The End of Google Reader

netvibes.indexedSigh — don’t you just hate change? Google Reader is ending, and I would (of COURSE) hate for anyone to miss their daily Corporette updates because they haven’t found a new reader, so I thought I’d mention a few:

  • Feedly Lifehacker votes this the best app to replace Google Reader, and it now offers one-click import from Google Reader feeds. (As I write this it’s crashing, but maybe that’s because I’m trying to log in from an email that doesn’t have a Google Reader account.)  It started as a mobile app; apparently their desktop version is pretty good so long as you use Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. You have to log in with your Gmail account; you can organize things into categories, and you can save articles to read later.
  • Bloglovin’. A lot of fashion bloggers love Bloglovin’ – for my $.02 it’s best for visual blogs.  I’m not aware of a way to organize feeds, so you just get a stream of content.
  • Netvibes (pictured above). I’m going to be a total weirdo and recommend Netvibes, which I switched to after Bloglines died a few years ago — I liked that it wasn’t attached to a Gmail address (back then I heard a LOT of new brides moaning about how they couldn’t get their Google Reader accounts moved to a new email address, which is a problem I still have with other Google products — my Adsense account is still under my maiden name!) and I liked that I could have other people sign in if I wanted them to without giving them access to my main Gmail account. (I had a virtual assistant for a while who was primarily helping me the Weekly News Update.) I have my problems with Netvibes (their mobile interface is weird) but ultimately I feel most in control of how I read my feeds with them.

As always, you can stay up to date with Corporette through other means as well:

  • by liking us on Facebook (each post will appear in your news feed)
  • by following us on Twitter (again, each new post will appear in your stream)
  • by signing up for our newsletter (right now you get a single email each day with all three posts — I still have a few big changes planned for the newsletter in months to come (it’s gonna be awesome!) but for the moment it’s looking a LOT better than it has in previous years).

Ladies, which are your favorite RSS readers?  Has anyone made the jump from Google Reader to something else?


  1. Anon - dress/shoes :

    Reposting from earlier –

    What color/style of shoes would you wear with this dress?

    It’s for an outdoor/daytime wedding, and I’m limited to flat shoes.

    • Anon in NYC :

      Nude-for-you flats. Check out Cole Haan’s Air Bacara flats. They have a nude-for-me patent flat that is so comfortable!

    • I’m not a fan of nude-for-you flats – it makes it look like you’re barefoot from afar. I’d go with gray or yellow if you’re more adventurous.

    • Veronique :

      How about a strappy sandal in a metallic or complimentary color? The Nine West Weslie comes in a beautiful green color that would compliment your dress. Other options include DV Archer in nude or gold, DV Agnyss in silver or gold, Ivanka Trump Rana, Kate Spade Sienna, Seychelles Any Old Time in Vacchetta, Calvin Klein Samira in pale green, Michael Kors Jedda, or Rachel Zoe Georgie, Michael Kors Yvonne or Rowen Queen.

  2. I switched to Feedly pretty soon after they announced Google Reader would be retired. I’ve been very happy with it and haven’t had any issues. I use it on my phone and computer. You had to download a plugin for your browser on the desktop version, but they recently moved to a web version and I don’t think the plugin is required anymore.

  3. I’ve set up a Bloglovin account but haven’t been using it (sticking with my beloved Google Reader for as long as possible), but as far as I can tell you CAN organize feeds into categories, very similar to Google Reader. Correct me if I’m wrong, anyone who is actually using Bloglovin?

  4. TO Lawyer :

    I’m using The Old Reader and I like it mostly. It’s a little slower than google reader was but I never felt like I was getting all of my posts with Bloglovin

    • Lady Harriet :

      I’m using The Old Reader too. It is a bit slow and sometimes a little buggy, but I really wanted something web-based instead of downloadable or for a phone. It’s not perfect, but it’s decent.

      • TO Lawyer :

        I wanted something web-based too and just clicked on feedly and it is so much better. It is web-based now and all my feeds imported automatically.

        Try it!

        • Lady Harriet :

          I did just try it, and you’re right! It is great. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. I’ve been having good luck with feedly. It took a couple of days to feel oriented to it after leaving Google reader, but I like it pretty well.

  6. I’m loving NewsBlur. The desktop version is easy to navigate and imports all your Google Reader folders, and the iPhone app is a big jump up from the mobile version of Google Reader. I tried The Old Reader, too, but I vastly prefer NewsBlur.

  7. I am using NetVibes and am pretty happy with it. I tried to use Feedly at my office but our super-thick firewall kept me from downloading something Chrome needed to make it work so I had to try something else. This doesn’t help me from a mobile standpoint but I mostly scan blogs on a desktop computer anyway.

  8. Anonymous :

    We use RSS readers for work and I love TheOldReader.

  9. Currently on feedly; liking it better as it has updated to be more like Google Reader. I’m curious about Digg, though.

  10. Business, Not Law :

    I downloaded Feedly shortly after the announcement but haven’t transitioned over (I will be on GR until June 30!) My co-worker showed me The Old Reader today and I’m kind of liking that it looks/feels the same as GR. So I’ll probably play with both until I figure out which one is better for me. I don’t need anything fancy or too visually interesting…just a simple place to house the blogs/websites I keep up with.

  11. I’m using CommaFeed and it works exactly like Google Reader. I’m loving it – way better than feedly or The Old Reader.

  12. I have my email in Thunderbird and they have a section for RSS feeds. I like it!