Coffee Break: Large Sophie Calf-Hair Satchel

Kors Sophie Calf Hair SatchelNeiman Marcus has a number of fun bags marked down, including this gorgeous calf hair satchel from MICHAEL Michael Kors. I like the mix of textures, the monogram lining (and pockets) inside, and the general vibe. It was $548, but is now marked to $383 (they also have it in a black/white version). MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Sophie Calf-Hair Satchel

Here’s a lower-priced option for $52.


  1. Paging Belt Poster from this morning:

    I had this happened to me; that belt is not attached very well. JCrew gave me the same suggestion. I actually think it’s a little ridiculous that some people are so outraged about your frustration. It’s a belt that is designed in a way that is extremely easy to lose and JCrew suggesting that the only solution is to buy an entirely new coat for around $200-300 is not very solicitous. If I they were smarter, they’d make a bunch of those belts which probably cost pennies to sew and sell them as replacement parts for $20 – they’d made tons of money from people like me and the OP!

    Anyway, what I did was I adapted another old sash belt I had in my closet; it works well enough. I think the key is not to try to match it, but do something complimentary. My belt was black and sparkly. Something like this might work too (

    • This old Lycky Mag post has other ideas:

      If you are so-inclined as to get a new coat for the belt, look at ebay – you could find one for under $70 and then donate the coat itself.

      Or just wear it without the belt. It really doesn’t look bad, just a different look.

    • Anon Worker Bee :

      This doesn’t help if you have already lost the belt, but I had a trench made out of a slippery material and I was always worried about losing the belt, so I sewed one side of a small snap to the belt and the other to the coat. It also prevents it from sliding around and when the belt is on, you can’t see the snap.

  2. I normally avoid Michael kors, but this bag is gorgeous

  3. TJ — I have $50 in style notes from Banana Republic that is going to expire today. Any suggestions on what to get? I have to spend $100+.

    • the sloan ankle length pants are really nice (I’m 5’4 and had to get the petite version, just fyi)- got them in navy and a really pretty black and white houndstooth-ish pattern. The classic black trench is also beautiful.

  4. temporary move? :

    Thank you for your advice a week or two ago about taking a new job to escape a nightmare boss while still searching for a more ideal position. I am in the midst of interviewing for my #1 position and have an interview scheduled for a “back up” position. So thank you!

    Today, my boss is out and left me a note that I didn’t do something. Yesterday, he had asked for a certain way. At the time, I proposed doing it another way and he agreed that my way would be clearer. So I did it my way. But I got a note this morning accusing me of not doing it! Ahhhh!

    Honestly, I am seriously considering packing up my stuff while he is gone and never coming back. This is a small thing but it might be the final straw.

    Help! How do I stay here until I can give notice?

    • Anonymous :

      By reminding yourself that money for food and rent is nice to have!

    • Yay! Coffee Break! I love Coffee Break and this Michael Kor’s Satchel. I alway’s laugh over the word Satchel, b/c dad continue’s to refer to ME as satchel-a$$, while Rosa keep’s her throne as raining Ms. Universe! I am not sure that is fair now that we both wear the same size and have almost the same tuchus size, but whatever.

      As for the OP, yes, keep workeing until you run out the door for good after giveing notice. Most male bosses are jerk’s, mostly b/c they don’t know any better, but some b/c they are born jerk’s and subjugate women like us who can do the job better. There was an articel in the NY Times on how men do NOT perform well under pressure, making dumb bet’s that don’t pay off, while we women are far more discerneing about thing’s and collaboreate alot better when thing’s get tough. So dont sweat the details behind your bosse’s probelem’s. He probabley has alot of pentup Testosterone that he is NOT abel to get rid of. FOOEY b/c it is NOT your job to releive him of that either. He should do what he has to do PRIVEATELY and NOT bring you into the middle of that. Alan used to do that to me and it was INFURIEATING. Also, I wound up with more dirty laundry as a result of that which he NEVER helped me wash!. DOUBEL FOOEY!

      I am heading out for dinner with Noah’s family. I know all about the Kansas City Royal’s. I am goeing to root for them b/c I want to get MARRIED, even tho I realy like the City of San Francisco also. YAY!!!!!

    • This is why god invented alcohol.

      • temporary move? :

        Yep. Alcohol protocol in place. I got myself some really good gin for dirty martinis over the weekend. I am experimenting every night by trying different ratios of gin, vermouth, and olive juice.

        • Make sure to make a spreadsheet. It’s not a real experiment unless there is a spreadsheet.

          Gathering Data is Fun!

  5. Just want to give a shout-out to Inhouse Europe who is AWESOME! We met up for dinner (in her northern European city) on Friday night and she is great and fun. She also answered all of our questions about where to go and what to do all over the city. Many many thanks to her!

  6. I’m heading to Louisville, KY for a wedding this weekend. Anyone have recommendations for stuff to do during the day? I’m pregnant, so can’t drink. I remember there was a thread about this, but I can’t find it. Thanks!

    • Louisville-lover :

      Louisville Slugger museum is awesome (even for a non-baseball-fan). Visit Colonel Sander’s grave (the cemetery itself is fascinating (so much history) and would be a great walk if the weather is nice.

      • seconding :

        Also, the food at Against the Grain brewery right next to the Slugger Museum is really good!

    • I really enjoyed the Muhammad Ali museum (and am not a boxing fan).

    • Also in Academia :

      There is a memorial to vets who lost their lives in peacetime that I found to be very moving. It is also close to Thomas Edison’s house, which I didn’t get to see but which looked interesting.

    • Zappos/6pm outlet outside of town?

  7. Halloween :

    OK, I’m invited to a real deal Halloween party this year and need costume ideas. Preferably something cheap, not totally uncomfortably, and does not involve lots of face paint.

    I’m fine with something a little edgy/risque but I need to be more dressed than not.

    Any ideas?

    • National_Anthem :

      I’m not sure if you’re a) a lawyer or b) as much of a nerd as me, but I’m going to be lady justice. Toga-like dress, blindfold (with see-through fabric), toy sword in one hand and scales in the other, and you’re good to go.

    • Can you give us a very vague idea of what you look like? That would help with costume ideas (for example – I would totally dress as Lana Kane except I look absolutely nothing like Lana Kane, barring that we’re both female and tall).

    • Depending on what’s in your closet, Rosie the riveter or Sandy (from Grease) could be easy, cheap options. Google diy costume suggestions (denim shirt, bandana, etc for Rosie or black motorcyle style jacket and black skinnies or ankle pants for Sandy).

    • I’ll share the idea list I put together for myself: Rosie the Riveter, Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, the girl with the pearl earring painting, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Princess Leia, Carmen Sandiego, a chia pet, a pineapple, or sushi. I think I started getting hungry at the end.

    • anon a mouse :

      If you have long hair and could do the braid, can you go as Katniss?

    • Can I jump in on this and ask for easy ideas? I’m pregnant, if that helps. Or hurts. I have a very small wardrobe and few options even if I wanted to buy. :(

      • Orange shirt, pin on eyes, nose, and mouth over your belly, and you’re a jack-o-lantern.

      • Juno is the new classic pregnant costume – hoodie, jeans, ponytail, done and done.

        • With a mini skirt over the jeans, and Converse or Vans type sneakers of course.

      • Clementine :

        I was at a party where a pregnant attendee and her husband went as a ‘shotgun wedding’. White dress. Cheap bouquet. He wears a bow tie, shaves and looks terrified.

        (Especially effective if your partner looks shockingly young clean shaven and with their hair a certain way).

      • Not sure if this suits your sense of humor, but I saw a very awesome pregnant virgin Mary once. Her companion went as Zeus, which I think made it even better.

      • I went as a bowling ball once. T-shirt and three black dots taped on.

      • We’re doing a Star Wars theme… Baby is an Ewok, Hubby is Han Solo & I’m going to be Leia. All I had to buy for Endor Leia was a green poncho that cost like $15 on Amazon and will very easily cover up my baby bump. Light pants tucked into riding boots, borrow hub’s belt, put a braid on my head, and I’m done.

      • preggers costume :

        I saw one that was Hester Prynee from The Scarlett Letter – wear black skirt, white shirt, slap a red A on it, and cover your hair with a white bandana or napkin if you want. I thought that was hilarious! If your husband is going, see if he’ll be the Reverend Dimsdale.

    • Clementine :

      An overly enthusiastic soul cycle instructor? Spandex, bright colors and make yourself a headset out of a headband and a pipe cleaner?

      I am a big fan of being characters from 90’s TV shows. You could be Clarissa from Clarissa explains it all, anyone from Daria, Blossom (with appropriate headgear).

      A friend and her husband came as retirees. They wore comfortable, sensible shoes with white crew socks and their stretchiest/most elastic waisted pants.

      A friend was really lazy so she just wore a trench coat and sunglasses and went as a streaker.

      I also second the toga idea. A toga with sparkly gold makeup actually looks awesome in pictures (from personal experience).

    • Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) is really easy

    • I think the easiest costume is to buy a witch hat (party city? target?) , and wear a black dress (which you might already have!) and be a witch for halloween.

      Or… if you have a yellow shirt and overalls, you can be a minion from Despicable Me.

      Or if you have a black dress and white apron you could be Amelia Bedelia.

      Or if you have a fabulous dress that you may have only worn once or twice, you can wear the dress and just buy a plastic tiara and be a princess.

      • Or wear the dress and be Ms. USA/Ms. New Jersey/Ms. Whatever. You can make a homemade sash out of an old pillowcase or white tee.

        • my friends and I did this one year — we each did the sash from our home state.

      • Oh almost forgot… and I got the idea on this site, I think. If you own a red coat, buy a red hat and be Carmen SanDiego. People loved it last year.

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      I’m not sure if this costume works without the other half but my husband and I went to a party with me as “the waitress” from office space and him as Lumberg. I wore black pants and a white polo and used green duct tape to make my shirt a green striped polo like in the movie. I wore a waitress apron too. He wore the french dress shirt, dress pants, square glasses, pocket protector?, ID badge that had the name of their company, and drank out of of a coffee mug while constantly repeating “ummm, i’m going to have to ask you to come in on Sunday.” I think back when Office Space was fresh one would work without the other but I think they are more recognizable together – though they were never actually together in the movie except for that whole “Lumberg f**ked her” scene LOL.

    • You could be a member of the fashion police! Wear an outfit that makes you look great, and hand out tickets (post-it notes) to people who are not dressed up. If you’re feeling bold, you could also issue tickets to poorly executed costumes.

    • Wildkitten :

      Honestly, I am getting an easy costume at the store (hat, mask, animal ears) and wearing clothes from my closet and I am pumped. Lazy, but pumped.

    • PrettyLawBelle :

      Funny that Rosie the Riveter keeps coming up. I am going as her this year, wearing denim shirt and jeans, a red bandana tied around my head, red lipstick, and red pumps. All I had to purchase were the pumps and bandana.

      Last year, I went as Tiffany in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” The black fitted sleeveless sheath dress, black opera gloves and black pumps came out of my closet. I bought a rhinestone tiara hair pin and necklaces from Claire’s Accessories, put my hair in a topknot, and voila!

  8. Boots question - aquatalia :

    For those of you who own Aquatalia suede boots – I know they are waterproof, but are they also salt-stain proof?

    • Well…. Nothing is really salt stain proof but you can remove the stains yourself.

      I take care of my Aquatalia and La Canadiennes suede, even though they are “waterproof”. I retreat them with waterproofing sprays yearly – either at my cobbler or do it myself. If they ever get salt stains, I clean them with a clean rag dipped in diluted vinegar. I try to clean them soon after they occur. Don’t soak… Blot and wipe clean. Then when dry, use a suede brush to smooth.

      I live in Chicago. Lots of messy snow/slush/salt on my commutes.

      • Boots question - aquatalia :

        Thank you!

        As a PSA, Amazon has 20% off of boots right now. I have two pairs of Aquatalias winging my way.

  9. Cheapskate :

    Does anyone have a coupon code for Zappos? I’m trying to purchase a jacket but don’t want to pay so much… *big cheesy grin!* Your assistance is much appreciated!

  10. Leather totes :

    Any thoughts on the Cole Haan rigby totes vs the fossil Knox tote?

    • In my experience, CH leather is much better quality that Fossil. I know Fossil makes sturdy bags but it’s not nearly as soft or lush. I’d go CH.

    • Don’t know about those specific bags but IME Fossil totes are very heavy.

  11. Jewelry Organization :

    How do you organize your necklaces? Earrings? I don’t have much jewelry beyond that – a lot of costume-y necklace pieces, some nice earrings. I have a very nice watch that I’d love to have a home for when I’m not wearing it, too. I’d prefer to have them organized in some way that is neatly put away (aka not hanging from something on my wall).. but I can’t figure out the best system. Ideas? Does a nice jewelry box make sense for necklaces??

    • I hang my necklaces on a small hanging rack I got from Anthropolgies. I have a bracelet holder for my bracelets and my earrings are in a jewelry box. I probably wouldn’t put necklaces in a box, but you might be able to hang them in your closet, behind a door, or in a wall cabinet or tall, skinny standing cabinet?

    • I have a hanging full-length mirror mounted on my bedroom door that opens up to a jewelry armoire(like a gigantic, more luxe medicine cabinet). The inside is velvet lined and has hooks for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and ring holders.

      I love it because I can easily see all of my jewelry, rather than jewelry boxes where you can’t see everything, and forget what you have.

      You can find them on Amazon.

    • Anon in NYC :

      I had space on top of my dresser, so I bought a large serving tray and small decorative bowls of varying sizes. Each bowl contains a necklace (or two). It’s a pretty and easy way for me to see all of my options.

    • TO Lawyer :

      I have little drawer organizers in a drawer that organizes all my jewelry.

      If you don’t have that much, a jewelry box that sits on your dresser is probably a better option

    • I use these stackable trays in a drawer but they also make a set with a top. I also have a mirrored tray on my nightstand for frequently used items.

    • Mine are all jammed, jumbled and tangled in a too-small jewelry box that won’t close. Clearly I need to work on this.

    • Wildkitten :

      I hang my earrings on an ikea rack of hooks. I have a necklace rack in my closet and a decorative rack outside my closet and I rarely get my necklaces back to less convenient but correct rack. So, I’d never manage to get them in a box.

    • Red Beagle :

      I used to keep pendant necklaces in a jewelry box until 10 of them got tangled and left the rotation for about six months. Then I untangled them one evening and asked my husband for help. We got a tie rack from Bed Bath and Beyond and he installed it on my closet wall, complete with motion sensitive lights in the (euphemistically) walk-in closet so now I can just grab my necklaces and get dressed in the closet while he sleeps in while it’s still dark out. The rest of the jewelry (except for rings which live on the tail of a ring cat figurine), remains in the jewelry box.

    • I'm Just Me :

      I bought a necklace tree and an earring tree at TJMaxx and have them on my dresser. My necklace collection also extends to a drawer that I have bamboo trays in with the necklaces grouped by color.

    • I hang my necklaces on a towel bar.

  12. Blonde Lawyer :

    Costume jewelry goes in this hanging on the inside of my closet door.

    Nice jewelry goes in the top part of my lingerie dresser that lifts up for that purpose.

    • Senior Attorney :

      I have this hanging organizer, too, and I love it.

    • Me three – I have a slightly different version of this, also from amazon, that has zippered compartments that are a bit larger. It’s double sided, so I use one side for costume jewelry and another for the real stuff.

  13. I posted this morning about receiving an email complete with a picture from a woman I don’t know with my ex–(who up until recently has been trying for us to get back together). Appreciate all the responses. I know delete and ignore both of them but somehow I am still seething from this. Grrr! So irritated because this is the first email I saw this morning and this is the kind of drama you *don’t* want to wake up to in the morning. Just stopped myself from sending him an angry text message. And if I’m to be honest while I am relieved that I finally ended what had become an unhappy relationship for me, I am also a little sad since I am currently going through alot of difficulties in other areas of my life at the moment. So yeah this managed to upset me today…..That is all. Rant over.

    • Have a friend send you a bunch of puppy pictures late tonight so you wake up to that tomorrow morning?
      It’s never fun to have that kind of craziness in one’s life, hope your day gets better.

    • Shots. Shots. Shots. :

      Step One- delete his number from your phone

      Step Two- maybe in jello format? Orange for Halloween.

      • Don’t delete his number if you’re the type to pick up if you don’t recognize a number. Save it as “Warning – drama ahead – do not proceed”.

    • You made the right call! I had a woman contact me like this about her “no good boyfriend.” I had been on one date with him and he had been lying about having a girlfriend. I called her back to explain but it only escalated the problem and she called me day and night for weeks. Don’t feed the troll!

  14. Any recommendations for apartment cleaners in Brooklyn? Non-Williamsburg / Greenpoint.

  15. Hi,
    DH and I have our 10th anniversary coming up and I’d love some help from you guys with:
    (1) A getaway idea for a 3-day weekend close to the SF Bay area. Complication is that I’m heavily pregnant and so Napa and the like are out. I’m also not up for a lot of activities, but would like something relaxing, and maybe near the water. Considering Lake Tahoe (not really in season so I’m not sure what we would do) or Yosemite (except for the forest fires) but drawing a blank otherwise.
    (2) A memorable gift idea for the guy who has everything. He is a gadget/tech geek, but I’m really not so always have a hard time picking something he likes. Wine and beer of the month clubs are out, because I can’t partake and I’m selfish that way. :) He isn’t into golf or a huge fan of sports teams. He does like scotch but we do have a few bottles at home so maybe not. My only idea so far is a photo based collage or something of our 10 years together (and dating years before that). I usually buy him sweaters, cologne or such and we’re neither of us into gift giving, but I want to make an exception for this biggie.

    • What if you buy him one of those digital frame things and load a bunch of your pictures on there, maybe ending with the sonogram? You’ll soon have a ton of baby pics to add too, so it’s bound to be useful, and it’s a sweet trip down memory lane as well.

      For a getaway, how close is close for you? Santa Barbara is only 5.5 hrs drive/1 hr by plane; Monterey/Carmel is half that time; or what about just finding a nice spa resort somewhere nearby and checking in for the weekend?

      Maybe this will be helpful:

    • Near Yosemite…how about the Evergreen Lodge? They sometimes do groupons or other deals. Private cabin and smores every night. Otherwise, going up to Fort Bragg is pretty awesome in terms of scenery. I would also consider Monterey and Carmel.

      For a gift, hmmm. Google “the ultimate useless machine”.

    • Close to SF Bay area you might try Half Moon Bay or Bodega Bay. Both are an easy drive and have nice places to stay. Carmel or Santa Cruz is nice too. I think Santa Barbara is to far, 5.5 hours in the car is not comfortable that far along. Kind of depends where you are and how far along and if it’s a routine pregnancy by which I mean not high risk. My first was more or less a “regular” pregnancy and we went to Yosemite when I was 8+ months, my second was more high risk with twins and starting at 7 months my doctor didn’t want me more than 30 minutes from the NICU. Have a fun time! And congrats!

    • Anonymous :

      When are you planning to go? The fires in Yosemite are pretty contained and it’s lovely in the fall. I also think it would be super cozy and romantic in the winter but I’ve never been then. I second Monterey/Carmel, of which I much prefer the latter, and Santa Barbara if you’re up for going that far (although it can easily be a 7-8 hour drive with traffic – it once took us 8 hours to get home from there and we live in the South Bay, not SF). I’ve also heard good things about Mendocino County.

    • Congratulations! :

      How about the Central Coast? I think Monterey/Carmel/Big Sur would be perfect here – find a snazzy, celebratory place to stay, and then just enjoy the gorgeous scenery, and however much activity you’re up for…
      I’m hopeless with gifts, so no ideas there – but as someone who’s not into gift giving or receiving, I like your idea of something photo-based or otherwise very personalized to you two. He can buy his own gadgets/scotch/whatever, but a celebration of your memories together? That’s special. Alternatively: give him an experience – tickets/certificate/etc. for something he’s always wanted to do/learn/try, especially something for the two of you to do together. Folks who study these things say that spending on experiences brings more happiness than spending on things, and doing new/exciting things together builds bonds…

    • AnnivDay - OP :

      Thanks all for such quick responses! I don’t think I’m up for a 5+ hour drive, not just because of the pregnancy but also because we’d only have a three day weekend, and I’d hate to spend most of Friday and most of Sunday driving. I’m not high risk or worried about being away from a hospital, not as close to the finish line yet.

      We love yosemite, but air quality seems to vary on a daily basis in the valley and with a history of mild asthma (and the pregnancy) I’m hesitating. I will look into the other options you mentioned, Carmel, Half Moon Bay, Bodega Bay and Evergreen Lodge.
      Monterey seems a tad anticlimactic for a 10th anniversary since we tend to go down now and then for a day trip to the aquarium or beach. But then, Paris is out of the question, sigh.

    • Lorelai Gilmore :

      *San Simeon or Cambria? Stay someplace nice (Moonstone Beach in Cambria is beautiful), go to Hearst Castle one day, go see the elephant seals, eat good food. Done!

      *Guerneville. Stay at Boon Hotel, eat at the Boon restaurant, explore redwoods, do nothing, get massage.

      *Bodega Bay Lodge is on my bucket list – looks amazing.

      *Mendocino – gorgeous, plus basically designed for long weekends away.

    • SF in House :

      I know you said no to Napa, but I would absolutely go to Solage in Calistoga if it is in your budget. Lovely property, great restaurant, wonderful pools, even a pregnancy massage. You can go to the Petrified Forest, the geyser, or just hang out at the resort.

  16. Wedding cash/gift question:

    My cousin is getting married and was wondering if a cash gift of $80-$120 sounds about right for weddings of relatives. My to-be-married cousin and I are both in our mid-20s. I gave $60 for a friend’s wedding recently.

    FYI, we come from an East Asian culture where cash gifts are given for every celebration, but my cousin grew up in the US and she’s marrying into a culture where cash gifts may not be the norm. She’s getting married in New York, if that makes a difference.

    • $100 is usually my go-to amount.

    • Whatever is appropriate for your budget is what is appropriate, full stop.

    • Any Given Sundae :

      Cash rules in Northeast weddings. Depends on you budget obviously but I never give less than $150 a head and more if great friends / family. You should be able to google an approximation of how much she is paying per head. It’s usually right on the locations webpage.

      • Ugh, just no. Wedding gifts are not a trade for the meal cost. And I’ll dispute that cash is king for my northeast circle. This is group-dependent.

        • Miss Behaved :

          Agreed! I’m also from the Northeast and I never give cash. Please don’t figure out what the price is per head. It’s tacky.

    • Wildkitten :

      I gave $75 for two guests to my favorite cousin when I was in the wedding but also in grad school. Now I’d give $100, but no way I’d give $150/head. So, like Anon said, adjust for your budget.

  17. Law firm partnership track question. I’m a 6th year associate. Over the past few years, my firm has made fewer and fewer associates partners, and now it looks highly unlikely that anyone will be made partner in the next few years, whereas in the past each of us would have been put up after 8 years. The firm isn’t asking people to leave, so in theory one could remain an associate for several years after one’s 8th year, but who wants to do that when they’ve done everything they supposedly should to be made partner (i.e., developed expertise and business, and put in the billable hours) and their law school peers are being promoted elsewhere while they are not?

    So my question is, would it make sense to look at other law firms if I want to move up rather than stay flat 2 years from now, or would someone who laterals as a 7th year face pretty tough odds of being promoted within 2-3 years anyway? Would it be better to stick it out until the end of my 8th year and hope that the situation changes (while putting in the billable and BD work, obviously) and I’ll be made partner at that time, or should I explore other options now while I’m at least still more junior than a 9th year? I am also interested in in-house positions, but in my specialty 10-15 years of experience is generally required. Thanks for any insight!

    • Anonymous :

      In my experience, big law firms aren’t making partners at year 8. Or 9. Maybe 10?

      • I think this REALLY depends on your market. Maybe on the coasts, but it wouldn’t be uncommon in some Midwest areas.

        But my understanding is that you are in the prime to move, if you want. You have experience but aren’t so expensive as someone with more. Wouldn’t it be worth it to at least look to see if there is a firm that’s a better match for what you want in terms of advancement? If nothing pops up, you haven’t lost anything.

        • Yes, move now before you are stuck. Or at least check out your options, think about where you’d like to end up, and tailor your practice/BD/networking efforts to serve both ends (making partner if you stay / creating interesting opportunities elsewhere if you end up leaving). Just sticking it out and waiting for the situation to improve is a recipe for frustration and regret – your partners are unlikely to suddenly want to share more equity than the current trend suggests, by making you partner a couple years from now, unless they have to because you’re a rock star. Good luck!

      • My DC BigLaw office makes a handful of partners at year 8 each year.

    • Lorelai Gilmore :

      Totally agree with Mpls. Move now before it’s too late. Firms are really unlikely to even look at you once you’re an 8th year unless you’re spectacular in other ways.

  18. OK, how does a brand that produces $548 purses fall into bucket 2? As a bucket 2 shopper, my purse budget is more like the lower-priced one linked.

    • Anonymous :

      + 100

    • Wildkitten :

      I’ve never before seen a MMK bag over $300. I think this one outrageously priced because it has the calf fur. I also think it’s beautiful. I think of MMK as the same as Kate Spade – Bucket 3.

      That said – I am bucket 2 for clothes but would pay $300/Bucket 3 for a perfect bag. Bags always fit. Bags don’t require tailoring. You need fewer bags than clothes (I can use the same bag every day, not the same pants). Bags last longer for me. I only buys bags I am in love with and I rarely fall that hard for clothes.

      • PrettyLawBelle :

        After saying I have been avoiding MMK bags on yesterday’s post, here comes this beautiful, lovely thing! I agree that is is likely priced so expensively because of the calf fur. With this being on the higher end of MMK bags, so to speak, I would consider purchasing it as it is unlikley every college and grad student in my college town will be carrying this. <—why I avoid MMK in general

        I will shell out cash for handbags and shoes where I might not on clothes.

    • LilyStudent :

      What are these ‘buckets’? I’ve never heard of them

      I agree with being willing to spend more on bags, though.

      • The buckets are from Monday’s post titled “The Next Step: Professional Clothes,” which groups clothing retailers/designers into pricing tiers.

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