Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: New Moon Jacket

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Nanette Lepore New Moon JacketGreat jacket from Nanette Lepore, and we’re curious for your thoughts on this one.  A lot of guys’ jackets have been doing the built-in vest thing for a while now, but this is the first incarnation we’ve seen for women.  We like the overall look — the satin lapels, the tailoring, the high-necked vest, the fact that whatever you wear below will peek out just a bit.  But: can it work for the office?  We think yes — we’d wear it with a white collared blouse and a high-waisted pant or skirt.  The high waist would avoid the appearance of impropriety while keeping the proportions, and the collared blouse would help avoid any “corset” thoughts from the vest.  It’s $428 at Saks.com.  New Moon Jacket

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  1. I’m not sure I don’t like it, but it does strike me as what your average well-heeled vampire would wear if circumstances forced them into a law firm job.

    • Funny. =)

    • ha, especially considering that the style is named “New Moon.”

    • Exactly my thought, too. :-) And hey, the law firm hours would work quite well. I worked with a partner who kept vampire hours — would show for work around 3-4 in the afternoon, then stay ’til pretty much dawn, go home, sleep, repeat the next day.

      • I’m sensing the newest hit show on the CW.

        • Two of the classic “create a hit” scenarios in one: vampires and lawyers! Perhaps other people in the justice system could be zombies and werewolves?

  2. I think a collared blouse would just make it look like you were wearing a corset OVER a collared blouse, rather than by itself.

    • I think I’d rather see it with a higher neck (but still scoop maybe?) collarless shirt with a pleated placket … maybe like this in a color other than white. http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=719812002&tid=brggprod1r (but I do like the high-waisted bottom idea)

      • Agree – with a collared shirt, I think it would be too many buttons. Cute idea! Though I still think the satin trim makes it a little much for the office.

  3. anon - chi :

    I like it! It’s certainly unusual but doesn’t strike me as inappropriate for a law firm, and I didn’t get any vampire or corset vibe from it. I really love how they styled the model and I’m not sure I would like it as well with dressier pants.

  4. For the thrifty vampire, it’s on sale at shopbop for $214 (sizes 4 and 6 only)

  5. I really liked this jacket, until I went to the site and saw that it ties in the back.

    I just can’t equate “ties in the back” with “professional” unless it’s maternity wear. :/

  6. Delta Sierra :

    Love the jacket. Don’t find it corset-y at all. The satin belty thing on the back could easily be removed, razor blade, be careful, pick any leftover threads out with tweezers, I’ve done this before, on a shirt, worked fine, couldn’t tell it was ever there.

    Looks like higher waists are slowly sneaking back in, I like them and am glad to see them come around again on the Great Wheel of Fashion. Seems to be about a 10 – 15 year cycle.

    • You can use a seam ripper for that (fabric store – cheap) and it’s safer for your clothes!

  7. ClerkChic :

    I love this! Kind of in spite of myself, but I love it nonetheless! It’s edgy without being loud.

  8. I like this for weekend wear. I wouldn’t wear it to the office but, then again, I work in a conservative office. If you wear anything too trendy in my office, you tend to stand out (in a bad way, that is). I was pretty sure I wouldn’t wear it in the office before seeing the tie in the back because of the mid-riff baring “vest,” but the tie in the back was a real deal breaker for me in terms of office wear.


  9. Hopefully, this comment won’t post twice because this is my second try. If it does, please just ignore this one as it’s just my best recollection of what I typed before.

    I like this jacket for weekend wear. I wouldn’t wear it to the office but, then again, I work in a pretty conservative office where anything too trendy makes you stand out (in a bad way, that is). I was pretty sure I wouldn’t wear it to work when I saw the midriff-bearing “vest,” but seeing the tie in the back was the real deal breaker in terms of office wear. I would probably pair this with jeans and heels for a night out on the town with my hubby or with my girlfriends.

  10. housecounsel :

    I absolutely love it. That doesn’t mean I’d wear it to the office – I am thinking the night on the town thing also. That is, if I could button it. Nanette Lepore isn’t kind to us busty girls.

  11. girltuesday :

    the jacket is also on sale at sak’s for $256 (in lucky sizes 2, 8, 10).