOEY!

  6. bathroom redesign? :

    we’re in the beginning stages of pondering a bathroom redesign — has anyone done one? what resources would you recommend (my Pinterest-fu is failing me) and what would you love to have in one? I think I want a really sick shower but not quite sure what that looks like. I never take baths but my kids do. Is it weird to have medicine cabinets in front of a double vanity?

    • Anonymous :

      For fun shower ideas, browse Kohler’s website (even better if you can visit a showroom). Also check out Duravit and Toto. Emily Henderson’s blog might be a good starting point to see bathroom ideas.

      I’m not sure what you mean by weird to have medicine cabinets in front of a double vanity, but I think it’s fine to have both a double vanity and medicine cabinets. Does anyone ever really think they have too much storage in a bathroom?

      We redid our bathroom, and it was a very basic remodel in the sense that we were replacing all of the fixtures (tub, sink, toilet) and not changing the floorplan. We made design choices based on both resale and the overall vibe we wanted (bright white tile and fixtures, dark gray floors, chrome faucets, wood accents on the vanity, deep blue color on the walls).

    • Rainbow Hair :

      My dream bathroom has a shower with a built in bench, and the shower itself is spaciousAF with glass walls/doors so it gets a ton of light… (I am afraid of too many gizmos on my shower/plumbing, like if something gets messed up how hard will it be to fix?)

      I love having the bath separate from the shower because then I don’t have to deal with kids toys every time I want to bathe myself.

    • Never too many shoes... :

      My very favourite thing ever is my glassed in shower with black, brick like tiles, jets, rain head and a bench to sit on (large enough for two people to…sit and whatever else).

      • Anonymous :

        Tell me about that – why did you go black, and what does the rest of your bathroom look like? I never thought of black but that sounds nice.

        • Never too many shoes... :

          It is a basement bathroom with no windows. I wanted it to feel really modern, sort of like a spa, and sexy.
          It is painted a kind of sagey/grey with ultra white trim, black marble floor. Dark wood vanity and shelves, sink is deep rectangle with a squared-off faucet (water comes through an open top like a pump, hard to describe). Lighting is crystal chandelier style with halogens for lots of light (ceiling light is rectangular and modern looking) and side lights on either side of a square frameless mirror. There is a recessed light in shower for more light and is enough on its own if you do not want the brighter lights on. I went with the black to give it a kind of sexy, grotto like feel – the tiles are long rectangles and kind of bumpy so give the impression of stone.
          It is absolutely my favourite room in the house.

    • I would do a linear drain. I love the look of those.

      I would probably not do the million jets on the side, unless I was planning to sell relatively soon. I’ve had them before, rarely used them and they were just a place for mold to grow. Same with a steam shower– sounds nice in theory, but a really well-sealed shower stall grows mold easily, and I prefer to not have to leave the sleek glass door open all the time.

      I’d have a ledge in the shower stall, to store bottles, etc. I think a low ledge would be nice, to have a place to put my foot while shaving.

      And a built-in tub, unless I had enough space that I could install a free-standing tub with plenty of space around the sides and back to walk around it to clean the floor.

    • In House Lobbyist :

      We are finishing up a year long remodel (my sweet husband takes his time) so I have had a lot of time to think about. We did a black/white/gray marble that I absolutely love with some glass tile with black grout as an accent down the main wall. We have a bench, built in shelves and 6 shower heads. We just need the glass now. I refuse to use it because if I do then my husband will never get it finished so I can only dream about those 6 shower heads now. We also put a bluetooth light over the shower so you can play music while in the shower and it isn’t as cheesy as it sounds. For our counter tops, we went with an unpolished black granite. It is isn’t shiny and has lots of texture. What finally helped me was spending hours at specialty tile shop (but that also upped by tile budget quite a bit!

  7. breaking up witha good guy :

    I think I need to break up with my boyfriend. He’s a wonderful, deeply kind, person, and we share a lot of values. He was talking about rings last weekend, and…although I WAS super excited about him when we started dating, for the last few months I’ve been feeling more and more uncertain. We’ve been dating 6 months; mid 30’s, both really really want kids. For the last few months I’ve been feeling that I’m not that excited about the idea of building a life with him…. and I feel bored and annoyed a lot during our conversations – I really miss the vibrant intellectual conversations I’ve had with other boyfriends and get annoyed by how much he worries about things. So now I’m tearing myself up wondering about a) if it’s the right decision to break up with him, and b), how do I actually do that!?! I know an adult should be able to break up with someone, but please be gentle with me…hurting someone you love is really really hard; I have been stalling for a good month since I don’t want to hurt such a kind person, and I’m pretty sure this will eviscerate him….

    • There’s no easy way to do this. I think the most kind thing is to say, “I don’t think this relationship is working out. I don’t think we’re compatible long term. I wish you well, and I hope you find what you’re looking for,” or something similar. Then try to exit the conversation as quickly as possible, and avoid answering any questions he might have as to what specifically you think is not working or why you’re incompatible. He’ll take your answers as criticisms and internalize them more than he probably should if you tell him what you’ve said above. There’s nothing you can do to stop him from being upset about this, though. It’s not going to be a fun conversation.

    • Anonymous :

      There was a thread last week, maybe Friday? where someone asked the same thing. A lot of really good discussion there. Sorry you are so torn up over it but you will free him up to find the right person.

    • Anonymous :

      It’s been six months. Just sit down tonight and do it. He will survive. “Ken, there’s no easy way to say this. I don’t want to date you anymore.”

    • Anonymous :

      My (ex) boyfriend just did this to me! He was apologetic, clear, said he had truly enjoyed our time together but did not want to continue and wished me well. It hurts a lot but also it had only been 6 months. I’m going to be sad a while and then I’ll be fine. Truly, the kindest thing to do is tell him ASAP.

    • Anonymous :

      It does seem like you need to break up with him. 6 months is really early for talking about rings in my world, and this worries me even more that the two of you are on different pages.

      Let him go. Don’t criticize his failings or give him any specifics, as this will be brutal for him. That is the kindest thing. But doing it sooner rather than later is the best thing for both of you.

      • “It does seem like you need to break up with him. 6 months is really early for talking about rings in my world, and this worries me even more that the two of you are on different pages.”

        My fiance and I started talking about rings two months in (I mean, we knew it would probably happen, but just not then). When you’re in your 30s and know yourself, it’s not that hard to figure out if it’s right.

        • “When you’re in your 30s and know yourself, it’s not that hard to figure out if it’s right.”

          With all due respect, this is a pretty judgey comment, and I think it’s really bad advice/counter-productive. So people who don’t know right off the bat if they want to get married are in the wrong relationships? Or they don’t know themselves? Come on.

    • From a super-single lady who often freaks out like this when dating someone new: is it possible it’s just fear? I’ve seen friends end relationships like this and end up happier, but I myself haven’t had good luck searching for something “better.” If kids are a priority, do you think you could raise children with this man? Just questions –you don’t have to answer me.

      • Anonymous :

        Oof no. Please don’t marry someone just because you are mid-30s and really want kids and you think he’d be a good dad. Unless you’re a Duggar you’re not going to have little kids forever and soon you will find yourself with preteens who are out of the house doing their own thing and a spouse you feel no connection to. Divorce is really hard on kids, even if they’re not little when you split (maybe especially if they’re not little). I think this is a recipe for disaster.

        • Anonymous :

          I didn’t read her as saying to marry him because of children. Just asking OP to do a check to make sure it’s not fear talking.

          • I think you’re both right — whether she’s reacting more negatively to him now because of fear and whether she could marry him for kids even if she’s not in love are separate questions.

        • Anonymous :

          I think if this is ever going to work (partnership for sake of having children), both parties have to have this understanding going into it. If it’s one thing for one partner and one for another, I haven’t seen that go as well.

    • He will be absolutely devastated, but better to do it now than in 6 months or break off an engagement. Don’t do it somewhere public and embarrassing for him if he gets emotional. Just be honest and say that there’s nothing really wrong, but you just don’t see a future together, or something like that. Once you break it off, do not contact him at all. Once it’s over, it’s over unless you end things amicably and decide to stay friends, which I don’t think is the case here. When my ex broke up with me I was heartbroken, but what made it so much worse was him contacting me several weeks and months after. Stay off his social media, don’t like his posts, etc.

  8. Picture frame tangent-
    I’ve somewhat accidentally amassed quite a collection of photos in white frames. Most of the frames are simple flat white, but a few have designs- a beige pattern, a white-on-white texture, mother of pearl, etc. I’d like to hang them all as a gallery wall, but I’m not sure how it would look because most of them are quite small. The largest is 8×10 and most are 5×7. Pinterest tells me I need a large anchor piece for the wall. The only piece I have that might work for that is a dramatic black design on a white backdrop, framed in a black frame. Is there hope for a gallery wall with these pieces? If not, what should I change to make it work?

    • Google “gallery wall layout” and find one that appeals to you. You might be able to make it work with just one larger white frame, or maybe with one large white clock (or large initial or large geometric item or whatever fits with the room style). Like you could start with the large object slightly off center, then add the rest of your frames around it to roughly look intentional. Something like this.

    • Ouch! That hurts :

      Yes. Just consider reframing the big piece in a white frame … I would use a two-level matt arrangement, with a small white fillet showing at the artwork, then a wider black matt, followed by the white frame (going from inside to the outer edge in my description).

      Then lay them all out on the floor until you find an arrangement you like. The white-tone frames will help pull it all together.

      What counts is that you like all of the art/pictures!

      If you need to add, you might look to order black and white photos of places, landscapes, items, architectural details and fram those in premade white frames with premade black mats. Art do com has a lot of options, I think. Museum shops on line as well. The box stores that do framing (Michaels, Aaron Brothers) have some available inexpensive art as well.

      I have animation ar that is all different sizes. It’s a collection that expands my entire work life and solo practice. It is tied together by a small black mat then a wider white matt, and then a black slim frame. Love it. So do all the visitors to my office suite. I’m biased. YMMV.

  9. Is anyone here Dutch, or have you been to a Dutch wedding? I’m headed to Amsterdam this summer, without a lot of info from the bride and groom. I would love to hear about wedding customs/etiquette/dress code.
    My husband is in the wedding, and has been asked to wear a white shirt, navy pants, and brown belt/shoes. I plan to wear a sleeveless floral wrap dress- would that be ok?

    • My husband is Dutch, so I had a Dutch wedding, and have been to many as well. Some key differences from American weddings: The legal wedding ceremony happens at the town hall, and this is often (but not always) the first event of the wedding day that the guests are invited to. The town hall is often a beautiful older building with a ceremony room, and the civil proceeding is a meaningful ceremony – everyone has to do it even if they’re also getting married in a church. A religious wedding or a marriage ceremony at a venue may or may not follow. Te Dutch aren’t very religious, so a good chance there won’t be a church part. Then the party or reception. The receptions range the gamut, from dinner in a restaurant banquet room to a larger party in a venue. The main difference is the prominence of the wedding speeches. The Dutch take their wedding speeches VERY seriously, put a ton of thought into them, and they are lengthier, more interesting, and more significant than the toasts you see at American weddings. Oh yes and if the wedding is in Amsterdam or another large city, there’s a decent chance you may walk (or even bike) between events, so wear or bring comfy shoes to get between venues (also because it may rain). And finally, maybe it’s just my husband’s circle, but I have the feeling that the Dutch are less flashy with gifts – I do not get the impression that it would be common to give $200 or more for a gift unless it’s like, your brother.

      • Gifts are definitely smaller, it is definitely not uncommon to get a board game, book or some gift certificate. Dress is relatively casual (for me, I’m originally from Central-Eastern Europe), many men do not wear ties. Any sort of dress would be fine for a woman. Regarding biking: it is possible and quite easy to bike in the heels/wedges, but narrow silhouette may cause serious problems (pencil skirts without flap slits, for example).

        • Nudibranch :

          Here’s a satirical website you may find interesting:

          I don’t see anything specifically about weddings, but there is a post about birthdays that you might check. There are other posts that may be enlightening as well.

  10. Just wanted to share a plug for the Cook Smarts meal plan service that some in the hive may find useful. I started subscribing a few months ago and have found it super useful (I promise I’m not a shill!). They come out with a new menu plan each week with 4 dinner recipes, and you can choose different versions for your food preferences or pull old recipes from their archives to sub in or add to the plan. Their site builds your grocery list and offers tips on prepping ahead. For me it’s been a great resource and really simplified my grocery and cooking routines. This link should take you to an offer for a free month:

  11. Maternity SOS :

    I know it’s late so I am cross-posting to the mom’s site. I need a business professional maternity dress that I can wear to an event Wednesday. I just found out about this meeting and am unprepared, as my usual dress code is business casual and my maternity-wear is definitely on the more casual end. I am second trimester, but can no longer pull off the my-size-plus-one in regular clothes for the most part. I usually get my clothes online but since this is so late notice I think I need to go in person. Do you think Nordstrom will be my best bet?

    • Anonymous :

      I’m not sure Nordstroms will have a maternity section in-store. I can’t think that I’ve seen one, even at the flagship. Likewise, I don’t remember them being great for maternity workwear. It depends on what’s available to you, store-wise. I think you might do better at the Gap (where I bought almost all of my work maternity wardrobe), or even Target.

    • Rainbow Hair :

      When you’re pregnant you get more slack.

      A black dress with sleeves should basically always be acceptable:

      Or you can do something like this: over anything — like this in Navy?

      I had luck at the big Nordstrom in town when I was pregnant.

    • Anonymous :

      Do you have a maternity store at your local mall?

    • Anonymous :

      My local Macy’s has much more in-stock in maternity than my Nordstrom. Also try maternity brick and mortar if you’re desperate. And then there’s always a wrap dress… Good luck!

    • Anonymous :

      Does it have to be a dress? What about standard issue maternity pants (can get at any maternity store, inc. a gap with a maternity section) + a current blazer with a maternity blouse (any maternity store), open? Is that too casual?

      You could see what you can have shipped overnight or pick up in store from Nordstrom. You may have luck if you have a Pea in the Pod close to you (may be inside a motherhood maternity).

    • KateMiddletown :

      In my midwestern town the only stores carrying maternity clothing in-store are the maternity chains (DM, PitP- we don’t even have one of these anymore) and boutiques, of which there are few.

      Check out Amazon for next day ship for a black bodycon/shift maternity dress (bodycon=bump debut so be ready to talk about it) and add a bright blazer and a gold chain necklace.

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