Five Easy Ways to Get Over a Cold

how to get over a cold 2016 Update: Check out our latest discussion on 6 Things to Have on Hand When You’re Sick at Work.

I’m sick right now (boooo), having caught my husband’s cold. We’ve talked a bit in the past about how to ward off colds, but I was thinking last night how much my colds in general really do seem to be milder and quicker than people around me. So here are a few of my simple tricks…

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Open Thread: Working while you’re sick

working while you're sick - how to power through2017 Update: Links have been updated below for this discussion on working while you’re sick; you may also want to check out our latest discussion on 6 Things to Have on Hand When You’re Sick at Work.

When I saw the headline about this — a firmwide memo smacking down an employee who dared to come to work with flu-like symptoms — I was a bit amused. (When I read the memo, I was a bit disgusted — whoever had flu-like symptoms knew he or she would be working in a closed conference room with several others, including a pregnant woman — and I have to agree that it was just as “self-absorbed” as the managing partner said it was.)  But it seems to raise an interesting question:  when you’re forced to work while you’re sick, how do you power twhrough? (Pictured: This exact item is sold out now, but there are tons of great tissue cozies at Etsy.)

Fun story:  for this post I actually spent a bit of time trying to find authoritative information for you guys on when a cold is contagious — I seem to remember it having something to do with the color of your snot (clear = allergies or cold, yellow or green = contagious) and your temperature (over 100 is bad).  I couldn’t actually find any quick and easy source, but really these days, we’re all just going to come down on the same side, aren’t we?  If you’re sick, work from home.

In any event — even if you’re home in your pajamas, you may not have the luxury of lounging about in bed and watching “Real Housewives” reruns.  You may actually have to work.  If you do, here are some tips for working when you’re sick…

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Open Thread: How are you dealing with the threat of swine flu?

Here’s something we’re curious about, readers — how are you dealing with the threat of swine flu? We know it sounds super-pleasant.  At the office, are you being encouraged to get a flu shot, and being discouraged from bringing in baked goods? While out networking, are you shaking hands with people, or (like Kathie Lee Gifford) butt-bumping? Personally, what extra steps (if any) are you taking to avoid getting sick?

For our $.02: We’ve never gotten a flu shot, and (as far as we know) have never gotten the flu. (A bad cold two Februarys ago might have qualified, but we didn’t miss a day of work.) Still, we’re trying to be extra-vigilant about the things we normally do to avoid getting sick, such as using hand sanitizer after riding public transportation or shaking hands, taking lots of Emergen-C if we start sneezing, and otherwise getting enough sleep.  What are you doing?

Pictured above: Emergen-C 1000 mg Vitamin C Fizzy Drink Mix, Tangerine Flavored, on sale at for $9.99 (formerly $12.99) (free shipping on any order over $25).

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