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Weekend Open Thread

weekend open thread - narsSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

I’m on the hunt for new blush, ladies — what are you liking? I really liked Nars Orgasm (pictured) but then it shattered (yaaaay), then I bought Tarte blush, which is OK but a bit bright for me. Do you have any bronzer/blush combos you like? Failing any good suggestions I think I’ll just get another order of Nars, which is $30 at Nordstrom. Nars Blush


Weekly News Update

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  • After the blizzard dumped two feet of snow on Washington, D.C., last weekend, who showed up for Senate duty on Tuesday? Women, that’s who — and women only, as Sen. Lisa Murkowski points out in this “fabulous” video from Now This News.
  • Fast Company talks to the founders of Beauty Lies Truth, a new site that features natural beauty products.
  • U.S. News & World Report has tips on what to include and what not to include in your email signature.
  • NPR looks at a new study that finds “student evaluations are … better mirrors of gender bias than of what they are supposed to be measuring: teaching quality”; some doubt its results.
  • An Above the Law columnist writes about saying “no” in BigLaw and SmallLaw.
  • Mashable rounds up 10 women-hosted podcasts you should check out (h/t to The Broadsheet).
  • For your Laugh of the Week, The Onion looks at home buying vs. renting.

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Frugal Friday’s Workwear Report: Tailored Blazer

Black Work Blazer: New Look Tailored BlazerOur daily workwear reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

This $40 blazer from British brand New Look looks great for a basic to keep in your office and throw on when you want a boost of professionalism (or, hey, when you’re cold). I like that it’s machine washable, too. New Look Tailored Blazer

Here’s a plus-size alternative.

P.S. Deal alert: Ann Taylor is offering 50% off your entire purchase with code PRETTY50!

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Coffee Break: Gailia Flats

Flats for Work: GailiaThese well-reviewed Calvin Klein flats are on sale at Nordstrom: some colors are $68, down from $99. (Oooh, and Amazon has some as low as $38!) I think the pointy toe looks sleek, and of course I am a sucker for a cutout.  Of the sale items I like the pictured navy shoe the best (oddly, the color is listed as “teal leather”), but there are lots of other colors if you’re not a fan. (This matte textured black version is my favorite, but of course it’s full price.)  Gailia Flats

Along similar lines – I don’t remember why I’m on this company’s mailing list, but these new pointy flats from Rothy do look nice.

Ladies, which are your favorite brands and styles of comfortable flats?  I need to update our guide to comfortable heels soon, but I know a lot of readers feel more strongly towards flats. 


Music, Moods, Discovery, and More

music-moodsLadies, let’s have a rare discussion:  which music is your favorite? How important is music in your life — how do you find new music, and when is the primary time you listen to music? Do you like to listen to music while you work, or is it reserved for other times in your day? 

A while ago on a plane I found myself writing a long draft post for Corporette about music — specifically, my favorite songs over the years. It’s a pretty navel-gazing post, so I figured, hey, I’ll save it for my birthday, unless I really get desperate for a post idea.  Today IS January 28 — so you’ll find that list below.

To answer my own questions above, though — music has always been important in my life, particularly for my moods, either to lift me out of them or give me that “you’re not alone” feeling.  For example, I vividly remember being about 15 and having a huge fight with my parents, retreating to my room, and blasting Talking Head’s “Road to Nowhere” on repeat — because it just felt so good to hear David Byrne wail “baby it’s alllll riiiiiight.” For some reason Leonard Cohen’s song “Everybody Knows” was the soundtrack to my first semester of law school — on repeat, full volume in headphones. (Not dark at all, right?) I’ve also mentioned before on this blog about how during some unpleasant times at my law firm where I had to work with unpleasant personalities (yay for screamers!), I had Whitney Houston’s “It’s Not Right (But It’s Ok)” as my wake-up song — every day, for months.

In terms of new music, finding new music for me is challenging. I use the Shazam app a lot when we’re watching television, or else my brother passes along a lot of his music.  If I’m doing dinner prep I’ll use the Amazon Echo to put Pandora or one of my iTunes playlists on.  I’ve had to winnow down some of my playlists to stuff I feel comfortable with the kids hearing (I don’t exactly want to explain PJ Harvey’s “30” or Marianne Faithfull’s “Love in the Afternoon” to my eldest). That said, though, I’ve started listening to podcasts instead of music during walks or workouts with weights. So I kind of miss music, and would love to hear your ideas about how you incorporate it into your lives!  Anyway, some of my favorite songs (links either go to YouTube or Amazon):

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Thursday’s Workwear Report: Skirt Suit

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

blue skirt suitHere’s a nice budget skirt suit: both pieces can be had for less than $100 over at Lord & Taylor.  I’d probably wear the pieces as separates (think black pants and a light blue blouse with the blazer, or a simple gray turtleneck and red brooch with the blue skirt, black tights and pumps), but then again colorful suits have come a long way.  It’s still available in sizes 6-16. It was $280, but is now marked to $99; use code FINAL to take another 20% off. TAHARI ARTHUR S. LEVINE 2-Piece Skirt Suit

Here’s a similar skirt suit (on a similar sale) in plus sizes.

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