Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: ‘Maxine’ Stretch Silk A-Line Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Tory Burch 'Maxine' Stretch Silk A-Line DressPretty, pretty. I like this ladylike stretch-silk dress from Tory Burch for this Monday’s TPS report. I love that high, ruched neckline, the fun litte print (it also comes in a light blue paisley) and the detail at the waist. Lovely. It’s $345 at Nordstrom. Tory Burch ‘Maxine’ Stretch Silk A-Line Dress

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  1. Embarrassing issue tj – do you ladies have any advice on bikini line ingrown hairs? I get regular brazilians and I’m prone to ingrowns bu I have one right now that’s not responding to my usual methods. I suspect it may be infected so I should prob call my doc – but would it be my pcp, gyno, Derm? Would they just be able to call in an rx for me? I’d really appreciate any advice you might have! Thanks ladies!!!

    • I don’t think any doctor is going to call in anything without taking a look at it. This is an issue for your dermatologist (except they may push you back towards your gyn, which is kinda pointless).

      • Diana Barry :

        +1. I would also just try to leave it alone until you see the doc. Mine always get worse if I futz with them.

    • No advice on an infected one, but to prevent them in the future, I strongly recommend the Bliss Ingrown Eliminator pads (you can get them at Sephora). I use them 2x day on my bikini line and it has substantially reduced/mostly eliminated the problem for me (I tried a ton of other methods – witch hazel, regular and vigorous exfoliation (which I still do), TendSkin, BikiniZone — the Bliss pads were the only ones that worked for me).

      • I’ve never tried this particular product, but I love Bliss products. They are worth ever penny. I use their waxing strips for eyebrows and (embarrassing) lip and the occasional bikini touch-up when I have an emergency beach visit.

        As far as in-grown hairs, I don’t know about this particular one you have and how bad it looks, but I usually have good luck just squeezing it like a pimple (gross) until I can work the hair out.

    • DC Wonkette :

      Just leave it alone for a few days and let it heal up before messing with it anymore. If it’s really painful, then call your doctor (probably just the regular one). I highly recommend TendSkin (available at Blue Mercuty and other places) to prevent ingrowns.

  2. There are some lovely TB dresses marked down right now. This one is calling my name but I’m resisting because it does not really fit into my lifestyle: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/tory-burch-talley-cotton-blend-fit-flare-dress/3443058?origin=category-personalizedsort&contextualcategoryid=0&fashionColor=&resultback=115&cm_sp=personalizedsort-_-browseresults-_-1_2_A

    • Just out of curiosity, what lifestyle do you envision for that dress?

      • I picture frolicking in fields and picking berries.

        • I had the exact same thought – picking strawberries. Sort of like the Anthro catalogue where the required lifestyle seems to be lounging in fabulous rooms or gazing meaningfully out into the ocean.

          • Don’t ever pick berries in a pale, solid-color dress. That’s the time for busy prints.

          • Houston Attny :

            On this Monday morning, I’m thinking I would be quite good a gazing meaningfully out into the ocean. (Right now, I’m mindlessly gazing out my window at other buildings, so I have practice.)

          • This wouldn’t be real strawberry picking, though, where it’s hot and you may get stained and dirty. This would be music video strawberry picking, where you wander through the field and hold hands with a cute guy in jeans, and maybe eat 2-3 strawberries in a charming and romantic manner.

            (I may have put too much thought into this.)

          • I’d go for the Anthro lifestyle. It seems to involve lots of travel to gorgeous destinations. For that, I’m all in.

        • Ha ha. That and maybe dressier events during the day like a wedding shower or nice brunch. My weekend days are usually spent being active (ride biking, rock climbing, etc) and the dress is not dressy enough for evening events.

      • Maybe it just means, “I couldn’t wear it to work and I don’t have enough non-work time for which this dress would make sense, so I can’t justify the cost.” I have this response to most clothing that catches my eye, alas.

        • Me too; alas, I just don’t have the clothing budget to buy even marginally expensive items that I can’t wear to work. I’m mostly a Target and Old Navy girl on my off-hours.

      • I actually would wear that to work with a cardigan, but can see how if you couldn’t, it could easily be a “not my life” dress — you’d need to be both preppy and have lots of summer daytime parties to attend.

      • I would probably wear it to work with a cardigan. I would definitely wear it all the time outside of work, but I pretty much live in sundresses all summer.

      • A small-of-bust lifestyle? I don’t think TB’s sizes go up high enough for my chest to fit into that dress.

        • I suppose that one would be the perfect dress for a formal picnic.

          I was curious because I have this dress which is very similar but for the neckline (http://thestylecure.com/Seersucker-Dress-346543701.html) and I wear it to work on really hot nothing-too-formal-going-on days all the time…. I think maybe the boatneck neckline makes it a little more work appropriate, but was just wondering if I was veering into any strange territory.

          • Magdeline :

            I don’t think you’re veering into strange territory at all. It looks like it would be totally work appropriate on hot not-too-formal days!

      • Ha! I actually have a dress that looks a lot like this and I wear it all the time in the summer. Picnics in the park, trips to the zoo, basically any urban summer outing. I’ve even ridden a bike in it.

  3. Here is an admittedly stupid and basic question. I love the look of a cardigan left open with a blouse underneath. Every time I do this, my cardigan ends up shifting throughout the day so it’s all bunched by my arms and won’t stay put. Do I need to size up (thought they all fit well and button) or just buy heavier weight cardigans or accept that with my b**bs this isn’t a look that will work.

    • I have this problem too, and the answer is fashion tape.

    • Ok, I’ve never actually tried this, so take this with a grain of salt….but the MacGyver in me is thinking maybe try experimenting with adhesive magnent strips. Attach one to the inside of your sweater and one on your blouse. Might be totally crazy, but you might as well try!

    • Ugh, this is me except it seems to be migrating upwards? This cardigan is destined for the donate pile.

    • Sizing up never works for me because my issue is my bust size causing the cardigan to move. Double sided tape works well for me – either the “fashion tape” or scotch tape (cheaper).

    • Someone from this site recommended toupee tape. It’s cheaper, and I think better than fashion tape. I get mine at Sally Beauty. http://www.vapon.com/topstick.htm

      • Oh god no. Do not tape your sweater to your shirt. It just looks unnatural and odd. Size up if you like wearing them with looser blouses. Your clothes should never be taped to you, except in the rare occasion when you are being photographed by the paparazzi on the red carpet and you care more about the photos than how odd and stiff and unnatural you look in real life.

        You should wear your clothes. They should never wear you!

        • To each their own. It doesn’t look unnatural and odd and I have a critical eye. Just be gentle when removing the tape.

      • Nigella Lawson does this with her cardigans. Her bosom is so ample that unless she tapes her cardigan down, the cardigan just hangs down from her bosom and it looks like she has no waist.

    • Mountain Girl :

      I have this problem with round neck (sometimes called jewel or crew neck) sweaters. I tend to gravitate toward v-neck sweaters for this reason. The only ones that don’t seem to do that are the Eddie Bauer cardigans. And, they come in tall sizes!!

  4. MerrilyWeRoll :

    TJ – I’m heading to Cape Cod on a business trip this week, and I’ll have Saturday and Sunday to myself! Any suggestions for what to do? I’ll be based in Falmouth, but I’ll have a rental car for the trip. Best public beaches, restaurants, activities? On past trips I’ve always had someone with me, so this’ll be my first solo trip out there.

    • Miss Behaved :

      I spend ever weekend in Falmouth. I actually just drove up this morning.

      Old Silver Beach is probably the nicest beach. I really like the restaurant (Red’s) at the Sea Crest. The food is good. There’s an indoor and outdoor bar and there are always weddings.

      You should probably check out Woods Hole. It’s very quaint and you might want to take the ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard. Nantucket is more of a trek.

      I’m actually in a 4-day training session right now, but I’ll post more things as I think of them.

      Also, I’m not sure of my schedule, but I could try to meet you for a drink. If the weather’s nice, I’ll be on the beach at the Sea Crest both days.

    • I second Old Silver Beach. I am very partial to the restaurants in Woods Hole. Particularly Landfall (drink a greyhound made with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and eat anything made with lobster) and Captain Kidd (the broiled seafood medley is my fave). I love the shopping on Main Street in Falmouth just like to stroll and browse. If you’re into running plan a run along Surf Drive (I love running the Falmouth Road Race route, beach on your right, reeds and ponds on your left). Rent a bike and follow the Shining Sea bike path. Rent a kayak (not sure exactly where you can rent one) I love kayaking around the knob. We have a house down there so we spend a lot of time just chilling and relaxing. I’ll send more suggestions if I think of any. Clearly my favorite passtimes are outdoor activities and eating!

    • If you like ice cream get some at Mad Martha’s

      Go to the Vineyard! It’s lots of fun and makes a good day trip, the ferry is about 45 minutes each way. (As opposed to 2 hours each way for ACK) which is fun but it’s about 5 hours of travel when you add in driving to Hyannis

  5. Jacket Q -- buttons :

    I have a part-of-a-suit jacket that I’d like to start using as a blazer. It has self-fabric covered buttons on them, which made me pause this morning. To me, that is reading “formal” or “fancy” (or something you’d find on a blouse) — should I get some standard black or metal buttons and replace? FWIW, the jacket is black worsted-type wool with a pattern woven into it (not a tweed though).

    • CharmCity :

      Eh, I wouldn’t worry about it unless you don’t like the buttons. I can definitely imagine self-fabric covered buttons working on a jacket, even when worn as a blazer.

  6. This is a nice dress, but that blue print is not paisley. As an avid paisley fan, I was a little disappointed.

    • I have never heard someone describe herself as an “avid paisley fan.”

      I kinda love it.

      • If I could, I would dress like Stevie Nicks circa Fleetwood Mac every.single.day.

  7. I tried this dress on at the store, thinking it would be a really cute work dress, and what the description fails to mention is that there is a keyhole opening right at what for me was chest level. Completely inappropriate for work. Perhaps it would work for less-endowed ladies, or those with a longer torso, but it was a total disappointment for me.

  8. DVF work-appropriate dresses :

    Besides the classic wraps, which DVF dresses would any of you recommend for work? Some of them are clearly party / evening dresses (Bentley), but I think that maybe the Jori would work? I love the prints, but am looking for something non-wrap for a change and maybe a solid.

    • I have a couple of her sheath dresses that are great for work– high necked, not too fitted (in fact, border on shift dress/A line cut) and just above the knee on me. I’m 5’3″, though, so on anyone taller than 5’5″, they may stray into work-inappropriate territory.

    • I’ve come to the conclusion that DVF wrap dresses just don’t work for me, but I recently tried some of her sheath dresses and would definitely wear them to work if I weren’t pregnant and they didn’t look totally indecent on me right now. With my pre-pregnancy body, I think they would be completely work-appropriate. I would definitely size up, though. For reference, I am a 5’4″ high pear.

      • Thanks! Do you recall the names of the dresses that worked for you? I can’t buy in my town, so I may do a mail order and need good places to start.

        Also, if I’m a 6 in Talbots, 8 in DVF? Or 10?

        • I go up two sizes from talbots but I think it depends on your shape.

        • Sorry, I don’t know what any of the names are. I just tried on a bunch of dresses at Nordie’s. If I were you, I would try an 8 and a 10 and send back the one that doesn’t work. Don’t even bother with the 6.

    • I have the Maziah dress, which has been issued in various colors in the past 2 seasons. I got the navy one for my business casual NY biglaw office, and it’s what I throw on when I am too lazy to try.

      (And I agree with AIMS that you should think about sizing up. I am a XXS/00 and straight frame, and the 0 fits me just right.)

    • the Jori, the Gabi, and the Agatha (really great for pear shapes as it’s A-line)

  9. I posted this a little late in the weekend thread. Thanks!

    After you first started living with your SO, did you have any trouble adjusting to being in the same house but doing separate things? I am not even an especially needy person, but I am finding the change hitting me kind of hard. You know what I mean – previously, when we’d be together for a week or something, it was always a “special” time, so we’d spend literally 24/7 together and be out and about a lot. Now, I just feel like things are so much more “blah” – busy and errands and doing things at home separately (computer, TV, read, etc.). Any thoughts, please? And thanks.

    • I’m also curious to hear advice on this. Perhaps its remembering that the companionable silence, the fact that you can do some internet browsing while the other half plays a game, is nice too.

      I’d also love thoughts on how to balance the desire to hang out on the couch and go on adventures with the need to actually get boring life things done (lunches made, hoovering done, litterboxes changed)?

    • Have you had a discussion about how much personal time you each need? Beofre you could go to your separate places alone and get that. Your need to spend time alone doesn’t really go away just because you are living with each other so don’t think something is wrong just because you want to spend an hour reading and not talk to/look at your SO. We also do parallel chores where we split up the projects. Usually if one person starts, it motivates the other to find a task and not just waste the day on the couch. Again, I don’t really need a have a friend to scrub the kitchen with, but I do enjoy the companionship of knowing that someone else is working in some other part of the house.Which in turn frees up time for fun activities later.

    • I would say that you should be ok with spending time apart, even when you are home together. Watch different TV shows, be off on your own doing your own thing. Also, if you spend all of your time together, even if it’s just running errands, that becomes your life. Your friends start to assume that since you’re in a relationship, you’re unavailable to do things with them. Keep some separate time. I know that when my ex and I separated I suddenly felt incredibly free and realized how smothering that lifestyle was. I was suddenly free to do things I wanted to do. By myself or with friends. I haven’t been in a live-in relationship since then, but I know if I was, I would do it differently.

    • For this reason, I try to make dinner our “special” time, when we chat and reconnect, and then spend a few hours each doing our own thing after dinner. Also I find going to bed at the same time helps a lot.

      • Yes, I also second the going to bed at the same time! It’s often the only time of day that we get to reconnect/chat/catch up, considering my SO is often not home for dinner due to work. I’m totally fine with doing my own thing all evening, because I know we have bedtime for our quality time of the day.

    • DC Wonkette :

      1. Don’t forget all of the things you liked to do when you were on your own as well. For me, it’s stuff like listening to music while I cook, watching bad reality TV, reading a book — it took me a little bit to adjust to still doing this stuff on my own even when the SO is around.
      2. Make specific plans to relax together. Things like walking to a local pub for a drink, going out to dinner, making dinner and watching favorite shows together. This time is important for that more intense one-on-one time.
      3. Don’t feel badly if you spend an entire weekend both watching different shows on your ipads while sitting next to each other (well, maybe that’s just me!).
      4. You’ll find you both relax in different ways — be respectful and understanding of each other’s needs (for me this means I need 5 min after getting home to change and unwind before engaging in coversation).
      5. You’ll figure out a good rhythm for the more mundane stuff as well. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of thanking one another for helping out with tasks — it encourages good behavior! Also, recognize you will each have busier times in your works lives — try to help out more around the house when your schedule is slower. I was working a crazy job when I first moved in with my SO and realized after a year I had no idea how to use the dishwasher because he was taking care of a lot of the house stuff (which I feel badly about now!).

      You’ll figure it out… it’s just a bit of an adjustment period.

      • Sydney Bristow :

        I second all of this. It was a bit of an adjustment for me at first because I’d never lived with a significant other before, but it feels so natural now. We definitely do our own things at home and kind of have our spaces within our 1-bedroom apartment. We also eat dinner together whenever possible and try to get out to do something fun once a week like going to brunch, dinner, a movie, or even just a walk in the park.

    • My DH and I faced this when I first moved into his place. At one point he actually said he felt uncomfortable because he “felt like he needed to entertain me” as if I was a guest. He eventually got over it.

    • My SO and I moved in together about 7 months ago, and there was a slight adjustment. I almost had to go back and think about it though, because we’ve definitely settled into the groove of it and it feels really natural now.

      I think what helps is that we’ve naturally delineated certain things as “us” or “alone” activities. For example, watching a movie is usually an “us” thing. Drinking wine on the patio? Another “us” thing. However, I LOVE to read magazines and listen to music alone, so that’s a time where I close our bedroom door or go into the spare room or ask SO for some “me” time. I watch my trashy reality shows alone & he watched his car shows solo, but we also have certain “us” shows that we make sure to watch together. We kind of naturally fell into this pattern after a few weeks/months of living together, and it’s worked out well for us. We’re both relatively introverted, so maybe that helped a little bit.

      We also still, despite the fact that we sleep next to each other nightly, plan date nights on a regular basis to make sure we get some quality time together. Date night might just be wine and cheese on the couch, but we still check in to make sure that we’re on for Friday night wine night or whatever our date might be.

      Congratulations on moving in together, though! Eventually, you’ll get to the point where it feels like the world’s most awesome, never ending sleepover 95% of the time. :)

    • I actually *was* an especially needy person. My boyfriend (then, now husband) was working nights when I first moved into his condo (read: our condo). The forced separation of him going to work after dinner actually made for a great transition. We would have our quality time over dinner, then he went to work and I would go for seriously long runs and then rearrange all his furniture. Not saying you should make your boyfriend work nights or anything, but getting out of the house and just in general making your own plans will make it easier. You WILL get used to it eventually. Now, 2 kids later my husband and I can be doing our own thing while sitting on the couch and yet still feel a silly connectedness.

  10. Senior Attorney :

    Life insurance threadjack: I just realized that if I were to die before my divorce is final, my STBX would get almost everything and my son would be well and truly screwed. I considered asking Mr. Senior Attorney to sign a consent to make my son the beneficiary of one or more of my retirement accounts, but decided he was unlikely to consent and I don’t want to engage with him anyway. So I think the best thing to do is purchase a life insurance policy naming my son as the beneficiary.

    Does anybody have any suggestions as to how to find the best deal on a term life policy? I’m in my mid-50s so I realize it won’t be cheap, but I want a reputable company and I don’t want to get ripped off. I already have a policy through work but Mr. Senior Attorney is the beneficiary and to change it would be a violation of the automatic temporary restraining orders in place with the dissolution case, so I need a new policy.

    • Diana Barry :

      You should look for an independent insurance agent who can get you quotes from multiple companies. If you have an estate planning attorney already, or you/someone at your firm knows one, they should have names of insurance agents who are good and independent. Good luck!

    • I don’t have any advice on life insurance, but you may be able to get some of this agreed to as part of your divorce settlement. My MIL got an agreement that her ex’s life insurance would irrevocably go to her, and failing that, to their sons. She wasn’t able to secure much more than that for the kids but at least it’s sort of something. I would put your request regarding the retirement account forward to your lawyer or mediator.

      I’m sorry you have to go through this, as I know from second-hand experience that it can be drawn-out and awful, especially when the ex-h behaves awfully and vindictively. Wishing you lots of strength! (And wine, and trashy tv, and comfort from your friends and family.)

    • Houston Attny :

      Also, check your state bar. In Texas, we have an insurance trust with good rates for attorneys and for those who work at law firms.

    • Anonymous :

      Are you “legally separated”? Check your retirement plan, but mine acknowledges ‘Legally Separated’ under the single catagory. YMMV, of course based on state and company recordkeeping.

    • Check out SelectQuote – used them several years ago to get term life insurance for my husband, and was very pleased with the options they quoted and the service.

    • Senior Attorney :

      Thanks, ladies.

      I’m not legally separated so that’s not an option. I called my renter’s/auto agent today and he told me he can get quotes from different companies so we can compare rates. Apparently there’s such a thing as a one-year term policy, which is less expensive than a longer term and should tide me over until the dust settles. So hopefully we can get something in place fairly quickly so I won’t feel so… exposed.

      Marilla, thanks for the support! We both have life insurance policies with each other as the beneficiaries. As part of the settlement I plan to ask that I remain the beneficiary of his policy (he really has no other family) and that my policy be changed to name my son as the beneficiary. I am willing to pay the premiums on both so hopefully that will work as a long-term solution.

  11. Looking for OG :

    Might be a big ask–anyone in NYC have a gently used Lo & Sons OG in Army Green that they are interested in possibly parting with? Don’t know how long I can hold out on the waitlist….

    • I was on the waitlist for the espresso OMG forever. I finally got it in June, and I’ve been a little disappointed with the quality. I’ve already got a broken key leash and stitches coming out around the bottom of the bag. I loved the idea of the bag so much, but now I wonder how long it will actually last.

      • Email them. The zipper pull came off on my Mott, and they sent me a new bag immediately.

  12. Nars Blush? :

    Is NARS blush truly as fabulous as I have read? I have been using Estée Lauder blush for years, it is great but I am wondering if I missing the hype. I actually read one review on the Estée Lauder that says “everyone thinks Nars is the best…but this is much better”… So, I thought I would turn to the hives for recommendations.

    • I like Tarte Amazonian Clay blush much better than NARS; it lasts on my face forever, and it’s very pigmented and matte. If you want to try NARS, I highly suggest going to a store and testing the colors and looking at them in sunlight. Many are way too sparkly for me.

      • I was about to say the same: Tarte. Very long-lasting, and they also have a great color selection ranging from conservative to fun. I’ve never tried Nars (and I admit it’s just a little bit due to eye-rolling at how many products they’ve named in reference to orgasms in one way or another–I promise to keep spending money on makeup, but can you at least vary your marketing gimmicks a little bit?)

        • Third Tarte Amazonian Clay. Its wonderful. I find NARS too sparkly and the color fades really quickly.

          Also, a random plug for Tarte products — their primer is amazing. Best primer ever. My make-up stays all day, even in the humidity of this summer.

        • Fourth Tarte Amazonian Clay. Love the stuff. I previously used MAC blush but I won’t go back.

          I do like NARS products but for the blush, I’d go with Tarte every time.

      • TO Lawyer :

        Ok I feel like I have to try this now. This recommendation couldn’t have come at a better time since I’m running out of my MAC blush. Thanks ladies!

    • I bought into the hype and am disappointed. It can go from nothing to too much color/sparkle instantly.

    • I’m not a huge fan of NARS Or**sm (sorry, it feels weird typing that at work!). It’s too shimmery to deposit much of the pink color before my face is all glittery. But, I have and LOVE their Mata Hari and Desire. They’re both matte and give great color, plus they stay really well on my face. They’re very pigmented, so I need juuuuust a little to give me the right color. Mata Hari is a pinkish berry, and Desire is a super bright pink that gives a really nice flush when used sparingly. Of course, YMMV.

      • Agree. I like the color of NARS O—– but agree that it is often too sparkly. I usually only wear it at night/indoors, i.e. not in direct sunlight!

    • I have never tried Estee Lauder or Tarte blush, but I really do love Nars! I used to use MAC but felt that the blush “bled” a little too much if that makes sense. Nars stays on my face all day. I use both org*sm and Sin.

  13. Random but does anyone have a favorite quiche recipe they can share? I am having someone over for dinner and want to make an asparagus quiche but need to figure out the proportion of milk to eggs and the internet has just too many possibilities.

    • I just add stuff until it looks right? I usually use about 4 eggs and maybe half to 3/4 cup of milk but I’m definitely an eyeballer. I’ve been roasting or sauteing the veg beforehand and it shortens the cooking time / lessens the crunch with broccoli etc.

    • Smitten Kitchen is usually reliable and she’s got a few quiche recipes on her site. (Although I’m like Cb, I typically eyeball it.)

    • If you want a simple egg dish, I use this frittata recipe: http://www.skinnytaste.com/2009/02/caramelized-onion-red-pepper-and.html
      You can sub in whatever vegetables you want.

    • http://www.today.com/id/29880944/ns/today-today_food/t/get-forkful-cheesy-asparagus-quiche/

      I’ve made this asparagus quiche a number of times and it is very good.

    • Agree with the above: I use 6 eggs (deep dish pie) and pour in milk until it’s looks correct to me.

  14. Random question… I have decided I want to get some plants to brighten up my apartment. I know nothing about plants or gardening. What are some good things to start with? My apartment gets plenty of light but I have no outdoor space, so these would be indoor plants.

    • I have a dwarf ficus tree that is probably 8 years old and going strong. Very resistant to neglect.

      • +1 to a ficus. I had one too while at grad school and living alone and it survived a reasonable amount of neglect and two moves, and helped a lot with living alone because at least I felt something else was alive in the apartment!

        • viclawstudent :

          I left my ficus at home when I went away to university the first time – it was about 3 years old at that point – and other than some infrequent watering, pretty sure it got ignored for 4 years straight, and it just kept growing like a weed. Super +1 to this recommendation, and I think they’re quite attractive.

          I’ve also had some luck with jade plants – a little more high maintenance than the ficus, but I think they’re beautiful.

    • Home depot has an awesome return policy if your plant dies, and their plants are hearty and very clearly labeled for amount of sunlight so I’d start there.

      • +1. I bought a phildendron from home depot for my desk and it has done wonderfully, doubling in size, under bright flourescent lights.

    • Pothos. Impossible to kill. Easy to propigate (take a clipping, put it in a vase of water until roots grow, plant in a planter). Can be bushy and full if you keep it trimmed, or can grow lovely trailing vines (great for putting on top of a tall bookshelf).

      • A Nonny Moose :

        Major +1 on this. My poor pothos, which I bought at the grocery store for $4, has been flooded, drought-ed, eaten down to one leaf by my cats… Many times and is now on regrowth number 83728. I don’t think I could kill it if I tried.

    • Snake plants (sanservia) will grow in any condition are are impossible to kill, plus they look kind of cool. I’ve had pretty good luck with a zz plant (aka zanzibar gem) and with succulents, like jade. If you want flowers, try african violets (low to medium light) and kalinchoe/flaming katy or a crown of thorns plant for high light. If you grow a high light plant, it should live near the window. Even if you have a bright apartment, putting something far away from the window won’t meet the high light requirements.

    • I have had good experiences with plants from Ikea, actually.

      • Equity's Darling :

        Ditto, my Ikea ones are thriving, I seem to kill all the rest.

    • Jades. Water them every few weeks, let the soil get pretty dry between watering. They do equally well in bright light and very little light. I’ve had a lot of luck with jades and I’m not too good with plants.

  15. Disappointed with myself. Got my LSAT score back and while not terrible it is 8 points lower than I was PTing. Sigh….I ALWAYS do this on exams – I have terrible test anxiety.

    • Dont feel bad. I did NOT do well on my SAT’s or LSAT’s or I would have gone to HARVARD or MIT or STAMFORD, Dad says, b/c he is a LEGACY at all of those place’s. Dad could pull alot of string’s but NOT with my test score’s. He blame’s mom for that b/c it was her side of the family, not the Barshevsky’s, that were NOT MENSA equavelent’s.

      But I still did OK at GW, and I did Pass the NYC Bar on the FIRST try! YAY! So there is hope even if you do NOT do well. So you can still go to law school, do well and get a job. Even if you do NOT do well in school, you can at least meet a guy who is in LAW, and mabye get MARRIED to him and he will do well and you can be a SAHM, like I want to be.

      So you do have options, and all is NOT bad in the world. YAY!

      Now I have to deal with this Sam, who Myrna gave my cell # to. He is texteing me like crazy, b/c Myrna let him know that I am in the market to get MARRIED. He seem’s to want to be domestic, but he is a player, I think, and my dad says I should go for a schleppey guy who will not cheat on me b/f goeing for a player who will cheat on me after I get a bigger tuchus when our children are born. Again, dad points to Mom’s side of the family for the fat tuchuse’s, because Grandma Leyeh is still more svelte at her age, even tho she is entitled to have a tuchus! FOOEY, mom says, b/c Dad like’s her tuchus!

      Good luck in law school! You can still go to GW! Yay!!!!

    • layered bob :

      retake! October is not too late and you have plenty of time to study. You can also investigate with your doctor if there is a chemical solution for your test anxiety – my husband takes Inderal before anxiety-inducing events. Just remember to take your medication before every practice test so you’re used to how it makes you feel.

      • is Inderal a beta-blocker? My DR wants me to use propranolol…

        • layered bob :

          yeah, I think Inderal is the brand name for propranolol.

          • Senior Attorney :

            Yes, Inderal is the brand name for propranolol and it is indeed a beta blocker.

        • viclawstudent :

          Was this your first time taking? I know quite a few people who needed the “practice run” of the first test to get used to the atmosphere/stress level involved, and who saw big score jumps the second time around.

          • Anonymous :

            I improved 11 points from first time to second time. Second time, I took a Princeton Review small group (3 people) course. Also, the second time I took it was in June and I was admitted and given a huge scholarship the day after my score came out (I didn’t even have to do anything – LSAC just automatically updated my score with all the schools I had applied to!), and started law school that August. October is definitely not too late.

          • This is for anon at 2:59 – so when did you submit your applications? How did this unfold?

  16. Do Express Editor pants ever go on sale? They are popular, so seem to not budge from the $70-80 range. Also, for anyone who likes the Editor fit (good for my pear shape), do you have similar pants from other retailers you would recommend? I also like the 1969 Gap curvy fit if that helps.

    • When it is NAS time, you might want to check out the Halogen “Taylor” Curvy fit pants. I also like the Lands End ponte knit pants (I think it’s Fit 2, but that just deals with the rise I think ). They sometimes go on major sale (25-30% off).

      I couldn’t deal with the Editor’s low rise. The LE pants are washable (not sure about the Halogen ones). But I am a solid pear.

    • They do. I’ve gotten them for $20-$30 at times. I think the last time that happened was actually around this time last year. Express also generally has good sales right before school starts back.

      It sounds like we have similar shapes so I’m interested to see what others recommend.

    • I’ve seen them go on sale before, but only limited sizes were left by then. However, Express does send out a lot of $15 off $30/$30 off $75 coupons (in-store and online) if you sign up for their email list.

    • marketingchic :

      Try Marshall’s/TJ Maxx – I’ve seen them there for $29. Also Limited “Drew” pants, which are similar.

  17. What would you all say is a good career for someone who:

    – likes to serve clients
    – have professional expertise/serve in an advisory role
    -put out fires
    -is best is “urgent” situations
    -likes fixing problems/dealing with angry clients
    -wants to work in a professional environment

    • That could be a lot of things. FWIW, I am an ENTP. I found that the skills that made me a good cashier, RA in college, hotline answerer, and courthouse employee. How much education do you have and of what sort? And are you willing / wanting to go to a professional school beyond that?

      Also, every job eventually involves sales and people management (much more so the former), especially if you want to be very successful at it.

      • BA in business but willing to get an advanced degree

        • Are there any industries that you like or area of the country you’re tied to? Legal drama / medical / real estate / all come to mind, but any job can be stressful and need a person who can deal with that (e.g., working at a call center re mortgage problems or child support that doesn’t come in).

          I don’t know if you need an advanced degree unless you wanted to be an attorney or something like an ER doctor. My ambulance friends have training beyond high school but no degree beyond that. And then there is the military. Lots of options.

        • Anonymous :

          Look into private banking.

    • Project Management or some type of consulting

    • Account management. I would hire you in a second to manage our top accounts at our health/tech firm. Account Execs at our org. are mid-senior level people (director/AVP level, with VP level folks on tippy top accuonts) who spend their entire day fighting fires, wrangling internal cats, getting decisions from the 900 decision makers at the client site, chasing down contracts at the very last minute so the $20M deal doesn’t get bumped to next quarter, etc. These roles are typically near–but not under– sales since they are more “nurture” than “hunt”.

      Don’t know what sort of income/lifestyle etc. you’d be looking for, or how much experience and in what sector you’d like to work. But you could easily get into a role like this with 5-7 year experience and only an undergrad degree. It’d take you more experience to get onto the bigger accounts.

      • Thanks Brandt – I never thought about account management. I do have 5 years of professional experience – what types of organizations hire these positions? How much do they typically pay? What is the growth potential in terms of salary/career?

    • Strategic Communications
      Operations Management

    • If you like law, transactional corporate paralegal fits all of these. Deals = urgent, you need expertise, problem-solving is valued. That said, being a paralegal is a dead-end job by definition (unless you go to law school), but if you’re good and work at a good firm, you would be very valued.

      • Actually, I used to be a paralegal and I absolutely loved it. I left because upward-mobility in a career is extremely important to me but I did really enjoy the work. I actually looked forward to coming in the office every morning.

  18. This dress looks perfect for pear-shaped women and now is the time to check it out at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – just wrote a post about that: zipstyleseattle.com

  19. Veronique :

    I’m filling out a job application that requires you to list your references and their relationship to you. How do I describe the following relationships:

    a. My former second-line manager? She was my boss’ boss, until I was promoted to a different department. She is no longer in my management chain, but we have continued to work together on discrete projects.

    b. A senior attorney in another department who has “managed” me on long-term projects, but is not in my day-to-day management chain?


  20. recent grad :

    I am seriously considering setting up a business on the side to take advantage of what I’ve discovered is a pretty good skill that has helped a lot of family members and friends. Can anyone recommend any books to help navigate through setting up a small business and a website?

  21. Little Red :

    I really like this dress for work enough that I added it to my Nordstrom Wish List. Hopefully, it will be reduced in price for the upcoming Anniversary Sale.

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