The Best Makeup Products to Fake a Good Night’s Sleep

The Best Makeup Products to Fake a Good Night's Sleep | CorporetteI always feel sleep deprived after the seasonal time change  — and whether you’ve just had to pull an all-nighter for work, been up all night reading brain candy or (ahem) other fun, there are lots of reasons you’ll want to fake a good night’s sleep at work. I thought we’d round up some of the best makeup products to fake a good night’s sleep. Readers, do you agree with these general categories of makeup products to help you fake a good night’s sleep — if not, what else do you do? Do you have any favorite products you swear by, whether to look more awake, look more polished, or look younger? 

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The Best Makeup Products to Fake a Good Night's Sleep, #1: A Serious Concealer | CorporetteConcealer is obvious, but it’s the classic for a reason. My current favorite is IT Cosmetics’ Bye Bye Under Eye™ Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer ($24, pictured), but I’ve also used this drugstore favorite, and there are products designed just for that, such as Benefit’s Fake Up. (Readers, which are your favorites — and does anyone swear by color correcting yellow or green concealer?)
The Best Makeup Products to Use to Fake a Good Night's Sleep #2: Flesh-Colored Eyeliner | CorporetteSkin-colored eyeliner. You know how your eyes always look a bit red after you’ve had lousy sleep? I don’t remember where I found this trick, but I’ve used it for years — you use skin-colored eyeliner to tightline your lower eyelash line.  I’ve used this “Baby Eyes” pencil from Paula Dorf for years ($20); Tarte also makes one called “Fake Awake.” (I have very pale skin, but YouTuber Nicole Charnel tried peach-colored eyeliner against her darker skin; NYX also makes an option with darker shades.) There are a ton of more affordable options in the $4-$7 range from Rimmel, NYX, and others.
The Best Makeup Products to Use to Fake a Good Night's Sleep #3: Benefit's Eye Bright | CorporetteIlluminate (fake that glow that comes with a good night’s sleep). I’m picturing a screencap from Sephora’s video on how to use Benefit’s Eye Bright (on the browbone, inside the eye, and “cat whiskers” on the side of the eye — then blend well), but I put other illuminators in similar places. I’ve used and liked Benefit’s High Beam for years; I also just got Glossier’s Haloscope and like it for everyday use. I’d say MAC’s strobe cream is more for evenings out, but I’m no expert in strobing, so don’t take it from me.
The Best Makeup Products to Use to Fake a Good Night's Sleep #4: NARS Orgasm Powder Blush | CorporetteYour regular blush, but with a light hand. For me that’s NARS’s Orgasm, in powdered form — if I wanted to skip the “illumination” step I might use The Multiple instead. (Here’s a fascinating article from Racked on makeup dupes, specifically dupes for Orgasm — and whether they’re worth it. Readers, do you have a favorite affordable blush that you swear by?)
The Best Makeup Products to Use to Fake a Good Night's Sleep #5: A Bright Lip | CorporetteYour favorite bright lip. If you have a brighter lip color you like, this may be a good day to add it to your repertoire. For me and my obsession with plum-colored lipsticks that would be Glossier’s Generation G in Jam (pictured, $18), a light layer of  ‘Bête Noire’ Lipstick from Lipstick Queen, or just MAC’s lipliner in Soar, depending on the day, but that’s me.  The benefit to all of those are that they stay put pretty well — you’re already sleep-deprived, so don’t give yourself a makeup challenge like keeping perfect red lips all day or something.

Ladies, in your opinion, what are the best makeup products to fake a good night’s sleep?

The Best Products to Fake a Good Night's Sleep When You Pulled an All-Nighter at WorkSocial media photo credit: Deposit Photos / paulmaguire.

The Best Makeup Products to Fake a Good Night's Sleep || Whether you're sleep-deprived because you pulled an all-nighter at work, you're the working parent to a baby, or you're just having too much fun, sometimes you just need to fake a good night's sleep -- and these are the best makeup products to help you do it! | Corporette


  1. I swear by YSL touche eclat for under eye circles. It also works as a spot concealer for pimples, dark spots or patchy redness. Expensive but worth every penny.
    In other news, I just got a delivery of everlane silk shells that someone recommended here and I love them. I also picked up the new trench coat which I think will become a staple for me.

  2. Anonymous :

    I clicked just to add my recommendation for YSL touche eclat as well! In my younger days, I liked Boing by Benefit, but now it is too dry, and the YSL has taken its place as my go-to.

  3. JuniorMinion :

    I’m a drugstore makeup gal….But I have to say I think the thing that makes me look most awake is a coat of mascara. Didn’t Bobbi Brown once say that if you only have time for 1 thing it should be mascara?

    I also think I can do a lot with CC cream + undereye concealer + bronzer/ highlighter

    • I do NOT like CVS or Dwayne Reed makeup. I perfer Mario Bredesco, which I get at NORDSTROMs. If the manageing partner saw me getting mascara at CVS, he would be mortified. Moreover the judge would wonder if I was slipping. He wants me to look fresh all of the time, and I can only do that if I have good mascara and makeup from Mario Bredesco. They also have a store in the 50’s, but I prefer to go to Nordstroms. YAY!!1

  4. Anonymous :

    P.S. the Nars Multple stick in the Orgasm shade is also a favorite. When I am tired, these two products plus mascara and a bit of gloss really help

  5. Never too many shoes... :

    One of my younger friends taught me the best trick for when you are feeling a little less than 100% – a brighter lipstick than you would usually wear and the blingiest statement necklace that you can find. Moves focus from your eyes to your mouth and often people will comment how great you look due to the bright lip colour. It works like a charm!

  6. I’m visiting my daughter at Barnard (across from Columbia) in NYC. Any suggestions for a great restaurant nearish to treat her to?

  7. For me skin care trumps makeup – even if I’ve been out socialising on a work night I will still do at least a double cleanse, acid toner, eye cream and be very heavy handed with moisturiser before I fall into bed. When you wake up 3 hours later with the smell of gin still very strong it is SO much easier to quickly slap on some makeup when your skin is prepared for it and not flakey, dehydrated with last night’s mascara on your chin.

    • I need to remind myself of this. I look terrible the morning after a couple drinks…

      • I sell it to myself that going to bed 5 minutes later is so much easier than having to wake up 30 minutes earlier the following day!

    • cake batter :

      Yes – this 100%. After drinking, I slap on a thicker coat of moisturizer than normal before bed (after washing my face, of course) because the boozies dry me out.

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      • “This isn’t rocket science”
        Thanks so much, POSITA, for that situational assessment. :-)

    • Anonymous :

      Why would you take fewer deductions? That would mean you’re giving the government a GIFT as opposed to an interest-free loan. You can tweak your withholding a bit but be careful that you don’t do it too much and then end up owing money and penalties. Depends on your income but my guess is if we switch from “married withhold as single” to just “married” w/o any extra withholding you may end up owing, so I’d definitely have the accountant run the numbers before doing that.

      Honestly though, $4k is pretty trivial. If you were getting a $10k refund, then I’d say definitely change you withholding. But $4k is close enough to the correct amount that I personally wouldn’t mess with the withholding and would just enjoy looking forward to a nice little “bonus” in January. We typically get about $2k-$3k back, fwiw, and that’s close enough where I don’t want to change the withholding and risk owing.

      • Senior Attorney :

        Yeah. If you had that $4,000 in Treasury bills you’d earn maybe 1% on it, which is $40 in a year. But it’s a stream of payments so the interest would be even less. Don’t sweat it.

      • Anonymous :

        Yah, we’re getting back like $10,000…. we will definitely be adjusting our withholding for next year, but I really prefer to get a big chunk of money back in the spring, which I can transfer straight to savings, rather than getting more in our monthly paychecks and piddling it away (being tempted to increase our budget categories, etc.)

  9. Anonymous :

    Well, I’m no expert, but I’d rather loan the government money interest fee and get a refund then skip deductions thereby effectively giving the government money for free. I would instead suggest the obvious withhold at a lower rate.

  10. I primarily focus on skincare however I’m very pale and my under eye dark circles are so dark it looks like I have a black eye. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye is also my favorite. Some people don’t like the texture but I think that’s why it works so well. I tried touche eclat and I think it would need to be layered over a concealer. It’s intended to be used more as a highlighter.

    Rimmel London has an excellent nude eyeliner for the water line. It’s cheap and it stays put all day. It’s incredible. I think it’s the “Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer”. I wear Revlon liquid liner which I also love.

    I have deep set almond shaped eyes and I just bought the Tweezerman eyelash curler for that eye shape and I’m very impressed. Other eyelash curlers are too circular for my eyes and pinch my lashes.

  11. MAC Prep & Prime… I have a light pink shade. It balances the undereye circles and works great. I barely wear any makeup now that I’m taking better care of my skin… the prep & prime + mascara and I’m good to go.

    Infant in the house… so I am always looking tired these days.

    • It is prep & prime concealer…. it is a tube with a brush, you click and the product dispenses out. Super easy… not too messy.

  12. Bourjois healthy mix serum gel foudation! One pump on the back of my hand and its easy to pat on a little at a time with my fingers. Does not settle in lines or show flakies. If you need a matter look, a bit of powder on top. Ther’s a concealer in matching tones. Bourjois is made by Chanel, the scent is similar and the quality great.

  13. What’s the best smudge-proof eyeliner? Designer or drugstore – I’m desperate for something that won’t smear by the end of the day.

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