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  • Refinery29 suggests some interview outfits — for creative industries.
  • SheFinds steals some tips from celebrities for how to look great at the airport; Already Pretty rounds up travel-friendly black dresses, and Road Warriorette lists her top five healthy tips for travel.
  • POPSUGAR Smart Living takes a look at some recent remarks by Sheryl Sandberg that it should be “badge of honor for men and women to be alone in the room.”
  • The Careerist rounds up a lot of recent ladies-in-the-workplace news.
  • The Washington Post interviewed Sallie Krawcheck about her personal philosophy and her reflections on “the trappings of corporate life.” Speaking of corporate life, Above the Law highlights some fun examples of “shocking” times lawyers billed the clients.  (As someone who was told it might be appropriate to bill a client if you thought about the case in the shower, these don’t seem that shocking to me.)
  • Ask a Manager ponders when to use first names in the job hunt (something we’ve also talked about here). Meanwhile, Levo League suggests some ways to reignite your passion for your own job.
  • The Atlantic had an interesting article a few months ago about alcohol as an escape from perfectionism — a sobering read for all the Type As who enjoy a glass (or 3) of wine a night.
  • I know many readers are fans of The Hunger Games, so I thought I’d include this link to The New York Times taking a look at the fashion of Catching Fire (eee! I’m excited).

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  1. Baconpancakes :

    The jeweled sweater I bought from LOFT for $25 on sale is spot on for the Refinery 21’s sweater (on the third outfit) – Kaliko Grey Drop Bead Jumper, $110, available at House of Fraser.

  2. TO Lawyer :

    Thanks for posting that Atlantic article on drinking Kat! You were right – it’s sobering, especially since I often grab a glass of wine as soon as I walk in the door in the evenings to unwind…

    • Anonymous :

      I also appreciated it. I have a friend who stopped drinking completely years ago and she just recently told me that it was because she had a similar realization–after drinking wine through a whole business meeting, losing track of the glasses/bottles, and throwing up while everyone was still sitting around talking. She says no one said anything at the time, but she realized she’d become dependent.

      The article is also very effective at showing how this comes to be and why the topic can be so sensitive. (Discussions here have certainly demonstrated the latter too.)

    • wildkitten :

      I also found it spot on. I might read the whole book.

    • Anonymous :

      wow, that was spot on.

  3. Anonymous :

    I really enjoyed the Levo League article. The suggestions were things I could actually do and fairly realistic in their ultimate goal. Not a “fix-all” solution, but helpful suggestions.

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