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Weekend Open Thread

Lands' End Sleeveless Cotton Modal Pattern Fit and Flare DressSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

Lands’ End has had these dresses for a while now — every season they come out in new colors and patterns (and in petites, plus, and tall sizes).  I picked up a few myself on deep discount last year (I’m 5’4″ and preferred the length on the petite), and think they are great summer dresses.  They’re a bit low cut for work — hello, camisole! — and the t-shirt fabric is definitely on the casual side, but in general I’m happy with my purchases.  I’m really liking this “classic navy dots” print, here — they have a version in black dots as well that has lucky sizes only left in petite and plus sizes; solid colors are here.  They range in price from $55-$69.  Lands’ End Sleeveless Cotton Modal Pattern Fit and Flare Dress


Weekly News Roundup

sparkle blushLike these posts? Follow us on Twitter or Facebook — this is the edited version of what we’re reading! (We also Tweet if we hear about a good sale through our CorporetteDeals Twitter feed.) You can also follow us on Pinterest or Instagram.

  • Fashion Style Beauty advises a reader worried about the sparkle in her blush. (I’m usually not a fan of sparkly makeup, but for my $.02 I think Nars Orgasm in powder form is an acceptable shade for work — the sparkle is very subdued.  I save Nars The Multiple in Orgasm for touching up my makeup for “desk to dinner” situations.)
  • Already Pretty tells you how to donate like a champ, and SheFinds lists ten things to get out of your closet before you buy a single new thing for spring.
  • For the lawyers: Above the Law looks at the new study from the National Association for Women Lawyers, while The Careerist wonders why law firms won’t talk about the gender pay gap (noting that “unprecedented numbers” of law firms declined to participate in the survey).  Meanwhile, Greedy Associates tells you how to ask for more work.
  • Ask a Manager advises someone whose officemate has a noisy breastpump going for 60-90 minutes, 3-4 times a day. (Maybe she only has a single pump instead of a double one? Check out our top tips on what to wear to pump at work.)
  • PopSugar Smart Living reads Reddit so we don’t have to, and shares this great decluttering before/after, and the tip that got him there.
  • Road Warriorette lists the top five things to help you pack light.
  • Finally: we’ve talked a lot about emergency funds of late; Learnvest (via Lifehacker) tells you how to bounce back financially from five of life’s biggest emergencies.

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Frugal Friday’s TPS Report: Faux Wrap Blouse

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Pleione Faux Wrap BlouseI’ve noticed this blouse before at the Nordstrom site, but have always hated the way it was styled (including in the picture here) — but I happened to notice that Jean at Extra Petite posted this recently, and it looks lovely on her (like, where-did-you-get-that perfect). I still don’t think it would work on someone like me (busty and hippy), but if you’re shaped more like Jean, I’d seriously take a look.  So: There are five versions on sale for $40.80 today (including this grey-on-grey stripe); there are a bunch of other colors and sizes (petites and plus) still at full price. Pleione Faux Wrap Blouse

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Coffee Break: Daphne Satchel Bag

Zac Zac Posen Daphne Satchel BagSimple colorblocking seems to be in right now (I’m remembering that Row handbag splurge from few weeks ago) — but this one is much more in my price range (kind of), and I like the goldtone hardware and feet. It’s $450 at CUSP. Zac Zac Posen Daphne Satchel Bag



How to Look Professional With a Wool Allergy

professional nonwool sweatersWhich are the best sweaters if you suffer from a wool allergy?  Are there any other tricks for looking professional while avoiding wool? Reader P wonders:

Like a lot of people I seem to know, I am allergic to wool. It makes me itch. Even cashmere. Even soft merino wool. Even if the sweater is a mixture with only 5% wool. My question is–where do I find good quality sweaters made of silk, linen, cotton or other non-wool fabrics that are light enough to wear under a blazer or suit jacket in the winter?

We’ve talked about how to look professional in cold weather, but not the allergy question, which is something I’ve gotten a few times over the years — let’s discuss.  I’m curious to hear what the readers would say here. A few suggestions — [Read more…]

Thursday’s TPS Report: Signature Snake Print Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Austin Reed Signature Snake Print Dress 2Hat tip to commenter MJ, who yesterday mentioned the huge sale going on at UK retailer Austin Reed.  As she noted: “Sale PSA for ladies who wear more traditional, formal stuff to work. Austin Reed (UK) is having a great sale. They have really lovely suits, blouses and shirts. Remember to subtract 4 to get your proper size — UK 10 = US 6, for example… They ship to the US without customs and are great about returns.”  There are a ton of deep discounts — this well-reviewed navy and orange snake print dress is still available in a ton of sizes, and is marked from $182 to $54.50 (70% off).  There are also a ton of suiting options on deep discounts.  Lots of lucky sizes, so definitely sort by your UK size first. Austin Reed Signature Snake Print Dress

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