Deal Alert: Neiman Marcus, 30% Off Clearance

Elie Tahari Adella Fold-Sleeve Dress There are some great deals to be had in the Neiman Marcus clearance section — some truly ridiculous prices. (All clearance pieces are an additional 30% off through 10/23, resulting in prices up to 75% off.) Personally I’m ogling at the mink vest that was $2000 but is now $700, but hey. Lots of Lafayette 148 New York, lots of Kate Spade New York. It’s really saying something when you can get Old Navy (or Gap, or BR) prices at the Neiman Marcus sale… Take, for instance, this Elie Tahari dress — it was $398, but is now marked to $139, which means with the discount it comes to just under $100 (plus free shipping with code NMSHIP). Not bad. My picks for the sale section below. (Lots of gorgeous but pricey sandals in the sale section, as well.)

(Annoyingly, this new widget keeps causing coding problems on my site when I put it in regular posts — so I’ve just taken a screenshot of my picks, and linked you to an internal Corporette page where you should be able to click on individual items. Sorry for the trouble, guys!


  1. Baby in a Bathtub (parent stuff) :

    OK — we all know not to leave a baby alone in a bathtub. And I imagine that grade-school aged children more or less bathe on their own (or could, in theory; who knows what they do?). Some time in between that, it becomes blurry to me.

    I put an almost 4-year old and 2-year old in the tub together. There isn’t a ton of water and they are in swimming lessons. If I leave them in the tub for a minute, it’s always to run down the hall to get something on the same floor and the door is open.

    One of the bad things about working FT as a parent is that I never get the time I’d like to be with the other parent-types that I know. So I pose to you all: at what point have you gotten a child to bathe themselves (moving, I guess from being there to watch, to loosely supervising, to completely on their own))?

    • I would say that the 4 year old is fine for a minute or two, but I wouldn’t leave the 2 year old in the tub, even with the 4 year old there. The 4 year old is too young to be responsible for the 2 year old.

  2. I’m confused – where are the links to Kat’s picks from the sale section?

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