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  • I’ve talked before about how I love wearing olive with lavender, but I haven’t seen olive and pink before this post from YouLookFab (and I love the pop of lime too!).
  • SheFinds lists the live streaming schedule for New York Fashion Week. (As someone who’s spent a teeny tiny bit of time at Fashion Week: while nothing beats the energy of the tents, if you actually want to see the clothes, live streaming is WAY better unless you happen to have front row seats.)
  • Ask a Manager (via US News) tells you how to get the most out of a professional conference (something we’ve also talked about here).
  • If your goal is to make partner at your law firm, you may want to check out Above the Law‘s analysis of partnership class by practice area.
  • Road Warriorette advises how to keep your clothes fresh for multiple wears on a business trip.
  • Mint (via Popsugar Smart Living) has great tips on how to invest $100, $1000, or $10,000.

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  1. I was a big fan of olive and pink all through my 20s (less so today only because I am a bit tired of it for myself). I’ve never thought about olive and lavender before though. Nice! I think a post on favorite (but less obvious) color combos would be really interesting.

  2. Senior Attorney :

    Love this olive and pink combo! I would never have thought of it so I am anxious to try it out! And olive and lavender sounds like fun, too. And ooh! How about olive and Radiant Orchid??

  3. Very interesting article about making it as a partner, easy, clear facts

  4. Anonymous :

    Olive and pink just makes me think of the 1980s… everything comes back.

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