Poll: Patterned tights for professional women?

are-patterned-tights-ok-for-workInspired by last week’s Wolford sale at Rue La La, we thought we’d ask — do you wear patterned tights in cold weather?  There are a ton of options out there.  Our rule of thumb has always been to stick with the kinds of patterns men wear on shirts — pinstriped, windowpane, et cetera.  What are your thoughts?



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  1. I think grey works as well, and I’ve also sort of been thinking that a non-navy blue might work (sort of a charcoal blue, if that makes sense?). I’ll be on the lookout for that blue next time I’m out shopping.

  2. BitterBitterJD :

    If I had a meeting with a client or a presentation, I would not wear patterned tights, no matter the color, nor would I wear bold colored tights. Since I’m at a relatively conservative law firm, I save my patterned, dark tights for “business casual” fridays. And please…no argyle tights. They look clownish/European-Middle-Ages-court-jester-ish to me, i.e., not cute. (S, I agree, grey & the greyish blue tights can work, too.)

  3. Should the color of your tights match your skirt, or have I been watching too much “What Not To Wear”? I have some grey cabled tights I’ve been waiting to pull out.

    Incidentally, Hue has adorable neutral patterned hose–I buy them by the bunch at Macys. But I still would stick with plain old basic hose to wear them to court.

  4. CreepyHEA :

    I agree that I would not wear patterned tights to a client meeting or other presentation. I go a step further in saying I wouldn’t wear tights at all – too casual.

    I’m finding grey works well (the Spanx reversible tights at Nordy’s and Bloomie’s are a godsend!) and have also attempted a dark purple with a plain black dress and pumps on a Friday. I thought it was fashion-forward while still being conservative.

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