Tuesday’s TPS Report: Stuart Weitzman’s Muse

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. We begin the week in splurge mode, with our most expensive suggestions, and wind our way to Friday, where a less expensive item of clothing might be just what you need to make it to the weekend.

Stuart Weitzman – Muse (Bruciato Quasar Patent) – FootwearWe’re loving this gorgeous camel/bronze pump from Stuart Weitzman — the slight platform in no way offends office sensibility, but combine that with the already lowish heel height (2.75″) and you get a wearable, gorgeous, professional shoe. We’d wear it with white or brown trousers, or pretty much any color of dress. It’s on sale at Zappos — was $298, now $238. Stuart Weitzman – Muse (Bruciato Quasar Patent)


  1. These are gorgeous!

    Plus, wearing shoes close to your skin tone makes your legs look longer without showing any additional skin.

  2. I like the shiny patent leather, but they still look somewhat matronly to me. Maybe it’s the color?

  3. To add a fit note. Stuart Weitzman is great for anyone who has a narrow heel and a not-so-narrow ball of the foot. The same people who fit Ferragamo in other words. You can wear them all day without misery.

  4. Delta Sierra :

    To me, the shape of these is not matronly, but classic. It’s a shoe you could wear forever, immune to faddishness but always chic. The color, warm and almost butterscotchy – is a great variation on the currently popular so-called nude, which on many shoes comes off as beige and bland, and is rather insulting to ladies of color.

  5. Beautiful!

  6. I love them too

  7. I love the color and style, but am not sure about the skinny heel . . . almost looks like a kitten heel, which is terribly unflattering

  8. I think the angle of the picture makes it look more like a kitten heel – it’s almost 3 inches high. And as someone with fairer skin, who doesn’t like to frequently wear black, I am in love with these shoes!

  9. beautiful! but cheaper at nordstrom’s!

  10. yep, these are now marked down to $189.90 at Nordstrom. So sad Zappos does not price match any more!

  11. newassociate :

    i asked C about these before i realized she already found them. yet again my taste matches C’s!

    i’ve been in love with the red version of these for months and now they are on sale at nordstroms so i am tempted. opinions on whether i can wear a red pair of the “muse” shoes to work? i’m in west coast big law. no one wears a suit unless they’re actually going to court/depo/etc, but it’s mostly men around here so i have no model for fabulous shoe appropriateness. thoughts??

  12. newassociate – I’m not in law (but I am on the west coast – in LA), so take my comment with a grain of salt!

    Generally speaking I think you could get away with red shoes at work, given that the rest of the outfit is more on the conservative side, but there are two red flags (no pun intended) about the red Muse shoes: they are a bright fire-engine red, rather than a more subdued/darker shade, and they are patent leather. One or the other is probably ok, but the combination of bright red + shiny means I probably wouldn’t wear them to the office.

    I would still get them, though – they are fabulous shoes!

  13. I’ve been looking for pointy toed, nude (or beige or tan) mid to high heels for months and I can’t find them anywhere! I need pointy toes to make me taller and thinner…these are great, but any idea where I can find pointy toed heels? And no patent leather (they don’t stretch).

  14. You think white pants are appropriate for a conservative office? Seriously?

    And I suspect that the person who said these were matronly is one the lwayers that Judge Lefkow and her colleagues were complaining about.

  15. new associate, i think the red ones could look really nice with straight, long, tan/beige pants.

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