Coffee Break: Block T Large Tote

Stylish Work Tote: The Tory Burch Block T ToteI’m not usually a pink tote kind of girl, but dang: this tote bag looks gorgeous to me, and I love how it’s an even brighter pink on the inside.  (If you are less infatuated with the pink than I am, you can also get it in black, navy, or taupe.)  I like the mix of suede and leather, and while I usually like more interior organization than what it offers, the matching wristlet/pouch is a plus. It’s $450 at Shopbop. Tory Burch Block T Large Tote

Here’s another nice Tory Burch tote on sale, and here’s a more affordable pink tote.



  1. I’m in DC solo for one night pre-interview and would love recommendations for somewhere great for dinner, where I can (1) go solo, and (2) be back early enough to do some more interview prep. Suggestions appreciated!

    • PS for necessary information: I’m staying near the Chinatown/Judiciary Square stops.

    • There’s a lot of good restaurants in that area, from casual to more expensive. If you want casual, consider Daikaya ramen or Luke’s Lobster – easy to get a bowl of ramen or a lobster roll and then back to do prep, and both are great. If you want something a little more involved, the upstairs Daikaya Izakaya has a full menu at the bar. You could also go and eat at the bar at Oyamel (which has a great happy hour), the Jose Andres restaurant.

      • Go to Union Station. There are a few good choices. But take care admen love to pick up women. They think that for the price of a drink, you will take them back to your hotel room for an hour of pleasure. Resist the temptation. They are sleazy gigolos not interested in anything but some cheap thrills, or worse.

        • Pretty sure this is a troll but don’t go to union station- almost nothing good there. I second daikaya izakaya (either upstairs if you want wine and more relaxing- downstairs if you want delicious ramen and a beer) or zenga. For a kind of hole in the wall go to momiji and sit at the sushi bar downstairs or the bar upstairs- they have a great happy hour

        • It’s true. I was propositioned by the Amtrak Ticketing booth by some a-hole who thought I had money to feed and [email protected]@@ k him! I told him to go to the Hawk and Dove where he could have better luck!!

      • I like Zenga, right by the Chinatown Metro. Easy in, easy out. Bar area can be noisy or you can get a table upstairs where it is nice and relaxing.

      • Love the ceviche bar at Oyamel. Brasserie Beck is a little ways away but also good solo.

    • Anonymous :

      Rasika has a bar area that is usually easy to get into. Get the Palak Chaat to start!

    • Rasika or Graffiato are both close and good.

  2. Wall Art for Office? :

    I have one blank wall in my office that needs some art or decor, but I’m at a total loss on what to hang there (as much as I wish I was, I’m so not an office/home decor-type person). Diplomas/credentials are out. Any ideas?

    • Have you traveled? Is there a particular photo that takes you back? Or a picture of a place you want to go to?

      • Similarly, are you from a different city than where you live now? Did you go to school someplace else? Photos of your hometown area or someplace you went to school are a great way to personalize your office and bring you pleasant memories.

        • Anonymous :

          Caveat to this: If you’re an associate and in a market where partners are all paranoid that anyone who isn’t 7th generation local is a 100% lock to move back home, maybe avoid the hometown gear that could feed this paranoia.

    • Anonymous :

      Print out a few of those nice photos you always take on vacation that are languishing on your harddrive.

  3. NYC Meetup :

    NYC meetup tonight at the Grey Dog in Chelsea (16th St between 7th and 8th) at 6:30. I’m the redhead in the olive green shirt.

    • Isn’t this in the meat packing district? All the men there are either interested in other men or married. I want a place where I can meet single guys interested in getting to know me.

      • Wildkitten :

        Wrong website, sweetheart.

      • Consultant :

        We get stuck in moderation all the time and this stuff gets through…There seems to be an uptick in it the last few days.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      After a month of getting to leave at my preferred time, I’ve had to stay late this week. I’ll try, but probably won’t make it.

  4. What kind of Lawyer :

    Friend of the family is being sued overseas (Europe, if it matters) on non-contractual matters. If she were to lose, how likely is it that the foreign plaintiff would be able to reach her assets here in the US? What kind of lawyer does she talk to to ask about this kind of question? I am a lawyer, but do strictly local corporate work, have no clue where she should turn to for answers. TIA.

    • I think it depends on what country, but possible/likely that the US would enforce a judgment from an EU country (and most other western countries).

      I don’t know how much $ is at stake. Taglaw is a good source for mid-priced but high-quality lawfirms across the globe.

    • Anon in SV :

      Yes, it’s absolutely possible, though it can take a while. And yes, it does matter that it’s Europe because US courts want confidence that the original judgment was fairly obtained through a legitimate legal process. My firm is international and we deal with this for big business clients. Who she needs to talk to depends on how much money is at stake and how much money the plaintiff has to chase her.

    • Depends on the jurisdiction. If you can be more specific, I can ask my foreign counsel contacts for referrals. Which country? Which court? What kind of suit? Tort? Property? Criminal?

  5. non-profit board :

    Does anyone have good learning resources for serving (particularly in an officer capacity) on a non-profit board? A board I am on has some growing dysfunctions and I want to do my part to help remedy these issues.

    • Anonymous :

      blue avacado, nonprofit with balls, and crosspoint all offer great articles.

    • Sunflower :

      The American Bar Association publishes a book called Guidebook for Directors of Nonprofit Corporations. It’s available on the ABA website or by Googling the title.

    • Stormtrooper :

      I highly recommend “Joining a Nonprofit Board” by Warren McFarlan. And enjoy the board work. It’s honestly one of my favorite things that I do.

  6. Etiquette Question :

    Gifting questions (wedding related) – (1) If you didn’t receive a gift from someone you would have expected to, and think it might have gotten lost in the mail or something, do you ever say anything? (2) If you think you received a gift from someone but then can’t find a record of it (either your own or the online registry systems – because some things are logged as anonymous), is there anything you can do or say in this scenario?

    I genuinely don’t really care about not getting the gifts, but I don’t want something to have gotten lost or have my own faux pas of not sending a thank you (and sending a thank you for coming is not an option since the individuals in scenario (2) didn’t attend).

    • (1) Most likely nothing was lost in the mail, so unless you have a specific reason to think so, I wouldn’t say anything and wouldn’t send a ty note. (2) If someone sent a gift anonymously, obviously they’re not going to expect a ty note.

      I understand why you’re overthinking this, but most things are actually what they appear to be…

      • Etiquette Question :

        Only follow up to that is if someone purchased a registry gift in person in the store it defaulted to anonymous, so it’s only online purchased gifts that I can check. So we received many anon gifts that weren’t actually anon (came with cards – I’m worried I misplaced one of those). But I see your point. Thx.

      • Re-direction :

        Actually, you should still send a TY for attending note. If you don’t mention a gift, that might also prompt them to tell you if something was lost. But regardless, people make major efforts to attend weddings and technically you are supposed to thank them for their attendance (per Emily Post, at least when I got married).

        • Anonymous :

          I was taught never to send a TY for attending card. It reads as a gift grab. I wanted to do it for some guests (because I sent each guest a photo or two with them in it from our wedding and wanted even those guests who did not give a gift to have the photos) and my mom wouldn’t let me – she said it was gift grabby.

        • Anonymous :

          No you should never send one for just attending- the reception is the thank you for attending. (Per emily post and the other guides)

        • False.

    • I have the reverse question. Attended a wedding 2 months ago, gave the couple $200 in cash in a card, have not yet received a thank you note. I’m not concerned about the etiquette, but I am concerned that they didn’t get my card. Should I follow up? How?

      • Etiquette Question :

        OP here – I’ve been in your shoes too! I felt awkward about it but I followed up the two times it happened to me. One time the thank you ‘got lost in the mail’ and the bride sent another one out. The second time, they didn’t have a record of it but when they checked the registry, they saw that I did send the gift (side note to etiquette – they actually never sent a thank you even after that – ironically, or maybe predictably, one of the people who didn’t give me a gift at my wedding). It was super awkward to do it but I did follow up. The only thing I would caution against is that it’s only been 2 months – I’d give it a few more months – 6 at a minimum. Some people really aren’t prompt about these things – I’ve gotten ty cards a year after (and another funny aside, they were completely preprinted generic thank yous so no idea why that took a year, haha).

      • Anonymous :

        Etiquette-wise they have a year to get thank yous out and in my experience many, many brides take 3-6 months. I would give them at least 6 months before you say anything.

        Also, this is why I give checks.

        • Anonymous :

          No no no- people have a year to send a gift not a year to send thank yous! Thank yous should be out as soon as possible- within 3 months is ok, but you cannot wait a year!

          • Anonymous :

            I think I got mine out within 6 months, but definitely not 3. I make no apologies: I was in Big Law and trying to recover from being out for my wedding and honeymoon, and literally did nothing but work and sleep for at least 3 months after my wedding. I think it’s more important to send them all at once than to send them super promptly, and there was no way I could have done 200+ thank you letters while working the hours I was working at the time. And I believe you are not allowed to send them before the wedding (on the theory that you’re not supposed to be using the gifts until the wedding day), so doing them on a “rolling basis” isn’t possible.

          • Anonymous :

            Well 1) you do send them before the wedding- you just don’t use the gift before the wedding. 2) Everyone’s busy- its not really an excuse to stretch the time out for everyone. Its not like 6 months is horrifying but it should really be closer to the 3 month mark if you can. No one is asking to apologize- getting them out at all is good in this day in age but you certainly don’t have a year. You need to get them out as soon as you can

        • Yes, in retrospect, I wish I had done a check–just for the confirmation of receipt! At the time, a friend who is very keyed into all things wedding told me that cash was best. Live and learn.

    • Anonymous :

      It may be possible to say something like, “I’m afraid there was a mix up with our gift records, and now I don’t know who gave what. Was it you who gave us the X?” If they didn’t give anything, they can answer “no.” (And if they did, they may volunteer, “no I gave Y”).

      • Anonymous :

        This is the way to go… great answer./

      • Disagree and I’d totally see right through the question. Don’t inquire. It didn’t get lost in the mail. Period.

        • Gail the Goldfish :

          What postal service are you using, because I have repeatedly had packages legitimately get lost in the mail. I had mail get returned to sender even when it had the right address on it. The USPS is far from infallible.

      • Anon for this :

        Honestly, this really did happen to us. We received some wine glasses with no tag. We kind of figured it was family, as I hadn’t gotten gifts from a couple of relatives – most notably one of my aunts. I had my mom handle. I wouldn’t have it if was friends, but it since it was family, I felt better asking so I could send correct notes.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I have one more backup way you can check. Register for free accounts at USPS, UPS (My Choice), and FedEx (Delivery Manager). You’ll have to verify your address with some questions like you would if you were trying to get your credit report. Once you sign in you can see if there are any package deliveries that are still bouncing around out there. You don’t even need to enter the tracking number yourself.

      I had a usps package bouncing between post offices for 2 months once because of an error on the shipping label. I was able to see all the tracking info through my account even though I didn’t originally have the tracking number.

      • Wildkitten :

        I’ve found registry gifts in my alley clearly opened by a thief who decided he didn’t want X or a box left from crate and barrel with an address for another block. I tracked down the owner once or twice since I assume that’s a situation in which the person probably wasn’t expecting an item or having tracking numbers and therefore wouldn’t know their stuff got took. So – it happens.

  7. Any tips on clearing up social media accounts? Specifically Facebook, I’m trying to get more relevant items. Do I really just need to go through my feed every day and unfollow as I go?

    I want to keep up with friends and relevant articles /news items. But I’m following TOO many pages.

    • I think so, yes – as far as I know there’s no “unroll me” type app for Facebook. I think there is a feature where you can prioritize posts in your news feed so that the ones you care about are closer to the top, though.

    • Anonymous :

      Aren’t they listed under your “likes”? Just click to that tab and unlike pages you’re not interested in following.

    • If you’re on mobile, go to Settings, then go to News Feed Preferences. It’ll walk you through settings to pick what you want to see on your news feed.

      If you already know which people or pages you want to see things first, you can also make the setting on their profile page. On mobile (and iOS specifically but they have this on android too), when you go to the profile page, tap Following, and you can select whether you want to see their posts first in your news feed.

      Hope this helps.

  8. Do people like the ll bean town and field bag? Starting a new job and could use a new work bag- would take other recommendations as well! (For bags and starting a new job- I picked up the first 90 days and will crack it open this weekend but would love other first day advice too)

    • Wildkitten :

      Yes. People love it.

      • Wildkitten :

        And get a notebook! Write everything down the first few days and don’t throw away your notes.

    • Anonymous :

      I have it and it’s ok – it got very scuffed up very, very quickly, doesn’t retain its shape that well and now looks so busted I don’t really use it. I don’t think I’m particularly gentle or hard on bags, but most of my Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors etc. are in much better shape. I will readily admit that my experience is very much a minority opinion around these parts. In addition, LL Bean’s customer service is excellent so had I complained to them I bet I could have gotten a refund/replacement.

  9. 1) I love that bag. I love anything structured.

    2) I could use some suggestions for weekday meals. I know we cover this a lot but here are my constraints –

    Pantry or freezer based ingredients.
    No red meat
    No tofu or fake meat
    No crockpot

    I am a good cook and I love to cook with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

    But the reality of my schedule is that I can’t grocery shop mid-week, and sometimes not even on weekends.

    Crockpot off limits because I never enjoy those meals. They always seem mushy and flavorless to me. I use the heck out of my crockpot to make chicken stock from roast chicken carcasses but that’s about it.

    • I like to think in terms of bowls for those kind of meals: protein + starch + veggie + sauce. So you could do shrimp (frozen and easy to thaw) + pasta + asparagus (or other fresh or frozen veggie) + pesto. Or beans + rice + peppers (frozen mixed) + cheese/salsa/guacamole. Or chicken tenders (frozen) + soba noodles + canned mixed veggies (bamboo shoots, mushrooms, whatever seems good) + teriyaki sauce. Or chicken + pasta shells + arugula + any Italian-type sauce (or cook then chill and top with Greek dressing and feta).

    • Pasta (I use whole wheat) or grain of choice with chickpeas and spinach. Sautee an onion and some garlic (or skip garlic) in olive oil, add a can or two of chickpeas, and finish with lots of spinach (you can use frozen). A scoop of pasta water, Salt & pepper, chili flakes if desired, to bring it all together as a sauce. Add the cooked pasta or grain. You can also alter the seasoning and do, for example, your favorite Indian curry spice blend. Or, add some goat cheese.

      This is a total Thursday meal for me.

      • “total Thursday meal” made me laugh. I see you get where I’m coming from. It’s no coincidence that I posted this on a Thursday.

      • marketingchic :

        That sounds good. One of my tricks/pantry staples for stuff like that is garlic-infused olive oil. You get the garlic flavor without keeping fresh garlic or risking burning the garlic and ruining the dish.

      • Apologize if this double posts – don’t know what happened to my first reply.

        I love the Tumi Sinclair bag. I haven’t found a sturdier work bag that I can wear on my shoulder (important to me too).

        I found it in a gorgeous teal and a sunny yellow on ebags. 8% cash back with ebates. I’m tempted by that teal. I just have neutrals (beige and black) right now.

        • Well now I know what happened to my first post! Apologies for this and thanks for the meal ideas. I’m taking notes!

    • African Curried Coconut Soup with Chickpeas on the Epicurious website. Amazingly delicious and all from pantry ingredients (or things that keep/freeze well like onions & peppers). Can pair with some garlic bread from the freezer if you want something on the side.

    • weekday meals :

      Black beans & rice. We make it with pork products, so do with as you will: brown about 1/4# bacon, drain fat, add 1 diced sweet onion & brown. Add 2 cloves garlic & brown. Add chopped smoked sausage & brown. Use one can of black beans to pour in & deglaze the pan. Add another to continue to deglaze, and then add 2 more cans. Cover & simmer on low for an hour or more. Once you’re done with browning meat/veggies, you literally just let it cook by itself. Serve over white rice. Great with shredded cheese & sour cream, great wrapped up in tortillas for leftovers.

      Chicken sausage & apples: Al Fresco brand makes really yummy chicken sausage with maple & apples. I will cut up 2 packages of them & brown them in a skillet. Add 2 chopped apples & cook till they’re tender. Deglaze the pan with a bit of apple juice, cider, or even a splash of apple cider vinegar. Serve with polenta

    • I was just doing my meal planning for the week, so here are some ideas.

      Korean Beef from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe (I use ground turkey instead)
      Tacos or chili (can use ground beef or chicken)
      Blackened Tilapia (Once Upon a Chef)
      Panko Crusted Salmon (Annie’s Eats)
      Thai Turkey Burgers (Iowa Girl Eats)
      Maple Dijon Chicken Thighs (Budget Bytes)

  10. Never Doing Another Favor Again :

    Have you ever had someone ask you to change a letter of recommendation that they asked you to write? My letter isn’t wrong, but the person wants me to add more about certain duties. First of all, I hired this person as a favor. She is terrible and no one likes her who works here. My clients do not like her. Her job ends at the end of this month. I did not stretch the truth in any way in her letter but let’s just say it took me awhile to think of what else to write besides “she can hover in a doorway like no other”.

    I want to make sure this isn’t a common occurrence since I have never had it happen. I would understand if I wrote her name incorrectly or something. But #$%& off lady!

    • Anonymous :

      If you really feel she is terrible, it would be kinder and more honest to decline to write the recommendation.

      • Well she is great to do the job she was hired to do. It requires very little interaction. It’s boring but requires attention to detail. It’s the social office interactions she has with people that irk them. It’s not threatening or concerning. She’s awkward but it’s perfect for that job. I am being nicer than I would normally be to someone I think it crossing the line because she’s a friend of a friend. What my letter leaves out will be obviously discovered by any human interaction in an interview.

        • It’s not normal – it’s overreaching on her part. Keep your answer short and sweet: “I’m afraid I need to let the letter stand as written. Best of luck with your search!”

        • I definitely don’t think it is normal. I had people who were writing letters of recommendation ask me for a resume so they could structure it (these were college professors who didn’t know me very well outside of class), but other than responding to a request for information for the recommender, I would never dream of requesting that someone write something specific. That seems borderline unethical. It sounds like she may be asking you to write about a skill she doesn’t have (or something you actually think she is bad at). If you don’t feel you can honestly write what she wants, I would just tell her that you don’t feel like you are the best person to vouch for her on that subject and leave it at that.

          • Anonymous :

            Is it possible the Requester wants the Letter Writer to talk about a particular skill because the letter will be going to a particular audience that will want to hear about it? If that is the case, then Requester should have said something up front about the audience for the letter, though it is not entirely unethical to ask about it now. Letter Writer can still decline, though, if she doesn’t feel inclined to write on that topic.

            tl;dr – It may be fine (though weird) for the Requester to ask, but it still totally fine for Letter Writer to demure.

    • I think it depends. Because I have 2 “duties” in my current job, one is much more marketable than the other. So if someone wrote a letter about my less valuable duties and skills the letter would be pretty much useless to me.

  11. Dressing for DC? :

    I’m re-posting my request from yesterday in the hopes of getting a bit more feedback: I am a California girl traveling to DC conference next week for an academic conference and to visit friends. My work style is basic blouse, slacks and flats for work, but my personal style is very casual- patagonia jackets and black lululmon workout pants. Can someone in the DC area please advise me on what to wear/pack for my free time so I can be comfortable and still polished? For reference, if it matters, I am in my mid-30s. I will mostly be visiting museums and happy hours with friends. Boots? Booties? How heavy of a coat? TIA!

    • You definitely see the athleisure look here, especially with upscale brands. But you also see a lot of the casual equestrian style — skinny jeans, riding boots, shirt (the plaid flannel thing has hit here), and quilted jacket/vest. If you’re going to museums, you’ll blend in no matter what you wear — at least half the people are tourists from all over. As for happy hour, jeans, nice top, and either boots or booties will do you. Mostly people here are just very, very classic and only very moderately trendy in how they dress (unless the trend is preppy/classic — see equestrian style — then you’ll see a lot of it). As for how heavy a coat, a fleece/quilted jacket/trench coat is still warm enough right now. (Although if you get cold easily, you might want to bring a warm scarf and/or be sure to wear a sweater underneath.)

    • DisenchantedinDC :

      Weather has been all over the place – it was 43 Monday morning! I wore my down jacket! But it’s mostly in the 50’s and 60’s – pea coat/fleece level.

      People wear everything to happy hour from their work clothes and suits, to business casual, to yoga pants and sweatshirts if they were working from home that day. For your off time, I’d worry about being comfortable – you will probably be doing a lot of walking, and much of it outside! I do a lot (like, way too much… oops.) of lululemon leggings, dark-wash skinny jeans, cardigans, and tunics at this time of year with cute flats or boots for casual wear. I have one mixed-media infinity scarf in fall colors I’m wearing several times a week, too.

      Enjoy your trip. :-)

      • DisenchantedinDC :

        Also – lots of people in the 25-35 range are already devoted to their flannels. I’ve had a harder time with the seasonal transition, but I do have mine out in my closet.

    • I would wear a cute top, jeans, walkable flats, and bring a trench coat with a little warmth. My casual uniform this time of year is dark skinny jeans, ballet flats with some support, chiffon blouse, and waterfall cardigan/relaxed blazer. It also may be sprinkling out so I second the trench coat/rain gear idea. Pack warmer layers if you are planning on walking around a lot, but I would definitely layer as it’s been going from chilly to warm every day!

    • Take it from another California girl, and bring layers, scarf, gloves, hat, proper shoes and socks. I’m guessing you are from SoCal if you asked how heavy of a coat and 60s may feel warm to DCers but chilly to Californians. I would check the days leading up to your trip as it can vary a lot, but generally if you are going to be outside for much of the day walking around, which I assumed for DC, bring those cold weather accessories just in case as 50 degrees outside when you are just running around the corner feels very different than walking and standing outside for hours at a time as a tourist.

  12. Just scrolled back to the previous post after being in meetings all day! I wasn’t very clear in the first comment on there – I meant that at most, my friend/I have 1-2 drinks for the entirety of Sunday – Thursday, not each night, then have a lot to drink on the weekends. I didn’t mean to come off as passing judgment on those who go the 2 drinks/night all week route, just to say that it sounds exhausting to me, since I tend to get groggy after that amount! Really interesting discussion though – I’m fascinated to read about the differences among different age groups and professions.

  13. Handbags for Laptops Recs! :

    Anyone looking to do some vicarious shopping?

    I’m looking for a tote with optional shoulder strap that could function as a briefcase–without being an actual briefcase. I need to be able to fit a slim 13″ laptop and slim work files, along with typical purse stuff (wallet, phone, keys, some makeup, water bottle). I prefer leather, but am open to other materials. I like bright solid colors, or subdued prints. Price range is around $500.

    This bag is great, but it doesn’t have any dividers and has an open top. I really like the Tumi Sinclair tote, but it only comes in black and gray, which are too boring.


    • I have the Tumi Sinclair and it is a workhorse of a bag. I’m boring and go back and forth between a beige one and a black one, but I just found it in a gorgeous teal and a peppy bright yellow on ebags. 8% cash back with eBates.

  14. Anonymous :

    Weightloss issues- I have dropped from a 14 to a 10-12. I feel like I’ll spend a while on this size before dropping as the weight loss is getting slower… what are peoples thoughts on clothing? Do you hold on to the size up stuff just in case? The pants literally don’t stay up on me. And how much do you invest in the new size knowing you won’t be there long? The goal is to get down to before 2nd pregnancy size of 6-8 though I appreciate that it might not happen at all or any time soon. :)

    • Anonymous :

      As for keeping the old stuff, I’ve gone back and forth on this. When I’ve lost weight in the past, I’ve been eager to get rid of anything that is too big. As I gained the weight back, I regretted that I didn’t have any clothes and wasn’t thrilled about buying new ones. This time as I’ve lost weight (very similarly to you – though I was probably initially a larger size to begin with and refused to really figure it out), I’ve stored too big clothes in boxes that I will try to make as inconvenient as possible. I worry that keeping the clothes will let me get to that weight again, but I also don’t want to buy work clothes for a third time (plus I like to pretend that I will want the bigger sizes for a future pregnancy).
      For new clothes, buy things that fit well as rewards! To me, knowing that I will buy myself new smaller clothes (even if limited in quantity) motivates me! Plus there is nothing that helps weight loss continue like the feeling of looking good in your clothes! I’m probably keeping my wardrobe smaller than I would if I wanted to stay this weight, but when I buy a little extra, I reason I can either alter these clothes or eventually put them in a too big box!

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I was down from about a 22 to a 14 and got rid of all my too big clothes. I was moving and didn’t want to deal with them and I thought it would pressure me not to gain the weight back. I have gained most of it back and I really wish I’d held on to a few staple pieces from each size. At least for awhile.

      My strategy for buying is to get pieces that still work as they get looser. For me, that is cardigans and pencil skirts. I buy them to fit and then as I lose a size they still work pretty well and allow me to skip the in between size. So my size 20 pencil skirts still looked ok when I was an 18 and then I’d buy new ones in size 16 when I got there. I don’t buy that much. 2-3 skirts, multiple cardigans, and some tops to fill in gaps.

    • Anonymous :

      Buy dresses and at least one pair of pants. Short, casual dresses + fleece tights will get you far for casualwear. I would hold on to your size up stuff for a year and then get rid of anything that you don’t love. If you’re planning to get pregnant ever, I would save it for that.

    • DisenchantedinDC :

      I went from a 20 to a 14 and agree with Sydney Bristow – some stuff goes 2 sizes, and I’m not replacing my entire wardrobe every size. Stretchy dresses are my friend – I love love love the Ralph Lauren faux wrap dress, I am wearing one right now that has been with me for a ~20-25# range.

      I got rid of most of my things. But I did keep one pair of pants, for comparison, and to remind me where I started.

  15. Wildkitten :

    Any tips on where to buy high quality sweat/pajama pants for tall skinny men? I’m happy to spend like $100 for something nice.

    • Anonymous :

      My boyfriend is tall and skinny and likes LL Bean in tall sizes.

      • Wildkitten :

        Ooh they have tall and their PJs are way cheaper than Lululemon sweats. TY!

        Also open to other suggestions just in case they don’t work.

      • Wildkitten :

        Actually the PJ pants are only tall in sizes large and up. Which pants do your bf like?

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