Weekend Wednesday: What Are Your Weekend Sneakers — and Why?

what sneakers do you wear and why

For today’s Weekend Wednesday, let’s talk about sneakers…specifically, which sneakers do you wear, and why?  Obviously sneakers are not appropriate at most offices unless you’ve got a very casual office. But almost everyone needs a pair of sneakers for the weekend (whether you’re canvassing for office, hitting an outlet mall, or just having brunch). And I’m always interested by how many women, myself included, sort of have a base sneaker that you choose again and again for “fashion” more than any athletic purpose. For me it’s Converse, which as I’ve noted, I’ve always associated with a wacky, outsider, sarcastic kind of persona — the kind of persona that I really identified with in my youth. I’ve stuck with Chucks, even though they don’t feel 100% me anymore, in part because the other sneaker brands feel even less like me since I have associations with those, too. Keds = My Grandmother. Vans = My friend J. (Nothing against J; they look great on him — they’re just not me.) (And today’s question honestly has nothing to do with judging other people — it’s more like the Amy Poehler idea of “good for you, not for me” — there is no right answer because obviously all of the different sneakers are hugely popular. I just think it’s interesting how we identify different personality traits or style personas with different sneakers, sometimes very strongly.) [Read more…]

Weekend Wednesday: How to Wear Shorts as an Adult

We got this question a while ago from Reader E, and I thought it’s an interesting one for the hive: what’s your best advice for how to wear shorts as an adult?  To the readers who wear shorts: do you feel like a certain style of short fits your weekend style? Do you have any favorite brands, or lengths? Here’s Reader E’s question.

I would love to see a segment on wearing shorts as a 30+ something female. Not to work of course, but in the summer, when its hot and only shorts will do, how do I still look presentable, chic and like a capable adult?

Very interesting question, E. Before I had kids, I mostly wore jersey or travel dresses in the summer for errands, brunch dates, shopping trips, and so forth. (Pro tip: look into Jockey Slipshorts to be comfortable beneath dresses!) I literally had one pair of shorts that I wore primarily for travel, like my trip to Sedona with friends (for Auntie M’s 30th birthday, actually). After kids, though, my shorts collection has expanded, just because it’s easier to crawl around on the floor, bend over, pick them up, and so forth.  Some thoughts:

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The Most-Loved Denim at Nordstrom

The Most-Loved Denim at Nordstrom (and the best jeans for women in general!)

We haven’t done a Weekend Wednesday in too long! Today: what are your favorite brands and styles for jeans? I was curious what the most-loved denim at Nordstrom was, so while I was doing my own research I thought I’d round them up into a Hunt-like post for you guys.  But I’m curious: Which are your favorite jeans in 2017, ladies? (And, for those of you in business casual offices, do you differentiate between weekend denim and jeans for the office? How do you wear jeans to work?) 

We’ll do the most-loved denim at Nordstrom in regular sizes first:

Pictured at top. 

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Weekend Wednesday: Going Out Bags

This is an occasional feature where we take a deeper look at weekend wear for professional women.

Ladies, which are your favorite bags (or types of bags) to carry when you go out on the town? Do you make an effort to switch bags when you’re going out, or do you often just end up carrying the same bag you wore to work? Do you prefer one brand/style to wear with jeans on dates, and another brand/style to wear as, say, a wedding guest? 



Pictured: / EyesI Need a Vacation box clutch (on sale!) / red envelope clutch / Black grommet clutch


I’ve always had a few nice clutches that I liked for weddings and other fancyish events, but during my single days I often found myself going out on the weekend with the same bag that I’d worn during the work week. (This is what I used to carry in my regular bag for work.) After diaper bags entered our lives, though, I went through a phase where I bought a ton of nice clutches for date nights with my husband, and I even have a few small crossbodies. In my mind, the pros and cons to the different weekend bag options break down like this:

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Weekend Wednesday: Pajamas

pajamas for grown ups

Pictured: pink chemise / art deco pants / blue jogger pants / green PJ set 

All right, ladies, let’s talk about something near and dear to my heart: pajamas. Do you treat yourself and sleep in luxurious fabrics like silk — or pull our your old college t-shirts and boxers to sleep in? What brands are your favorite, and how have your pajama choices changed over the years?

If you’re curious about MY choices: I’ve alternated between mismatched PJ bottoms and fancier (but not va-va-voom) chemises over the years for regular sleepwear. In my college and law school years I usually wore a yoga top (with a shelf bra) with PJ bottoms from spots like Anthropologie, although I remember getting a ton of PJs from Chico’s because my mother had gotten a gift card and regifted it to me.

A few years ago I discovered the brand Midnight by Carole Hochman, and her chemises seemed to be the perfect mix of all worlds — not too sexy but not too frumpy, comfortable, and machine washable — and for a few years I exclusively wore chemises. (The gorgeous pink one pictured (from Natori) was about my speed — more pretty than sexy, and machine washable.) After my eldest son got to the toddler stage I felt a bit funny running around the apartment in a chemise on the weekend, so I started buying PJ pants again, and now I’m back to those, but worn with a proper t-shirt and sleep bra.

Here’s another question: do you buy t-shirts just to sleep in, or do you just wear old ones? I feel like Marie Kondo would slap my hand, but I can’t bring myself to pay money for a t-shirt to sleep in when I have so many old ones with holes or other fit problems. I have one matched PJ set for when we stay over at my in-laws, similar to the green one pictured above, but I feel odd wearing it, like I’m pretending to be someone else.

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Weekend Wednesday: The Best Flip Flops

the best flip flops for your commute

Ladies, which are your favorite flip flops for your commute or for the weekends? Do you look for arch support, comfort, sustainability, or color? When we’ve talked about flip flops in the past, it’s almost always because we’re including them in a list of what not to wear to work — but because it’s Weekend Wednesday, flip flops are the main attraction today. So let’s hear it — which are your favorites? What flip flops are best for your commute, the weekend, or beyond?  

Pictured at top: blue / print / purple / purple / brown

Of course, we really don’t recommend wearing flip flops around the office — if you commute in them, change out of them as soon as humanly possible (if not in the lobby of the building or a block or two away). Still — we all buy them. So which are best? The brands of flip flops most often mentioned as Corporette reader favorites are Okabashi, Reef, Rainbow, and OluKai. Other brands that have gotten the thumbs-up from readers are Havaianas, Chacos, Teva (the Olowahu style), Yellow Box, Sperry, Orthaheel, Ipanema, Vionic, Sanuk, and Tkees, the brand that looks like a Tieks typo.

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