Ten Uses for Office Supplies In a Pinch

other uses for office supplies2016 Update: We still stand by these tips for other uses for office supplies, and links have been updated below — you can also check out our newer discussion on ways to repurpose office supplies here.

Have you found any good ways to use office supplies for other uses? It’s like reader J is reading my mind…

How about a story on re-purposing office supplies for fashion/lifestyle uses when you’re in a pinch? For example, using binder clips while commuting to fold up pants that were hemmed for high heels, using scotch tape instead of a band-aid to prevent blisters when shoes start to rub, notebook paper as blotting papers, etc.

Somehow this came up at a recent bridal shower I attended, and my friends and I had a great time trying to think of other uses for office supplies.  Thanks to my friends N and G for helping me brainstorm!  (Pictured:  Coloured Paperclips, originally uploaded to Flickr by Dysanovic.) Here are our MacGyver-ish suggestions… [Read more…]

Tool of the Trade: PDF Factory

pdf factoryWe don’t know about you, but for the past few years we’ve shared a printer with a group of people. We frequently prefer to read things on paper rather than online — especially if we’re marking something up or comparing documents — and so it’s annoying when we get to the printer to discover that someone has taken part of our printout, or we thought we printed seven or eight documents and can only find some of them. Did we forget to print the other docs? Did someone take them unwittingly? Who knows.  (Pictured:  hacked printer, originally uploaded to Flickr by jez.) [Read more…]

Tool of the Trade: The Wrap

The Wrap: A Must-Have For Your Office | Corporette

2017 Update: We’ve updated links below, but come check out our more recent discussion of 9 ways to use a wrap at the office!

We were thinking last week of the multitude of uses for the wrap, of which every woman should buy one or two to keep at the office.  (Pictured:  Made to order fabric shawl from Nitscreation, available on Etsy.com for $15-$30. 2017 Update: since this one is sold out, check out our favorite wraps, below!) In addition to being a great way to keep warm during the summer (when air conditioning goes into overdrive) and the winter, they can be used to:

Fold for use as a pillow for a power nap

Add more color to your office, either thrown across a visitor’s chair or folded on the back of your chair

Warm your legs when wearing a skirt, using as a lap blanket

Pictured below: one / two / three / four

favorite wraps to wear at the office!

[Read more…]

Tools of the Trade: Cute Office Supplies

cute office supplies2017 Update: I’m still using some of these Divoga binders (what, is that weird?) but you may also want to check out our most recent discussion of the best places to get cute office decor since a lot of these are sold out!

No doubt, your employer provides you with plenty of office supplies. Manilla folders galore — great for giving a report a nice crisp look when you give it to your superior. Plain yellow Post-Its, legal pads, Bic pens — it’s all great for meetings and other stuff you must turn in. But for the stuff you keep in your office for your own reference and filings, it makes sense to upgrade to something nicer (prettier), both to make specific folders easier to find and to brighten your own day when dealing with office drudgery. Along those lines, Office Max was kind enough to send us some of their “private label” supplies to review. [Read more…]

Bargain Friday’s TPS Report: Shuella, “Your Shoe Umbrella”

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. We begin the week in splurge mode, with our most expensive suggestions, and wind our way to Friday, where a less expensive item of clothing might be just what you need to make it to the weekend.

galoshes for women shuellaWe love to wear our Wellington’s when it rains, but the lousy thing about them is that they’re gigantic rain boots — it’s impractical to buy an extra pair to stash at the office, and you can’t easily tuck them into your bag to take with you if there’s only a chance of rain. Inevitable result: that 30% chance of rain turns into a flash flood on the day you’re wearing your brand new suede Manolos.

Fortunately, one woman has created a solution — they’re boots designed to go over whatever shoes you’re wearing by enveloping them in rubber; beyond the slip-free sole they don’t really have a “form.” Thus, they protect your shoes from the elements, but they also fold up and tuck neatly into a bag smaller than most women’s cosmetic cases — easy to throw into your briefcase or keep a pair in your personal drawer at the office. Available in black, pink, yellow, and green; they’re available at Shuella for $49.95. (The store is also offering free shipping for a limited time.) Shuella – your shoe umbrella

Tool of the Trade: New-Skin for Papercuts

In this new feature, we’ll explore one tool that makes the busy woman’s life easier in some small way.

newskin for papercuts

I always feel like the more paper-cuts you have, the more vulnerable you are to infections, colds, and so forth — so whenever I get a paper-cut I do my best to keep it sealed.   When I started my corporate job, I was fine using Band-Aids for the occasional scrape.  But, after a few years and a few thousand paper-cuts — including those nasty cuts from redweld folders — I realized regular Band-Aids weren’t doing the job.  I now swear by by New-Skin Antiseptic Liquid Bandage for patching up my skin.

I like it because one bottle lasts forever, and is easy to apply as soon as the cut happens.  It doesn’t come off when washing your hands, and it doesn’t leave a sticky mess on your fingernails.

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