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Corporette 101: Always Clean Matching Items Together

dryclean-suitsFrequently, women’s suits are sold as separates with interchangeable parts. One woman’s skirt suit might be another woman’s pantsuit — or maybe the same woman owns all 3 pieces and wears the jacket with the pants some days, or the skirt by itself other days, or . . . you get the picture. When you have matching separates (matching fabrics, buttons, etc) it pays to dryclean them together — that way the cloth wears consistently, and even if the color fades or the fabric gets nubbly, the pieces will still “match” in a year or two’s time.

The same reasoning goes for things that you throw in the washing machine, as well — for twinsets, for example, even if you wear the cardigan more than you wear the shell you should wash them both together.

Pictured: Cryptic clothing label, originally uploaded to Flickr by Wm Jas.

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Weekly Round-Up

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– The Fug Girls wrote a hilarious and great article about how fabulous Anne Hathaway looks after her breakup from certain imprisoned bankers. [NY Mag]

– A new online magazine has come out for smart women — articles cover a range of topics on art, decor, lifestyle, culture, history, literature, product reviews, and even a dating blog by eloise. [loveeloise.com]

– WWD reviewed Christie Brinkley’s clothes choices for her divorce trial. “Armed with a uniform of crisp button-down shirts, dainty cardigans and figure-hugging pencil skirts from Ralph Lauren and Prada (with a little Gap mixed in for soccer-mom street cred), Brinkley has onlookers wondering what Cook was thinking….” [WWD (sub req’d)]

– There’s an article in the WSJ style section that we’re not sure about: how floods are becoming popular for men’s suits (floods = higher hemlines so men bare their ankles). We saw the Thom Browne collection for Brooks Brothers and thought, oh, this must be for the creative types who shop there, but now we’re a bit curious: has anyone seen men wearing floods in your corporate environment? Please comment below if you get a chance. (Truth be told, we’re not even sure if we would recommend floods or capris for women’s outfits!) Speak of the devil…

– If you’ve been purchasing purses and shoes with the hopes of their being investment pieces, read about Ztail.com, a new service that will help you track the worth of things in your closet (or of other collections you’ve kept). [SheFinds]

– Finally: read about how to get the most for your organic buck. [Greenopolis via Lifehacker]

10 Things About… Trying to Diet While Working a Corporate Gig

N.B.: I still stand by this advice on how to diet while working a corporate job (and links have been updated as of 2016), but you can also check out our 2016 discussion on how not to gain weight during the summer recruiting season

Amazingly, everyone I know right now is either trying to get their eating under control (the Fourth of July was apparently a very happy one for everyone!) or outright diet. This can seem like a nearly impossible task if you’ve got cocktail parties, catered dinners, and three-course lunches on a daily basis — especially since so many diet programs require you to cook (or at least eat specific foods that can take a ton of time to prepare). What’s a working girl to do? Here are my tips…

[Read more…]

Poll Results! How to handle workouts near the office

20 minute workout, originally
uploaded by 416style

Tip: Maybe don’t wear these outfits.

So, a week ago we asked WHEN you change into things to go to a nearby office gym. (As opposed to this week, when we suggested WHAT you should wear to the gym.) Although the poll continues, preliminary answers are in:

After hours: change at the gym. 64% of you said that if it’s after hours, you should continue wearing your working duds until you get to the gym, when you should change into your workout duds, workout, and head home as you please.

Working out on your lunch hour. 50% of you scoffed at the notion of a lunch hour. Of those who attempt to get in workouts during the day (fight the good fight, people!), 66% of you thought you should change and shower at the gym.

If you haven’t taken the poll yet, you can do so here.

Do you guys have any suggestions or tips for how you fit in exercise during a hectic day? Head out for 20-minute walks on your lunch break? Do lunges in your office? Tell, tell.

Poll – Is it acceptable for businesswomen to have long hair?

older-women-longer-hairIs it acceptable for businesswomen to have long hair? What do you guys think?


And, now, just because we’ve got it running through our head, we thought we’d share some lyrics from Hair with you:

I want it long, straight, curly, fuzzy
Snaggy, shaggy, ratsy, matsy
Oily, greasy, fleecy, shining
Gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen
Knotted polka-dotted, twisted beaded braided
Powdered, flowered and confettied
Bangled, tangled, spangled and spaghettied!

Is Long Hair Unprofessional? [Ms. JD]

Pictured: Long Hair Design, originally uploaded by asobitsuchiya.

Weekly Round-Up


Coffee Break, originally uploaded
by bitzcelt

– Interesting review of an Title VII case out of Pennsylvania wherein a receptionist was fired nine minutes after sending an e-mail telling her two male bosses she would not get them coffee every day at 3 p.m. The judges said that because there had never been a male receptionist, she couldn’t possibly prove she was being treated unequally. [Feminist Law Profs]

– There’s a great series over at The Glass Hammer profiling 35 Women Under 35.

– Ah! Advice on how to avoid making a poor investment in a franchise. [WSJ Independent Street]

How to Kill Time at the Office (because you need suggestions, right?)

– This one’s for the New Yorkers: a review of a well-planned kitchen space that is also teensy. Handy article to read for renovations! [Apartment Therapy]

– In totally unrelated news, happy birthday to Go Fug Yourself! Four years, wow! To celebrate, they give their readers a gift we can only hope to one day match — a link to “one of the most awkward, poorly costumed and excruciatingly choreographed moments in television history.” Enjoy!

It is our sincere hope that most readers will be cutting out of the office by 3 PM today. Dare to dream, ladies! Accordingly, we’re taking Friday off. See you Monday.

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