Wine-Colored Pumps: A Versatile Shoe for Office Looks

What to wear with wine-colored pumpsSure, we all know what wardrobe essentials for work professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

Every year, I argue that wine-colored pumps are some of the most surprisingly versatile pumps you’ll have, particularly for office looks. Wear them with black, gray, navy, beige, and white! Wear them in spring with kelly greens and pastel colors! Wear them in autumn next to emerald tones and other fall hues! If you’re looking for a fun, colorful shoe, a dark red/deep purple shoe is a great workhorse for your work wardrobe. It was interesting to note that this year there was a dearth in general of colorful pumps of any color — red is about as wild as most brands are going. (Embroidered/fabric/velvet shoes are popular — so many embroidered booties! — but I think that’s more of an impulse purchase and, frankly, much harder to incorporate into a work wardrobe.)  So: onward with the wine-colored pump roundup for today — but I’m curious to hear from you guys: do colorful pumps have a place in your working wardrobe? Do you prefer embroidered/fabric/velvet shoes to mix things up at the office — and how do you wear them? (For example, do you play it safe and wear a shoe with a bold print/detail with a neutral or monochromatic outfit? Or do you delight in mixing patterns, colors, and textures?)

Links for the pumps pictured above, going clockwise from top LH corner: one / two / three / four

Here are some of our favorite wine-colored pumps out there right now…

Curious for some of our older roundups? Here they are from 20162015, 2014, 2012, and 2010.

I’m always a fan of a strappy pump like this one — if you’ve got narrow heels they can be lifesavers in terms of comfort and fit. I’ve had luck with Anne Klein shoes in the past, and at $80 at Zappos and Amazon (with pretty good reviews) this shoe looks great. Part of the reason I like strappy pumps is because they’re great for wearing with tights — and on that issue I would probably either go with black, navy, or gray; with pants I’d probably stick with nude-for-you trouser socks like pantyhose sheers or fishnets.  Anne Klein Fayme
Speaking of embroidered/velvet/fabric shoes — we have these absolutely gorgeous ones from Nine West. These are more on the purple side of the “wine colored” spectrum, and I think they’re gorgeous if the heel height is doable for you. It says they’re only 3″ high, but they look a lot higher to me! They come in a zillion colors (mostly neutral) at Zappos; note that Amazon has a burgundy “wine leather” option. Nine West Astoria
Here’s another great option under $100: these dark purple options from Franco Sarto. I love the mixed textures — the front of the shoe is suede with metallic leather accents, and the back of the shoe is a matte leather. They’re $89, available in five colors, sizes 4.5-11 in three widths. (If you prefer more of a bordeaux/red, Amazon has that in this shoe in suede — ooh, and ShoeMall has 30% off a wide variety of colors, including the pictured shoes, with code FORTUNE30.) Franco Sarto Darlis
I hate the way they’re pictured here — they look a little beaten up! — but these Naturalizer heels are actually really highly rated, with 29 reviews and four stars. They’re on trend with the block heel and round toe, and of course Naturalizer is known for comfortable details like arch support, non-slip outersoles, and more; I also like that these are only 2.25″ high. They’re $99, available in six colors and four widths at Zappos, sizes 4-12. (Ooh: over at Amazon, lucky sizes are as low as $56.) Naturalizer Whitney
I adore the little pom-pom details on these 3″ Boden heels — and the sporty stripe up the back — so I have to include. They come in a really fun “forest green” color as well as a navy, sizes 36-42, for $150. Polly Mid Heel Pumps
bow pointy toe pump from prada - awesome wine colored pump to wear to work!I’m going to go slightly out of order here and jump ahead to the most expensive pump — it’s just too purty to put with all the other ones in the roundup below! I’m not usually a bow-detail kind of girl, but I could make it work with these adorable suede/satin heels from Prada. They’re $690 at Nordstrom, available in sizes 6-11, in burgundy and black. Bow Pointy Toe Pump

AND — for our final note, there were a lot of “mildly expensive” pumps that, in my opinion, often come down to familiarity with the brand — if you love that brand and like the shoe it’s a nobrainer, but you’re not likely to make the leap up or down just based on the shoe.  So for purposes of commentary here, note that these range in price from $275-$395… brands are listed below the collage; all links go to Zappos…

Pictured, L-R: L.K. Bennett / Tory Burch / Loeffler Randall / Aquatalia

How about you, ladies — what are your tips for what to wear with wine-colored pumps for work? Do you find wine-colored flats to be just as versatile? In general, how do you wear colorful shoes — and how do you feel about the trend for fabric shoes with details like embroidery and velvet?  

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Ever wondered what to wear with wine-colored pumps? If you don't have a pair of these yet in your wardrobe, you will be SHOCKED how versatile they are... we talked about how to wear wine-colored pumps and rounded up some of the best ones out there right now!


  1. Hello, I need to replace a lost wallet. I had a kate spade wallet that was fine, but I was wondering if there were any recommendations for lesser known brands (or known brands that you love) are a nice quality. I’m kind of underwhelmed by the Kate spade, Tory burch, MK selections I am seeing. Thanks!

    • Senior Attorney :

      I post this every time somebody asks about wallets, but I still love it. Very inexpensive but comes in fun colors (mine is Tiffany blue) and is great for small purses. And you absolutely cannot beat the price:

    • Maddie Ross :

      I love my Hobo “Lauren” wallet. I’m on my third, but have really only worn out one (I just got a third because I liked the color!).

    • Triangle Pose :

      Love the Lo & Sons smartphone wristlet. Remove the strap and it’s a super sleek wallet that fits your phone.

    • I am a fan of the various Lodis wallets, especially because you can put together pieces, e.g. a card holder that fits into a wristlet or can be tucked into a clutch if you want to carry less, etc. Available at Nordstrom, Rack and Amazon, among others.

    • Tusk brand wallets; I think Margaret Mason featured them once nearly ten years ago, and I’ve never looked back. Mine has long outlasted my previous Jack Georges wallet.

    • I would recommend you to try etsy. You can find gems there!

  2. Anonymous :

    For anyone thinking about sending stuff into ThredUp, I wanted to post about my recent experience in case it’s helpful.

    I wear a plus size and if you visit the site, you know they have a pop-up that says they’re looking for more plus size items. I sent in three bags in July, and when I had ordered the bags, the information given by ThredUp said my bag fee would be waived because I was sending in in-demand sizes.

    It took them until today to process the bags that I sent in and that were received in early July, despite the fact that the bags had a “processing date” of mid-August. I sent in some fairly decent stuff, all seasonal for fall – including some leather and suede jackets. They charged me a bag processing fee (which they had said they wouldn’t do) and the net payout on one bag was $12, and on the other it was $16. For 5-7 items per bag.

    I’m done selling to ThredUp, at this point. It’s not worth the hassle and it’s definitely not worth the money. I have a local consignment shop I can take things to, or I can just take stuff to Goodwill, if I’m only going to get $2 an item. I’d had excellent experiences selling to them in the past, but I think their policies and criteria for buying have changed to the point that it’s not a viable option for me anymore. Would love to hear if others have had similar experiences.

    • Maddie Ross :

      Same experience. With straight sizes, not plus. I sent a couple bags in the very beginning and they took a lot of pieces and paid well for them (comparatively). There was also no fee in the beginning unless you wanted items returned. My last bag (sent earlier this year) I got about $8. If you itemize, you’re definitely better off giving to Goodwill or another charity and taking the deduction on your taxes.

    • The only things I’ve sold on there that I got decent returns for were handbags and shoes. That said though, if it’s not in the absolute mint condition, they don’t take it. And if it is, they take it and then put on their website that it shows “some wear”. For me, if I have a couple of handbags or a pair of shoes I think are in good enough condition that they will take them, I throw in some clothes that are in good condition along but that I would otherwise donate along with them when I send the thredup bag in, just to see if I can get a few extra bucks. But for a bag of clothes alone, it’s not worth it.

    • lucy stone :

      Very similar experiences. I’ve been selling on Poshmark instead. It’s a little more work but I’m actually getting something for it. I’m making a rule that if something doesn’t move on Poshmark after being dropped to $10, I’ll take it to Goodwill so it doesn’t sit in my house forever.

    • Anonymous :

      I recently learned about a similar site, I have so far bought from them — great prices, deep inventory of lower tier brands — but haven’t sold yet. I got a bunch of pants for about $7 each.

    • JuniorMinion :

      Same! I used to get $10ish dollars an item / $100 per bag which made it worth it for me (pre bag fee). My last bag I sent them about 20 items and net with the “bag fee” I got $0…for items of the same quality as prior bags. I’m done sending to them too – i’d rather donate at that point.

  3. Let's Play A Game! :

    What is the best thing you ever got from a really horrible relationship?

    I recently left one and realized that a few connections I made at events I attended with my ex meant money in my pocket and that the girlfriend of one of the ex’s friends is a wonderful friend I might never have met otherwise. It doesn’t stop me from going through the painful healing process but it makes me wonder what awesome “parting gifts” others have left relationships with.

    • After breaking up with my last ex I finally learned to really believe and feel “it’s not me, it’s you, and it’s us together.” After previous relationships I had always felt at some level that it ended because there was something wrong with me. After that one, somehow, something about the way it went down just really illustrated to me that there’s not.

    • -the push to get into therapy :D

      -a perspective on how to choose a job at just the right time (this was from a lame, not-serious 2 month relationship with a guy who wound up ghosting on me in a truly juvenile way, but I can’t shake the feeling that meeting with him when I did helped me figure out a situation I may not have otherwise)

      -my now favorite band

    • Triangle Pose :

      I like this concept of “parting gifts.” Unfortunately I may be the “really horrible relationship” for my ex. Really regret how I handled that relationship. Hopefully he got some good parting gifts out of it. He’s happily engaged now, so…I should feel less guilty? I wish we were still friends, I’m super happy with my SO now, but I miss the humor.

      • Linda from HR :

        I’d ask if you’re me, but my ex still hasn’t proposed to his girlfriend. He’s probably gonna do it soon though, and I’ll be happy for him.

        I got a parting gift from that relationship, sort of. Bought a set of wine accessories for his birthday, he dumped me a week before said birthday, I kept the wine stuff and drank lots of wine.

    • Amazing org*sms. The relationship was horrible but oh, the s*x!!!

    • I got a “settlement” (money, stuff) from my ex-almost fiance, but I would not have described the relationship as horrible. He was a good guy, but he wanted a different deal (spouse that would follow him around and put his career first at all time) than I did.

    • My current boyfriend. He was a friend of the guy I last dated. It didn’t cross into REALLY horrible relationship territory, but we were definitely ill-suited to each other and it didn’t last long.

      He didn’t say anything about his crush on me until I broke up with Former Guy. Then he made his move. 5.5 years later we’re still going strong!

    • Anonymous :

      My daughter!

    • Anonymous :

      I’m a better driver than I was.

    • Anonymous :

      Am I being too literal if I say I took his desk? And told him it was an a s s hole tax? A line I am pretty sure I stole from a David Fincher movie?

      Being twenty-two is not a thing I would like to be again. But, man, I still really like the desk.

      (I swear it wasn’t a family heirloom or anything.)

    • His student loan debt. We consolidated when we got married, couldn’t undo that when we divorced less than two years later. Blech.

      Other valuable life lessons:

      – Don’t get married out of pity / guilt.
      – Alcoholics are likely to stay that way.

    • Anonymous :

      Confidence in my instincts. I got a whiff that he might be a guy who might hit his girlfriend. I broke it off without saying why. I was then told that he had hit his last girlfriend . . . by friends who knew this before he asked me out!

    • Baconpancakes :

      One of my best friends. Found out my ex was lying to both of us, and we bonded over our anger, our political leanings, and the Princess Bride. 12 years later, we’re still friends, and he’s… possibly in South Carolina? Or maybe DC? Not sure. Stopped caring a loooong time ago.

    • All of the housewares, and thinking of myself as a woman instead of a girl. My ex was problematic in many ways, but he was the first person to refer to me as a woman (“she’s an amazing woman,” etc….you know, when he was still saying nice things) and it changed how I thought of myself.

      • NewRecruit :

        I thought that I was the only one who left a relationship with my “womanhood”. I gained that and clarity about what I expect out of a relationship, want out of spouse and am willing to give of myself. Oh, and I gained hips. Good s*x will give those to you- I didn’t know that either.

        • I have big hip’s, but it would NOT have been for the good $ex with my ex, b/c Sheketovits petered out before he started in that department. I did get smarter once I dumped him, which was the best thing I did. He wanted me to worship him, even though I was the one with the job who was makeing the money while he was drunk and unemployed and always bossing me around. By getting some self confidence, and realising that there WERE other men out there who also wanted to date me, I became a MUCH smarter person! YAY!!!!!

    • I am an Episcopalian convert asa result of having been introduced to that denomination by the man that broke my heart the hardest ever. Also as a result of his treatment of me, I got a hard edge that I can pull out when I need to, and which I didn’t have previously. Up to then life had treated me very gently and very well and I never would have been an effective lawyer without developing the edge.

    • a still working HBO Go subscription after 5 years…on his TV…that he mounted on my wall.

    • Another anonymous judge :

      I can drive a standard! Something my otherwise pretty perfect husband (guy I met weeks after the breakup) cannot do.

  4. Friend groups :

    Shows like S3x and the city always show a small friend group who is always together and sometimes on such shows, the group has a moniker they use amongst themselves. Is this the way your friendships work? Does your group have a nickname?

    Having moved a lot for work, I admit, I love the idea of this, but never have all my closest pals in one city, let alone that they’d also be close with each other too. Not sure whether the nickname part is cool or feels high school though.

    • Lila Fowler :

      Honestly, it makes me think of the Unicorns. I can’t even remember if theUnicorns were a middle school only thing or if they went into high school. I would say leave it behind in one of those institutions.

      • France in September :

        Thanks for the laugh! Now where did I leave my purple belt?

        (For real – most definitely not.)

    • Triangle Pose :

      No group nickname in any of my friendgroups! I do have tight knit friend groups, but more than one so it’s impossible to ALWAYS be together.

    • Marshmallow :

      Nope, I think it’s rare that adult friendships work this way. I have a few friends from each stage of life and usually my friends are not also friends with each other, if that makes sense.

      My husband does have a close knit group of male friends from high school, and now all the wives are genuinely friends with each other, which is great. It is a little sitcom-ish, I suppose. But there’s no nickname for the group, other peripheral friends come and go, and it’s rare that we actually get EVERYONE together in the same room more than twice a year. We live in the same tri-state area but we aren’t “hanging out at the corner bar” close.

    • The Hubs has a group like this; each of them has a nickname within the group, the spouses/s.o.s in fact refer to the whole group by a nickname and one of the guys even got the group coordinating hats. They have a long running text thread and they are like a coffee klatsch texting all. the. time. As in “here’s a text of what I cooked tonight, what did you cook?”

      I told The Hubs that it reminders me of “Are You There, God? It’s Me Margaret”, but he did not get the reference.

      • Um, I may know these guys. Did one of them get married this past weekend?

        • Late answer, but no. All but one are married; he is the youngest in the group and we do not know if he and his s.o. ever will.

      • This may out me, but my guy friends’ guys-only group texts are far less innocent than that (in a potty humor way, not the other way).

      • Meg March :

        My husband’s group of friends from high school was also like this. There are 5 of them and in HS they were known as the Quints, because they lived in the only 5-person suite at their boarding school. 3/5 have long term SOs, and the other 2 occasionally bring in “plus ones.” 3 of them all lived in NYC for 4 years (and were even roommates for a year) and we convinced the other 2 to join us in NYC for 2 of those years. My husband and I just left, and another one of the guys also just left, but when we all lived there, we were together practically all the time. Husband and I had weekly game night with one of the other couples, and the whole group almost always hung out at least once/weekend, if not more. Keys to each others apts, just drop by w/out more than a “I’m 5 mins away, you home?” text, the whole nine yards. It was great. I love them all dearly and now I’m really missing NYC.

        I think one of the strengths of the group was that while they had this long rich history (from high school), they all separated for college and did their own things for a while. The new group was a mature group that chose to be together, rather than people still in bad habits from HS.

    • Senior Attorney :

      Lovely Husband has a group he likes to ride bikes with, and he calls them “The Cycling Lads.” And the wives/SO’s have started calling ourselves the Ladies’ Cycling Auxiliary. (Hilariously, the Lads object to the concept of the Ladies’ Auxiliary because they think it’s sexist…)

      Also LH and I got ourselves personal calling cards that say My Name and His Name, Professional Fun-Havers. And our friends thought that was so cool that we have started giving Fun-Haver cards as gifts to other people. So I guess that’s kind of a thing now.

      And yes, I totally get that a more appropriate name for all of us would be Big Ol’ Dorks…

    • Anonymous :

      I don’t think real life works this way past school age. I think most adults find friendship clusters around shared interests or hobby groups. But if you took away the interest or hobby, the group probably wouldn’t stay intact long-term as a friend group.

    • Anonymous :

      I do have a circle of friends like this, although we don’t get together as often as we’d like. Often we get together in groups of 2 or 3 instead of the full 6 because everyone is busy.

    • Anonymous :

      No because we’re adults.

    • I’ve always had groups of friends, and I have a tight-knit group of friends where I live now that probably pretty closely mimics what you would see on a sitcom. I am not sure how much longer the group will hang together – all of the couples in the group have gotten engaged or married recently, and I don’t really know what will happen if people start having children on different schedules.

      (As for me, I’m single. But I think groups like these can be a trade-off in that sense – there’s companionship, yes, but also little motivation to go seek out new people).

    • I have several group texts with friends and we’ll name the group chat something funny (for example, one is “X therapeutic talk group” where “X” is the former company where we all worked at and hated). I think that’s about as close as you can get as an adult to something like that.

    • Wildkitten :

      It was exactly like that in my last city. I don’t have a squad yet in Chicago.

      • Wildkitten :

        It’s the fact that you can do group texts with a group name facilitates the naming of the group, IMHO. Not sure why they had group names in the 90s.

    • Linda from HR :

      I had a close friend group in middle school and high school, the 3 of us did a lot together! I drifted apart from them afterwards, they stayed close, but we still hang out every now and then which is nice.

      Now, I don’t have that same kind of tight knit group, but I have a few different groups of friends which is cool. I think it’s a little harder when you’re an adult, things change for people all the time – people change jobs, get into relationships, move around, have kids, get into and fall out of hobbies, all sorts of things make maintaining a solid “friend group” tricky, whereas in high school, life is little more consistent for most kids and teens.

    • anon for this :

      I have two close-knit friend groups.

      One was six of us originally (but two have since moved out of state)– these were women I met and clicked with in my provisional class in Jr. League. The remaining four of us still get together regularly and we have a few extra people we’ve added along the way, though the core is really the four of us. We don’t have nicknames or anything though.

      The second is a group of four of us. We have a group name: “the gay alien mafia” (two of the group are gay, and I’d say that the remaining two are in the mafia and an alien, but that’s not actually true). We all live in different states but have a running facebook group message that we chat on daily, send memes and absurd news headlines, etc. We would absolutely all go out together regularly if we lived in the same place. We’re all social people though.

    • Wayyy anon for this :

      I have one group of close gfs from my 20s that is the pandas. We have A, B, and C, and panda, but we are all pandas. My bff knows them as the pandas.

      The geographically close threesome of girlfriends call ourselves the squatinas, which is a species of shark. One of us was a Disney character in real life for a couple of years, so we call her by that nickname sometimes. I have a nickname that is a riff on a motorsport of which I am a fan and that works well with my last name.

      The other close group of gfs I have is referred to by one husband as the $lut pack, dating back to the days in our early 20s. I like to remind him that he married one of us!!

    • Baconpancakes :

      My group from my freshman hall called ourselves The Fearless Four. Later, my friend group who all lived in/mostly hung out in a house off-campus referred to people as an offshoot of the name of the house (so if the house was named “The Hen House” we were all called “chicks.”) But now, no. The second group occasionally still refers to people as “chicks” but we’ve all changed geographies and made new friends and gotten married and had kids and only see the whole group for weddings now.

    • Yeah, I refer to my friend groups by names because they don’t overlap much, and those names are commonly used by the group’s members, but they’re not anything creative like, “The Unicorns.” It was more functional to identify which group of friends I’m talking about, which morphed into the group name. Think, “Atlanta girls” or “College Girls.”

      None of us live in the same city, so when we do get together it’s typically a big “College Girls” to-do.

    • I’m not really friends with groups, if that makes sense. I have many friends, but they don’t tend to be friends with each other – the relationships are hub-and-spoke rather than being webs, if that makes sense.

  5. Being Supportive from Afar :

    We seem to have many posts about people living far from a loved one who is going through a difficult time. What are the ways you support them from afar? Maybe we can create a list that encourages us and/or becomes a place to reference when those times happen in our own lives!

    • My signature "move" :

      I send a cookie! There’s a website where you can send one cookie with a personal note for under $6 including shipping. They cover a variety of reasons (birthdays, someone needs encouragement, someone lost a loved one, just because, etc.) and they’re inexpensive, but they seem to be more appreciated and bring more surprise/delight than many more standard items and they’re better on my wallet as well.

      Here’s the link:

      PS I also sometimes send them when I’m having a bad day. It cheers me up to know that someone I love is about to get a yummy surprise in their mailbox and then they get cheered up when they receive it, so it feels like 2 happy people for the price of a cookie!

      • Anonymous :

        “Two happy people for the price of a cookie!” would make a great slogan.

      • Anonymous :

        This is brilliant, like I can’t even express. Are the cookies tasty?

        • send cookies! :

          I sent some cookie cards to my mom after seeing the rec on here, and she loved it. She said they were tasty, and they also included a $5 giftcard for her to order another cookie card. I get email deals from them all the time now (they go straight to my junk folder, but I see ’em when I clear it out at the end of the day), and sometimes they have even better deals than the standard few bucks to send a single cookie card.

          Several close friends have recently moved, so I need to get their addresses updated, because a quick “Hey, you’re far away but I’m thinking of you” showing up in their mailbox makes me smile :)

        • send cookies! :

          My reply got eaten, so apologies if this posts twice.

          I sent some cookies to my mom after seeing the rec here, and she loved them. She said the cookies were tasty and looked very cute when they arrived. I sent the sunshine cookies with a, “Hope this brightens your day” note from me and siblings, and they included a $5 giftcard for her to buy more cookies.

      • Not that Anne, the other Anne :

        I had no idea there were cookie cards. I believe I will be sending a few of those tonight.

    • What someone did for me :

      I love pizza, as in lovelovelove pizza. Sometimes, for birthdays or when I’m having a really awful day, one of my best friends will either order me a pizza when she knows I’m home and just text to tell me to expect a knock on my door shortly or she’ll send me an e giftcard for a local pizza place. Often, when I text or call to thank her, she’ll ask if I want company with my meal. It gives me the chance to feel loved with my favorite food and to have her company for dinner, knowing I can monopolize the conversation and knowing she is fully supportive during that time. It lets me have the best of everything and enjoy it in my comfiest pj’s!

    • Nelly Yuki :

      Great idea! I would especially love ideas for a friend who is doing a one-year tour in a war zone (but is a civilian gov’t employee). Mail takes 4 weeks but I’m sure is still fun to receive. I was thinking of buying postcard books and stamps and trying to send one a week, but I’m open to other ideas.

  6. Medium-sized clutch :

    I now need to carry glasses with me. The zip-around wallet won’t fit them and a phone.

    Can you find a clutch-style purse that will fit: reading glasses, iPhone7+ (in Otterbox), and a wallet?

    I found a lovely bag in the WSJ magazine and it turned out to be snake (and not snake-embossed) and was more than the downpayment on my condo (MCOL city, years ago). Another one also had a comma in the price (but only 4 figures, not five).

    Some sort of neutral (black / gray) and exotic finish (like snake-embossed or lizard print, but not something $$$)? But big enough and yet still a clutch.


    • Marshmallow :

      Not exotic, but I’m drooling over this large clutch for myself:

    • Maddie Ross :

      Not an exotic finish, but I have the Mark and Graham commuter clutch and love it. It’s a bit padded, so would be good for glasses.

  7. Unfortunately not a fan of any of these – block heels aren’t my style. Please oh please does a regular wine-colored pump exist? No frills, normal height, normal heel?

    • KateMiddletown :

      I bought some at NAS a few years back that were Ivanka brand.

    • check Amazon :

      I just bought a round of wine-colored heels on Amazon from Naturalizer, Aerosoles, and Clarks. ~2.5-3 inch heels with a reasonable thickness (not stiletto but not block), suede, almond-toe or more round-toe. I really liked the Aerosoles but ended up finding a different pair that I preferred. The Naturalizers were a strong contender, but my other Aerosoles option won. The Clarks hit too high on my heel and rubbed against my ankle one, and they felt a bit tight in the toe box, but the color was great. Prime and free returns for the win!

  8. What color tights do people wear with burgundy shoes in cooler weather?

    • Shopaholic :

      I wear black tights. But then black tights is always my answer…

    • Dark grey might work? Depends what else you’re wearing probably.

    • Just bought some navy tights and if it ever freaking cools off in the Bay Area (srsly, it’s mid-September, why are you hot right now!??!), I’m going to wear them all. the. time.

      I have a very cute outfit in my head for fall: wine-colored shooties that I just bought, navy tights, burgundy sheath, navy-and-white sweater, and navy-and-burgundy printed scarf.

      I also have a charcoal grey sheath that would work with navy tights/sweater and wine-colored shooties for a pop of color.

      • Can you post a link your wine-colored shooties pleeease? That sounds like it would work better with dark tights than a burgundy pump. Black tights with a not-black pump always looks weird to me.

        • Alas, I purchased them at Marshall’s, so I don’t have a buy-able link. BUT, I posted them on Pinterest:

          Aerosoles has a bunch of cute shooties/boots/pumps in dark red or wine on Amazon, so check out that brand. Here’s a couple of options I also considered (and still might purchase in the dark blue or the gray because that would cover my whole winter wardrobe!):

    • Triangle Pose :

      Personal style decison but I like the two out of three rule from CapHillStyle – your tights should match either your dress/shirt color above or your shoe color below so that two out of the three sections of your body are the same color – don’t create three separate blocks of color with dress/skirt, tights, and shoes.

  9. This pumps are the perfect mixture of comfort and style! And the burgundy/wine color is one of my favorite colors to wear during the fall season.

  10. Anonymous :

    How do you deal with opposing counsel who is just unnecessarily obnoxious?

    • Delta Dawn :

      I limit communications to email only (no point in speaking to them, plus I feel like I need to have a record of our interactions if they’re that obnoxious). In those emails, I limit my words to only what is absolutely necessary (“Our offer is ____. It expires on _____. Please email me with any questions.”) Basically I just communicate with them as little as possible.

    • Anonymous BigLaw Associate :

      I often just don’t respond to anything that isn’t substantive. And otherwise be not rude, but fairly laconic, and simply don’t lose my cool. And if there is just a dispute that we are clearly not going to reach a compromise on and someone if going to have a file a motion, I just shut down the conversation. Overly obnoxious opposing counsel wants to get under your skin, and by not letting them you get under theirs and they don’t ruin your day.

    • Ignore any communication that doesn’t warrant a response. (Please confirm you will not be pursuing an appeal. What? Delete.)

      Letting them argue before the judge or on the record at a deposition and calmly asking what the objection is and moving forward.

      Not responding to outlandish arguments in my reply brief or filing a reply to a reply just because the arguments are ridiculous.

      • Also – feel bad for them. It’s unprofessional and makes it hard on themselves unnecessarily, both to get clients but also to come to resolutions.

        Suggest mediation to the judge is the other one. If it’s litigation Judges do not want to deal with that. The more people see how unreasonable the attorney is, the more likely they will change their behavior to survive or be held accountable for their reputation.

  11. I would not have thought there was a retailer aiming at me who hadn’t found me years ago, but I just discovered J. McLaughlin. It is a FABULOUS source for dresses for work. I promise I’m not an investor or affiliate!

  12. I would not have thought there was a retailer aiming at me who hadn’t found me years ago, but I just discovered J. McLaughlin. It is a FABULOUS source for dresses for work. I promise I’m not an investor or affiliate!

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