Tool of the Trade:

The most junior person on the team — whether woman or man — frequently gets assigned the more secretarial duties, such as FedExing letters, contracts, briefs, and document productions to the same people over and over (and over) again. (And, instead of re-delegating the secretarial task to the secretary, the junior person often ends up doing it themselves — either because their secretary has already left for the day or because they don’t trust their secretary to do it correctly.)

With, though, there’s almost no reason to even delegate the task of the FedEx label — it automatically prints a mailing label for you. The lettering is perfect — no need to write extra slow or ask your secretary to try to jam two typewritten lines onto one. Better yet, the program has bells and whistles your plain old mailing label doesn’t have: for example, it will remember previous addresses and the details of those previous addresses, such as whether there’s an internal billing code that should be assigned to that shipment.  If you FedEx things to the same 4 people repeatedly you can create a “Group” and it will automatically print a mailing label for each of the 4 people.   The program also will automatically e-mail you when the shipment is delivered (with information such as who signed for it), or e-mail you a head’s up if there are delivery problems.

The account is free — all you need is your company’s 9-digit FedEx account number (type it in the space we’ve highlighted yellow — the blue space is for your internal billing number), a clear pouch, and a laser printer (to print the bar code clearly) and you’re good to go.


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