Coffee Break: Oval Pink Amethyst Stud Earrings

I’m always a sucker for wrapped jewelry — I think it’s delicate but sophisticated and has a sort of organic look to it. Even though I’m not a huge fan of stud earrings, I do like these, which are from a brand called Indulgems. I like the little purple amethyst gem, and these are lovely overall. They were originally $128 but are now down to $66 at Neiman Marcus Last Call. Oval Pink Amethyst Stud Earrings

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  1. These are pretty. I like stud earrings more and more. Last Call has 50% off one item, so may have to do it!

    • Anonymous :

      Wow – great sale. This is the time to grab it and invest in aquatalia booties.

      I’m wearing the classic weatherproof black leather ones now.

    • OMG. I’ve been desperately trying to abstain getting a new pair of booties but…I might not with some of the ones at Last Call at 50% off right now.

  2. Anonymous :

    Any updates from the ‘rette whose SO told her the day before he couldn’t go on their European vacation? Maybe I missed it. I hope you are having/had a fabulous time, OP.

    • Coach Laura :

      I was just wondering the same thing. I * hope * she’s too busy in Europe to be on this s!te to check in.

  3. Share Please! :

    Just sent my dear friend a gift card to grub#ub as a surprise, since I live too far away to take her out to dinner and she’s going through some tough stuff.

    What unexpected thing(s) have you done lately to support a loved one?

    (Hoping this gives us reasons to smile and to get ideas of what others do so I can begin to do them too!)

    Currently listening to: What Have You Done For Me Lately- Janet (Miss Jackson if you’re a Hillary supporter)

    • Anonymous :

      you’re a great friend. i’ve been going through some tough stuff lately and even receiving cards in the mail from my friends is just a nice reminder that there is someone thinking of me, so i dont think it has to be huge or expensive to be valued. in a pinch, even an ecard is nice! at one point when my husband was going through a diff time at work i sent him one every day and they were kind of fun to pick out. honestly even frequent texts from my friends helps

      one friend sent me this book with positive affirmations, which while good intentioned is not really my thing. though it is definitely the thought that counts! various gift certificates are always nice – manicure or spa finder, a bottle of wine/favorite alcohol, gift card for an exercise class, gift card for a cleaning service, etc.

    • At the beginning of the school year, I sent my teacher friend a back to school care package. It included an Amazon and Starbucks gift card, a new travel mug, some funky nail polish, and some other fun things from the dollar bins at Target.

    • I coach a little girl who is sweet as can be, but just….kind of an oddball with her peers and has some challenging behavior/chaotic homelife. This particular program is in a high poverty area and my program sometimes provides shoes to participants at those schools (every other season–not this season for her site).

      She’s been running in these strange wedge boots (She can find her shoes like half the time–I know they exist, they’re off brand so IDK if she has really lost them or just doesn’t like them). I told her “hey, come back next season, we’ll be up for shoes!” She told me her size and was like, “are they the LIGHT UP SHOES” (they are not).

      The program ends tomorrow, so I’m going to buy some freaking light up shoes and deliver them to her school in a few weeks so it’s not obvious who brought them. :)

      recs? what light up shoes are the fashionable 8-year olds rocking these days?

      • That is so sweet! I have kids around that age and they love sketcher’s light up shoes.

      • Anonymous :

        Just a thought – maybe buy a half size up? She’s 8 and still growing — if they’re a bit bigger she’ll be able to wear them for a good bit; otherwise it could be disappointing if she gets new shoes which fit right now but then are outgrown in a month. IIRC shoe size changes a lot thru elementary school.

    • Anonymous :

      After my BFF’s mother died, she said she did not want company but also revealed she wasn’t eating. I brought a BigMac meal to her door, knocked, and then sped off in my car to respect her wishes but ensure she had the one thing I knew she would actually eat.

    • One of my roommates from college is moving from flyover county to NYC with her husband and baby in like two weeks (move is very sudden for work stuff). She was looking at recs for places to live, and all of our very well meaning (but childless) friends were like “cobble hill! midtown! etc.! cool bars! fancy address!” and she’s thinking, “i have a baby and a stroller – how do *normal* people make it work in NYC?” I set her up with a friend of mine who is currently raising two kids under the age of three in NYC so that she has a real person to talk to about “does a stroller fit in a cab or subway?” type questions. I introduced them over email, and they kept me copied for the first few. I could tell at least some of the stress of how to tackle NYC with baby melted once she was able to “meet” a real person who is doing the same thing.

    • Anonymous :

      My roommate had her new BF coming over for dinner/to spend the evening for the first time so I scrubbed the shower and the kitchen while she was away on work travel. (I mean, needed doing anyway, but we’d been putting it off…) — she was more thrilled than I thought she’d be!

      My BF and I walked by a stand at a farmer’s market that had jam etc. made with booze and I commented on it but we didn’t buy any. He texted me later he wished we had, and I found a local shop that sold it and went and picked some up (blackberry champagne? yes.)

      I also saw a card with a dog on it that was my bicoastal bff’s favorite so picked it up and sent it to her. She said it made her day — I think cards are an often-forgotten surprise we all still love to get!

  4. Clothing Advice? :

    I used to live in Old Navy’s fleece pullover v-neck tops in the cold weather on weekends and when working from home as they were comfy, washable, affordable, and they came in long lengths to cover my bu++. Apparently they don’t sell them anymore! Other than searching [email protected], what current options are out there for this?

    • Similarly looking for pullover oversized, machine washable cotton sweaters. Too hot in my climate for wool… So similar ideas are welcome!

    • I have a couple of these exactly (fleece, pullover, v-neck, long enough to cover my butt, machine washable) from Nordstrom Rack (bought one, it was awesome, and bought more). I think they’re the BR brand? Or a Nordstrom-only brand? I’ll check tonight and try to remember to report back.

    • The Bobeau one-button wrap cardigan at Nordstrom may work. Long-ish, cozy, machine-washable, comes in a bunch of colors. And currently on sale for $40.

    • Anonymous :

      Check Lands End…

  5. Who's your crush? :

    Completely for fun on what has been a dreary (weather-wise) and dreadful (work wide) day for me: who’s your celebrity crush? Interpret “celebrity” loosely. Mine – Barack Obama.

    • Linda from HR :

      Definitely Chris Evans.

      I know, I know, I need therapy.

    • New to NoVA :

      Taylor & Isaac Hanson (sorry Zac). Always.

    • nasty woman :

      Totally Barack Obama.

      And I want Gail Collins to be my BFF.

    • Justin Timberlake (yes I was in middle school in the late 90’s).

    • Henry Cavill. Swooooooooon!

      Growing up it was Prince William. Funny enough, I often get Kate Middleton as my doppleganger!

    • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, duh.

    • I used to LOVE Benjamin Bratt, but I feel like he has not aged so well. Now it’s Aaron Sanchez on food network or Channing Tatum (especially after watching the video of him dancing with the lady working at the gas station. it was so sweet.)

    • Shamar Moore.

    • Stephen Colbert. I dig the funny nerds.

    • My celebrity girl-crush is Allison Janney. I just want her to be my friend, and we could hang out and drink wine and just be goofy together. Allison Janney, if you’re reading this, PLEASE CALL ME.

    • Senior Attorney :

      This is hyper-local, but I have a huge crush on the musical director of the Pasadena Symphony Orchestra…

      And these days I am loving Seth Meyers.

    • Baconpancakes :

      When he was first elected, I had an extremely inappropriate and very elaborate dream about Barack Obama. It involved being a WH staffer, his guilt over cheating on Michelle, and our unavoidable passion overriding all objections.

      I like to watch Chris Pratt, though. He’s so ridiculously relateable and funny and apparently just a great all-around guy. I always fall for the guy everyone wants to be friends with.

      • Huh my impression of chris patt has not been all around great guy. I feel like he has abandoned animals more than once, big gun nut, and overall just get such d bag vibes from him

      • Anonymous :

        Gasp! Barack would never. ;)

    • Roger Federer

    • This is kind of embarrassing, given that I’m in my 20s, but David Duchovny. I also think George Clooney and Pierce Brosnan are totally dreamy. I like (way) older guys for fantasy, I guess. In real life I’ve always dated guys who are approximately my age or younger.

    • Sloan Sabbith :

      Leonardo DiCaprio. SO GORGEOUS.

      • Sloan Sabbith :

        Also Trevor Noah, gahhhh, so cute. And Barack Obama. And Joe Biden. And their bromance.

      • I second Di Caprio, but FOOEY on Trevor Noah. Sorry Sloan, but I am VERY particular about who I will date. And DiCaprio knows how to date pretty women! YAY if he would date me!

    • Idris Elba.

    • Minnie Beebe :

      In no particular order:

      Jason Bateman— I just think he’s so adorable!

      Paul Rudd. Same.

      Hugh Jackman

  6. Travel coffee mug recommendations? :

    I know this topic has been covered ad nauseum, but I’m wondering if the old recommendations still hold. I’m in the market for a new travel mug for coffee. Imperative that it does not leak or dribble. Best if it is dishwasher friendly. Recommendations?

    Right now I use a Kleen Kanteen, and switch out the travel top for the sipping top at the office.

    • Lifehacker/Kinja Deals are always talking about how great the Contigo ones are.

      • Sloan Sabbith :

        This. Get one or two or three of these. They are THE BEST. And they seal and the button locks so there’s no accidental leaking. And they’ve re-worked the top so they’re easy to clean.

      • +++1,000,000 to contigo. I have yet to have a contigo mug leak on me.

      • Anonymous :

        That is partly because getting you to buy stuff via affiliate links is how their business runs. They have to talk up stuff to make money.

    • Zojirushi 1000000%. I have used this mug every day for the past year and it is still in perfect condition. Keeps my coffee ridiculously hot from 8 am to evening (no joke). Has a ‘locked’ setting on the lid that is so reliable that I throw it in my bag on my way to work and don’t worry at all.

      • absolute cosign :

        Anon is absolutely right on Zojirushi. I’ve been using mine for 3+ years and it’s still in great shape. Coffee stays hot (or cold; I use it for iced coffee) all day long and absolutely no leaks.

      • Anonymous :


        Yes, and I love the unusually narrow/tall style, but slips well into my crowded bag, and into cup holders of all sizes.

      • Baconpancakes :

        Love everything about the Zojirushi. And since every single part comes out and is washable, and there’s very little soft plastic exposed to the drink, even when I inevitably leave coffee in it for days… or dang I’m gross… weeks at a time, I can take it apart, scrub it, leave it to soak for a bit in vinegar, and it has zero old milk coffee smell. Makes up for it not being dishwasher safe.

      • Zojirushi really is the best — I have an unhealthy love for mine. Both Sweethome and Popular Science have posts about how much better the Zojirushi is than the Contigo.

    • I have 3 thermos brand travel mugs. Not trendy or fancy, but I love them.

      • +1 – I have one that i wash and re-use everyday. Once on the locked setting it doesn’t leak and keeps the coffee hot all day long. I have however noticed the lid sometimes has a slight (damp?) smell which I think might be from drops of water sitting inside the sliding mechanism. I do have a strong sense of smell so been trying to find a way to resolve this issue, any advice would be appreciated.

        • P.s. This is the one I have:

    • Anonymous :

      I really like the zoijrushi ones. they seal amazingly. I’ve tried the contigo but honestly mine leaked


      I’ve had this one for … at least 8 years I think? Doesn’t leak. I toss it in my purse with no concerns. I make coffee for myself every morning around 7:45 and finish drinking it around lunch, and it’s always still hot when I’m done.

    • Coffee mug :

      I am such an enthusiast for my “Bubba” brand mug. No leaks, ever. Keeps hot coffee HOT for hours. Fits neatly in every cup holder. Dishwasher safe! (The holy grail, I haaate hand washing anything.)

      I think it’s this one:—16oz/5.html?dwvar_5_color=Stainless%20Steel#start=10

  7. SF in House :

    Can anyone recommend a navy throw blanket for snuggling on my new couch? Preferably <$150.

    • Anonymous :

      Just saw surprisingly affordable ones with terrific reviews on the Lands End website. There’s a Buy one item at 50% off offer today, too!

    • The plush blankets from LL Bean are magical. Not sure they come in navy but they are awesome.

    • Anonymous :

      Vellux and/or Martex

    • Sloan Sabbith :

      Nordstrom “Kennebuck Home ‘Bliss’ Plush Throw.” My aunt got one and liked it so much she got me one, my mom liked mine so much she got one, my grandma liked my mom’s so much my mom bought my grandma one, and my grandma bought my other aunt one. Seriously. They are fabulous. And come in a million colors.

    • Anonymous :

      I have a barefoot dreams throw from Nordstrom that feels amazing. Highly recommended.

  8. Rainbow Hair :

    Has anyone ever advocated for paid parental leave in their company? We have a pretty generous sick leave policy, but there’s some discussion about shifting how time accrues, and I think it might be timely to say “how about we just add in, ‘and you get 80 hours paid for welcoming a new kid in addition to all the other stuff’?” But also it’s a huge ask (and I’m a young woman of childbearing age, though with zero intent to bear any children right now, and I don’t want it to look like I’m asking just for me).

    • I read one time (I think on here) that someone had good success advocating from it when they could show firms they compete against in hiring offer paid parental leave. I think it helps make it sound less like asking for yourself if you can say something like “to get ideas, I did a bit of research on what comparable firms in our area offer and I noticed that many offer x type of parental leave. Maybe we should consider that too, to stay competitive.”

    • Yes, for government employees in my state (MN). It worked. MN now offers it to all new parents (moms and dads, biological / adoptive / through surrogacy.) Helped to frame it as more ‘inclusive’ – previous policy (and policies of many other entities who offer the benefit) limited paid leave time to biological mom but not those who become parents through any other means. Gay spouses didn’t get leave time; dads didn’t; adoptive parents often didn’t. Now, all new parents get 6 weeks paid. It’s been great for recruiting, and much more attractive to millennials than, say, a pension. We can’t always compete with the private sector on salary, but we’re ahead of the curve on this benefit, at least for now though I hope it’s just a matter of time before other employers begin to offer it too.

  9. I have an advanced degrees but I am moving into Project Manager roles. Does anyone here have a PMP cert? How was it for you? I am considering getting one. Or would that be overkill?

    • Minnie Beebe :

      I have both an advanced degree (engineering) and a PMP. The exam is nothing crazy— requires some studying, and I took a 3-day prep course that I thought was worth every penny. As with other professional certification exams, success is not dependent on being intelligent, but in knowing the right answer, which are often not the same thing. The prep course helped me understand that!

      I took a prep course with RMC, was key for me.

      • Minnie Beebe :

        I didn’t make it clear— the PMP certification doesn’t really teach you how to manage projects. It does serve as an indication to others that you’ve got a handle on basic project management terminology, and can be helpful in landing a new job. Also, if you’re at all concerned about having credibility in the new pm role, the cert can help.

        But the exam really just proves you understand PMI methodology, which usually doesn’t match with real life.

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