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  • Fashionista looks at The Kit, the new design project from Project Runway alum Daniel Vosovic.
  • Lifehacker offers a primer on using powder and cream blush (no pun intended).
  • The Luxury Spot finds out what beauty editors buy for themselves.
  • Inc. shares “25 Go-To Phrases That Will Make People Like You More.”
  • The Washington Post introduces you to Ann M. Donnelly, the first judge to block Trump’s executive order on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.
  • The New York Times’ Melissa Clark bought an Instant Pot to see what all the fuss is about.
  • The Washington Post explains that Amazon Prime members can get six months of free unlimited access to Post’s National Digital Edition.
  • Speaking of news, Ann Douglas lists tips to “avoid being completely crushed” by your news feed. (Yesterday we talked about taking a partial break from social media.)
  • But still, here’s a bit of political news from the week: people who want to keep Justice Ginsburg on the bench by, for example, donating blood or turning her into a vampire (The Washington Post), and Nordstrom’s removal of Ivanka Trump’s line (Bloomberg).
  • The New York Times talks to Martin Gibala about the one-minute (!) workout.
  • Gothamist has news of the all-women Ocean’s Eight that’s filming in NYC.
  • For your Laugh of the Week, here are 21 mansplaining jokes from BuzzFeed.

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  1. Re not being crushed by your newsfeed: Took facebook off my phone a few days ago and it was such a good idea. I still have the messenger app (it works better for group texting), but not the main facebook app. I’ve been browsing through it while I eat breakfast but otherwise ignoring it and I am just. so. much. calmer. Instead I’ve been focusing on getting my news from NPR and from my google play newsfeed.

    On an unrelated note, these “seven minute” and “one minute” workout headlines are completely misleading. It’s just interval training. No one is actually saying you can work out for only one minute (or seven) and see any benefits whatsoever. It’s clickbait and it’s obfuscatory and annoying.

  2. I have also STOPPED useing Facebook from my i-phone. There is to much going on to be abel to see thing’s. I still use Facebook from my macbook air and my ipad, but that is different. I think we all need to slow down a bit to smell the roses. We MUST enjoy our free time OFF-LINE. YAY!!!

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