Coffee Break – Universal Phone Wallet

 Brahmin Universal Phone WalletI featured something similar from Cole Haan a few weeks ago, but I thought I’d bring this lovely red cell phone wallet to your attention today — can you think of a single woman on your gift-giving list who wouldn’t benefit from something like this? If she’s working, it’s the perfect I’m-just-grabbing-lunch-quickly wallet (she can even keep her lunchspot “frequent eater” punchcards in there) — and if she’s a mom, student, or someone else normally burdened with a HUGE bag, who wouldn’t love just being able to grab your wallet and your phone and go? This one is $65 at Nordstrom — love that lipstick red. Brahmin Universal Phone Wallet



  1. Whiny complaint ahoy: I’m supposed to be flying home for Christmas today, but there’s a blizzard in Chicago, so I may not get home. I dont want to spend all my vacation days waiting in an airport, or flying cross country to spend all of one day with my family!!

    • Very legitimate complaint! I’m supposed to fly there tomorrow and am just keeping all my appendages crossed that I make it.

      Good luck!

    • Sitting in an airport sucks, no doubt. Last year I spent an entire day stuck in the Memphis airport waiting for my flight to DC. My flight was supposed to leave at 9:30 a.m. and it left at 3:30 pm. I missed an entire day with my family and arrived exhausted.

      So sympathy, lots of sympathy.

      • Well, it got canceled while I headed to the airport…and the best they could rebook me on was leaving tomorrow night, spending the night in Houston, and getting home at 430pm Saturday. I told my mom she better be glad I didn’t just cancel!!

    • manomanon :

      I feel you! I just had to give up a half day of work and my car to catch what will probably be the last boat until Christmas day… but at least I can get there early not late

      Good luck!!!

  2. Is there supposed to be a space between a single apostrophe and a quotation mark? Such as:

    “And then b23 was like, I’m pretty sure all these people are doing it wrong.’ “

    • Correction: “And then b23 was like, ‘I’m pretty sure all these people are doing it wrong.’ “

    • People do it both ways. In my opinion (which is informed by various magazines and newspapers), there should be a space, but it can be thinner than a normal space; see grammar girl on this. And if you’re typing, it should be a nonbreaking space so that the quotation mark doesn’t end up on the next line.

  3. Mini rant :

    Ugh. I hate being told that I can’t do work that is both interesting and substantive because I MIGHT need to sit around in the office so that I can do work that a paralegal should do (I’m a third year), especially when I haven’t been working on that particular matter. I cannot wait until I can stop working with these awful people.

  4. Shopping help request:

    A woman in the village where I teach has asked me to bring her back a warm skirt from America. She wants a dark color, longish, fairly fitted skirt in a thick winter material. She told me her waist measurement is 52 cm…I have no idea what size that means. She’s pretty round in the middle (apple-shaped, I think it’s called). She’s around 60 years old.

    I’d really appreciate suggestions! I have no idea where to start.

    • Well, using a metric conversion website, 52cm comes out to 20.5 inches, which seems really small – is she a very tiny woman? Anyway, I’d make sure the 52cm is correct (and is the measurement for all-the-way-around-the-waist – circumference?), and then start looking at shops that might have the skirt in question (Nordstrom? Talbots? Ann Taylor? Patagonia?) and check the measurement charts.

    • 52 cm is 20.5 in, so I’d think that her total waist circumference is probably more like 41 in.

      I like this one. The size chart says she’d be an 18W but the reviews both say to size down so 16W might work.

  5. Hey Bay Area ‘R3tt3s,

    Anyone going to be in town through the end of the month? I have no specific holiday plans, so I would love to plan some fun times. Any interest in a meetup to do something fun, that can be completely non-holiday related?

    Or even in a 2 person meetup with me? I feel a baking spree coming on, but I can’t eat all the product myself, so I have some open positions. These positions have only one requirement: eating baked goods and chatting with me over tea/cocoa/hot toddies.

    Anyway, respond on here. I’ll probably also send an email around in case anyone misses this post. Happy Eating Yummy Winter Goodies!

    • Me! Me! I’m leaving Saturday but coming back in time to work on the 26th. I broke my phone and lost your phone number though. :-(

  6. SoCalAtty :

    I love this, especially the red! I just need the new iPhone 5 to put in it! (My iPhone 4 is on its last legs I think)

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      Dude. It is the conspiracy. Did it stop working after the 5 came out? I refuse to give in, dropped calls and texts not sent/received be damned.

      • SoCalAtty :

        I think it started when I dropped it in the toilet :) The problems started right after the 4S, actually, so I agree with your conspiracy theory!

        If I drop another call my phone might go flying out the window. Can I just get a phone that, hey, works as a PHONE first and all the other stuff second? So frustrating.

  7. emcsquared :

    Random thought – I am excited that tomorrow is the 21st and days will start to get longer soon. I’m tired of walking to and from work in the dark every day.

    Also – does anyone know if there is a “happy light” that you can wear while you’re walking? I walk my dog in the deepest, darkest part of the early morning, and it would be a perfect 30 minutes to have a little sun lamp with me.

    • Anonymous :

      How about these? They’re kind of odd looking but I bet they’d work!

  8. Help! My mentee bought me a Christmas gift! What should I get for her?

    • An advice book you’d recommend? Cute stationary, a business card holder, or fancy pen? Or, if she likes coffee, a Starbucks gift card?