Suit of the Week: Gucci

Gucci Wool Flannel BlazerFor busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits for women, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

Wow. I don’t think we’ve featured a Gucci suit on here in a while, but this is gorgeous — it just looks so clean and buttoned-up. The detachable knit collar is a bit much for me, at least for the office, so I’m happy to see it’s detachable. The straight leg pants are perfect, too (and a great example of straight-leg pants hemmed at the right point). I like the touch of cashmere in the fabric, too (95% wool, 4% cashmere, 1% elastene) — I’ll be it’s ridiculously soft. The jacket (Gucci Wool Flannel Blazer) is $1995, and the pants (Gucci Wool Flannel Pants) are $850, both at Saks.  (Incidentally, their sale section has some great shoes on sale — Manolo Blahniks, Miu Miu, and weirdly a lot of great flats.)


Gucci Wool Flannel Blazer



  1. Oh snap, that suit just looks so slick. Very nice.

    I decided I was going to cut out added sugar. Which of course meant that I had to have a frapp and scone this morning. Tips/commiseration?

    • Seattleite :

      Up your protein and fat for a few days. Do you have triggers? For me, spicy foods invariably result in a massive sugar craving about 30 minutes later. So when I cut sugar I also have to downgrade to one-star and hold the rooster sauce.

    • Love it! She looks like a female bond villain.

      If they’d redone Casino Royale and made Le Chiffre a woman, she’d look like that model wearing just that outfit.

      Re: sugar. Enjoy the frappucino & scone. Just don’t repeat that later this afternoon. :-)

    • Understand that it will take time to adjust to less sugar, but it will happen. I have to go cold turkey, or else I can’t make the full adjustment. Basically, cut out the sugar, go through withdrawal, and never look back (or you’ll just have to go through it all again).

    • do it! i have a very very serious sweet tooth and was basically eating a perfect diet— plus 2 desserts per day. i cut out added sugar/sweetners cold turkey, but still eat fruit. the first four days were torture, another almost week took discipline, and then i stopped craving sweets, and it became easier to eat when i was actually hungry. i feel much more in control and it’s without daily struggle!

    • Encouragement — I have done this recently and I no longer want anything sugary. Does not even appeal to me. I have chocolate in my office and in my home that I don’t even look at. It’s been around for months. I must confess that I have not given up alcohol, though. That is a whole other level. Good luck – it is worth it.

    • Water. I drink lots of water at my desk and it cuts a lot of the sugar cravings for me. Not a perfect fix, though.

    • I meant to write earlier – there was an article in the paper here this morning about a study of people who had lost weight and how they maintained. They said that everyone who had dieted had a decrease in metabolism, but the people who maintained with a low-carb diet burned 300 more calories a day (without doing anything) and the people who maintained with a low-glycemic diet burned 200 more calories a day than people who ate a low-fat diet. So sad for me. I’d be low glycemic if it weren’t for the added sugar (like chocolate). I’m doomed!

      • Oh pshk, you’re not doomed! I subscribe to the everything-in-moderation-including-moderation school of thought. I’m trying to give up sugar because I literally feel sick to my stomach after I have it because once I have a teensy bit of sugar, I become a monster and eat all the sugar until it’s all gone. Cuz believe me, those 18 year old’s on okc are telling me I’m looking good, lol.

      • …but that low carb had some other quite negative health ramifications so low glycemic was the actual recommendation.

  2. Gorgeous suit!

  3. Woods-comma-Elle :

    So you guise – I have a weekend in NYC coming up. We have both been several times before and have done all the mainstream stuff. I am going to trawl through old threads for recommendations as well, but I’m after a couple of things in particular.

    1. brunch – where’s the good brunch? Celeb spotting optional
    2. happy hour – what are the trendy (but not snooty) places for cocktails? Rooftop location a bonus.
    3. restaurants – we want to go somewhere a little swanky one night for dinner to celebrate a couple of things.
    4. places to go dancing into the small hours but preferably on the classier side minus sticky floors and sleazy dudes.

    Basically the plan is to shop, eat, drink cocktails and go partying and recommendations around those activities would be welcome!

    • My favorite brunch by far is Public in Nolita. $22 prix fixe for interesting and delicious food, a coffee/tea and a lovely cocktail. Their sister restaurant Saxon & Parole is also solid.

    • You are going to get a wildly varying list of places. I’m going to preface mine by saying late 20s, live downtown, adore delicious food. I am going to leave off some places that have ridiculously long lines and no reservations (yes you, Sullivan St Bakery).

      1) Brunch (mostly Village/Soho area, focus either on delicious hangover remedies or somewhere I can catch my breath with coffee and a pastry): The Dutch, Minetta Tavern, Cafe Jane, Mercer Kitchen, The Cannibal, NoMad hotel, Empellon Cocina, The Spotted Pig (go before 12, put your name in, wander around the WVill for an hour). Caffe Falai in Soho is unexpectedly charming and has a pastry list that is amazing. I adore Prune but if you have more than two people you need to line up an hour before it opens. Or for the best and cheapest brunch in town, go to Chinatown to Golden Unicorn or Joe’s Shanghai.

      2) Happy hour at a roof top bar: 230 Fifth, Rare View Chelsea or Rare View, La Birerria at Eataly, Le Bain, Sky Room if you are nostalgic for Times Square at night, Plunge at the Gansevoort. Plunge and Le Bain are a little tricky to get into without paying up for bottle service, but if you go early you can do okay. I have a huge soft spot for 230 Fifth because its view of the Empire State Building really is worth at least one visit.

      3) Restaurants that are “a little swanky”: this one is much harder not knowing your price points and preferences. If I were going out for a night on the town, the high end of my list includes Mas, Annisa, the sublime but seriously pricy Eleven Madison Park and Marea. I should probably shove Babbo or Del Posto on this list but like Lupa much better. Slightly easier on the wallet (and places I keep trying to go to this month) are Tertulia, Perla, and Neta. I am hearing some seriously good things about the NoMad Rooftop if you want to combine rooftop + dinner but the reservations are tricky and it is, uh, a little expensive.

      4) Dancing: I am kinda drawing a blank on this as the last place I went was the Electric Lounge and I am sure that is already over and done. Will leave it to everybody else.

  4. Woods-comma-Elle :

    Reposted as I used the dreaded c-word

    So you guise – I have a weekend in NYC coming up. We have both been several times before and have done all the mainstream stuff. I am going to trawl through old threads for recommendations as well, but I’m after a couple of things in particular.

    1. brunch – where’s the good brunch? Celeb spotting optional
    2. happy hour – what are the trendy (but not snooty) places for drinks? Rooftop location a bonus.
    3. restaurants – we want to go somewhere a little swanky one night for dinner to celebrate a couple of things.
    4. places to go dancing into the small hours but preferably on the classier side minus sticky floors and sleazy dudes.

    Basically the plan is to shop, eat, drink c***tails and go partying and recommendations around those activities would be welcome!

    • Always a NYer :

      My favorite place to get drinks in NYC is 230 Fifth. It’s on the corner of Fifth Ave and 27th Street (across from the Museum of S*x to give you a landmark to look for). It looks like an office building but easy to spot if you’re looking for it. Walk to the back and take the elevator to the top. There’s usually a line to get in starting at 10pm. My friends and I usually get there around 9pm and either stay all night or head to the next bar. They have amazing cosmos, the best I’ve ever had out ;) And they have a rooftop bar with amazing views of the city!

    • We had an AMAZING dinner at ABC Kitchen recently.

      • Jacqueline :

        Second this recommendation! I loved everything we ate at ABC Kitchen.

      • I recomend the RAINBOW Room at the TOP of 30 Rockefeller Plaza for a very nice dinner, and they ALSO have a dance floor and live band!

        When I was dateing Alan, he took me there, and it was very SWANKEY, but you HAVE to get dressed up. Fooey on Alan for getting drunk, but we had great LAMB CHOPS (rack of lamb, that is, and it was the GOOD type, with no GRIZZLE!!!!!

        Also, you can go to Aquavit, if you do NOT mind SCANDINAVYAN food (I LOVE IT, b/c some peeple think I am Norwegian.

        BTW, the GUCCI pant’s suit is wonderful, but not for me. You HAVE TO be a size 2 to look good with this and that will NOT be hapening for me this year!

    • Went to Boqueria in Soho a couple of weekends ago and sat at the counter around the kitchen (warning: it can be a little warm so close to the grill). The food was amazing, especially if you are a meat-eater. It was really fun to watch the cooking, too, and the chef was very sweet and gave us recommendations on what was best. My bf and I really enjoyed it.

    • I will be watching this thread and taking notes, as I have been longing for a non-holiday, non-all-time-spent-with-inlaws vacation in NYC for some time.

      At the top of my must-visit list for brunch is Balthazar. Spring St. at Broadway in Soho. And you didn’t ask, but right near there is the hotel where I want to stay — the Crosby Street Hotel.

      Restaurants/food halls I’ve been dying to try: Eleven Madison Park and Eataly.

      • former New Yorker :

        Balthazar is one of my favorite spots. And for a similar, but a bit more relaxed vibe and food, Felix is great. I’m also a big fan of Odean, whihc is around 14th st on the west side. And, if you willing to spend the money, Primavera is my favorite restaurant in the world. Its at 81st and 1st (or 2nd).

        Oh, and for great upscale chinese food, shun lee.

      • Alanna of Trebond :

        Love Balthazar, wait for brunch is usually too long. Eleven Madison Park is totally overrated.

        Downtown recommendation for brunch: Public (just got a Michelin star)
        Uptown recommendation: Alice’s Tea Cup. Seriously, the best (the one in the UWS).

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I had brunch awhile back at HK Cafe in Hells Kitchen with unlimited drinks and it was super delicious. Not exactly a celebrity sighting, but Eva from way back on Americas Next Top Model was filming a new reality show while I was there.

      If you are willing to go to Brooklyn, there is a bar called Berry Park in Williamsburg with a great rooftop bar. It’s a casual place with a laid back vibe. Or a restaurant called Bogota in Park Slope has some awesome happy hour drinks. And crazy yummy food.

    • I don’t know if “New York” New Yorkers will poo-poo this suggestion, but last time I was in NYC we went to Collichio and Sons, Tom Collichio’s new flagship, and it was excellent.

      We had the sweetbreads appetizer and it was really good and my husband loved his short ribs (my rabbit was also really good). Also, I liked that our waitress was not too snooty…which I find basically super annoying at nice restaurants.

    • Senior Attorney :

      Balthazar is great for brunch. You will need to make reservations well in advance. I also like Norma’s in the Parker Meredien Hotel.

      For a memorable dinner I love Butter in NoHo. The most memorable dinner I ever had was the tasting menu/wine pairing dinner there. Just sublime! The chef is Alex Guarnaschelli from Food Network, if you are into that sort of thing.

    • Have a fabulous time! My trip isn’t until November (although that’s really my favorite time of year in NYC). And I always get in trouble with my grant administrator for submitting receipts for gelato, falafel sandwiches (Mamoun’s in the Village) and slices of pizza instead of real meals.

    • 1. Brunch = Cook Shop, Tipsy Parson (both in Chelsea), Schiller’s Liquor Bar
      2. For drinks, I like a bunch of places along the Bowery/East Village, like The Wren, Amor y Amargo, Mayahuel. In Soho, I like Pegu Club and I have a weird soft spot for Lani Kai (upscale tiki!). Or you can go wine bar and do Terroir or Gottino.
      3. Restaurants — actually, any of the above are also really good restaurants. Public is also yummy and in a neat setting. For the sake of including something in Midtown, the Modern bar room is quite good as well.

    • Dinner at Craft was one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

    • 1. Brunch – Cafe Cluny, Standard Hotel, Minetta Tavern
      2. Happy Hour – Employees Only, Salon de Ning (rooftop of Penninsula Hotel in Midtown), Empire Hotel
      3. Restaurant – The Modern (at MOMA), Blue Hill, L’Artusi
      4. Hudson Hotel – very funny people watching with a light up floor

      Have fun!

    • Woods-comma-Elle :

      Thanks everyone, have been looking up all these places tonight, so excited!

      • Anne Shirley :

        Elle, I happen to love the neighborhood guides- great tips for all kinds of cuisines and locales.

        I’d hit up Dim Sum Go Go for brunch, Rosemary’s for drinks, then up to Eataly for more drinks, Shake Shack if you just want to sit outside and people watch for a while, and Del Posto for a fancy dinner out. Also check out the High Line, and the September 11th memorial is really breathtaking, especially after dark.

        Now can you return the favor? Heading to your neighborhood in August.

    • 1. Brunch: I LOVE Sarabeth’s for brunch. The one on Central Park South is by far my favorite. It’s usually packed, but with only two people, the wait isn’t bad. I’ve tried brunch from many, many celeb chef / high end restaurants that serve it, but I always come back to Sarabeth’s as my favorite.
      2. Upstairs at the Kimberly and Top of the Tower (at the Beekman Tower Hotel) are my local rooftop places for drinks.
      3. Per Se is incredible, but very, very $$$. As a sushi/fish girl, I love Nobu for a celebratory meal. Fishtail by David Burke is another recent fave – one night a week they have a fantastic lobster prix fixe (also – cake in a can – SO GOOD).
      4. not a dancer, sorry!

    • The tiny Blue Ribbon wine bar in the West Village (on Downing Street, across the street from their restaurant) is fantastic for an early evening glass of wine. Perilla, also in the West Village, is great for dinner. I’ve also heard wonderful things about Lupa and The Little Owl.

    • 1) For possible celeb sightings brunch: Via Quadronno (all models and their rich/famous bfs), Le Bilboquet (I was seated next to Bono!), or Fiorello’s (saw Martin Short dining with Paul Schaeffer). For just an amazing brunch, I recommend Cafe Orlin on St. Mark’s Pl. but high potential for long wait.

      2) Rooftops: David Burke Kitchen in Soho has outdoor garden bar; Empire Hotel (weird crowd as of late); Rare is not bad; Gansevoort Park and my personal fave which is a must if only to check out at night for the view: Peninsula Hotel! Rooftops are pricier by default, so beware of that.

      3) All guys/steak-dinner-ppl I know are obsessed with Abe & Arthur’s and Del Frisco’s. For lighter fare, I like Fig & Olive Meatpacking District; Asiate at Mandarin Hotel in Time Warner Center (one of my fave dinners ever here, get a window table to overlook Columbus Circle at night, and check out the bar next door on same floor for pre- or post- dinner drinks); or Kittichai in Soho Thompson Hotel for a very affordable tasting menu.

      4) To my knowledge and 22 yrs in NYC looking for same, I have come to the conclusion that such a place does not exist.

  5. PharmaGirl :

    I’ll commiserate! I joined Weight Watchers last week and thought I made a good decision for my lunch sandwich (vegetable wrap). Turns out the vegetables were covered in butter/oil, the wrap was dripping with mayo, and it came with a side of potatoes (all of which got eaten). Tomorrow is another day! I’m at least proud of how disappointed I was in the fattiness of the meal. That alone is progress. Not looking forward to logging those points.

    • PharmaGirl :

      This was in response to Godzilla above. Grrr.

    • Thanks, babe. I’ve been on WW for almost 2 years and I’ve given up sugar before but falling off the wagon and trying to get back on again is SO HARD. Tracking really is key.

    • At least you ordered a veggie option! Kudos on that! When this happens to me, I compare it to what I would’ve ordered pre-weight watchers and that helps me to not feel like I totally messed it up. You have to take the small victories too!!!! And yes, tomorrow is a new day.

  6. Love the idea of cashmere in a suit!

    TJ: My dad had a ministroke at work about a month ago (will be fine). He has gotten tons of cards in the mail and some really nice gift baskets. He works for a federal agency and knows most of the folks in his building. What is the best way to thank people for their well wishes? A card? Something more than that?

    • Kontraktor :

      I like the idea of a card addressed to the Division/Office Director and all others. Maybe have it sent to the office directly if you can, or try to get somebody bring it in. You can write a nice note inside that thanks everybody on behalf of you and your family. Our old office had a cork board where we hung things like that up.

      Then, maybe you can write personal thank you notes to the people who sent gift baskets and just send those privately to them via regular mail. I don’t think you need to address personally the people who sent only cards, separately from an overall ‘thank you’ card to the office.

    • Glad to hear your dad’s doing well.

    • We have a daily newsletter sent out to the building that publishes site updates, policy, and things like this. You may want to contact the communications department to see if they do the same thing.

  7. This looks like something Lady Mary Crawley would wear if she was born a generation later. I lurve it. Obviously, its not in the budget.

    Thanks for all the funk-busting ideas in the morning thread guys, I’ll try to put a few into action — unfortunately some health problems basically preclude exercise. :-P

  8. After inadvertently causing a big hoopla this morning, I thought I’d share that I called Talbot’s and was able to iron out all of the issues. They are even shipping another size (that was not available online yesterday) for free. So they’ve sort of made up for it.

  9. I would be interested in seeing how that wool color would look on someone in real life.

    On other subjects, trying to resist stealth napping at my desk.

  10. Always a NYer :

    This suit is so bad-a$$ that I must own it! Too bad I don’t have a couple thousand dollars to buy it…

  11. Jacqueline :

    How do J. Crew bathing suits run? I like the jersey Lomellina one-piece:

    I’m a definite pear shape — probably a 2-4 on top but a definite 6-8 on the bottom. Would you go with a 4, a 6, or an 8?

  12. Ladies, what amazing hair products have you discovered and now can’t live without? I recently discovered the blog “The Londoner” and am lusting over her perfectly coiffed Kate Middleton hair. I’ve looked and she hasn’t done a post on the products she used. Hopefully I’m not the only one wanting the silky mane that’s become the Duchess’ signature. Any tips and/or products you have to share are very welcome. I’m going shopping in NYC this weekend and ready to spend on some good products. Thanks!!!

    • Anon Analyst :

      Sebastian Trilliant Thermal Protection & Shimmer Complex

      I flat iron my hair almost every day and this keeps my hair nice and smooth. It actually has little shiny particles in it that make my hair super shiny. I’m always experimenting with different hair products, and this is the only one I’ve repurchased multiple times.

      I also like Fredric Fekkai glossing cream. I use this while my hair is still damp and then rough dry before using the flat iron.

    • kerastase (sp?) hair oil. I have fine hair and live in a very dry climate. It keeps my hair from frizzing and adds shine without looking oily at all.

    • Why don’t you email the blogger and ask?

  13. Attention New Yorkers – we are finally getting our very own Nordstrom! Link in reply.

    • htt

    • Sydney Bristow :

      Oh my god, I’ve been in traveling hell all day and this made my day a little bit better! Between that and the Dairy Queen that was mentioned in the morning thread, I’m just so excited! Or completely exhausted yet stuck in an airport for anywhere between 4-8 more hours before possibly arriving at my destination across the US a whopping 18 hours after I left my apartment this morning.

  14. Associette :

    Had a tough depo today! In the midst of telling the [female] partner over the phone how opposing counsel was being unecessarily difficult and obstinate, I cried, for just one moment. I told her I was emotional – she was like you are doing great don’t even worry about it.

    I am now so incredibly embarassed I cannot even tell you. Anyone have anything like this happen to them?

    • I once cried in the office of a more senior associate because he told me that I was smart and deserved to be where I am. He was trying to instill confidence (while giving me constructive critcism about how I needed to be more confident in my written product), and it came on one of those days where I just needed someone to say something nice to me. The poor guy was so flustered.

      • Kontraktor :

        Some threads/stories make me want to be the boss/manager in my own business so that I can hire people, and they can cry if they are stressed or their dad/friend died (or even on accident just because!), take more than 2 weeks off when they have babies, wear peep toes, and leave when their work is done. I don’t even know what my business would be or what service I would offer, but at the very least it would be the business of empathy, respect, and not making employees feel like c**p every day about life and normal human behaviors.

        • Blonde Lawyer :

          I <3 this and would absolutely work for you.

        • Eh, I frankly think most offices are like that, even in law. It’s just that you only see complaints about the outliers.

          • Kontraktor :

            I think in general, work culture in the US just… so lacks empathy and matter of factness. There are so many discussions here and everywhere about different aspects of work place dynamics, and to me so many of these issues could be solved if we all just got over ourselves a little and focussed on basic decency and empathy. So what if somebody cries at work now and then? We’re people. We all cry sometimes. Who cares? I think a matter of fact, empathetic attitude towards all sorts of issues like this doesn’t really exist at large. Sure, maybe most offices aren’t downright cruel like some of the bad stories we hear imply, but I do think US work culture at large fails to see the forest for the trees. It can harp so much on tichy little things people should or shouldn’t do in the name of ‘respect’ or ‘professionalism,’ while simultaneously ignoring the big picture of treating all people as kindly and decently as possible. It’s sad to me that peep toes are offensive, but judging somebody so harshly for crying (or any other similar example- look how worried so many people feel about these things) is not.

            So, I’m just speaking broadly here… I just wish work culture could shift the focus and more environments would simply be kind places where people could just work and expect to be treated with kindness, but also treat others as such. I’m not saying we have no standards or that office rules/expectations are not okay- just wish people in general could be a little more understanding of, well, everything. :-)

        • I’ve always wanted to own a business purely so I could give my employees the day off on their birthday. I don’t really want to run a business, but birthdays off would be awesome, imo.

        • Well, I’m in! My office is mostly like this. I was ALL emotional Monday after my secretary drama Friday, and one of the partners was SO understanding and ran interference beween “that woman” and me. Happy to report “that woman” is not long for this office…

      • Also, I once saw a female partner have a full on breakdown during a trial (on a break) because the judge was being so difficult and she was so tired and stressed.

        Do not feel embarassed, at all.

    • We’ve had this conversation here before, but many people here have cried or almost cried before. You didn’t cry IN the deposition — you’re FINE. No need to worry at ALL.

      • Associette :

        Thanks TCKFAG, yes no tears in the depo. Opp counsel had no idea. But the partner knows and probably wonders if I did/could/would cry in a depo. Ahhhh I wish that didn’t happen on the phone with the partner. I remember it in slow motion. shaky voice. tears. Then I was fine two seconds later back in the depo and giving it right back to him.

        Why do people have to be so difficult? I just don’t get it.

      • I was in a deposition last week where the opposing counsel cried. She has likely been practicing law for 40 years, and she’s a very intimidating woman herself. So, no worries OP, I think it happens to just about everyone at some point in their career.

    • Yes! I have cried in person in front of two partners. They handed me tissues, told me I was great, and moved on. It took me a little longer to move on, but seriously, it happens. I know there are people who post here who have superhuman (to me) powers to make tears stop, but I do not, nor can I always tell when they are coming. I have heard of men who throw things when they’re upset, and let’s face it, crying is not a battery or assault, so we’re winning this one.

      ((internet hugs))

    • Constance Justice :

      In the not so distance past, a partner in my firm sent me a really horrible run of emails, on the verge of verbal abuse (if you can do that over email?). This does not happen infrequently. I was fuming, and holding in tears. Until another (male) partner came in my office and asked me to explain what was wrong. He had heard that I might be mistreated by said first partner. As soon as I started talking, the tears started pouring! And then I was more embarrassed and started hyperventilating and he was still waiting for me to explain what was wrong! It was so awkward. But it did not ruin my career, and in fact that partner ended up giving me more work. In terms of NGDGTCO, I realize this was an epic failure on my part, but what can you do?

      It sounds like the partner you work for may be one of the good ones. You are going to be okay. :) And, at least it was over the phone and not an ugly, in person cry!

    • Cried when talking to my supervisor about my unhappiness with another associate’s behavior.

  15. Love this suit, but can’t even imagine wearing it – it’s such a gorgeous day out!!!
    Am I the only one who wishes she could leave work early today?

  16. Aycee – I commented on your question about interpretation/translation studies in the morning thread. I was late to the discussion and I wanted to make sure you saw it.

    – Bluejay

  17. Lawyer with No Law, if you are reading, just wanted to let you know I posted a suggestion for you in the Tuesday TPS report thread and then realized I was a day late. Go back and read it but in short I asked if you have considered looking for an adjuster position in the insurance industry.

    • Goosebumpy :

      So I’m (obviously) not Lawyer with No Law, but I’ve got a similar background (a couple years in insurance defense) and am thinking of going your job route. I’m currently clerking, so I have some time to work with, but I saw in Tuesday’s thread that you’d be open to emailing and would love to hear any advice you might have!

      • Hi! Just saw this- you (and lawyer with no law if she sees this) can email me at emilyk121212 at yahoo if you’d like. Totally forgot I’d just set up an anon-ish email address that can be used for this purpose. If you don’t hear back from me in a day or two, it’s probably just because I forgot to check it. I will get there eventually!

  18. Scary Wardrobe :

    Someone posted a few weeks back that her goal in choosing her professional attire was always to “look scary”. Well, unless Condi Rice is sharing her closet with you, this is your dream suit! So awesome.

  19. collegiette :

    Tailoring question:

    I bought an AT interview suit for a steal, and the pants are a tiny bit short but fit perfectly everywhere else. Since I won’t wear pants with flats, I’m thinking of “remaking” them into more j. crew-esque skinny trousers. Has anyone been bold enough to do this? If not, could a good tailor figure it out? I’m thinking I would bring pictures so they “get” the style.

  20. What to do? I inadvertently machine washed my new dry-clean only shirt. I caught it before it went in the dryer, but now it has these weird marks on it like it was tie-dyed or something – it’s not discolored, just looks like permanent wrinkles. It’s 95% rayon, 5% spandex.

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