Splurge Tuesday’s TPS Report: Cashmere-Blend Cardigan

Black Label Cashmere-Blend CardiganOur daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Happy Tuesday, ladies! I found this sweater last week while doing my cashmere sweater roundup, and it’s been on my mind. Love the clean lines, the deep V, the sweater/tuxedo vibe — to speak nothing of the discount! My primary hesitation are those buttons. I don’t think they’re too sparkly for the office — but then again, they can always be changed (or the sweater returned). In any event: it’s available in black and white, was $1398, now marked to $549, but with the Ralph Lauren winter sale it’s an extra 20% off, bringing it down to $439.20. Lovely. Black Label Cashmere-Blend Cardigan

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  1. Legally Brunette :

    Not loving this sweater – it’s fine and serviceable, but I would spend my $400 + elsewhere.

    Threadjack – I haven’t looked at Talbots in months after some bad experiences with fit, but they have some beautiful dresses online. Anyone try these on?



    I love the second one in the peacock color.

    • I haven’t tried those ones on, but I order from Talbots a lot and I find that their dresses are very form-fitting and flattering on my curvy shape. They fit nicely over a large bust.

    • That first one is gorg. Totally classy.

    • Haven’t tried either one on, but just wanted to say re: their fluid crepe – I got a dress last season in that fabric in black and am not impressed quality-wise. It’s very flattering (like a lot of their dresses) on my petite hourglass shape, but fabric looks kinda cheap, everything sticks to it, and the dress developed a mysterious hole in the back that I had to get patched up. I got the dress on sale and the hole is low enough that the patching is not so noticeable, but I would not buy anything from Talbots at full price after that. They often do “all X, 30% off” promos, I’d wait to purchase till then.

  2. Always a NYer :

    It’s pretty and while I do like the tuxedo vibe, for this price I’d rather have a structured blazer.

    • Yeah, I feel like unstructured things like this drag down my small (barely 5’4) frame and make me look even shorter.

      • That’s funny; I will go in for knits over blazers every time; at 5′ 2″, I find I get lost in a blazer. Then again, maybe it’s my combined height and shape (slim, but with a banana/apple (banapple?) that’s the problem. So this cardigan appeals to me (even the price would be a stretch).

  3. Is it possible to negotiate a severance package with a large-ish company? My SO was just downsized from a F500 company and got a fairly small severance offer (1 month’s pay). Does anyone know if we have any chance of getting a larger amount? If so, what would you say to justify it? The downsizing was completely unexpected and we estimate it will take at least 3-6 months to find something else. Thanks in advance.

    • You can try, but doubtful. Especially doubtful if there was a group of people that were downsized. A month’s severance isn’t horrible, especially in this economy.

    • How many others were laid off? If it is a large amount, he may be protected by WARN, but otherwise there is not much you can do.

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      I definitely think he should try (since he has nothing to lose) but it may not be successful, especially if everything was done “by the book” re: the employment laws in your state.

      • I second this… he should most certainly try! There are a lot of resources online about how to do this (I think someone even mentioned it in a comment a few weeks back, but can’t remember the 5Ws).
        I’m kind of disappointed that all of the comments so far have been so negative! Remember ladies, always try your hardest to get what you’re worth! The dudes do it all the time.

    • I had a friend who was downsized from a well known company. He refused to sign the HR exit paperwork (it included acceptance of the severance package along with an agreement to not speak to anyone about what happened etc). He ended up getting an extension of his medical benefits along with an additional month of severance. He did have to get a lawyer involved however.

  4. http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/mon-february-20-2012/the-punanny-state

    The other day, there was a discussion about the inappropriate use of words such as rape and Nazi. For those who remember, you must watch Jon Steward clip. The male panel is so full of irrational hyperbole that Stewart ends his clip with “You know, Stalin rape.”

    • Watched that this morning, the part where the guy used the rape quote was where my husband got up and said…okay…I’m going to work. Come on!

      • Where is everyone? We mentioned birth control, nazis, and rape…and we’re at 12 comments at 10:40 eastern time….am I missing something?

        • Maybe they are out whooping it up for Fat Tuesday?

          • Bring me some pancakes for shrove tuesday and I will be happy. :-)

          • Diana Barry :

            I want pancakes!

          • Nope. I just got home last night from my “get away from Mardi Gras” vacation. I’m lounging in bed, filed my taxes, doing laundry. No parades for me!

          • I completely forgot about pancakes! Now I know what I’ll be having for dinner… nomnomnom :)

        • phillygirlruns :

          i’m locked in my office sitting through a webcast CLE on collections law. i have nothing constructive or interesting to say, but keep refreshing corporette in case someone else does.

        • I hate the first day back after a long weekend.

  5. heatherskib :

    As incredibly lovely as it is… I just had a heart attack from that sticker shock!

    • Me too. But I do NOT like the butons, either, b/c the manageing partner would have alot to say about me and how I am to spend my Money. FOOEY on him.

      I want to wear clothes to look nice, but NOT to please the manageing partner.

      He is MARRIED, so FOOEY on him teling me how to dress. He should give his WIFE clothes money to buy clothes, and NOT be stareing at me all day.

    • Agreed. It’s gorgeous, but I just don’t ever see myself paying over $400 for a sweater, no matter how much money I make. I like owning nice, well-made clothes, but there has to be a line somewhere.

    • If only I could wear cashmere, I would totally buy this at the $440 price. I think it’s lovely and elegant and very versatile. Alas, any kind of wool makes me itch, even cashmere, even wool blends….

  6. Early threadjack – What do you do with old magazines?

    I have a collection of Vogues from 2007 that I want to keep for my future house (I’m 22). The stack is growing bigger by the month, but I think of how cool it’ll be when I’m older to have a collection of vintage Vogues.

    • I research how comic book collectors perserve their comic books and do what they do. It usually involves plastic sleeves and filing boxes. But warning, it takes room and the boxes are heavy. My brother has shelves of that crap and every time he moves, his comic books are worse than his furniture.

    • Honestly, if there are specific articles you love, I’d scan them for posterity. If you have a family member with lots and lots of storage, then collect away, but carrying around old copies of Vogue every time you move strikes me as a huge PITA. They’re unlikely to be valuable later on, the actual use you’ll get out of them will be minimal, and they’ll end up cluttering up your life.


    • Always a NYer :

      How about saving certain issues that you love? I do that magazines I love and think I’d like to have for future years. I also have folders with articles I’ve torn out that will get scanned one day.

    • Totes McGotes :

      I tend to hoard magazines because I sometimes make collage art, but every so often I have to purge. It’s too much of a hassle to store them. I would probably single out your favorites – if there was a particular photo spread or celebrity interview that you found intriguing – and keep only those using a comic-book preservation method like TCFKAG mentioned.

      Not to be morbid (too late), but one way I help force myself to get rid of things that aren’t useful is to remind myself that one day I’ll die and someone will have to go through every. single. thing. I. own. Seriously, when my grandmother passed away we found things like her old gym uniform from middle school: kind of cool to discover but what earthly purpose could be served by keeping it?? (In case anyone was wondering, it looked pretty much the exact same as the one I wore in the 90s. I don’t think those things will ever change.)

    • I can understand the appeal of having Vogues through the years (I have a couple of issues of Seventeen and Teen from middle school that I plan to keep!), but I’d probably limit it to, say, two a year. Perhaps the September issue and a spring issue. Otherwise I’d clip any special articles and toss the others, because this collection will quickly get out of control!

      Most of my old magazines get tossed. I have a few baskets of them sitting around that I clear out a few times a year. Some are on bookshelves.

      • Notalawyer :

        I tend to keep just those 2 (Sept. & Spring) as well. They are fun to look back at.

        I tossed my 90’s back issues a few moves ago. Still wish I’d kept those. Super models, Versace, Linda Evangelista. Vogue has never been as fun since.

    • I’d just sign up for Pinterest and create some inspiration boards there. It’ll be a loooong time before those magazines are vintage cool. :) But as long as you enjoy having them, you might as well hold onto them. But if you want them to have value, you’d better put them away for safe keeping.

    • We’ve been trying to get rid of old Life magazines of my grandmother’s for years. I love looking at them, but they are a PITA. And these are cool ones from the 60s, so you might be lugging those around for a while

  7. Gooseberry :

    Agree with heatherskib. Beautiful sweater, but yikes! Sticker shock, even with all the discounts.

    Question for this stylish and well put together group. On days when I have a lot of reading to do, I really like to get my hair out of my face. But, I don’t seem to pull off the professional ponytail well. Seems that no matter what I do, it looks like I am on my way to or from the gym. (I have shoulder length, straight hair, with a tiny side-swept bang that lives behind my ear.) Any advice or better ways to make a pony or pulled back hair look office appropriate? I don’t really go for the half pulled back — I’m 31, but look a bit younger, and am the youngest in my department, so always feel like half pulled back hair looks too much like a school uniform look on my already child-like face. Any thoughts?

    • Always a NYer :

      I pull my waist-length straight hair into a bun or twist it into a jawclip. The key to making it office appropriate is ensuring that no hair is sticking out at a weird angle.

    • Looping a section of hair around the ponytail holder helps a lot.

    • I’m the same way – my tips:

      – I blow dry my hair differently when I’m going to style it in a pony vs. wear it loose – otherwise, the dried-in “curve” that lays perfectly for my long bob turns into an Alfalfa-style outlier from my ponytail.
      – Using a pretty barrette may make the end product more “finished” looking than an elastic (as a starting point, J.crew’s in-store hair accessory station may be a good bet for polished barrettes and for testing how the different barrette sizes work in your hair).
      – Don’t be afraid of hairspray! I try to preserve a bit of lightly-rumpled volume as I’m pulling my hair back to the ponytail (to minimize the “I stuffed it all back at the gym” look), but because my front layers aren’t long enough to make it into the elastic, judicious hairspray is needed to keep them from falling out in a mess. (I’m blonde and prefer the Sheer Blonde products because they’re good at creating a strong “helmet” without it looking like one!)

    • I think a low ponytail with a side part in the front looks fairly professional. Or I do a bun with spin pins.

    • Bun it? Or a French braid?

    • I have found that using a barrette like this http://www.amazon.com/Goody-Comfort-flex-Updo-Barrette-Colors/dp/B003XS25JA/ref=zg_bs_11057981_20 to hold the ponytail works wonders for me.

      It kind of flattens the ponytail where it comes off my skill and gives it a more grown up look. They can also be used to make a bun for a french twist even on my really think hair.

    • heatherskib :

      I have similar hair- and I’m the same age and situation. I got a silver hair comb from ebay that I keep in my desk. When I need my hair out of my face I do a quick french twist and secure with a comb. The silver adds a bit of polish and makes it look more intentional than a quick fix.

    • I think a lower ponytail should make it less gym-like. A bun would also work.

      • Diana Barry :

        Ditto, with the deep side part – that usually looks more polished.

      • Also, try to use a ponytail holder that matches your hair color. I finally bought blonde elastics and my ponytail looks much cleaner without the random color breaking it up (I never can do the “wrap a piece around” thing–it just falls out or sticks up funny).

    • karenpadi :

      Please don’t take this the wrong way but I was in the same situation as you. Child-like face and completely inept when it came to my hair.

      The best thing I ever did was chop it off. My short hair suits my face so much better and knowing that I was able to competently style my hair in the morning did wonders for my confidence.

      • Gooseberry :

        Interesting! That’s helpful to hear. Did you find it hard to get used to styling short hair? I have always loved the benefit of longer hair being that I didn’t have to “do” it if I didn’t have time because washing and going looks just about the same as a blow dry (when I blow dry it myself — not a salon dry).

        • Also joining the childlike face club– and I also currently have short hair.
          But, after I did it, I realized that I don’t think it’s all that in style right now to have short hair… but whatevs, I love it and it looks better than always stuffing it in a pony-tail.
          What kind of hair do you have… straight/curly?
          I’ve been doing the Brazilian blow-out 2x a yr and every few days I wash & straighten the front parts out with a curling iron.

          • karenpadi :

            I found it really easy to style short hair, I comb, part, and apply product. No hair dryer needed. As long as I get it cut every 4-5 weeks, it’s easy.

            I have fine hair (and lots of it) with a slight wave.

  8. lawnonymous :

    Happy Monday – er, Tuesday!

    What was the point in your life where you realized that you were ready to share your life with someone else – that you were ready to start looking for a SO? Did it just ‘happen’ – was there even a moment – or was it something you consciously thought about?

    • I’m always a little baffled by the people who wait for a particular time in life to “settle down”. I’ve heard guys I know say it a lot – “It’s time to settle down”, never really heard it from women. It gives me the idea that the next remotely appropriate warm body that passes through their lives will get a ring.

      To me, it’s more about the right person than the right time. Life has ups and downs there’s always going to be more “wrong times” ahead, but if you’re with the right person, you’ll weather it.

      Not to mention, I know more than a few people who realised that someone was the right one for them, because they arrived at the wrong time. Someone who is willing to weather a life storm with you is worth considering keeping.

      • “I’ve heard guys I know say it a lot – “It’s time to settle down”, never really heard it from women. It gives me the idea that the next remotely appropriate warm body that passes through their lives will get a ring.”

        I think I just attended the wedding of one of these guys. I wish the couple the best, but I can’t help but think it was timing rather than the true desire to spend the rest of their lives with each other that prompted the marriage. But who knows, maybe it’ll work out.

        • People bring different expectations to the decision. I know some people who quite sincerely care more about making a life with someone, within a certain time frame, than they care who the person is. I don’t mean they marry any old someone, but they are more sensitive to timing than to some other factors. I’ve come around to thinking this is OK as long as the commitment is just as strong, and as long as both people in the couple have the same priorities/expectations.

          I say this as someone who can’t relate at all…but who also does not have a goal to have kids or even necessarily to marry, at least from where I sit now (age 30).

      • I’m a little surprised that you’ve never heard that sentiment from women. I think all the women out there who are concerned about finding a long term relationship and pondering their fertility options are essentially thinking, “It’s time to settle down.”

        • I think the difference is that the women I know who are thinking that have always been willing and open to having long term relationships, it’s just that none have worked out yet. Whereas the men who say that are the types of men who have been playing the field through their 20s and get to a point where they decide ‘okay, time for the wife and kids’ and start to look for different qualities in a mate.
          Totally stereotypical, but that’s my anecdotal experience.

      • That was exactly where I was at 28…after 3 years of developing my career, a year of backpacking, and two years of grad school, I finally felt ready to stay put somewhere and to invest in a relationship. I started internet dating, going out with men I met through friends, etc. I met my SO about 18 months later.

    • Anon Lawyer :

      This is quite interesting because I’m kind of experiencing this right now. Not so much that I have actively decided ‘I’m ready to settle down’, but more that I have been single for a while and the objective of meeting someone/dating has changed slightly from ‘bit of fun here and there’ to ‘potential long-term person’.

      Again, this is not to say that I go on dates with people thinking that they will be my future husband, but more that the things I am looking for in people have changed. It has become more about getting on with them/having similar viewpoints in life and less about ‘wow, this guy is really hot but can’t string a sentence together’. Unless it’s just for a bit of Saturday night entertainment, I’m more likely to reject the ‘pretty boys’ of my youth unless they are smart/funny/there is genuine chemistry, which doesn’t seem to happen that often.

      I would say this has happened relatively gradually, but for reference, I’m 30, 3rd year in Biglaw and I don’t want kids.

    • Diana Barry :

      I was always looking for that long-term person, even in college. Which is not to say that I didn’t date horribly inappropriate people – I did!!! I had one boyfriend for almost 2 yrs who was tone-deaf, and I sing pretty seriously. It was never going to work. :)

      I would date and hook up with people and have fun, etc., but was always trying people on for how they would fit that long-term potential. I met my husband pretty young – I was 22 and in law school – and I am glad that we were both looking for a long-term person at the same time.

    • I met the man I went on to marry when I still was thinking “oh its too early to settle down” — but well, we just sort of settled down. Because he was right for me and we progressed in life together.

      Not that we didn’t make life choices for that to happen, but I do think that some of it is about meeting the “right” person and then letting yourself be open to possibilities.

      • I agree. When people say “I have too much to do before I settle down,” it just doesn’t ring true to me. If you meet the right guy/girl, do all that stuff with him. I don’t think timing really has much to do with it, in my opinion. (Of course, I know that there are certainly cases where that’s true, like if you’re dealing with depression or something; I just mean in the normal case.)

      • Same, met the one a little younger than I wouldve picked out for myself. it was right before law school so it was challenging doing 3 years long distance. But when you know, you know, and you don’t wait.

      • Geneticist :

        I went to college thinking “well, I think I’d like to not have a boyfriend for a while so that I can make my own friends separately from the future bf” … and then I met my SO during freshman orientation. (and here we are a decade later) Oops.

        Anyway, I guess I was open to it and we’ve just done all the life stuff together.

    • It just happened for me. I wasn’t looking for a serious relationship but here we are 12 years later . . .

    • It happened to me around 30. Up to that point, my general life approach was to pursue opportunities that I thought would be fulfilling and beneficial to me, but not necessarily convenient for anyone else. I went to grad school, I lived overseas, I quit my job and traveled for a while, lived in another foreign country .. etc. All great.

      Then came the realization that I wanted to be near my family, that my parents needed me, and that through all my travels, the only environment I had found that I would have wanted to raise a family in was back where I had come from. So I decided to move back home (or, close to where I grew up), and made that geographic requirement the focus of my job search. I also started looking at guys with a different filter – less of the romantic comedy / hollywood approach and more of the long term, what-do-i-want-my-life-to-be-like approach.

      Fast forward a few years and here I am, “settled down”. All in all I think everything happened at the right time – it’s about living mindfully, if that makes sense. Self-awareness goes a long way.

    • I didn’t really date before meeting my husband, and I was obsessed over my lack of dating. I thought I’d never meet “the one” which seemed like a crisis as my undergrad school is full of couples engaged by graduation. When I finally let go of that obsession, I started dationg DH, realized he was right for me, and we’ll celebrate our 9th anniversary this spring. We were young and we’ve both changed but we have been able to change together. So I guess my point is thatt it just happened once I stopped trying to make it happen.

      • anonirishgrad :

        I take it you were an ND grad? As a fellow ND grad, I can relate to everything you said in your post. I had friends who were engaged the fall of our senior year. It adds to the sense of panic when it seems like all your classmates are having kids and buying houses by age 24!

        • goirishkj :

          Good old ring by spring! Even though I got married the Saturdy of senior week, I freaked out at 25 when my best friend called to say she was buying a house and was pregnant. I’m in my early 30s and I think I’m too old to have kids since all my friends started with babies several years ago. I love ND but it is a strange world re gender relations!

          • anonirishgrad :

            Sounds like we were there around the same time! Yes, it is very strange with gender relations — you read all these articles about how women are getting married later and starting families later in life, but you’d never know it at ND!

          • goirishkj :

            Hmmm anon, I wonder if we knew each other? Weirder things have happened! And you are so right regarding trend pieces on marrriage compared to ND–my midwestern law school was such a culture shock when I realized not everyone was seeking to get hitched immediately and even though I started at 23, I was “non traditional” for being married. Much saner, but it was strange at first!

    • The right time was….when I met the right person.

      I had a classmate (female) in law school who told me “lawyers don’t get married until they’re at least 30” and followed that in her own life – she dated her now-husband for six years just so she could get past the 30 “mark.” I love her but don’t understand that.

      • I always kind of felt like this about 25– I’m past 27 and not married yet… but I would NEVER have considered getting married before 25. I think it was an idea I grew up with and just kind of instilled in myself for no reason whatsoever.
        For reference, my kids age is 30 for some reason… would not even dream of having kids before 30.

        • Oh and have been with the person I will marry since law school in my early 20s. Just KNEW it was right when we started dating and that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.
          I was really distressed right before we made it official– I think I had hangups about being happy, and just made a commitment to myself to let it go and do things day by day and have been blissfully happy ever since.

    • Twenty-one :)

    • This really depends on whether you met someone special earlier or later, and thus whether you can take a reactionary stance or whether you have to take a proactive approach. A lot of folks on this thread appear to have met him/her relatively early, e.g. early/mid 20s, say, and then, well – this great person is here, are you ready or not? You’re reacting to the fact that you’ve already met someone – and yes, they’re ready. On the other hand, plenty of people decide they’re very ready, but this fantastic someone simply hasn’t shown up yet. And the longer that goes on, the more apparent it is that you’re ready to “settle down” but that it hasn’t happened yet.

    • I had been dating a string of losers, so I decided that I was going to stop looking for a boyfriend and just focus on school and hanging out with my friends. About 2 weeks later, I ran into (literally, I was at a baseball game and was not watching where I was walking because someone was streaking across the field after the game, haha) an old high school classmate. He had just moved back into town and was transferring schools. This was almost nine years ago and we have been inseperable ever since. We knew about 3 months in that we were going to get married. We have been together almost 9 years now (and married 6, with 3 kids).

    • karenpadi :

      I think I got more serious about dating the older I get. In my twenties, I never worried about being single for a few years at a time. At 30, I realized that the man I was with was not a man I wanted to have children with and I wasn’t ready to give up on having children. So I ended the relationship.

      At 31, I am more serious than I ever have been about getting into another relationship. I figure I have 4-5 more years before I really need to seriously decide if I want to have kids–alone or with someone. That gives me time to have 1 or 2 serious relationships that might or might not work out. But I can’t really afford to sit around being single for the next 2 or 3 years.

      So, yes, the time’s right for me. If I had met “the one” earlier, I would have gotten married earlier. But I didn’t, so this is the situation I am in.

      • anonirishgrad :

        Agree with everything you said — and I’m in the exact same place in my life as far as age and dating considerations. It’s an exciting, but sometimes scary, place to be.

      • PittsburghAnon :

        I am 29 and I figure I have 1-2 more years before I “really need to seriously decide if I want to have kids–alone or with someone”. I can’t imagine having my first later than 35 at all, and even that seems late.

        Then again, everyone in this city is working on kid #3 or 4 by the time they’re my age.

  9. who wants to talk about Downton Abbey??? Wow – that last episode was hands down best of the season. And beautifully shot – as I think Tom and Lorenzo put it, that hunting luncheon scene looks like it fell out of a Ralph Lauren shoot.

    • I do! I literally squeeled at the end, I was so happy. Although, I have to say I am really sick of the Bates/Anna storyline – it’s like a never ending loop of they’re happy/something horrid happens/they’re happy/something horrid happens.

      Speaking of gorgeous scenes – the last shot with the snow falling on the abbey was amazing. And I loved, LOVED, the whole “I have nothing to forgive you for” speech. So progressive, cousin M! [Sorry – trying to be a bit vague so as to not spoil anything too specifically].

      • I squealed at the end, but I also yelled “BAM!” and mimed sinking a free-throw when the Dowager Countess eyeballed Sir R and asked “Do you promise?” She is so my favorite.

      • +1 to all of that! I don’t think I can elaborate without giving too much away :)

        Other non spoilery favorite moments:

        – Scene between Mary and Dad in re The Scandal – very well acted, esp. Mary’s reaction shot
        – Seeing the clothes morph into 20’s styles
        – The reference back to Mary’s garden-party lie to Edith’s older suitor (yay for plot continuity)

        I could go on…

        • I must have missed the part when Edith found out about Mary’s lie at the garden party … I was surprised when she mentioned that – I didn’t realize she knew!

          • I don’t think (unless I missed it too) that Edith officially found out about what Mary said on-screen. But Edith knew something was up when he rushed out of the garden party, and then Mary raised her champagne glass to Edith in very knowing fashion.

    • Yes! The composition of the episode was beautiful. I have my quibbles with the hunting luncheon scene (candles should only be used after dark!), but the actual hunting itself was so well-done–the beaters, the dogs, the re-loaders or whatever they’re called. And the woods felt so misty and atmospheric.

      I will also say my heart melted during the last scene, out in the snow. Season finales should aspire to this. But I am curious as to what’s going to happen in the next season–it feels like a lot of storylines got resolved.

      • Yes! It was the perfect ending (is it giving too much away if I use an adjective?), but it made me so happy I almost don’t want to come back for more.

    • Loved it! I’m so sad that new episodes will be such a long time coming. My parents have only seen season 2 (and loved it even w/o the context of season 1!), so I’m looking forward to reliving season 1 through phone calls with my mom. Cousin M really was very progressive, as AIMS said, which I loved, though I wonder how realistic it was.

      • Obviously the whole concept of the show is a bit romantisized and unrealistic (servant’s ball? Crawleys paying for Bates’ lawyer and writing the home sec’y?) … Obviously, the Crowleys are quite idealized versions of the nobility. But, I think Matthew’s speech rang true to his character – he’s not someone born to that life, he likes to dress himself, didn’t see the need for a valet or someone to serve tea, etc., so it makes sense that he would be rather progressive in other ways as well. Richard – who was also from a lower social class originally – also took it more or less in stride (though, of course, he had his own reasons), so I think all that makes some sense. And, even if it didn’t, it’s sooooooooo romantic and made me super duper happy!

        I thought that Lord G. took the news better than would be expected in real life, but I think they timed in such a way (war, death, Bates) that it made more sense for him, too, at this point. Perhaps a few episodes later, it would have rung less true, but he seemed to be in a rather “oh, to hell with it all” state right then.

    • Loved! The last scene was beautiful, as was the scene with Mary and her dad. That scene actually made me feel really emotional, especially when he described the kind of man she should marry.

      • Gail the Goldfish :

        “Find a cowboy in the Middle West and bring him back to shake us up a bit.”

        Loved it. Also, I cannot wait for Season 3 and the inevitable clash between Maggie Smith and Shirley MacLaine, who they’ve cast for Cora’s mother. It’s going to be awesome.

    • I boo-hooed my eyes out when he got down on bended knee. I looked at my husband to see whether he was going to make fun of me, per usual, and noticed he had misty eyes as well. :)

      Best. Ending. Ever.

  10. Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler :

    I am thinking about doing WW Online for a few months to get myself back on track, but I have always stayed away from WW becuase of the weekly weigh-in component. I find I have better weight loss success when I don’t focus on the number.

    Is this a requirement with the online program? Has anyone done it without inputting their weight every week?

    If the two ideas can’t be seperated, are there any suggestions for a regimented program without a weigh-in component?

    One last thing, my Corporette vistiation has been severely cramped by stuff like “work” and “school.” I (maybe) remember reading about a Corporette WW support group; did that ever get organized? If so, where can I sign up?


    • no advice as I haven’t tried WW, but there is a group: weight watchin’ corpor*ttes
      (asterisk to avoid moderation)

    • Woods-comma-Elle :

      If you do the online programme, it has a separate section for tracking food, weight and activity. You don’t need to put in your weight and in fact I hardly ever do because I don’t have scales at home and I have recently been too busy to go to the gym.

      This is, of course, subject to the caveat that the UK version may be different from the US version…

      • That’s been my experience, too. If I feel like entering my food, exercise, and weight online then I do, but it’s not like I lose my subscription if I am not religious about it.

    • You don’t have to weigh weekly. It’ll remind you that it’s your weigh-in day (whatever day of the week you set it for). You can even weigh yourself on non-weigh in days.
      I agree with not focusing on the number, I tend to focus more on how my clothes fit and how I feel. Just the same it can be really rewarding and affirming to see the actual number go down. Maybe consider only weighing yourself every few weeks or once a month.
      Whatever you choose to do – good luck and feel free to hit up our WW group!

    • There’s also a sparkpeople Corporette group – Sparkers who enjoy Corporette.

    • Yes, I started a group on WW online. Once you join WW, search groups for the name of this website and you shall find it. I think we’re up to 50 members!

      And yes, you can avoid entering your weight weekly. I think you would have to enter it the first time, so that they can give you a baseline number of points to start from (since they base your daily amount of points on your current weight and the amount you want to lose). If you enter it weekly, they can adjust how many points you can eat per day and how many points you get for exercise; these numbers are based on your body weight. So I think it would be useful to enter it at least every once in a while, if not weekly. But you’re not required to enter it.

  11. Since it’s Splurge Monday…
    Any thoughts on the LV Sophia Coppola bag? $4000 but it sure is nice!

    • There’s no way I can afford a $4000 purse, but I think it’s incredibly lovely. I’m not sure I’ve ever wanted a handbag so much!

    • I have an appreciation for the Speedy models even when they are all plastered in logos.
      Sometimes the high prevailance (sp?) of counterfeit makes us forget the product’s appeal in the first place.
      Now the same design in luxurious leather makes it even better. Add to that a leather strap for the busy urban lady and you got a winning combination.
      My own 2 cents is there are nice options for less than this: Longchamp makes exquisite bags in soft leather with the same style.

    • I’m not sure I get that bag…if I’m looking at the right one. It looks vaguely duffle bag like to me. Plus I hate the LV logos.

    • I thought the Sofia Coppola collaboration was a whole line, not just one bag. Which bag do you mean?

      In general, I think LV is overpriced for what it is (canvas).

    • I went to Neiman Marcus and handled one in person. Despite the saleswoman looking at me like I was a street person about to run out the door with the bag, I loved it. I don’t know if I $4000 loved it, but it was nice. However, it is between large handbag and small suitcase size. It would be too large for a day to day bag for most of us.

      By the way, what is UP with the snotty sales people at high-end stores? Do the stores train them to act that way to imply exclusivity? I’m kind of like, “Why are you giving me the attitude, lady? You’re the one working retail.”

      • I just want to turn to those sales people and ask if they work on commission like in Pretty Woman.

      • “you’re the one working retail” and they are the snotty ones??

      • I went through a Saks recently on my way to and from the parking lot and I was offered so many make up consultations that I wanted to ask if they were offering their services because they were appalled at the thought of me walking through the store as is.

  12. momentsofabsurdity :

    Guys! My salary negotiation went well – just got the word that I was approved for what I asked for and where I pushed back on their counteroffer, I got that too. Sweet!

  13. Clueless Summer :

    I thought that some of you might enjoy this article (and unless you’re one of the few Canadian corporettes, probably didn’t see it in your daily news read.) It’s about a Canadian Member of Parliament taking her baby into the House.


  14. Random vent – is anyone else tired of nail polish ads where the nail polish is Photoshopped in? I don’t know why, but this seems to be the norm and it drives me nuts. Vent done.

    • I did not realize they even did that! Come to think of it, I can’t think of many nail polish ads I’ve seen. However, I’m getting fed up with OPI, as I have major chip and peeling issues on Tuesday after a mani on Friday. Maybe I need to photoshop my own nails… :-/

      • Now *that* would be great technology!

        But yes, they definitely to this – see current ads by L’Oreal (Linda Evangelista), Revlon (Halle Berry), and numerous others in various fashion magazines. Magazines also do this in editorial pics sometimes, but that bugs me less because in those pics, they are not (directly) trying to sell *nail polish*.

  15. Heartmycloset :

    Someone said that they were going to buy a dress from heartmycloset on Etsy after I had posted about it here. Did you get the dress and if so, what’s the verdict? Would love to buy a dress but would love to some personal feedback on the experience first.


  16. hellskitchen :

    Thanks to this hive, I have been slowly building my collection of The Skirt in different colors. I was able to score one in the shade “purple passion” on sale at a Nordy’s but now I don’t know how to style it. It’s the shade that’s in the link below… I like the soft blur/purple pairing but don’t know how it will go with my skin tone (middle eastern with yellow undertones). Any color pairing suggestions? Also, do you wear the skirt with slimmer tops or looser, oversize ones? I try to usually balance slim fitting pieces with something looser but I don’t whether to think of the skirt as a snug piece or not.


    • I think a dark grey or navy or black would all be lovely.

      I also just got this pretty top at Boden that might work: http://www.bodenusa.com/en-US/Womens-Tops-T-shirts/Short-Sleeved-Tops/WA349/Womens-Palazzo-Top.html?NavGroupID=18

      I’ve done both slimmer tops (like button downs) and looser ones (like silk shells that kind of puff a little) and I find they both work.

      • I also think that if you had a button down shirt in a contrasting color family (like a light blue) or with a purple pin stripe those would be pretty. Or a deep purple top.

        Hmm…in the summer it would also look lovely with just white.

      • hellskitchen :

        That top is really pretty! I didn’t think of pairing it with a printed top but I can now see it working really well with a floral or a pinstripe like you suggest. Thanks!

        • I’m wearing the skirt in magenta with a pinstripe today…so I hope it works! :-)

    • Pretty color! I have the skirt in magenta and have the same issue- do i wear a loose top because the skirt hugs my *ss or a slim fit top because the skirt is long and a loose top looks sloppy? I’ve worn it with button downs and slim fit sweaters so far, but I do feel a little va-va voomy in the sweaters. Curious to hear what others think.
      Also, I have very similar coloring to you and I tend to stay away from blue (except for navy) and grey worn near my face …but maybe that’s just my hang up. Could you wear this with navy or orange?

      • hellskitchen :

        THIS. Most of my sweaters are slim… not necessarily snug but with this skirt, it does end up looking va va voom. I like TCFKAG’s suggestion to wear this skirt with silk shells/tops… not too sloppy, not too tight. I stay away from blues/grays as well unless it’s navy or a warm grey. But… you just gave me an idea for pairing this with a very light silvery gray… I think that might work. Thanks!

        • My back end is not particularly interesting…so not too much va-va to voom up in here. :-)

          • Anastasia :

            haha, my back end is, but my front isn’t, so I figure it averages out to an acceptable level of shape for the office. :)

    • The neutrals everybody mentioned so far (black, white, gray) would be fine, but I also don’t think you should be afraid of pairing color with more color.

      I think that mustard, navy, silver, and darker turquoise would be nice colors to work with. I think printed (especially watercolor and geometric type prints) tops with a variety of colors look the nicest with colored skirts, not only because you can pick up the colors of the top in different pieces of your outfit (shoes, jacket/cardigan, bracelet), but because they give the outfit a little bit of dimension and help to break up the brighter, more vividly colored piece.

      For example: purple skirt, watercolor print black/dark purple/dark turquoise/silvery top, dark turquoise or gray cardigan, neutral (black) shoe and bag.

      As for what tops to wear, I almost always wear more drapey blouses that “puff” a little when tucked in. I just feel that I like my clothes to skim over me, so “tighter” fitting for me just means a bit less drape (I do have some shells that skim pretty close to my body and I always wear those with jackets/cardigans), but I do also have some more tunic style blouses that have much more drape (and usually I wear those tucked out with slimmer-cut trousers). I rarely wear blouses tucked out because I feel the blouse has to be the perfect length to do so, and most of mine seem to be either too long or too short.

      • hellskitchen :

        these are all great suggestions! I need to experiment with the skirt/shell/combo – for some reason it feels like a very buttoned up look to me but I’ll give it a go

        • I usually wear my cardigans open, so that helps keep things more relaxed. Also, these days it seems there are a lot of interestingly cut cardigans… think boyfriend style, ones with shorter sleeves, or those ones with the drapey fronts, for example. I think those sorts of cardigans can make a layered outfit seem a little less stuffy. Almost none of my cardigans are the basic, crew style/plain ones.

    • Anastasia :

      Thanks for reminding me, I need more Skirts. I have magenta and green (moss?), but I really want a red one in my life.

      No inspiration on colors (though I love wearing my Skirts with prints/color; I just tried them on with every top I own one weekend and found some surprising combos), but as for the slimmer/looser top question: I tend to wear them with a slim top under an open cardigan (sometimes belted), and I have done button-downs as well. I think my favorite Skirt silhouette so far is a loose blouse tucked in. Like many Skirt-enthusiasts, I’m slightly pear shaped, so the slight volume on top balanced the slim fit of the bottom. love.

      • hellskitchen :

        I have it in a deep red but I’d die for a magenta. Too bad I wasn’t aware of that option back when the magenta one was still being offered.

  17. Hi ladies,

    After a weekend of working all day, every day, I could really use a pick-me-up. Could people share their stories of people (themselves or others) who successful left Big Law (or similar finance/other professional/etc. jobs) to pursue the Dream…whatever that was? I know Kat is a great example. Would love to hear other stories on this rainy, icky day when my inbox is clogged with requests to handle 50 different assignments (“shouldn’t take you very long” hahaha). Thanks!

    • Former MidLevel :

      It is definitely possible to get out of BigLaw and get your dream job. I did it, and I know lots of other people who have done so as well. My story is weird (and probably not much of a pick-me-up) but I wish you the best. I know how tough it is some days.

  18. Woods-comma-Elle :

    For the grammar geeks out there. I have never thought about this before, but it came up in something I am writing. I would have thought that you can only ever have two alternatives, rather than more than two. If there are more than two things to choose between, then they are e.g. options. Any thoughts on this?

    It seems to me a bit like you have ‘a’ choice, one choice, ie. you have to choose between two or more options, rather than that you have two choices, so my instinct tells me it’s similarly only two alternatives.

    • some people agree, others don’t it seems: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/alternative

    • Always a NYer :

      I’ve always been taught (by my English major grandma) that “between” is for only two choices while “among” signifies more than two choices.

      As a fellow grammar geek, I cringe when I find typos in published works. Last night when I was reading my current “fun book,” I found this:
      “That’s asking for to much.”

      After allowing myself to be properly horrified for a few moments, I continued reading and found three more typos =/

      • I am reading [sic] because the New Yorker gave it a great review. So far, I am disappointed…I find it Woolfy but faked. Especially given that the author is so full of himself, I was happy to see early on that he confused “fewer” with “less,” I think in the context of “less cars, more trucks.”

      • Yes, between is for two choices and among is for more than two.

        I love Grammar Girl for questions like this: http://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/between-versus-among.aspx

        • Although I just noticed that Grammar Girl disagrees with what I just said! She’s probably right. :)

      • I don’t think she is asking about between vs among – she is asking if alternative, choice, and option are interchangeable.

        And to answer that question, I believe that alternative can be used to describe more than 2 of something. For example “Please let me know if you are available on 2/24; if not, please provide some alternative dates and my admin will send out a meeting invite.”

    • Diana Barry :

      I think you can have multiple alternatives. It is one choice, still, but you can have more than two alternatives, e.g. a choice between a red, black, or camel bag. :)

    • I think you can have multiple alternatives.

      • Publishing Fish :

        Ha! I noticed I put up the same link below. Oops. :) It is very useful though.

    • Well, if alternatives is only for two, then somebody inform the engineering industry of that fact, especially when they’re conducting their alternatives’ analysis. Because we like to compare Alternative 14b with Alternative 63, even though we all know that we’re probably going to go with Alternative 7c.

  19. Publishing Fish :

    We recently published a document that had the phrase “alternative analysis” in the tile. The document basically outlined four or five new ways to analyze a problem that is typically analyzed only in one way, so in that sense, I don’t think that the word “alternative” means an obligatory number of other options.

    Not sure if the link will get stuck in moderation, but this is a good explanation of between vs. among.


  20. Does anyone on or around long island know of any charity or volunteer opportunities coming up for health fairs, fire departments etc. hydrating people, speaking or taking blood pressure etc.?? Please post or email me. Much appreciated!!

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