Coffee Break: Large Origami Knot Top Handle Bag

We haven’t featured a Nancy Gonzalez bag on the blog in a long time — and this origami-knot, top-handle bag looks really lovely, classic, and very 1950s businesswoman. (It kind of reminds me of the 360 Review post we did on the Mad Men character Rachel Menken.) Even though I’m not really a brown-bag kind of girl, I really love the brown here. The bag has a removable wide shoulder strap, a magnetic closure at the top, and a suede lining. It’s $4,500 at Neiman Marcus. (They also have the medium shoulder bag and small crossbody.) Large Origami Knot Top Handle Bag

Well, that’s a tough act to follow, but here’s a more affordable (smaller) option.

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  1. Anon phone user :

    Has anyone made the switch from being a long-time iPhone user to something else? What did you switch to? Was it difficult to get used to a different phone? Any recommendations?

    • I first got an iphone in … I think 2009? I switched to Android about 2 years ago and got a Nexus 5x. It was a minor pain to switch everything because even if you follow Apple’s instructions for turning off iMessage to the letter they still screw up your text messages and they stay screwed up for a few weeks, particularly group messages. But, other than that, I’m pretty happy with the switch. I love the android OS and it wasn’t hard to get used to from iphone at all.

    • I have a wileyfox (British start up) which runs on android. It has less crap than other android phones and all the parts are swappable so you don’t need a new phone if your headphone jack goes. I use an iPad but have never liked using a iPhone.

    • I’ve often contemplated it but I’m still an iphone user because of the camera. I might switch to a google pixel soon but honestly I’ve probably got too much going on to realistically do that. What is it about the iphone that makes you want to switch? I mean I have about 50 reasons but I’m interested to hear yours.

      • Anonymous :

        Not OP, but the last update nearly bricked my DH’s iPhone. We took it to Apple and Verizon and he finally had to wipe it to factory specs, which voids the warranty, but he would have had to buy a new phone anyway since we didn’t have insurance. Fortunately it worked. He was contemplating going back to Android if it didn’t. I still prefer iOS interface, but I would at least look at Pixel or Galaxy before ordering another if that had happened to me.

        • Gail the Goldfish :

          For those looking at phones, I was researching this today and Samsung recently announced they’re releasing the new Galaxy S9 in February, so if anyone is contemplating a galaxy, you might want to hold out for a month or so.

        • How does resetting your phone void the warranty?

        • This happened to my wife’s iphone after the update.

          She took it into apple for the $29 battery update. It was so badly messed up thought that apple just gave her a new phone (of the same model) for the $29 price.

  2. iPhone Wallet :

    Does anyone highly recommend the tech wallets that are out there? But I can’t tell if it would be a waste. So let me know, is this a bad idea? Links to a few I’m considering will be in a reply.

    • iPhone Wallet :

      I know this gets bad reviews because the logo doesn’t last, but it seems function is fine. So, if I found this at TJ Maxx for $50 (I did), it may be worth it…

      • I have the rose gold version (via the KS surprise sale, so $50ish) and i’ve found it less functional as a phone case than the book-style phone wallet I had before. When the wallet part is full of cards, it’s tight to close with the phone in it. Mostly, i leave the phone in the case and only put it in the wallet if i’m carrying it as a clutch.

    • iPhone Wallet :

      This is a cheapo version on Amazon

    • KateMiddletown :

      I have this and I love it

      • KateMiddletown :

        Plus a glass screen protector. When I go to the gym in the AM I take this and my keys and that’s it – this fits my DL and cc in the back. I keep my regular wallet in my large tote that I use daily.

  3. London Fever :

    re-posting to get some more eyes on this.. paging @LondonLeisureYear/PuddleJumper or anyone else who wants to chime in…

    I’m wondering if any readers have experience living in London? I am considering a short term position in the city of London (like few block from St. Paul’s) and was hoping someone might want to take a break to tell me what neighborhoods are like there?

    I’m looking for areas with tube stops that has walk-able entertainment/food/grocery, and even though I don’t want to spend my precious time abroad commuting, I am hoping to search for housing somewhere that could simultaneously be a little quiet and serene. I’m in my early 30’s and no kids and want to experience and do lots, but also want to feel like I’m getting away from the hustle and bustle of living in the middle of the city like where I live now. Does such a unicorn location exist?

    • Anonymous :

      Belsize park! Tons of amazing pubs and cafes, great shopping a short walk up the road in Hampstead, walk to primrose hill, walk to hampstead heath. Quiet and quaint but close to the city (Zone 2). If you really get a unicorn location you could be a 5 min walk from the northern line to get you to work in the city but not too far from the jubilee line (Swiss cottage) for transit elsewhere.

    • What’s your budget? I just moved back from London and lived in Clarkenwell just north of St Paul’s. I would also consider living further east along the Central line ( Bethal Green etc), which might be a little cheaper.

  4. Anonymous :

    For those of you who live in the Bay Area and own a home, do you have earthquake insurance? Or do you just have an amount saved up in case the big one hits and home repairs are necessary?

    We recently bought a house and didn’t get earthquake insurance. Now with all the little quakes, I’m getting nervous. What if the big one strikes and serious damage happens? Eek!

    • Anonymous :

      Why wouldn’t you?!?

      • Because it’s expensive and doesn’t cover much. It’s not a matter of *if* earthquakes are going to happen in the Bay Area, it’s a matter of *when*.

    • blueberries :

      Yes, earthquake insurance through the state (not sure if there’s another option) via my insurance agent. If a big one hits, I think construction costs will go up a fair amount since demand will be high. Therefore, savings might not go as far in the event of significant damage. The insurance is costly for not awesome coverage, but I think that’s due to the nature of the risk.

    • I would imagine earthquake insurance in the Bay Area would be either 1) not available or 2) outrageously expensive? I live in an area with propensity for a similar natural disaster and you just can’t get specific insurance for it.

      • You can get insurance for earthquake in CA. It’s a self-supporting governmental insurance program with lots of participation by private insurance carriers. California Earthquake Authority.

    • We bought earthquake insurance, more for piece of mind. The deductible is really high (15%, I think)(this is typical for earthquake insurance), so I’m not entirely sure how useful it will be other than in really catastrophic situations. But, we decided that we could afford the insurance and it would be reassuring to have it, so we did. We didn’t go through State Farm (our regular insurance provider) though, we used Geovera. At the time, it was significantly cheaper.

    • Anonymous :

      Most people I know don’t have it. It’s insanely expensive, has a lot of exclusions and because land is so valuable in the Bay Area the cost of rebuilding your house is usually fairly small compared to the purchase price of your home (e.g., it might only cost $500,000 to rebuild a home you bought for $2.5M) and an earthquake can’t destroy all the equity you have in your land.

      • This. We don’t carry it for this reason exactly & my broker didn’t recommend getting it for these reasons

    • You can definitely get earthquake insurance through the California Earthquake Authority (the whole point of which was to make sure insurance was not impossible to buy) BUT: (1) it is very expensive and (2) the deductible is usually 15%. I do not have it because I live in a townhouse and I know that my co-owner does not have it. Since I cannot re-build without her, I am just taking my chances. Worst case, most of the value is in the land. I can sell to a speculator/developer for enough to cover my mortgage with some extra (I am a long-time owner so my cost to re-build is a fraction of the value of my house).

      For a new owner, I assume you would walk away from your mortgage and take the hit on your credit if the deductible exceeds your equity, but only you can make that decision. My suggestion is to go to the CEA’s website and find out how much it would cost/what the deductible would be.

    • Senior Attorney :

      I’m in Los Angeles and my husband and I have it on our residence plus two rental properties. I’m old enough to have lived through several major earthquakes and I have numerous acquaintances who were saved by their earthquake coverage. Yes, it’s expensive, but my policy is to insure, if possible, against losses I couldn’t absorb and if I can get the insurance company to pay 85% of the cost of rebuilding my house if it’s flattened, you’d better believe I am going to go for it.

    • Yes, I have CEA insurance. I know it’s expensive and has a high deductible but my home is my biggest asset and I would not want to take out another loan (FEMA help is loans, not grants) to rebuild as I’m within 15 years of retirement.

    • Anonymous :

      With our first house we did not have it. It was a single-story, built in the 40’s (so survived Loma Prieta with no significant damage) and the premium/replacement value math just didn’t make sense for us. However, we recently built a 2-story house that is worth a lot more. We bought a policy with a pretty high deductible and the premiums were not as bad as I expected. For us the insurance is not to cover cracks or minor structural damage, but given the amount we have invested I wanted something that, if the whole thing were to collapse, would allow us to rebuild.

    • Most of my friends who are Bay Area homeowners don’t have it because their houses are so leveraged the bank owns most of it anyway – that’s their thinking at least, that they don’t want to spend the tens of thousands a year to protect the bank’s investment (of course, walking from the mortgage in case of a devastating earthquake will hurt you, but it may be the least of your worries at that time).

    • Could you have a seismic engineer assess your structure and then base your decision on whether to insure on their findings?

      I think your foundation structure and proximity to the fault lines here would really drive damage.

      If your house conforms to modern seismic code standards and is not in any specific proximity to faults or other natureal featurs that would amplify risk, I might chance going without it.

      The engineer could also recommend what changes you should make to your structure to survive a quake.

    • Could you have a seismic engineer assess your structure and then base your decision on whether to insure on their findings?

      I think your foundation structure and proximity to the fault lines here would really drive damage.

      If your house conforms to modern seismic code standards and is not in any specific proximity to faults or other natural features that would amplify risk, I might chance going without it.

      The engineer could also recommend what changes you should make to your structure to survive a quake.

      • Anonymous :

        We live in the Bay Area and have earthquake insurance. My decision factors were:
        – We live in a liquefaction zone -> higher probability of damage
        – It wasn’t as expensive as I feared – I think $150/month (some folks had told me it was “hundreds”)
        – Everyone said “it doesn’t cover much” but I read the policy and it covers cost to rebuild (not appraised value), minus some deductible (15% sounds right, I think we went for even higher than that actually to lower the premium) – I mean other than the deductible, what more could you want?

        The structure is appraised at some $700K. Paying $150/month to protect a $700K investment seemed well worth it to me.

        It’s true that many (most?) of my friends don’t have it.

        • Assuming a total loss (and that the the appraised value of the structure and the cost to rebuild are the same – which they are usually not, especially after a natural disaster drives up the cost of construction), you would have to pay the deductible out of pocket, which is over $100K if you have a 15% deductible and more if it is higher. If you own outright or have a lot of equity, that makes sense. But if your equity in the property is minimal, that can be a lot to pay to insure your lender’s investment.

          I never try to talk anyone out of buying insurance and if you have equity, insuring that for $150/month is a great idea. But there were a fair number of homeowners in the Valley after Northridge who could not rebuild even if they had insurance because they could not afford the deductible.

          • Also from CA, also lived through Northridge- most people we knew used the $ from their insurance to rebuild…. but insurance was a little better back then. We have insurance– I think it’s hard to live through that experience and not want some kind of insurance.

  5. Rainbow Hair :

    Rainbow Hair’s dumb question time!

    What does it mean when a product is supposed to “brighten” skin? For example, that’s what The Ordinary says Niacinamide does. Does it just mean paler? Does it mean like, “more luminous”? And if it’s the latter, what does that actually look like?

    Tune in next time, for “but where does the exfoliated skin GO when you use a chemical exfoliator?”

    • Anonymous :

      In layman’s terms. it really means that it removes the outermost layer of the skin, which is the least likely to be smooth, and thus has a “dull” appearance. Your skin looks “brighter” when this is sloughed off and new, fresh skin is at the surface. It doesn’t mean paler, it means shinier in a sense, but not oily.

    • First Year Anon :

      A brightener exfoliates so that you don’t have flakey skin dulling your appearance. Hard to describe. When I’m consistent I notice my skin is smoother and I just look better. Tighter pores, no flakies, toned.

      Exfoliated skin “falls off”…the outer layer of your skin is composed of dead skin cells- exfoliating remove these dead cells.

    • Rainbow Hair :

      WOAH so “brighteners” are actually exfoliating?! I did not know that.

      When I was younger I was partial to that St. Ives apricot scrubby thing, and then I was told, oh no, chemical exfoliation is the way to go. However, when I used the St. Ives, I could tell like, “ok, I am using basically sandpaper on my skin, so little bits are being detached from my skin because of the scrubbing, and those bits get rinsed off when I rinse my face.” BUT a lot of chemical exfoliants that I’ve encountered you just put on your face and *leave there.* So what happens to the little bits of skin they apparently detach from your face? Do they just… blow away? Does the chemical not just detach them but also dissolve them?

      • S in Chicago :

        House dust?

      • Well, you eventually wash your face which would wash the pieces away, or friction removes them (normal touching of your skin, sleeping, etc). If the pieces are tiny you’re not going to notice.

      • Baconpancakes :

        If you’re using a chemical exfoliant it’s recommended you also use a non-alcohol toner, which literally is just wiping away the dead skin (and residue from other products). The chemical exfoliants DO dissolve the dead skin a little bit. I like LUSH’s Eau Roma water because acids do make my skin a little red, and this is very soothing.

    • I have been wondering this, too!

    • My understanding is that chemical exfoliants encourage your skin to “turn over” faster on its own – it’s not necessarily removing the top layer like a physical exfoliant, but speeding up the cell regeneration process overall. So the dead skin cells go wherever the rest of them do… your bed, most likely!

      • Rainbow Hair :

        Y’all I’m seriously sitting here going :-o

        (I swear in some areas I’m quite clever. Understanding skincare science is not one of them!)

        • Anonymous :

          beautypedia is really helpful for finding products and product reviews. Don’t ever use apricot scrub on your face again!

          • Rainbow Hair :

            I don’t! I swear! (I use it on my legs and arms in the winter sometimes, though. Shhh.)

    • Not That Anne, The Other Anne :

      Rainbow Hair, you can sit over by me. I was apparently in the bathroom when they handed out all the knowledge about skincare, so we can stare at each other in confusion when people start talking about ampoules.

    • KateMiddletown :

      let me introduce you to my friend Caroline Hirons. She is my guru.

  6. I am having a great day of standing up for myself and just want to share somewhere!

    – I got asked to do something that is definitely not my job, and while normally I would have done it just to be nice and not rock the boat, but I just said “I can’t help you with this, sorry.” It felt like I was being a big jerk and like I thought I was too important to do something menial… but it really isn’t my job and I’ve got other stuff to do! I felt so liberated once I said no.

    – I had a 1:1 with my manager and was very blunt in saying that I’d like to be considered for a position that is opening up. It would definitely be a stretch position for me but she reacted very positively and gave me some coaching on some areas I should focus on to be competitive for the job.

    Got some interesting insight into myself as well – it was way more challenging for me mentally to say “no” to something than to ask for something else! Funny to me – the thing I said no to was quite minor and the role I expressed interest in would be a big change for me… but I felt way more anxiety about saying no.

    • Rainbow Hair :

      Yay! If I could post emojis here you’d be getting the strong bicep emoji and the dancing woman emoji!

    • Good for you!!

    • Way to go! So proud of you.

    • Linda from HR :

      Go AnonZ! I agree it is so, so hard when someone wants you to do something that isn’t your job, and you know you either can’t do it, or know if you do it anyway you’ll set a bad precedent for that person and others.

    • Senior Attorney :


    • high five!

    • It is important that all of us in the HIVE stand up for our right’s, be it at the office where people want us to do stuff we should NOT be doeing, or in our personal lives with men that want us to do stuff with them. FOOEY!

      What does the HIVE think about James Franko? He was going public about supporting us, but now a few women are claiming he s-xueally harased them! Will he be put in the same bucket as the others? I read that David Letterman got away with it, but that was year’s ago. He also has a beard now, so he looks like Moses. FOOEY! I do NOT like a beard on men. DOUBEL FOOEY!

    • Not That Anne, The Other Anne :

      That’s awesome on both counts!

  7. Anyone on here in the VC/PE world?

    One of my new years resolutions is to expand my knowledge and understanding of the financial side of early stage companies. I’m an exec at a start-up that has grown a lot over the past few years, and I’m embarrassed that I barely understand a lot of the financial conversations we have. I understand the basics but would like a better understanding of financial strategy for small companies. (Example: a colleague was telling me about the “f-d up” cap table at a startup they had been at previously; I nodded and said, “Oh my God” at appropriate moments but I didn’t really understand why the cap table was so bad.)

    Does anyone have books or online classes that might be helpful in expanding this area of my knowledge?

    • Anonymous :

      I had this problem when doing startup/PE deals at a law firm. I recommend looking at MOOCs from universities. I found a cap table one years ago. Can’t remember if it was from MIT? There are so many open source online courses now that you can go at your own pace. Also, not sure if Lynda has anything on this topic. Also, honestly, you just need to power through looking at the cap tables. They have built in logic and equations, and you need to go cell by cell and think through how they interact. I used to find mistakes all the time from the startups. If you have a law firm you trust, maybe ask the mid-level associate to walk you through one step by step.

    • I strongly recommend Venture Deals by Feld and Mendelson. It will help you with everything you need to know. Separately, startuplawyerblog by Yokum Taku is great (it’s old, but answers a lot of common questions).

  8. Affordable LGP outfits? :

    In anticipation of our upcoming anniversary, DH and I are going to shop online together for something special for me to wear that night. But I haven’t the foggiest idea where to look… I’m cusp-sized (at least on top) and want something that won’t itch.

    • BeenThatGuy :

      Check out HerRoom dot com. Lots of options for all shapes and sizes.

    • My husband is over me wearing something uncomfortable so I like a nice lacy chemise. Hanky lanky makes one that is all lace. Soma makes one that is lace on the bodice and solid lower. Both available cusp size.

  9. Thanks all for the sleep training pep talk. 90 min the first night, 40 last night, 25 tonight. Last night baby slept from 8-6! I return to work next week and while I know we will have setbacks, I’m feeling better with a bit more sleep under my belt.

  10. Talk to me about going month-to-month following the expiration of a lease. Is it the way to go? Our building wants us to sign a new lease at a much higher price. I am hearing that we can just stay put and keep paying our current rent, but it sounds too good to be true. We’re in DC in a large building, if that matters.

    • Anonymous :

      It is too good to be true. You can’t just stay on and lay what you want!

      • Right. Nobody would ever move if they could just keep paying the same rent forever and ever.

      • Anonymous :

        Yeah, what?? Unless there is some sort of rent control law and they are trying to raise the rent beyond that limit, I don’t see how you can challenge a rent increase. They can charge whatever they want, if you don’t want to pay the new amount, you have to leave.

    • Do they have the right to terminate with notice? A typical lease around here would be for a term, and upon expiration would automatically go to month to month, but each party has the right to terminate with 30 days notice. All leases are different, so you should read yours, but I would be surprised if your landlord couldn’t terminate your lease if you’re month to month.

      • Yep – typically month-to-month means that either party can terminate the lease with 30 days notice, so if you didn’t want to pay the higher rent, the leasing company would probably just terminate your lease as quickly as possible.

        Also, month-to-month doesn’t necessarily protect against your rent being raised – once you’re month-to-month, they can still raise the rent with 30 days notice.

        My experience (at least in Los Angeles) has been that the large buildings run by leasing companies typically do not want you month-to-month; they will want you to always be under a lease. Most individual landlords I have had are much more lenient and typically have you sign a lease for the first year and then it just converts to month to month. (Probably different in DC.)

        • Baconpancakes :

          Nope, that’s exactly my experience in DC, too. My individual landlord let us go to month-to-month after a year. The rental management company wanted a new lease every year.

        • Senior Attorney :

          Cosign this experience in Los Angeles.

        • Gail the Goldfish :

          This. Check your lease. I successfully went month-to-month at the same rate for about 6 months, but it was only because my landlord was an individual, as opposed to a company, and he was on a long trip to visit family abroad and just forgot to send us a renewal notice.

    • “After the initial lease term expires, you have the right to continue your tenancy month-to-month indefinitely on the same terms, except for lawful rent increases. (14 DCMR §§ 101, 106 & 300-399)”

      • You are a VERY smart Anon! I used to live there but never stayed in an apartement long enough to renew my lease, b/c each year, I moved out and went to another apartement (once I was off campus, that is). I had nice landlords who never even charged me for any apartment damage after I moved out. I was a very good tenant, though, and NEVER had men stay over for the night in my apartement, though more then a few tried to “fall asleep” so I would let them, but I would NOT! FOOEY on them for NOT wanting to marry me, or I would probabley have let them now! DOUBEL FOOEY!

      • wildkitten :


    • I don’t live in DC, so YMMV but I either had to accept the higher terms of rent for going month to month, or give notice and move out within the landlord’s specified timeframe – 30 days. I’d google DC rental rights/landlord laws. That’s how I confirmed that renters have basically no rights in our (high property tax) state. Yay! Good luck to you!

      • I think D.C. landlord tenant laws are some of the more favorable to tenants out there. And I know there’s an office for tenant advocacy in the city government that can probably answer questions.

      • I’m wrong. Looks like my state’s rules are quite different than DC’s:

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      I’m in a different state. In my state they can’t force you to sign a new lease and they can’t force you to move out for going month-to-month but they can raise your rent. Only the court can decide if the amount they raised was reasonable or if it was just to force you to move out. You can’t just make a $1200 month place $5000/month but you can make a $1200/month place $1500/month. I have no idea about DC.

    • With sh*t like this why would Americans ever rent? I thank my lucky stars when I see how bad American rental laws are. I think my current lease is about 3 years old? I’ve been month to month for a long time with yearly maximum allowable 1.5% rent increases.

      • Are you serious?? If you could get off your high horse for a second you might be able to see the many, many reasons why so many Americans don’t have any choice but to rent.

    • Basically you’re right, but people sign the lease if they want the security of knowing they can stay another year. Month-to-month means EITHER party can terminate with 30 days notice. So at any time your landlord can tell you they want you out in a month.

  11. Anonymous :

    I’ve seen Portugal recommended here a lot – would Lisbon be a good destination for a trip with a ~6-7 month old baby? We’re looking to go in May or June. I am normally a very active traveler but I think with the baby we would just want to base ourselves in one city for the better part of a week and maybe do a day trip or two – would it be a waste of going all the way to Portugal if all we do is explore Lisbon? Are there decent food options for vegetarians? I found Spain a bit of a struggle food-wise.

    • Anonymous :

      Lisbon is a great city! But it’s even hillier than San Francisco. And lots of cobblestone streets. So if you do go I would plan on babywearing the entire time and not bother bringing a stroller. Also, they have the best pastries!

      • +1 I went to Lisbon in August, newly pregnant, and the entire time I thought thank goodness we’re here now, this city would be a NIGHTMARE with a stroller. The cobblestones are no joke.

        That said it was a delightful city. If you eat fish you’ll have no issues with food, if you don’t, it would be harder but I think you’d be able to get by. There’s a chain called A Padaria Portuguesa that’s everywhere, and the ones I went to had actual Portuguese people in them. It’s a bakery/cafe and would be a baby-friendly place to grab some easy quick veggie-friendly food.

        Also, EVERYONE LOVES to recommend Sintra as a day trip, but it was my least favorite part of the area. I thought it was more touristy than Venice.

        • Yes, we went our honeymoon and my husband and I ate sh*t at least 3x each on those slippery sidewalks. That said, I think it would be a very kid friendly city– lots of fun walking around and things to see! And even some beach day trips if you just want to relax.

    • It will be a lovely opportunity to spend a week or so in one place and get familiar with the vibe of the city. I would definitely recommend. If you get a place with a kitchen food will be easier, but it is one of those tricky places for vegetarians; so much sea food! Athens would also be a great place to spend a week or so at that time of year. Lots to explore and I find the veg options to be better than Spain or Portugal.

    • Yes! But much better to baby wear. I recently took toddlers and had a good time. Babies would be easier to drag along to museums ;)
      If you aren’t opposed to leaving Lisbon, Evora and the surrounding Alentejo area are great. But only rent a car on your way out, you won’t want to have a car in Lisbon

    • Never too many shoes... :

      Honestly, I *loved* Lisbon last year but I am not sure that it is the best place for vegetarians.

      • I just commented above- I went with my husband for our honeymoon and we are vegetarians. It was totally fine. Pastries for breakfast and we even found a cute veg place!

    • Yes! We did this exact trip. So fun! Bring a baby carrier – the stroller won’t go far on cobblestones.

  12. Brook Brothers- Why So hard you guys?? :

    I solemnly swear that I will never buy anything from these guys. Awful website IT that always freezes my browser, poor customer service. Still waiting on a return from 4 weeks ago.

    • Anonymous :

      Yup. I have never managed to buy from Brooks Brothers because every time I’m lured into trying the website freezes my browser or refuses to take my info. Luckily if they don’t want my money someone else always does.

  13. Tools of the Trade :

    I got pulled into work yesterday, but I wanted to thank everyone for the great advice! I’m off to get some Real Techniques Brushes, to sharpen my knives, and to pull the food processor from its cave!

  14. Budapest recs? :

    Hi hive! I’m headed to Budapest for a conference soon and will have a few days to sightsee before. Any recommendations for awesome things to see, do and eat?

    • Ruin pubs!

    • Doblo wine bar was where we tasted local wines and found some we enjoyed enough to buy and take home. It was nice after a day of sightseeing.

    • Aunt Jamesina :

      The House of Terror museum, the Great Synagogue, the symphony (tickets were something like $10 each in 2008!), enjoy some coffee and pastries at the café Gerbeaud, walk the Chain bridge, tour the Parliament, visit the park on Margaret island, and see some folk dancing at the castle on the hill. Enjoy! I loved Budapest.

    • Anonymous :

      The central market hall was a fun place to sample pastries and such. Also highly recommend the Hungarian national museum. And, palinka!

    • Might be too late on this, but the baths! I can’t remember the names, but I went to both the one that contains the old Turkish bath house, and the one in the yellow building with the outdoor swimming-pool-sized hot tub, and they were both super fun experiences, with at least 6 different temperatures of hot pools, and saunas, and steam rooms, and more. Don’t get a massage at the yellow one, though; it felt like a throwback to the 50s, and there was so little padding on the massage table I ended up with bruises on my cheekbones.

  15. I feel like all I’m doing at work this week is messing up. Nothing substantial, nothing with long-lasting consequences, but this week is just not my week. I’ve acknowledged my mistakes and figured out how to fix them but [email protected] if I don’t feel like a hot mess. And my annual evaluation is coming up in a couple of weeks, too.

    • pugsnbourbon :

      Not sure if you’re reading replies, but – right there with you. I’ve been in my new (stretch) position for six months and I sometimes still feel like it’s my first week. But we’re smart, tough, and other people are probably thinking way less about our mistakes than we are. We can do it and tomorrow is Friday!

    • anonshmanon :

      I’ll join the club. I started my new position three months ago, and it feels like I am super dumb. In old job I was the one you would ask for advice, now I have to constantly ‘bother’ my colleagues with questions. Ugh.

  16. Desperately Job Searching :

    I got coffee with a mentor today who I respect immensely. I’d applied for a job where he was reviewing the candidates, and he let me know (which I appreciate, I’d prefer he shoot straight) that I didn’t make it through the first round (i.e. he never saw my app). Although I realized after I applied that I wouldn’t enjoy the position, I want out of my current job so, so, so, so, so badly that it still hurt to hear that. I feel trapped and miserable. I can’t quit, I can’t afford it. This is so frustrating.

    • Desperately Job Searching :

      Also, as a side note, I feel like such a broken person when I talk to my mentor now. When he supervised me, I was confident and happy and felt good about the work I do. Now, it takes everything in me not to break down about how much the work I do- which is not that much different than when he supervised me- kills me. The work environment is toxic, there’s no support, my current supervisor tries hard but doesn’t know how to make it work, and my mental health sucks. I feel so weak and broken in front of him, and that’s the last thing I’ve ever wanted to look like in front of him.

      • Don’t worry, you will find a good job. I eventually did and I am now happy, as you will be about it when you get into a better situeation. Remember, you have the POWER of the HIVE behind you so keep your chin up at all times. Things WILL get better! They did for me so they will for you too! YAY!!!!!

      • wildkitten :

        Have you considered anti-depressants? Situational depression is real and medicine can help.

    • Anonymous :

      No magic words but I’m so sorry.

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