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  1. NGO doesn't mean No Good Outfits :

    I read the pant hemming post and didn’t think commenting on a post a year old would do any good so here is my $0.02:
    Instead of buying tacky (IMO) zakkers, if you hate commuting in heels or have a pair of pants you don’t want to restrict to heels or flats (but don’t want to buy two pairs) you could bring thin round magnets to the tailors when you get them hemmed.
    Ask the tailor to hem them heel-length, but also have him/her sew a few of the magnets into the new hem of your pants and then sew (or stick if your pants are unlined) another magnet to the inside of the leg at the ideal height you would cuff your pants at for flats. The magnets would be just as useful as zakkers but not as obvious.
    Not sure how this would affect cleaning though… Just kind of popped into my head as a solution.

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