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Weekly Roundup, Turkey-Day Style

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Happy Turkey Day!  Our round-up for the brief week:

– Ways women can hold their own in a male world. [WSJ]

– A recent survey says that “a formal appearance” is important to career success for women.  [The Thin Pink Line]

– It apparently pays to be politically incorrect if you want to be a successful businesswoman.  [Women on Business]

– How important is it to socialize with coworkers?  [WSJ: The Juggle]

– The Simple Dollar reviews Personal Development for Smart People.  Hmmn.  [The Simple Dollar]

Photo credit:  Whole Foods Union Square Turkey Cupcake, originally uploaded to Flickr by Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake

Etiquette Flash: Navigating the Tricky Waters of Holiday Cards

2017 Update: We still stand by this advice on navigating the tricky waters on holiday cards, but you may also want to check out all of our posts on holiday business etiquette.

Thanksgiving means a lot of things — too much turkey, impressive sales, and the opening bell for mailing holiday cards.  Some law firms and corporations give their employees cards to send to clients and customers, but many businesswomen send cards on their own.  These cards are a great way of extending holiday wishes to coworkers, getting your name in front of a boss you barely work with, and shoring up relationships with clients.  They can also be very tricky waters — even Miss Manners ducked the question a few years ago! We’ve laid out our advice as best we can.  (If you have any corrections or thoughts, please comment!)

Who Gets ‘Em

Some people send out holiday cards to every single person in the office.  We don’t recommend taking this route unless you have a lot of free time on your hands. [Read more…]

Weekly Roundup

Liking these posts? Follow Corporette on Twitter — this is the edited version of what we’re reading! (We also Tweet if we hear about a good sale.)

(At left: This week’s round-up is rather bleak, so we decided to illustrate it with something happy. Cupcakes? Puppies? We ultimately decided to go with the cute guy and the kitty. Check out the video, posted below, if you haven’t seen it before. Hat tip to La Pauline 2.0.)

– Women in BigLaw are hitting their heads on the glass ceiling. [WSJ Law Blog] But then, is it a glass ceiling or a sticky floor? The Downtown Women’s Club Blog rehashed a recent teleclass on the subject. [DWC]

– If you’re a woman in Big Law, don’t get your hopes too high for a huge bonus. [Above The Law]

– If you should be laid off, some advice on how to make a graceful exit. [The Thin Pink Line]

– How to order a bespoke suit from overseas. [WSJ]

– Sadie at Jezebel admits a dark secret that others agree with: the wrap dress, long written about as a “classic” that every woman must own, ain’t that flattering. [Jezebel]

– The next time you need to carry files with you (deposition, anyone?) you may want to consider totes like these and these — they’re probably easier to maneuver than a banker’s box. [Jeri’s Organizing & Decluttering News]

– The Simple Dollar reviews “The Little Book of Bull Moves in a Bear Market. [The Simple Dollar]

Finally: Presenting “Hey Little Sparta,” by Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams.

Poll Results: Jeans Are Often Appropriate… But Perhaps Not To Brunch

what to wear to brunch with your bossWe stirred up quite a bit of controversy last week when one of our readers asked us what to wear to Sunday brunch at her partner’s house.  We suggested trouser jeans and a blazer, raising eyebrows and bringing forth vehement disagreement from some of our readers, who insisted that trouser jeans were not appropriate for brunch with the partner.*

We then decided to poll everyone to see when, exactly, jeans were appropriateAs always, the poll is still open, but from the initial results, readers think jeans are appropriate if…:

  • You’re invited to a barbecue at the boss’s house – 79%
  • You’re in the office on the weekend, working directly with the boss – 72%  (We actually gave specific suggestions for this situation a while ago — that post is here)
  • You’re invited to an outing where activities might take place (boating, golfing) – 66%
  • You’re traveling for an extended period of time with the boss, and meeting at a non-office space (hotel, restaurant) – 52%

Only 5% said that jeans were never appropriate if you’d be near the boss, and only 1% said that jeans were never appropriate, period.  (Funnily enough, we’ve been to barbecues at the boss’s place where tents were set up and there was a lobster bake on — if it’s that kind of barbecue we’d actually recommend wearing trousers or a dress (assuming it’s all work people).

* We have been procrastinating writing this post all day because we do not like admitting this, but:  Fine.  You were right, and we were wrong.  Hmmn, that’s not quite as gracious-sounding as we’d planned.  In all seriousness, this is one of the reasons we started the blog — to flesh out the confines of what is and is not appropriate for young, intelligent women in traditionalist professions — and we’re so glad to see Corporette turn into a forum for that.

Pictured: 7 For All Mankind® High Rise Flare Trouser Jeans, $189 at Nordstrom

Suit of the Week: J.Crew Classic Herringbone

We love, love, love the ruffled/ruched V-neck collar on this J.Crew suit, as well as the hidden singular button closure.  Available in bright papaya (pictured) and “heather carbon” (a dark gray/black).  The jacket is $188, and the skirt is $118.

red tweed jcrew skirt suit

Poll: Holidays and a Bear Market

The recession is truly upon us — businesses are shuttering left and right, the outlook is bleak for bonuses, and the Dow keeps going down.  Yet if you read this blog, and are employed, odds are you’ve got a hefty paycheck still coming your way twice a month.  Is it gauche to be exuberant about the holidays in times such as these?  Is it gross to celebrate the way you would in a bull market?  (Multiple choices are allowed in this week’s poll.)


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