Coffee Break – ‘Roseau Croco’ Shoulder Bag

Longchamp 'Roseau Croco' Shoulder BagLongchamp is famous — at least among our set — for their versatile nylon bags, but a ton of readers over the years have also expressed their love for Longchap’s leather bags. This brilliant blue tote bag (with a simple but effective toggle closure) looks great — I love the bright interior (it almost reminds me of a scarf). It’s $510 at Nordstrom (also available in deep purple and white). Longchamp ‘Roseau Croco’ Shoulder Bag



  1. That bag is gorgeous. Looking forward to the day when I can spend that kind of money on a non-basic colored bag!

    TJ: I’m about to pull the trigger on a new bedspread/sham/quilt from Pottery Barn with some gift cards I have left over from the wedding. I was about to order online and was kind of floored at how much the shipping costs…they charge 10% of the purchase price when the order is over a certain amount, so it was going to be almost $50! Does anyone know of any sneaky ways to get this reduced? The item isn’t online only, so I was thinking about going into the store and asking them if they have the item I want because I’m trying to save on shipping.


    • Call the store and ask. If they don’t have it, ask them if they can order it for you. I do this with Brooks Brothers sometimes b/c I hate paying their shipping. It’s not the most elegant solution but it works for me. Or sign up for their emails and wait for a shipping promo – they are frequent. Not sure if it still works, but FREESHIP was an option as of last week. Also, all their organic bedding ships free till 4/22 with code EARTHDAY.

    • Second ordering from the store. Most stores will order either from the website or from another star and you won’t be charged shipping. Can’t vouch for Pottery Barn on that, but I’ve done it at many other stores.

    • Did you google for coupons? Retail Me Not has a free shipping coupon on organic bath & bedding – it might apply to your pick!

    • are you on the PB email list? I feel like every week they’re offering free shipping on a different category.

    • They have really good customer service and will probably waive or reduce it if you call them.

      Also if it’s organic, take 20% off with the code EARTHDAY.

    • anon atty :

      thanks for reminding me. there is bedding i wanted to buy while its on sale, and free shipping on organic.

  2. My (male) boss just felt the need to share the following bit of wisdom with me: “Great women command the respect of other women. Really great women command the respect of me.”


    • That should say “men” not “me”.

    • Gross. Who says those things out loud in 2012? My heartfelt sympathies.

    • Eww.

    • And men command respect when they’re not misogynistic *ssh*les, but what can you do.

    • The saddest part is that he thought he was being really progressive by admiring a female college basketball coach and ran over to tell me about it*, but then he kept talking and it all blew up.

      *He knows that I am feminist-minded, so he likes to tell me whenever he thinks he is being feminist. He is basically Michael Scott from The Office.

      • Why not say something? I would just say “oh thats actually pretty sexist”

      • If I had the nerve I would have looked him dead in the eye and said “It disappoints me that you think the standard is different.”

        But its the truth really. You know what they say “A woman has to work twice as hard to be considered half as worthy.”

      • With this further clarification I think I wouldn’t have been able to help myself laughing in his face and then, if he looked confused, been like, “Do you realize what you just said?”

        This is the approach that has had the most success with my roommate, who consistently makes vaguely racists statements* when drunk. I have finally gotten him to the point where he makes them less frequently, and usually is like, “Oh, I’m sorry, that was racist” when he does make them.

        *Right on the edge where if you call them on it then everyone jumps on you for not having a sense of humor.

        • Ugh. I hate the “I was just joking” defense to racist comments. Um, I know you were joking. And it’s still racist. And it is still racist, even though you are telling me it is racist. The next step is to stop saying this stuff.

    • eastbaybanker :

      That is SO gross.

    • “Yeah, I’m sure getting YOUR approval was exactly what she was going for.” eyeroll

    • That’s so depressing to hear. I think you could play dumb and say something like “really? I hold everyone to the same standards, including myself.”

      Sports and other intensely physical jobs are the only remaining professional field where it’s logical and fair to have different fields of comparison for men and women.

  3. Is it possible to wear a white blazer without feeling like you’re wearing a lab coat? I’ve been seeing them around, and they never *looked* like lab coats, so when I saw a cute knit one on sale, I went for it. I’m wearing it for the first time, and every time I see myself in a mirror, I think “lab coat.” (I’m a lawyer in a business environment; not at all a lab-coat world) It’s pretty shaped/slim-fitting, two-button, mid-hip length, so it’s not that it’s shaped like a lab coat. But, lab coat lab coat lab coat. Maybe I’ll get over it?

    • This may help:

    • Add a broach or a statement necklace with it.

    • Thanks. Looking at those Talbot’s blazers — and that’s the kind of thing that made me want to get one — I think my error was in going with knit. Even nice thick knit in a tailored jacket reads as “wash and wear” in a way that I think might be adding to my lab coat reaction.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I think it has a lot to do with the cut. I’ve been wearing a linen one with 3/4 sleeves and I don’t think it looks like a lab coat.

      • D Train South :

        Similarly, I have a tweedy one that is nipped at the waist and has a rounded hem at the hips. Whenever I wear it, I get comments about how I “really look like a lawyer” that day or something similar, which makes me think it is a good look.

    • I bought one from Talbots and constantly get asked if I’m a chef when I’m wearing it. I admire a lot of chefs, but that wasn’t the look I was going for.

    • If it’s possible in your environment, have you tried to scrunch up the sleeves ? If the lining is plain, you could ask a seamstress to add a patterned/colored “fake lining” at the sleeve’s hems to add a bit of pop when rolled up.

    • It helps if the blazer is fairly short and there is some white elsewhere in the outfit.
      Not wearing a visible keycard helps too.

  4. momentsofabsurdity :

    JCrew is great! I rarely buy from there ($$$$) but was disappointed when I went to G-chat a friend a picture of a dress I bought there yesterday, and realized it was $50 cheaper online. Called the store and asked for a price adjustment – the girl on the phone said it depended which manager was in. I went in and the manager was really nice – gave me the price adjustment and knocked an additional $30 off for the issue.

    • They really are. I have nothing but wonderful experience when I do cough up the money. I’ve had them match online prices in store too (e.g. online only sale, needed the suit that day), accept returns after the deadline, order sizes for me not available in store but honor store price… the list goes on.

  5. Oil in Houston :

    I have many leather bags from Longchamp, they keep incredibly well! I got my first professional bag from there, 11 years ago, and it still looks brand new

  6. momentsofabsurdity posted this blog in the first thread today, but down at the bottom, and it really deserves a LOT more attention so I am reposting:

    For those of you that have some meetings that could use some breaking up…

    • Omg, I’m crying!

    • Literally just snort-laughed out loud to this one:

      “Let’s bang some pans together and see how many squirrels we can wake up.”

      • That was a good one. I have a meeting next month that is going to be the definition of nitpicky awfulness (sadly this website just missed Monday’s incarnation) and am going to insert as many of these as physically possible.

        I think, though, that I can actually use “We don’t need to brown the whole marshmallow of this topic. Just set one end on fire.”

    • Having spent each of the last 4 days in a 4- hour meeting, the only thing wrong with that list is that I did not see it monday morning.

      I’m glad I have my own office so no one can hear me giggle.

    • MaggieLizer :

      I’m in tears with my hands covering my mouth to muffle the laughter. Truly fabulous.

    • I believe this link has just changed my life. Thank you, Bluejay, thank you so much for sharing it. But I have to go now – Tokyo is going all Denmark on me.

      (Do you think I would get in trouble for saying something is going all Oakland on me?)

      • haha!! I don’t think you’d get in trouble, but it would actually be immediately clear what you meant. I think the idea was that it makes absolutely no sense.

        but as someone who lives and works in oakland, i would crack up if someone said that. ;o)

    • That is just spectacular.

      • Also, I have somehow managed to work in “just slap that squid on the belly and make some ink” 3 times in the past half hour. And one “sure, you may get a face full of seltzer water, but at least you’ll know how the flower smells.” Challenge. Accepted.

    • My husband is in meeting hell and will be for the next 3 years. I’m sending him this now. He needs to make this part of his morning routine!

    • Should have read that before yesterday’s meeting. I thought my poor coworker was going to die from boredom on the spot. Huh, researchers with attitude …

  7. just Karen :

    Oh my, I love that bag! It’s too bad I am in desperate need of a basic black work bag, and have never spent more than $100 on a bag in my life :( (I am thinking I will rectify that on the black bag, but I’m paying for a wedding right now, so something may have to give).

    • Jacque Georges (sorry, have to pitch them whenever anyone says that because I love mine so much!)

      • Another vote for JG. Mine lasted for 8 years of trial lawyering without incident.

        • I just read “trial lawyering” as “trivial lawyering.” My subconscious’s true thoughts on my job…

        • Yet another vote. I’m still using my JG briefcase that was a gift from my parents for my graduation from law school. That was 14 years ago. I had it reconditioned by a shoe repair place once for about $70. I love that bag!

    • Well, if you decide to go for it, Longchamp makes a very similar bag in black for around $500. Not to encourage you, but just, um, you know, as an FYI ;)

      • just Karen :

        that one is on my nordstrom’s wishlist. You know, just in case a win a million dollars and don’t have time to search it out again.

  8. Equity's Darling :

    I love this!

    Hey Girl, look me in the eyes and tell me one good reason you shouldn’t ask for that raise.

    I didn’t think so.

  9. Just need to vent. Was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding last year. Woke up this morning to her “we’re pregnant!” post on FB. Just a little bummed out that I didn’t warrant even an email. I really dislike how FB has changed communication.

    • Remember that this isn’t about you, its about her and her pregnancy (and the fact that she probably has to inform about a billion people). Yes FB has changed communication, but in the old days you might not have found out until the birth announcement went out. Send an e-mail or give a call with your hearty congratulations.

      • Why does someone have to inform a billion people?
        I’ve unfortunately had multiple occasions when someone announced a pregnancy, but by the time I got around to the congratulatory call, they had miscarried and I not only looked lame but more importantly – upset my friends/coworkers. I can’t help thinking that maybe immediate publicity is not always a good thing.

        • Well, I think a wise pregnant woman waits to make any type of announcement outside immediate family until they are showing and can’t hide it anymore. And then sometimes its just easier to announce en masse. I’m not saying they should post on FB the moment the stick turns blue (or whatever it is.) But at some point you want to share the exciting news with people you know…if nothing else so they don’t think you’re getting ginormous.

    • PharmaGirl :

      The only people who received a personal notification of my pregnancy (aside from my husband, natch) were parents and siblings.

    • I agree, but I would be put off by it and then remember it wasn’t personal, and move on. It is hard to find out about stuff like this from FB, especially if you wouldn’t put info like that on FB yourself (which I wouldn’t).

    • T. McGill :

      I’m with you on this — I hate how FB has changed communication too. I feel like if you were close enough to be part of the wedding party, you deserve to hear about things like this in person (or at least in a more personal way, like a phone call or personal email). I made it a point to reach out to certain friends individually to share my good news, rather than via status update on FB.

      • Yeah, found out about my bro’s engagement via FB last year. It was his gf who changed the status. Needless to say, everyone on his side of the family was annoyed since she didn’t bother to check if he had notified us. OF course, she had called her family and friends and that was enough. Helluva way to join the family. He said it was his fault bc he didn’t stop her; of course, nothing is ever her fault. They are currently still *engaged* altho they wiped all remnants of the stupid announcement off their FB pages. Keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll come to his senses. He’s an otherwise rational guy except when it comes to this midlife crisis,which we all hope will end soon.

        • Hmmm, sounds like your brother did drop the ball on this. Why didn’t he get on the phone when she did? Sure, it’s not very thoughtful that she didn’t check in with him, and I do wonder why they didn’t call the immediate relatives of both families together. I understand you’re p*ssed off to find out about your brother’s engagement this way. But it really is primarily HIS responsibility to inform HIS parents and siblings.

          (I feel strongly about this, because some folks in my husband’s family seem to assume I am responsible for his social calendar and communications just because I’m a woman — never mind that my job is as demanding as his and I’m having a hard enough time staying in close contact with my own family.)

          • I agree with this. Your brother’s fiancee might be annoying for other reasons, but this really isn’t her fault.

    • I don’t know, I agree with this sentiment. I doubt that 25 years ago a bridesmaid in someone’s wedding the year before wouldn’t have known about a pregnancy until the child was born. I do think that FB has made people lazy about communication (myself included on occasion).

      If the couple were choosing to keep the pregnancy quiet until the birth of the child, only telling immediate family, then it would of course be fine to not tell anyone else personally. But if they’re announcing it on FB, they’re comfortable telling all those random high school people they never actually talk to and those random people they met on vacation that one night 5 years ago, so I think it’s fair to feel a little hurt to be in the same category as those people when you were close enough to be in the wedding party. Even a group email or a group text would at least be somewhat personal …

    • In House Counsel :

      Currently pregnant myself, I understand how that could make you feel a bit bummed but wouldn’t read into it. I think some folks in their excitement want to share in a much more public tell all way and others (like myself) are keeping all this off FB and trying to share the news in person or via phone when I do catch up with a friend. Just different strokes I guess…

    • Super annoying. You have every right to vent!

    • I find that phrase “we’re pregnant!” really cloying.

      I know it’s supposed to be the couple showing that the man is going to be an involved, engaged father, unlike the 1930s dad. But only the woman here can be pregnant, unless that DH has gotten extensive surgery. Really, talk is cheap at the end of the day. I’d love to see less of this “we’re pregnant” crap, and more men taking on at least 50% of the childcare responsibilities once the kid is born.

      • PharmaGirl :

        Seriously. My husband got all annoyed when I said *I* was pregnant but it was the truth! He most assuredly was not pregnant, despite the ridiculous amount of weight he gained while I was pregnant.

        • LOL! The DH weight-gain thing happened to one of my business school buddies. As his belly grew, some of the guys in the class would point to his tum and ask him, “is it twins??”

      • I like “We’re pregnant.” And I don’t judge the fathers before they actually have a chance to prove how good of a father they will be.

    • Rural Juror :

      When I was away at law school my parents had to put down our family dog and I found out about it via my sister’s status update. Was very unhappy.

    • I get that you’re sad and I agree 100% that Facebook has changed communication for the worse, but you should know its not a reflection on your closeness or lack thereof with the friend. My fiance was a groomsman in two weddings last year (one family member, one very close friend) and in both cases he found out about the engagement on Facebook. So many people today just don’t think to tell anyone before they make it “Facebook official.” When we got engaged last spring we made it a point to tell family and close friends (basically, people who ended up in the wedding party) beforehand and people were really touched and surprised to get a personal note, even an email. So sad.

  10. Boys Are Stupid :

    Boy rant, feel free to skip. I really don’t understand why so many boys (ages 25-35) lack the basic social skills and consideration for others to respond to a text/email/converstation that begs a response. Examples:

    Stupid Boy #1: Friend since high school started acting like a disrespectful jerk shortly after meeting new girlfriend, so I told him that I valued his friendship and if he valued mine too then he would change the way he treated me. He didn’t respond. It’s been close to a year, and I just received an email from him telling me he feels guilty. I said I forgave him for hurting me a year ago to give myself closure, but it’s going to take a lot more than saying “I feel guilty” if he wants to be close like we were before. That was 5 days ago. No response.

    Stupid Boy #2 (“SB2”): Friend’s DH’s good friend and I have talked and flirted a few times and, although SB2 has never asked for my number, DH insists that SB2 likes me a lot but is really shy. When DH suggested that we all go to a fancy restaurant, SB2 said he’d really like that and has some time this weekend. Friend texted SB2 three days ago to set up a dinner, and SB2 has not responded. I told Friend I’m making other plans, and Friend is mad at SB2 for not responding to her.

    Stupid Boy #3: SB3 and I went on very nice dates and had a third scheduled. We texted every day between dates 1 and 2, and date 2 ended with some very nice kissing. When I didn’t receive a text the day after date 2, I texted him telling him I had a great time. It’s been a week, no response. Our third date was scheduled 3 days after second date, so by the time I figured out he wasn’t going to respond it was too late to make other plans.

    Seriously, I get that you’re not that into me, but how hard is it to text to cancel so I’m not sitting here in limbo? I’m instituting a 24 hour rule. If I don’t hear from you within 24 hours, I’m going to assume that you’re not going to respond and move on with my life. Sheesh.

    • Dating was so much simpler before text messaging.

    • Boys are stupid. But why aren’t you calling any of these blokes. I mean, your phone does outgoing calls right. Anyway, my takeaways are this:

      SB1: Chose girlfriend over all other friends (or at least female friends). It happens. Assume your friendship will always be distant and kind of cold, at least until you ironically get an invitation to his wedding.

      SB2: Unfortunately, he sounds like he might be trying to appease his good friends overly intrusive wife and may not really be all that into you. Just let it go (not worth chasing some idiot who doesn’t want to be caught, you deserve better.)

      SB3: When a guy you’ve been out on two dates with goes radio silent, its the cowards way of saying “Sorry, but I’m not pursuing this further.” Don’t give him another thought.

      Your 24 hour rule sounds kind of wise really. And also, call sometimes! All this texting just makes it easier for guys to ignore you and take this cowards path. Make them man up and actually say something.

      • Boys Are Stupid :

        Point taken, I guess my fear is I’ll call a guy and he’ll agree to go out with me because it’s too awkward to tell me no, or I’ve made it really easy for him, or whatever. I want to know he’ll move things along in a relationship without me (or anyone else) prodding. But it’s just as likely that I’d call him and he’d admit that he’s not that into me so I can schedule something else more quickly.

        • Do you normally go out with guys just because they called you and you feel bad saying no? Probably not, right? So, if that’s the case, he will either say he’s not interested, give you something vague and then not call you, or you will make plans and maybe it will be fun. Plus if he has your number for texting purposes, he has your number in his phone and can screen if need be.

          Honestly, I think the best advice is to not overthink it. It’s been a while since I have been single, but I remember that not overthinking it always worked for me. Also, saying “I’ll call you” at the end of the date once in a while. Why let boys have all the power? You both go out, and then they always conclude with the “I’ll call you,” and we are supposed to wait. Sometimes its good to preempt that. Tell the next guy you go out with that you will call him, and then have him wait around for your phone call.

        • True, its possible that might happen. But in that case, texting for you is just as much the cowards way out (honestly no offense meant) as dodging your texts is for guys. Sometimes in dating you have to take the risk that you might get hurt (or go on a tremendously awful date) and that’s okay. But being passive about it isn’t going to get you anywhere.

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      Kudos to you for standing up to SB1. I was in the same situation and have tried to rectify the relationship for years without ever confronting it head on. I still miss the friendship we had and I know I will never get it back. They are married with child now. I just want to shake them (not the baby) and say WIFE, why you hate me? and SB1 – why did you not tell me what was going on or stand up to her and not let her ruin our friendship! GAH.

      • sounds to me like there were some unresolved (at least on one side) more-than-friends feelings between these old friends … many women can be pretty perceptive about these things, and many men can be paranoid that any present or former tension is obvious, so i feel like it’s pretty common for hetero guy/girl “friendships” to change once one or both people have serious significant others …

        • Blonde Lawyer :

          Agreed, but I had been married for about 3 years when this change occurred so I guess I thought it would have happened with my marriage instead of his since they were years apart. Oh well.

          • It’s sad, but if his wife is really insecure, and he’s kind of passive, then it won’t matter if you’ve married the 3rd Taliban Commander who’s placed you under lock, key, and armed guard. She’ll still worry that he harbors secret feelings for you and be jealous of the time you two might spend together (just bein’ pals.)

            Very often, people aren’t reacting to the real state of things. They are reacting to their fears, which are often groundless, but which feel 100% real to them.

          • yup — what Susan said. sad. sorry about the loss of the friendship, Blonde Lawyer!

    • Heartbreaker (in my own mind) :

      These are all similar experiences to what I have had.

      SB1: Sometimes this just happens. When a person joins a serious romantic relationship, their relationships with their friends change. Women don’t always stay as close to their single girlfriends. Dudes often drop off hanging out with female friends, and their dude friends too. It happens. It’s best if you just move on. He probably won’t respond. Your friendship will probably never be the same. Unfortunately, all you can do is look back on the good times. As we grow, all of our relationships change. It’s part of growing up. Now you have more time to make other fabulous friends.

      SB2 & SB3: Neither of these dudes are really that into you. If they were, they would make efforts to actually *talk* (not text) with you and actually hang out with you, in real life. That book, “He’s Just Not That Into You” is cheesy, but it’s true.

      I spent like the last 10 years chasing guys like this. It was heartbreak after heartbreak. But once I gave myself a talking-to and realized that I should only be treated well, I found a very sweet dude who will call me and make time for me, even if his schedule is busy, because he is actually *in love with me.*

      I also found this website from a recommendation here on Corporette. I needed someone to tell me, “You are the one treating yourself like crap by letting yourself be treated badly. Wake up. You deserve better.” It worked. I really changed the way I was thinking about men.

      I was also using texting as a crutch. It was much easier to ask questions that scared me via text than to do it in real life. You might consider if this is something you’re doing.

  11. WestCoast Lawyer :

    Whoops – I misread the price in Kat’s post. Thought it was $150, which I would have paid in a heartbeat for this bag. I was so disappointed when I clicked through to the Nordstrom site and realized my mistake.

    • just Karen :

      I did the exact same thing! Except I couldn’t afford it at $150 (for a fun bag), but I would have at least spent a lot of time thinking about it at that :)

  12. Does anyone else get the ad for Bohemia bags handmade in the UK?
    Really cute. Not sure if my cup of tea exactly (I usually like more fluid shapes), but handmade in the UK (not machine made in China) and so totally adorable. Bloomingdales had very similar ones for quite a bit more recently, if I recall correctly. Anyway thought I’d share:

    • Rose in Bloom :

      I get the ad now that I clicked on your link. :-)

      I love all the colors! Unfortunately satchels are not my style. Well, maybe it is a good thing because my bank account would be a lot smaller if they were.

    • I love these! I think they are actually Cambridge Satchel Co. bags, just sold in the US through the Bohemia website . . . .

      The only reason I haven’t already bought one is because I can’t decide which color to get (and can’t afford three just yet).

  13. I am leaving my job in a couple of months for a new job! Hours at my current job have been very long and unpredictable (part of why I am leaving). As a result of this, I feel like I have been neglecting self-care. My exercise routine is gone by the wayside, I have stopped painting my nails, I haven’t bought any new clothes and don’t really put any thought into the outfits I wear to work, etc.

    I want to take this transition as an opportunity to revamp my eating and exercise habits, and also to give myself a “mini-makeover”/refresh my look…but I’m having trouble knowing where to start? I’ve spent the last couple of years being so overwhelmed by my job that I rarely think about self-care beyond meeting my basic needs and taking care of basic hygeine. I thought perhaps some of you ladies would have had similar experiences in the past?

    • I say start with a new haircut & a work out. Both will make you feel good, and once you start feeling better in general other changes will come naturally.

      • Second the haircut! Especially if you’re willing to try something pretty different. For some reason, getting a totally new look has been very cathartic for me.

    • Equity's Darling :

      Pfft, start with the nailpolish!

      I always feel so much more put together when my nails are polished, and I feel like I should work out, straighten my hair, put together pretty outfits, etc., because that’s what someone with polished nails does (in my head at least…). It’s the little steps that are so easy, and adding in the big ones seem so much less daunting for me.

      • Love this. I often feel like the world is not right when my nails are not polished (as I stare down at my unpolished fingers – must paint nails ASAP!)

      • When I have a fresh manicure, I feel SO IN CONTROL of my life. It’s wonderful.

      • This.
        Maybe it’s because my hands are always pretty much in my line of sight (typing all day), so their state is like a constant reminder.

  14. Is anyone else getting a Meebo bar along the bottom of your screen when you are on this site? Other than hitting “hide meebo bar” every five minutes, how can I get rid of it? Permanently?

    • SF Bay Associate :

      I am too. Totally bugs.

    • Once I hid it on my browser, it stayed hid. Don’t know what to do if yours keeps popping back up.

    • DC Association :

      I hate that darned thing. I look forward to also learning how to get rid of it permanently!

    • Are you using firefox? Install AdBlockPlus, and then go to Click to Add the Annoyance Block List at the bottom of the page. It includes the Meebo bar and I haven’t found it to be too overzealous in blocking other things I like. I went to that link and added the list, and so I’m 100% confident there’s nothing sketchy about it. It will block the Meebo bar on every site, not just this one.

      Alternately you could figure out what filter to add yourself, but I’m not tech savvy enough to tell you what it is.

  15. layered bob :

    want. want. want. want.

    yep, I have the vocab of a toddler when looking at this bag.

  16. TurtleWexler :

    Love. Want. Unable to justify. :(

  17. Get it in black! You’ll have it forever.

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