Giveaway: Win a $50 Shopping Credit on Hoseanna!

I’ve blogged about Hoseanna before, but the site (and business) has undergone some major changes since then! To celebrate the new site and categories, Hoseanna is offering a special prize to Corporette readers — a $50 shopping credit on Hoseanna, good for all your ‘Monthly Musts’!

As a quick reminder (I’ll do a full site review next week), this is a cool new site for women that is premised on the idea that, while the shopping/browsing experience is fun, sometimes busy women just want things to be auto-shipped. Accordingly, you can sign up at Hoseanna to have hosiery, feminine products, health & beauty supplies, and even intimate supplies automatically delivered to your door on a regular basis.  The brands are all curated, and the prices are reasonable.

The Rules: Comment on this post (including your email address in the “email address field”), telling us ways you like to automate your life (whether it’s through shopping deliveries, bill payments, or other ways). The winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 31.  You must include your email in the email address field so you can be contacted by Kat in the event you win the giveaway.  Your information will be held in confidence by Corporette pursuant to The Corporette Privacy Policy, and you will only be contacted by Kat in the event you win the giveaway.

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All right, readers — how do you simplify your life through automation?

Disclosure: Please note that Corporette charges advertisers a fee to promote and administer giveaways.

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  1. Yay! They ship to Canada for a flat fee! Is it too much to hope they cover duty as well?

    I can’t live without Outlook reminders or the Stickies application on my Mac. I have it set to open automatically when I log in so I cannot avoid my to-do lists.

    But by far the most important automation in my life is the automatic weekly mortgage payment that comes out of my bank account. I love not having to think about it, and I love that making weekly payments reduces my overall payment term. Yay.

  2. I automate all my mortgage, car payment, and college savings and daycare tuition payments for my kids – basically anything that’s the same amount every month.

  3. I am all about anything that would make my poor student life easier. I always seem to find myself looking for hosiery the day before I have a networking event.

  4. I auto-draft utility payments and TV. The new iphone reminders will likely be helpful to remember to do things that occur on a monthly basis too!

  5. I automate in every way possible – bills, everything. I used to have groceries delivered, and will probably do so again once I have the $$.

  6. I automate all bill payments, in part because I might forget, but mostly because I never have stamps or can find a mailbox. So I end up carrying envelopes around for weeks.

  7. Need a screen name :

    I automate payments that are the same every month, savings and investments. I tried Door to Door Organics for vegetable delivery, but couldn’t make it work with someone having to be home during the day to sign for them. Sometimes, when I need the standard and heavier household items, I put in a Peapod order.

  8. I automate my loan and insurance payments – so nice! And I love for automating my budget – only little things to do.

    Love this giveaway!

  9. First time commenting here. What do you feel about wearing a red dress to work? I have this red dress that I want to wear on weekdays but a bit hesitant that it will look a bit too much (but then again, that is what red dresses are for!).

    It’s more of an orangey-reddish sheath dress, cut 2 inches above the knee. I am 5’4, 105 lbs, quite skinny so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t look va-va-voom with it on.

    I’m wondering what you guys think if you see a co-worker rocking a red dress to work?

    • I would think that she’s awesome. If you are feeling hesitant, I suggest wearing a charcoal, navy or chocolate sweater/cardigan/jacket over the sheath dress to tone down the red (not black, that’ll make the red pop). Also, breaking out with this type of color is easier to do in the summer but I’d still wear something that bright in the fall. Go for it!

    • Do you often wear bright colors to work? If you don’t, it might get noticed more because it is unusual for you, but if you do, go for it! I like Ru’s suggestion of pairing it with charcoal.

    • MissJackson :

      I have a conservative red sheath that I wear to work frequently.

    • I have a red wool sheath dress that I wear to work. Sometimes I put a coordinating, striped button-down blouse underneath.

  10. I automate my laundry – it is picked up once a week and dropped off by a local laundromat. If it weren’t for them, I’d always be running out of clean clothes. (In case you couldn’t tell, I live in NYC so laundry in apartment is a luxury :-)

  11. Bills, banking, mortgage, like others have said above. But also? Nespresso.

    Yum, tasty caffeine!

  12. Now that I’m out of school and having a regular job with regular paychecks, I’m starting to automate most static bills, like cable, phone, and student loans. I’m also automatically transferring money every month from my checking account to my ING savings account. There are so many more things I’d like to automate, like household goods and personal items. I’m starting to use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save on things that I know I buy on a regular basis.

  13. I automate cell phone bills, netflix, cable and savings from one checking account to another. Just signed up for retirement thingamajig, so that’s automatic, too.

    I have to be careful with this automatic stuff…I just opened up a cell phone bill and saw that they’re charging insurance for one phone (that I didn’t sign up for) and that they messed up billing for one month on another account. ARgh.

  14. I auto my charitable donations. I find that when I give $20 a month to each org, I give more throughout the year than if I give one check at the end of the month (less of a shock to my bank account as well).

    I also love remember the milk and the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly reminders that tell me to do things. That’s automated, right? Ie I put in change air filter, change toothbrush, change mascara, give dog medicine, all on the time schedule that is appropriate to the task.

  15. I just moved from Chicago, where I had on automate my grocery shopping through Peapod. I sure do miss them. Time and money saver! They would show up every two weeks on Saturday morning, and I even had a regular shopping list.

  16. Kimberly A. :

    My husband and I now outsource/ automate everything dealing with our home (both of us are lawyers in Atlanta). We have a maid that does everything around the house, a yard company, and a dry cleaners that delivers and picks-up twice a week. I wish Peapod was in the suburbs because that is the only errand I have to run on a regular basis.

  17. I automate all my bill payments. It’s nice to know it’s done and I don’t have to worry about it.

  18. I automate DH’s paychecks as he travels often, usually internationally, for long time periods. Sigh – miss him so – one coming up soon. Our sprinkler system automates most plant care for us (Orchids and Tropicals) and lawn maintenance – except we’re on water rationing now due to a drought – but it’s still automated…no midnight watering by hand for me!

    Other than that, my brain automates alot of tasks…

    Towels washed on Tuesdays, Toilets cleaned on Tuesdays
    Laundry (rest of it) on Saturdays
    Sunday groceries/target after the gym
    Bills pay and filing on Sundays too (we have had credit card hacking recently from the internet so continue our resolve not to pay bills on line) … don’t know, might have come through Amazon … only way we think someone got the cc info AND our mailing address…in process

    Similar slate of office/corporate tasks by day of week or monthly (I run my own Corp, just me).

  19. Sorry if this is TMI – but the only way I can remember to take my BC pill is with daily automatic calendar reminders on my phone. I have been using this system for over 7 years and have only forgetting on days when my phone was dead. I have a word pop up on my screen that only I would recognize it as a pill reminder, just to be sure my nosey coworker doesn’t see “pill” on my phone screen.

  20. I automate savings. Otherwise it’s too easy to spend the money!