Thursday’s TPS Report: Bella Cashmere Mix Jumper

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Reiss Bella CASHMERE MIX JUMPER LIGHT KHAKI Cashmere sweaters are probably not on your mind right now, but summer is a great time to get things like this on sale. Today I’m loving this cashmere sweater from Reiss (which actually has some great sales going on right now). The pattern is a bit fun without being over the top, and a cotton cashmere mix is great for early fall and late spring. I’d keep the outfit neutral for the office, wearing a black or white collared shirt beneath the sweater and a simple pencil skirt, perhaps accessorized with a long silver necklace. It was $175, now $87 (note that it’s also available in solid colors such as royal blue and cream). Reiss Bella CASHMERE MIX JUMPER

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  1. Appropriate for work or not? That whole talk about exposed zippers got me thinking….

    • Diana Barry :

      Rrgh. I’d say not really, but if you are (1) proportioned so that the length wouldn’t be too short, and (2) wear a jacket or sweater over it at all times, it would be OK. I like the style of the dress otherwise!

      I like this sweater’s shape, but not the print – prefer the solid colors. Is anyone in the UK or has ordered from Reiss? They are expensive but I like the look of a lot of their structured dresses.

    • I don’t like exposed zippers but I actually think that’s fine for a business casual office. The dress overall is lovely. I’d treat it as your one “interesting” detail – no pushing-the-envelope shoes, for instance.

      • I think this dress is totally appropriate (depending upon the length) for my business casual office. The exposed zipper is much more subtle than some of the exposed zipper styles I have been seeing and that seems to make a difference to me.

    • I would wear it to work.

    • SF Bay Associate :

      I’m categorically against exposed zippers, but that one actually isn’t too bad. I personally wouldn’t wear it, but it doesn’t set off full alarm bells for me like other exposed zippers I have seen. It definitely requires simple, classic everything else in your outfit though, as E says.

    • I don’t think this qualifies as an “exposed” zipper as per the trend, which is exposing the tape/ribbon on either side of the zipper teeth. It’s not an invisible zipper (where the zipper is hidden in the seam), either. It’s just a regular zipper (finally).

    • anon-oh-no :

      I think its fine. I’m actually ok with an exposed zipper, though there are certainly some that are not appropriate for work. Generally, in my view, if the dress/top is otherwise appropriate, and the exposed zipper is fairly understated (like the one in the photo), it think its fine.

      • This. And I appreciate that the zipper is in the back, unlike SO. MANY. DRESSES. these days. The side zipper makes it almost impossible to take in, if one wants/needs to.

        • It shouldn’t–check with another tailor if your’s won’t. Mine has taken in several dresses with side zippers and they look great. It’s harder and costs a little more, but it can definitely be done at a reasonable price.

  2. Great pick!

  3. dress fanatic :

    shoulder pads! Oh no! They’ve returned.

    • I own this sweater. They’re really really small and easily snipped out.

      For those of you new to Reiss, it runs quite small–very Euro. Their large is a 10- small 12, and cut for thinner folks. I would say their sizing is akin to Theory–quite narrow, made for folks with no hips. That said, I own a ton of stuff from Reiss and find that most of it lasts a long time because their styling is usually a season or two ahead. I always get compliments on their stuff. Was just in their SoHo store last week on the first day of the sale and did some major damage.

      Their dresses are THE BEST!

  4. Jeans day- I have avoids it in the past because I find it confusing. Can I wear skinny jeans? Can I wear jeans that are not black or dark blue? Can I wear jeans with letters on the back pockets (R&R)?

    • I say, skinny jeans only if you have something long on top, covering your hips/waist behind, and appropriate (dainty, not vampy) shoes. Given the skinniness of skinny jeans, a looser top is advisable for balance and to make the look more conservative …

      Stick with dark blue or black (my preference) … don’t really like the look of paler jeans. (Then again, the men in your office may all show up in golf shirts with powder blue jeans! Ugh!)

      rock the denim!

    • I think skinny jeans that are like a cigarette fit, that aren’t too tight, can look very polished with flats and a tunic – Audrey Hepburn-esque. With the proper cut and styling, I think they look more tailored than a conventional boot or trouser cut.

      As with all other work items I would avoid obvious branding (e.g., R&R). I would also stay away from anything that’s not black or dark blue, as they tend to look less polished.

      I’m jealous of your jeans day!

    • I hate jeans days too – I always wear my most conservative, clean cut pair of jeans. I basically just wear whatever I would normally wear and then swap out my dress pants for jeans. I don’t think the R&R logo on the back pockets is a good idea, personally. I have a few pair and the logo on the pockets tend to be in a starkly different color than the denim itself, though I have seen pairs with the R&R that are less distracting. Overall, though it draws attention to your butt cheeks. I don’t think a subtle pocket design is a problem, though.

    • I think slim cut jeans are ok for the jeans day in the office. I have a medium blue pair in the Diva cut (?) from Old Navy that I wear in the office on casual Fridays. Skinny jeans that can be confused for jeggings (and vice versa) are not ok in my opinion.

      Slim cut jeans, nice tee or knit top with a casual blazer and relaxed flats like loafers, boat shoes or balle-type flats can look really chic and professional. Like anon above me says, you need to balance the silhouette, so I’d say that your top or your jacket (if you wore one) should at least reach mid-hip.

      • No logos, glaring stitching, etc on the pockets. Same color as the jeans or small detail is fine, but some of them have gotten out of control with the stitching.

        I actually avoid these now when I’m purchasing jeans.

    • Yes, yes, no (because the role of those letters is to make people look at your butt). And by skinny jeans I assume you mean actual jeans, not jeggings. Jeggings are a no.

    • Trouser jeans are always a safe bet. I would not wear skinny jeans to work.

      • S in Chicago :

        I agree with GRA. I think the trouser styles tend to look much more professional. I also think dark denim pencil skirts can be a great option.

        • Any recommendations for trouser jeans in the $100-$150 range? I don’t find the ones at Gap to fit well, and Lucky Brand didn’t have any trouser jeans at all the last time I went in.

          • Try Talbots.

          • North Shore :

            Love Talbots trouser jeans. I just bought two more pairs last week when they had a $25 jeans sale.

          • Rural Juror :

            I’m wearing some from J Crew, they fit well and were pretty affordable if I recall.

          • S in Chicago :

            Ann Taylor. But look for some of the thicker fabrics (more like regular denim). Those tend to wear the best. I’ve had seams stretch up the back when they have been made from light-weight “denim-like” fabrics.

            And I swear it wasn’t that they were too tight. ;)

          • J. Crew has this pair on sale for $98 (plus free shipping if you spend $150):


        • anon-oh-no :

          Yeah — its interesting how people’s ideas of what is ok and not differ so much. I dont think skinny jeans are a good idea for jeans day at work (though the above styling suggestions sound great for a weekend at the office) but have no problem with the logos (ie, R&R)

          • What about Eddie Bauer trouser jeans? Any thoughts?

          • Logos don’t bother me, but words on the butt do. The only reason that designers put words on the butt is to make you look sexy. Not a good look for work.

    • lostintranslation :

      At my company I have to wear jeans everyday if I don’t want to seem out of touch. What I’ve learned:
      – the same non-jegging skinnies I love at home are somehow uncomfortable when sitting at a desk all day (sevens/roxanne cut). Maybe I need to get up and walk around because my calves swell??
      – if you already look young, skinny jeans will make you seem even younger. This is a disaster for me because I go from 24 to 19 when my all male colleagues are mid-30’s+.
      – if in doubt, plan a biz casual outfit and switch the pencil skirt/trousers for jeans at the last minute. Doesn’t look right? Don’t wear those jeans to work.
      – also, especially if you work with men, don’t let their pale pale jeans or ratty polos lull you into a false sense of converse-wearing security. Even if my colleague is wearing mustard colored jeans with a faded black t-shirt tucked in, it does not compensate for my skinny jeans and chuck taylors. This I learned the hard way. Jeans day is the least opportune moment to play the lowest common fashion denominator game.

      I know what you mean with confusing, because I honestly wish we wore suits to work, because it can almost be like a school uniform for adults. This is obviously a grasss-is-greener kind of thing but I would feel AT LEAST like Anna Kendrick in Up In the Air and less like… Anna Kendrick in Twilight :-(

    • I heart Fridays because that means I can wear jeans. But, I don’t know why becaus so many of my nice slacks are much more comfy than jeans and every Friday morning I have the same struggle you and the other ladies above have. I usually try to kick up the top half of my outfit up a notch so my outfit doesn’t look like Saturday wear. For example, during the week, a nice cardie and slacks is great but on Fridays, a cardie and jeans just looks too “preppy saturday”. So, I’ll pair my jeans with a blazer and a pair of heels. I also stay away from light washes or jeans that have whiskers “worn” into them. While it may be boring, I also rotate just a few pairs of jeans and I never wear them on the weekends to make sure the bottom hem stays preserved and they always look nice. Then, when they start getting a little more worn than I like, I move them to my weekend wear.

  5. corso como :

    hey ladies, i asked too late yesterday for much of a response but has anyone ever bought corso como shoes? were they comfortable? also has anyone noticed a difference between their flats and heels for comfort?

    tyia (and to the one commenter from late late late last night) :)

    • I wear corso como heels (no experience with their flats). While you don’t fee like you’re walking on pillows, they have never hurt my feet, and they seem to be decent quality.

      • I replied this morning to your comment last night, but I’ll reiterate: I love my corso como shoes, so much. They’re replaced my cole haan airs for my go-to daily pumps, and I have the “Delicious” pump in three colors and wear them all the time (3+ times per week). Some of their flats aren’t quite as comfortable, but I really love their heels. I can walk miles in them with no pain. They run a bit narrow, but I have narrow-ish feet and they work for me.

      • I have one pair, although they are admittedly more casual flats that pumps — really comfortable to start. Then, if I walk any considerable distance (like, say, a mile), they start to rub at the sides of my heels and have in the past led to some serious bleeding blisters…YMMV, of course.

        • corso como :

          thanks for the responses!

          are the ones you have like these?

          these are the ones I’ve been lusting after (in all three colors actually!) I’m just nervous to pull the trigger in case I don’t like them in person or if they’re low quality

          • There are going to be some corso como boots on sale at the Anniversary Sale in a couple of weeks. I am going to pre-order them and hope they fit my calves. :)

            Corso como will be anything but low quality. The only potential issue I see with those flats is how they cut across the top of the foot. You’d have to try them on to be sure.

          • I have the corso como flats with the laser cutout (flowers) for 1+ now. I wear them with cigarette pants at least once a week. I love them! They are so comfy and high quality. If you are getting them from Nordstrom, do it… with such a great return policy, there really is no risk!

          • oops.. 1+ years

    • FYI, there’s a corso como boutique on today.

  6. anon for this :

    Threadjack from a regular poster . . . I apologize in advance to those of you who prefer to keep this board free of wedding/kid/mom woes, but I just need to vent. DH and I have been TTC for almost a year now . . . I am one week late and feeling “off” but only got one blue line this morning. I am so anxious, I can’t really focus on anything else, and keep thinking that the “off” feeling must just be in my head. Thanks for indulging – I can’t really share this source of anxiety with any other ladies.

    • Be gentle on yourself. Think about it a bit on a break if not thinking about it is distracting. But don’t obsess– how can you be anxious about something you can’t can’t control? That’s not fair to you– it will be what is it. It will all unfold as it should. Control the things you can control, then let go and let Whomever… a good lesson for when you’re a mom, for any of us. If you aren’t With Child yet :), enjoy a glass of wine and your husband tonight– really, enjoying eachother in this moment, not just in your hopes for the future. You’ve got a good thing going.

    • also anon for this :

      I am right there with you. We have been TTC for about nine months and it is such a hard journey. It’s the one place in life where you can do everything right and still not get the result you want. Good luck!

    • Deep breath. Pregnancy tests aren’t always accurate. Time will tell. Fingers crossed for you.

    • We’ve been TTC for over 3 years and found out today that our final IVF cycle failed. So I’m with you today on the anxiety and distraction. TTC is a very hard road, very stressful, and very isolating. Hang in there.

      • Anon – I’m so sorry. Sending you good juju.

        Everyone else – thanks for your gentle support and empathy. I am trying to enjoy The Now, and all the alone time with DH, wine on the front porch, sushi, and soft cheese it entails. A good philosophy for every day, not just today!

        • North Shore :

          Do you have Toni Weschler’s book, Take Charge of your Fertility? Just being able to know exactly what your body is doing can help with the unease and uncertainty, even if you don’t want to go through everything she suggests.

          • I second this. I used that book and a Clearblue Easy Fertility monitor so that I knew *exactly* which days I was ovulating. It’s nice to be fairly certain about what your body is doing at certain points in the month.

          • I third this. This book is the best and will help you make sense of all of the subtle signals your body sends to you. If you use it and start charting, you will know exactly what day you can start (and stop) peeing on sticks. Good luck. TTC can be the most stressful experience.

      • Diana Barry :

        So sorry.

      • Bk foette :

        You are in my thoughts. I agree, it is hard, stressful and lonely. Be good to yourself.

      • Still Trying :

        Hugs to you.

    • also anon for this topic :

      Good luck. Try to relax and do something pampering in the meantime. Its a hard situation, and even though you try to keep calm it can be heartbreaking to see the negative responses every month.
      Two things that have helped me (and granted we’ve only been TTC for 3-4 months) is to pick one really good friend who knows and will commiserate about TTC with me (but not ask about it without me bringing it up). It helps to have someone to talk to without having to answer prying questions every month.
      I finally gave in and got the ovulation monitor – its not as romantic as just going with the flow, but I like feeling like I have a little more insight/control into the situation.

    • Diana Barry :

      Hang in there. And make an appt with an RE if you haven’t yet. Sometimes TTC and coming up short can be explained and changed very easily.

    • Anonymous :

      Have been there. I found not testing unless I was late took off the pressure. Instead of wishing for and assuming yes, I assumed no unless evidence suggested otherwise. That was it wasn’t a blow to get a no, it was the status quo until it wasn’t– and then, what a joy. Really didn’t even count chickens until blood test, other milestones. Set-backs, even losses occur. But obviously, victories happy every day, too. Knew it would happen the way it was meant to. A watched pot, etc. Wherever you’re going, you will get there, with your nice hubby along with you.

    • I’m so sorry and I know how you feel – we TTC for 2 years. And I echo what other posters said – I wouldn’t test until, at the earliest, I was one day late. I knew that testing earlier would mean a less accurate number and who wants to put herself through that? Also (and maybe providing a little hope), I know many women who didn’t test positive until they were a week or so late. Good luck and I’ll be thinking of you!

  7. random threadjack on food and eating at your desk …

    i eat lunch @desk nearly every day and very occasionally, dinner too (ugh) .. nothing like an office environment and dining amidst file folders to make otherwise decent food taste blah (or blah food taste worse!) The opposite of, say, the nature effect, whereby after 3 hours of walking in the woods, everything tastes amazing.

    anyway, my [email protected] philosophy is to choose food that is
    – edible or best at room temperature
    – minimal smell
    – bite size if possible, or easily bite-able
    – requiring only one utensil. i hate eating with my hands though, given the whole crumbs-in-your-keyboard thing. ugh.
    – reasonably healthy.

    so i often end up eating
    – sushi .. granted, refrigerated sushi is not ideal but checks the boxes
    – salad variants … boring … but ditto. unless the greens are awkwardly sized. minimal dressing!
    – soup, provided it’s not too splashy :)

    and i avoid
    – pasta (the hot kind). mess city, and it’s no good once it’s cold
    – sandwiches, but mostly b/c i don’t like them, and the hands thing
    – knife and fork food

    but sometimes i can’t help myself and wind up eating hot, fragrant, indian food anyway :)

    worst thing i’ve ever had at my desk: BBQ. just terrible.

    anyway, thought i’d toss that out there and see how many other corporettes are desk-dining and if you’re all as boring as I am. happy thursday!

    • Cool/cold pasta salads/dishes are ok – macaroni, bow tie, ziti noodle variants. Anything that’s long stranded is a no for me (linguini, spaghetti, etc).

    • Frozen meal from Trader Joe’s and a banana for me. Bon appetit!

    • Equity's Darling :

      Salad CAN be so exciting, once you realize that lettuce is totally optional! Seriously, I hated salad until I realized I didn’t have to have lettuce. Plus, it gives you the ability to make a bunch of it in advance, and pack it for the week (or most of the week), and it improves in the fridge since it’s marinating:)

      I recently made one with matchstick carrots (you can get them prepackaged at the grocery store, I hate grating carrots), shelled edamame, forbidden rice, chopped parsley, yellow peppers, red onion, a bit of garlic, rice wine vinegar, olive oil. It was great the first time, but even better later on. I put them in one-serving size containers immediately, for convenience.

      My method is to cut up the onion and garlic, and put them in a salad sized bowl. I then make the grains/beans (I like the green/black lentils, they keep their shape well, other great things are bulgur, wheatberries, quinoa, etc), and when they’re hot from being cooked, toss them on the onions and garlic to cook them a tiny bit. I then chop whatever other vegetables looked good at the store this week, and mix it all together, then drizzle my chosen liquid ingredients on top. Totally complete meal (except dairy I guess, but I usually have yogurt for breakfast…). I’m sure chicken or cubed ham would go well also, but maybe not keep so long (I’m vegetarian, so I don’t include it).

      • “lettuce is totally optional” I love that and am keeping that in mind from now on!

      • impressive! i may have to try that! never really cooked with bulgur or wheatberries … any tips?

        • I have three suggestions – two web articles and a book recommendation:
          1) Mark Bittman’s article “101 Salads for the Season” in the New York Times. Go to the website and search the title of the article, being sure to change the time frame to “all results since 1851”. I printed this article when it came out, and it’s an invaluable resource for me. Very, very simple recipes, usually quick prep, and delicious.
          2) Also on New York Times website – if you will go to the website and search “recipes for health”, you’ll get the link. There are a number of different grains with recipes on here. You’ll be able to find cooking directions for most any of them.
          3) If you’re willing to buy a book, “Mediterranean Fresh, a Compendium of One-Plate Salad Meals and Mix-and-Match Dressings” is a real treasure. This is my go-to book for salad ideas and recipes. There are several bulgar recipes in here, but no wheat berry ones. It’s a fairly expensive book, at least in my opinion, but I’ve found it to be well worth the money.

          Note: The New York Times website allows access to something like 10 articles per month, then you hit a paywall. If you find that the articles are useful, better print them out unless you are a subscriber.

          • If you delete your cookies, the count start again on NYT articles.

          • Alanna of Trebond :

            Or if you use Incognito/Private Browsing mode (depending on your browser)

          • DammitJanet :

            Or just delete all the numbers at the end of the URL (everything after gwh=).

        • Equity's Darling :

          I have the Mark Bittman “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian” book, and he basically just says to put them in a pot with some salt, and cover with an inch of water, bring to a boil, then cook the grain until tender- you might have to keep adding boiling water. If there’s any water left, you can just drain it (which works well for salads, since they’re a bit wet anyways). So…treat them sort of like beans, sort of like rice.

          Bulgar takes from 10-20m, depending on how its ground, and wheat berries take around 60-90m. Some people also like buckwheat- me, not so much, but it takes about 30m

          • My favorite cookbook! It is my go-to resource for all foods I’m unfamiliar with!

      • Definitely hear you on the no-lettuce salads (I’ve always thought that the best salads consist only of meat, cheese, and dressing, but that may be going a bit too far)!

      • I like salad, but have realized that it is so much better with GOOD greens, like spring mix, rather than iceberg or even romaine.

    • if ya can't beat 'em... :

      I’m having lunch at my desk right now. Same ‘ol veggie sub or salad, although today I’m having a veggie quesadilla!

    • I eat at my desk everyday too. I had been in an Amy or Kashi frozen meal rut, and so last night I made a blackbean/spinich/artichoke casserole that is really good and portioned it out for the rest of the week (with some leftover that my husband or daughter will probably have for lunch or a snack). Although this requires a fridge and a microwave. I also LOVE making a big pot of soup (potato, corn chowder, chicken noodle, or vegetable barley are what I usually do) and having that for lunch with a light salad. I also like pasta salad, but find that I am often hungry a short time later.

      • Anonymous :

        Um, can you post that casserole recipe? Sounds yummy!

        • Sure.

          2 cans of black beans (rinsed and drained)
          1 package frozen spinich (defrosted and then squeeze out the water)
          1 can of artichoke hearts (drained)
          1/2 cup salsa
          1 4-ounce can green chile (don’t drain, also we get fresh roasted green chile here, so I use that instead)
          2 cups shredded cheddar cheese (though I use less, probably about 1 1/2 cups)
          About 1/2 cup shredded pepper jack cheese

          Chop up the spinich and artichokes, mix everything but the pepper jack in the casserole dish. Top with the pepper jack and bake at 350 degrees for 30 min.

          I don’t eat much meat, so for me this is a perfect meal. My hubby likes it more as a side dish, and my mom thinks of it more as a dip and serves it with pita chips.

    • I eat at my desk so I can go to the gym at lunch. I also embrace the “salad does not have to include lettuce” theme. My local supermarket makes something called a “fresh gazpacho salad.” It’s a complete misnomer because gazpacho is a soup, but it includes sweet peppers, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, and mozzarella, all dressed in a very light vinaigrette. I’m having it right now.

    • I recently forced myself to start eating away from my desk. I am not always successful in adhering, but most of the time I do. I take my Kindle and actually sit down and eat my sandwich or salad either inside the place I bought it, or outside if it’s a nice day. That little 1/2 hour break has made a lot of difference in how well I work in the afternoons.

      And now I’m thinking of requesting a new keyboard for a fresh start. It has gotten pretty gross over the years I’ve eaten at my desk.

  8. “I’d keep the outfit neutral for the office, wearing a black or white collared shirt beneath the sweater and a simple pencil skirt…” – see, I’d use this sweater as the item to ground an outfit with brighter elements – like that super bright button front that you bought but don’t have the courage to wear. Especially if you know black, white and/or any combo thereof tends to wash out your skin but you want to wear it anyway, I’d put bright, saturated, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, purple and any variation of those colors underneath that sweater with a simple pencil skirt or wide-legged pants. Or wear a neckscarf in a supersaturated color with this sweater. YMMV.

    • Awful Lawful :

      Good suggestions Ru! That way it also help you avoid the dated black with one color look.

  9. Kate Spade is calling my name today. They have some great stuff on Rue La La, but I already bought a couple of things off of their extra 25% off sale sale. Ugh.

    On that note, I’m pretty sure a pair of shoes Kat has featured is on Rue La La – the Kate Spade (obviously) nude suede ones with the tie on top. I love, love, love them, but really shouldn’t buy them. We’ll see how long my resistance lasts. But if y’all all go buy them, problem solved!

    • MaggieLizer :

      I’m right there with you. I just came back from vacation and Seriously. Must pay off the credit card first. Why oh why must kate spade be on Rue La La today? Why???

      • Ugh, I know. Between vacations, a lot of weddings, & going a little wild at the last Bloomie’s sale, I’m on a spending freeze until Labor Day. But all of these fantastic 4th of July sales are making it REALLY difficult…

      • MaggieLizer, right there with you, except my problem is all the stuff on sale at Net-A-Porter. I am trying to convince myself I do not need two new non-work dresses (especially this one, which I have been eyeing for absolutely ages and which I know would look great on me for some ultra-fancy event:

        I.Do.Not.Need.It. Rinse and repeat.

  10. I was just going to post that I think this sweater is ugly and it doesn’t fit the under $50 Corporette classification when I realized that this is the Thursday TPS Report. My reaction: “Oh, [email protected], it’s only Thursday?!?”

    • Francie Nolan :

      Bunkster I have been thinking that since Tuesday there is wine in my future this long weekend and it can’t get here soon enough!

    • I generally found your comment funny, but I have to mention the ugly comment. Kat likes this; for all you know, she bought it. Would you call it ugly to her face? I’m sure you wouldn’t. I just think it’s easy to forget that people on blogs are actually real people. It’s fine not to like it, but that seems a little harsh, especially since it isn’t really necessary to the rest of your humorous comment.

      • No offense, but I think if Kat were that thin-skinned she wouldn’t have started this blog.

        Of course, I wouldn’t have said that to her face, but our posts are anonymous. And I do think this sweater is ugly. I haven’t said anything worse than people have said about other items posted here that they don’t like.

        • Alanna of Trebond :

          I support this! I have called things ugly before and been called out, and I think it is a fine thing to do. I personally like this sweater, but I don’t think this comment is offensive.

    • Some of us have tomorrow off….Canada Day! So it is Friday today for me! :-)

      But just think, most of you have a four-day week next week, so it evens out.

  11. I am coveting about 15 things from Kate Spade and the extra 25% off is making to so hard to resist.

    • Supra, I think you and I may have similar styles!

      • kate spade obsessed! :

        I may or may not have bought a pair of sunglasses from rue today, and a bag from gilt when it was on there not long ago. I just keep talking myself out of a lot of them because most of them have open tops and I’m a stickler for having a zipper top bag since I do so much public commuting (I don’t want easy access for pick pockets and I tend to drop things so the ability to know crap won’t go flying when my purse drops makes me feel a little better!)

        I just wish I could exclusively use their bags. So pretty. So classic. And the others are so modern and fun yet classy!

        • Oh yes. I bought my first Kate Spade bag not too long ago and have not used anything else since. It has become the new standard for me. (But mine zips – I too use a lot of public transit.)

      • So, did you get anything. I bit on the Striped Piper skirt (which is now sold out in my size),default,pd.html

        I was lusting after this look yesterday and I think I can use that skirt to emulate it.

        I wanted lots of other things, but I restrained.

        • kate spade obsessed! :

          as of today I’m sticking with just the sunglasses but the weekend has just begun. I might say if I can get all of my barbri notecards made by sunday that I’ll treat myself but we’ll see how it goes.

          I love that skirt btw! I think it would look great with a green top!

        • Ooh, and they still have it in my size too! Oh no, I feel myself slipping….

          (Keep repeating: I.Do.Not.Need.It…..)

        • I bought two things:



          I wanted far, far more.

  12. Several posters have recently been commenting about skin issues. I wanted to share a new thing I’ve been trying that seems to be working well. My gym (Planet Fitness, national chain) has a “red light therapy machine.” It apparently is this harmless light that boosts collagen production. It is free with my membership. It helps hide visible veins, dark circles under eyes, wrinkes, scars, and apparently, prevents acne.

    I don’t know if the anti-acne thing is part of their selling material but it is totally working for me. I am dealing with a crazy hormone imbalance causing me to break out like a teenager and feel sick half the month. I’m starting birth control this month to reset everything.

    Anyway, you stand in this machine for 12 minutes three times a week. Since I have been doing it my acne has been SO much better and my skin looks a lot healthier in general. This week I wasn’t able to go and I have two pimples on my forehead already.

    They also have a vibrating foot pad that is supposed to work your legs and abs during the light therapy and tone muscles and reduce cellulite. Not sure if it works or not but I find it fun. They also blast techno music in the booth so I dance like a naked fool while I’m in there.

    Anyone else doing it?

    • I have not, but I have a Lightstim LED light that I use at home for facials, it uses infrared, red and amber lights. I wonder if it’s similar? I think it really makes my skin look better when I use it regularly. It’s very small, though (about 2 1/2 inches diameter), so it takes about an hour to do my whole face. I’d love to have a booth to stand in that could cover all my skin at once.

  13. Hello! I just calculated my BMI and am in the overweight bordering obese category. Maybe I’m fooling myself, but that seems a little off, as I typically wear a S/4. Can I get your take on BMI? Accurate? Inaccurate? Is this something I should be concerned about.

    • BMI calculations are not necessarily an accurate indicator of healthy weight for people who are very muscular. I think this is somewhat true for me. I am not a dramatic case, but I do weigh at least 15 pounds more than a lot of people who are my height and size.

    • Also, waist-to-hip ratio is thought to be an important way to determine overall health, so that’s something you might check out.

    • Did you calculate BMI based on weight and height? Its a good way to start, but there are other factors that can skew the results. Like, do you have a lot of muscle mass or are you really active? Since muscle is more dense than fat, you end up weighing more without needing bigger clothes, so that could account for a potential discrepancy.

    • I think they say that the BMI isn’t necessarily a good calculation for women because it doesn’t take body type into account. It also doesn’t reflect athleticism and muscle.

      I just found this link, which checks your gender and age: You might find it more helpful.

    • Check out the BMI Project to feel better about yourself. :) (borderline NSFW)

      BMI is mostly a crock and has been widely discredited. The standards have been changed so much that they’re meaningless – for instance, the “increase” in the obesity rate coincided with a decrease in the BMI standard used by the WHO to determine obesity. People who were classed as overweight one day were suddenly classed as obese the next day. BMI is a proxy for estimating body fat and was never intended to be used as an indicator for overall health.

      There are a lot of googleable stories discrediting BMI, but I kind of like this one because of the title: (Do you believe in fairies, unicorns, or the BMI?)

      Short version: Don’t worry about BMI. If you’re reasonably fit and eat reasonably healthy you’re fine.

    • BMI is pretty variable as to what it means for any given individual. This slideshow gives a sense of the variation among individuals in the same BMI category:

    • According to the BMI index I border on obese. I’m a girl with big bones and muscles, but I’m NOT fat. My doctors actually get a bit uppity with me when I say I want to lose some weight. In DC, I almost quit a gym when the introductory trainer did my BMI, declared me obese, and treated me terribly. I was like…LOOK at me!

      BMI is frequently inaccurate for many people and if you’re wearing a small/size 4, you’re almost certainly fine. Take a week though and seriously look at your eating habits and exercise habits. Think about your health. If you are okay with all three of those, than you’re fine (at least, IMHO).

    • I find those fat pincher things that determine your percent of body fat are much more accurate. I have the opposite problem as you where I am “skinny fat.” I have small bone structure and very thin arms and legs but too much meat in the tummy area. While I am only a size 6 and 135 lbs I have an unhealthy amount of fat in my stomach area which can lead to other health problems. Plus the bloated/pregnant/spare tire look is not attractive.

      • This is me, exactly. People think I am thin because I have long thin arms and legs, but my torso is chunky and I need to lose some weight to be healthy (fat around organs= bad!) despite not being overweight on a BMI scale.

    • I have a friend that’s a nutritionist who went on a rant about how useless BMI was when I asked her about it one time. Apparently it’s not a very useful or accurate measure for a lot of people because of all the things people have already mentioned above.

    • Accountress :

      BMI is a useless measurement that takes into account one’s height and weight without taking into consideration genetics and environment. If you think your health descreaing, then please see a doctor. I’m sure s/he will point out a simple miscalculation on your part.

      For an awesome example of how BMI doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in this world, see this awesome Flickr set that’s been around for a while:[email protected]/sets/72157602199008819/

    • Accountress :

      BMI is a useless measurement that takes into account one’s height and weight without taking into consideration genetics and environment. If you think your health descreaing, then please see a doctor. I’m sure s/he will point out a simple miscalculation on your part.

      For an awesome example of how BMI doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in this world, see this awesome Flickr set that’s been around for a while:[email protected]/sets/72157602199008819/

  14. Classof2011 :

    Anyone have some tips on keeping energy/motivation up for bar study? I plan on pulling 10-12 hour days closer to the exam. Any good snack ideas or relaxation techniques would be appreciated! One month to go!

    • When I was studying for the Bar, I splurged on really good tea in a bunch of different flavors. It keeps you hydrated (and caffeinated, if you choose) and it’s a little treat to try the different kinds while studying.

      Also, put the books down every night. Set a cut-off time for yourself and really stick to it. Spend the evening having a good dinner and watching movies or spending time with people so that you’re energized for the next day.

    • I remember getting a massage, but instead of the relaxing music made the massage therapist put in my Barbri tape! Not sure if that is a tip or not, but it makes me laugh to think about!

      And Good Luck!!

    • Pick a little thing each day to do for yourself that you know will make you happy (and try to make it a little different each day). When I say little, I mean like go to the grocery store and buy a fancy heirloom tomato. Go get the jacked up coffee drink of your choice. Take a walk. Get a quick drink with a friend. That sort of thing.

      Then, at least once to twice a week, do a bigger thing for yourself to make yourself happy. Go to a move and a nice restaurant. Go see a play (I remember I went to an improv comedy show). Get a massage. Get a mani/pedi. Go for a hike. Whatever.

      Though the days are long and its pretty miserable (no lie) the more you can do things to keep yourself happy and healthy, the better the exam will go.

      Good luck.

    • My bar summer, I made a point of taking a daily walk on a nature trail with a friend. We went everday after bar class (the middle of the afternoon for us). Not only was the time outside (and with a good friend) incredibly relaxing, I really believe that it gave me time to process what we’d gone over in class, so I was mentally refreshed and ready to focus on the areas I needed to when I got home (or back to the law school).

    • ElevenElle :

      I’m right there with you. I’ve been eating TONS of fruit. Definitely helps. And I’m loving mixing a packet of diet hot chocolate, 1 Starbucks via and a dash of sugar with about 15 oz hot water and 1 oz milk. Very yummy.

    • associate :

      I got really into celebrity gossip and cheesy chick-lit during my bar study time (and only during that time period). It sounds counter-productive to read books for relaxation during bar study, but it helped my mind relax and took me to a different world. I agree with other posters–find something that works for you and do it.

    • I took my daughter swimming everyday during bar prep. We figured out a time when the pool was empty and I would swim also. It was so relaxing!!

    • Barrister in the Bayou :

      I needed a schedule to survive bar study. I made a calendar and I generally studied like this: 8am-12, 1pm-5pm, 6-10/11. After than I would shut it down and watch TV or read light fiction for a little bit. BUT what really helped me survive was SLEEP! I had the hardest time sleeping while I was studying for finals first year and my grades reflected it. After first year, I was honest with myself and got help for it. I took sleep medication for about 3 weeks before exams and through them and my grades skyrocketed. I did the same thing for the bar exam and I had no problems. The day of my last exam I would throw them in the garbage and w/in a few days I would be back to normal. So, I would say that sleep was my most important relaxation technique, without it I wouldn’t have made it.

  15. Anonymous :

    Holy crap, just found out (from ATL) that a law school classmate died of a heart attack after working a few consecutive 100-hour weeks. Didn’t know her well, but it’s still kind of shocking. There have been a couple of suicides/deaths from our class since graduation several years ago. I always wonder if those are just the odds, or if it’s a result of the type of person who chooses to practice law. I’m not a regular poster (but am a regular reader) and not employed right now, and just needed to say something to someone.

    • What a tragedy. I am so sorry for her family, and I really hope that some positive changes can come from this tragic situation – the Japanese actually have a specific word for death from overwork, and it’s a problem that really should be addressed in the corporate American sleep-is-a-luxury culture, too.

    • anon for this one :

      I just had a friend collapse in the office from exhaustion and have to be hospitalized. We’re both early thirties.

    • OH NO… That’s so sad!
      Is it usual for lawyers in the US to work more than say 80+hours a week regularly?

      • It’s not unusual in certain practice areas. I wouldn’t say it’s the norm for it to extend beyond a week or two at a time, and some practice areas never require this kind of workload at all.

    • Another Sarah :

      I read that article this morning; I’m so sorry for her family and friends. I just graduated last May 2010, and a couple of my classmates who went into BigLaw had to be hospitalized and quit – already – with stress-related illnesses and exhaustion. We’re all in our late 20’s.

    • I’m sorry for your loss. The Big Law model is broken.

  16. Anyone have recommendations for a good, trusted tailor in Philadelphia? I have (unintentionally) lost weight in the past few months, and my beloved vintage pencil skirts are beginning to look droopy rather than properly fitted.

    • TeacherTurned2L :

      Just wrote a long-ish reply, only to get an error message when I submitted it…but again, in an abbreviated manner…I go to a place located between 20th and 21st on Hamilton Street (name escapes me right now.) She altered a casual dress that I bought from Anthropologie that was too big in the bust, but fit perfectly everywhere else (I couldn’t resist buying it because it is so beautiful.) It was a complicated alteration because of the fitted waist and the side zipper, but she did a great job (after another place had already tried to alter it and almost ruin the whole dress!) She even took out the other alteration without damaging the fabric. I go there all the time now for alteration. They are pricey but worth it!

    • I always go to Royal Custom Tailor on Juniper Street between Sansom and Walnut. I find that his craftsmanship is excellent, although sometimes you do need to call ahead to find out if your piece is done (he is often running behind). I recently lost some weight, too, and I had him take in all my suit pants and pencil skirts.

    • Joseph’s at 20th and Walnut – they did a fabulous job with a bridesmaid’s dress that, as a result, I actually have worn again.

      Master Cleaners between 16th and 17th on Spruce is my normal drycleaner/basic tailoring spot for less complicated issues, and I’ve always been happy with the final product.

  17. Legally Brunette :

    I just bought my first true wrap dress at an amazing discount at Banana. Yay! Two questions about tailoring a wrap dress:

    1) Can the slit be sewn together without looking odd? This dress is of a jersey material but it’s not too thin.

    2) Is it possible to remove the wrap part of the dress all together and sew it so it’s just a faux wrap dress?


    • Legally Brunette – I have had this done with skirts and dresses. I also have the top wrap “v” sewn shut and I just pull the dresses on over my head.

      It’s a great idea and, for me, it reduces worries. You do, however, need an experienced seamstress who understands what needs to be done and how to make it happen. I have does this with midweight jersey fabrics as well as a stiff silk skirt (from Talbots) which ended up having the zipper on the right side (rather than the “traditional” left) in order to make it work. Enjoy them all, and often.

      Give it a try!

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