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corp-square-logo-2-aug08A blast from the past is sometimes a good thing… this time last year, here’s what was on our minds…

Tool of the Trade: Leechblock

Etiquette Flash: What Your Drink Says About You

Poll Results – How Often Do You Dryclean Your Suits?


  1. “What Your Drink Says About You” is just bizarre. Was the regular writer of this blog on vacation and her younger, college-aged brother filled in? I can’t imagine a society in which a woman is judged by what she drinks. Maybe it’s a regional thing?

  2. newassociate :

    i love leechblock. i wish there was one for internet explorer too.

  3. postscript :

    I wish Leechblock worked on the newer and beta versions of firefox.

  4. wasting time at work :

    Thank you for reposting Leechblock – wasn’t a Corporette reader this time last year, and have been procrastinating “real work” all day courtesy of Google Reader!

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