The Hunt: Stylish Velvet Blazers and Other Wintry Jackets

stylish velvet blazers

Sure, we all know what basics professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I love a good wintry blazer, usually to keep at the office or use as a lighter layer in fall weather. Velvet is indeed having its moment, so this hunt is heavy on stylish velvet blazers for work — but we’ve also included tweed, wool, and other heavyweight fabrics. (Interestingly, corduroy blazers are difficult to find at the moment!) Ladies, do you wear heavyweight blazer separates to the office — and which fabrics are your favorites? Gotten any great winter blazers lately?

Before we get to our favorites for today, check out some of these general categories:

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velvet-cape-blazerI’ll grant you, this one’s a little out there — velvet and a cape — but it’s also the most affordable, at $44. Here are my thoughts: the WhoWhatWear collection at Target has been pretty reliably good, and the “cape-blazer” is on-trend and — if you’re looking for something festive to wear to a holiday office party or the like — this is a good option. It’s available in regular and plus sizes. Women’s Cape Blazer – Who What Wear
halogen-velvet-blazerFor a more traditional look, this $89 velvet blazer is hard to go wrong — love the dark burgundy here.  Sizes are pretty limited, alas. Velvet Blazer
uniqlo-roitsfeld-blazerOoooh: I love this heavy wool version from Uniqlo. (It apparently at one point had a matching skirt, but I can’t find it online — these pants look like they match, though.) There isn’t much festive about this, but if you’re looking for a heavy weight but affordable blazer, I’d start the hunt here. Sadly, it seems to only be available in sizes XS-M at the moment. Carine Tweed Jacket
madewell-velvet-blazerThere are a zillion black velvet blazers in this price range, but only this $89 blazer and the pictured $158 blazer have a lot of sizes left — several others are almost entirely sold out. I like that this one is only $158, collarless, and available in sizes 00-12. Lauren Velvet Blazer
regent-blazerThe Regent blazer has been around for years, with new colors and patterns coming out in seasonal fabrics like linen in summer and tweed in winter. In somewhat exciting news, the Regent blazer just got a matching pant, at least for the colors that come in their super 120s suiting fabric. This pictured blazer doesn’t have a matching pant, but that’s probably a good thing — but I love that happy purple houndstooth. It’s $248 full price, but use code SHOPNOW to take 25% off.   J.Crew Regent Blazer
smythe-velvet-blazerYAASSSS. There is always a seasonal iteration of the Smythe blazer, and I’m dying over this green velvet version, at Nordstrom. I love the fitted, tailored style, and the emerald velvet looks lovely and plush. It’s $695, available in sizes 4-8. Smythe Velvet Blazer

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The Best Stylish Velvet Blazers + Wintry Jackets To Wear to Work


  1. Anonymous :

    Damn, I wish I had $695 to spend on a blazer. That green velvet one is GORGEOUS.

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    • Anonymous :

      I never really set out to do it, it just happened and then became a habit. When I was in that arrangement, I was fuly aware that the guy was a tool who was basically using me for s$x but was I enjoying myself so I didn’t care. He was nice to me, we had fun together, and had crazy awesome s$x.

      Just go into it with your eyes wide open. If you think you could fall for the guy, don’t do it.

    • Anonymous :

      If you don’t think you can do it without attaching, you probably can’t do it.

      • Agree with this. I had the same sort of relationship, but I became attached to him and wanted something more even though I know he was a tool. Because he was a tool it ended really badly and ended badly and ended up being embarassing.

    • Keep conversation light like the sort of topics that you would discuss at a work cocktail party, because ‘heavy’ conversations about hopes/dreams/future plans can fool your brain into thinking you are bf/gf. Also, decide whether or not you want to ‘garden’ at your place. A lot of my female friends do not want FWBs staying over, even if it means they have to leave his apartment and go back to their place for a good night’s sleep. Feel free to ghost him if you feel like you are catching feelings, (remember he is a FWB and is not owed a long explanation about why you are breaking up!). And lastly, you have no guarantee that he is monogamous, so always use “gardening gloves”!!!!

    • Anonymous :

      Ground rules. No emotional conversations, no sleeping over, no dates.

      • Anonymous :

        + 1 to no sleeping over or date like activities.

        If you can’t think of him as the human version of a self-garden tool when don’t do it.

    • I say this kindly, but I feel like if you need to make a pro-con list and already worry you’re not capable of staying emotionally unattached, this is probably not right for you. Beyond that, I don’t know very many people who actively set out looking for a FWB as opposed to just finding one over the course of their regular lives/dating activities.

    • numbersmouse :

      A pro/con list isn’t a bad idea. The first time I tried it, it was extremely difficult to 1) avoid romantic feelings, and 2) preserve my self-esteem. Afterwards, I had a great experience with someone in an open marriage; it really helped that I knew him exclusively as a FWB, and had no romantic or friendly attachment to him otherwise. Tread carefully, and try to compartmentalize as much as you can.

    • Shopaholic :

      This may sound awful but I’ve had the best luck in FWB relationships with people that I don’t want to be in a relationship with. So some guys that are great for LGPs but are kinda jerks or have commitment issues or travel 6 days a week for work etc.

      • Anonymous :

        The only time it worked for me was with a younger guy (early 20s vs my late 20s) who was lovely and fun and I enjoyed being with and was very much attracted to but definitely didn’t want to date.

  3. Clueless Lawyer :

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    • Anonymous :

      Ask your lawyer.

    • Anonymous :

      Generally the second chair/other attorneys and the client do not stand or speak, even when introduced. OK to look at the judge and acknowledge him/her with a nod or a brief smile. The judge probably won’t give you anything more than a nod. Might be a local practice thing though, so fair question for your lawyer.

      • I think this is court-by-court. In my local court, all attorneys at the table stand up for the introductions. Lead counsel usually introduces everyone at the table, but each attorney says some kind of greeting (“Good morning, your honor”) to the judge.

  4. Clueless Lawyer :

    Thanks, I will definitely do that but in the meantime wanted to get a feel for what the norm is. I tend to be a bit socially awkward and so I like to know what’s expected so I can be prepared.

  5. Smythe Jacket :

    I have an older Smythe peacoat to sell. Where would you guys sell it online?

  6. This is a know your court situation, but if I am in from out of town I go with “Good morning Your Honor, thank you for hearing us today.” If the Court wants to interface, follow up with polite and positive chit chat about the nice weather, how the Judge’s favorite sports team did last week, etc.

  7. I’m the poster whose husband hit her a week or so ago. I just wanted to thank everyone for their thoughtful comments. Everyone in real life would just tell me I was being dramatic, so I appreciated having a safe space to talk.

    I went to a hotel for a few days to get some distance and think.

    My husband was pretty horrified at himself, and enrolled in therapy without my involvement to explore where the heck this came from.

    I came home and we did have a serious talk about what happened. We are going to a couples counselor, and he is going to a therapist on his own too.

    My eyes are open, but this was so out of nowhere for him, I’m willing to try and work on it. I have made it clear if it happens again, I’ll be long gone. I have moved money into an account solely in my name as a just in case.

    I am cautiously hopeful.

    • TorontoNewbie :


    • Sydney Bristow :

      Thanks for checking in. We are here for you.

    • Anonymous :

      Thanks for letting us know. It’s a good sign that he recognized his own bad behavior and sought therapy. Cautiously hopeful is a place you may be for awhile.

      If you do end up having to leave, you can do so knowing you really tried to make it work.

    • Thanks for the update. It sounds like you are doing the right thing, especially opening an account for yourself. It sounds like he is doing the right thing too by getting therapy. I hope things work out for you both, but he has to know this is his one and only chance to make things right and he won’t get another.

    • Anonymous :

      May I ask why you are willing to stay with him? He abused you. There should be no second chances.

      • It’s so easy to say this when you’re not in the situation.

      • Because there has been 10 years where he has been nothing but the most supportive, wonderful, loving husband. This is so out of character for him that I am talking to the therapist about serious potential for a stroke, aneurism, or other health issue.

        The fact that he didn’t go the grovel, I’m-so-sorry-here’s-flowers route, but instead took the initiative to get a counselor for himself.

        The 30-second moment is not the man I’ve known for 12 years. I am willing to try and fix it.

        • It sounds more and more like something is not right with him. If he was an abusive person, it would have manifested itself during the 10 years you’ve been married. I hope for both your sake that the therapist or someone can find out what caused his behaviour and you can deal with it and have your marriage return to normal.

    • Senior Attorney :

      Thanks for the report. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to give ONE second chance to somebody after a first incident where it’s out of the blue, out of character, and he’s taking corrective action. And I’m glad you’ve put away some money so it’s there if you need it.

      I hope it works out for you!

      • +1 to all of this.

        Hugs and best wishes to you going forward, and thank you for letting us know, a lot of us here have been thinking about you.

      • +2 to all of this. As I recall, you’ve been married for 10 years and you said this was the only time he has acted this way. I too would give a second chance, but not a third, because of your long history and this being completely abnormal behavior. I sincerely hope your marriage can be healed. I’m also glad to read you’re taking steps to protect yourself.
        Thank you for giving us an update. Many women here have wondered about how you’re doing.

  8. Speaking of blazers, are we all wearing pantsuits tomorrow? I always wear skirts but I think tomorrow I’ll try to turn a blazer and some black pants into a makeshift pantsuit.

    • Anonymous :

      I have a white blazer and white jeans that I’m turning into my pantsuit.

      • Anonymous :

        Love this.

        Canadian but wearing a navy (blue) pantsuit and white blouse tomorrow in solidarity.

        Fingers crossed for y’all (and realistically for the rest of the world too)

        • Never too many shoes... :

          I am also a Canadian who plans to rock a grey pinstripe pantsuit tomorrow…even if it is just to sit in my office writing reports all day.


    • I typically wear dresses, but I am absolutely wearing a pantsuit tomorrow!!

    • I don’t own a pantsuit and am not in the US but I’ll be wearing my Berlin-landmark print top as a reminder to myself of the importance of democracy.

    • Senior Attorney :

      I actually bought a Halogen pantsuit that was featured here a few weeks ago, so I’m good to go as a member of Pantsuit Nation!

    • Pantsuit at the ready. Last night on the phone, California-based parents told me they are voting for Trump. Then my father wisely changed the subject. I would work harder on them if CA weren’t so clearly going to Hillz. I am so proud that my brother was “turned democrat” by his wife a few elections ago. Now I am not the Democratic black sheep of the family.

    • Anonymous :

      I usually wear separates that often look like a pantsuit, but I’m debating wearing the gray suit tomorrow. Or else the black slacks, black-and-white mini-houndstooth blazer & a royal blue shirt. So I get both the suit & the blue in.

    • Absolutely! I’m more a skirt and dress person, but tomorrow I’ll be rocking a pantsuit while doing voter protection work in Ohio.

      Pantsuit Nation!

    • Seattle Freeze :

      Pantsuit plus my “Such a Nasty Woman” t-shirt.

    • I usually wear a skirt (sometimes with a blazer) or dress, but I am wearing pants and a jacket tomorrow! They will be mismatched, as I’m going for subtle solidarity in my business casual office. I’m surrounded by white males at work in a very conservative district, so I am trying to not be too loud. ;) I did convince friends at other companies to do the same, though!

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