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Coffee Break: Pointy Toe Ankle Strap Pump

This shoe reminds me of the Valentino Tango pump that’s everywhere right now. I believe Linea Paolo was a reader favorite years ago, and they kind of disappeared and now they’re back, which is exciting. These are very reasonably priced, only $140, and they come in sizes 4-13, which is a pretty broad range. We’re picturing the black suede, and the other choices are black patent leather and a lovely bronze leather which may be a good nude-for-you shoe, depending on your skin color. Linea Paolo ‘Noel’ Pointy Toe Ankle Strap Pump

Here’s a lower-priced option.


The Best Workwear For Size 16 (and 18, and 16P, and 16WP, and 14W…)

The Best Workwear For Size 16 | Corporette2017 Update: We still stand by this advice on the best workwear for size 16, but you may also want to check out a more recent threadjack on how to look cute for work if you’re short and cusp-sized. 

We haven’t talked explicitly about the best workwear for cusp sizes in far too long, ladies — if you’re a size 16 or 18, what are your favorite stores and brands? Given the fact that the average American woman is now a size 16 and 5’4″, this is particularly a difficult question because with those stats you may fit in regular sizes (e.g., 12, 14, 16, 18), plus sizes (e.g., 10W, 12W, 14W, or 16W), petite regular sizes (such as 14P, 16P, 18P) or that rare bird, petite plus sizes (12WP, 14WP, or 16WP) — this is why women in this size range are called “inbetweeners!” But a lot of “regular” stores only carry sizes up to size 12 — and a lot of “plus” stores only start at 18W. Add to that the fact that most stores carry very few of those sizes on the shelves, and you may be stuck in a never-ending cycle of online shopping and returning stuff, as several readers noted in our post on how to return items bought online. SO. Let’s discuss, ladies: What’s the best workwear if you’re a size 16? If you’re an “average” size and right on the cusp of plus sizes, which brands or stores have you found to be the best for you? What styles of clothes work best for your body type? What brands run small; which run big?  

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Some of the brands I know of include:

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Tuesday’s Workwear Report: Ramha Jacket

Our daily workwear reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

I love the structure of this very interesting plaid blazer — the cinched waist and the unusually plain round collar — and I can’t remember seeing a plaid blazer with this very feminine shape before. Normally the bow detail would be a lot for many women, or the plaid would be a lot for a blazer, but I think the combination works well for work. It’s an unusual piece in that it’s got the gravitas that you want at work with a sort of playful and fun feel. It’s $279 at Club Monaco in sizes XS-L. Ramha Jacket

Here’s a lower-priced option and a plus-size alternative.

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Coffee Break: MantraBand

Usually I don’t go for these kinds of things — very self-help, cutesy sort of message jewelry — but I think an arm full of them looks really great and I think they can be lovely if they help you get through the day. A few messages they have are “She believed she could so she did,” “Enjoy the journey,” and “I love you to the moon and back.” Maybe it’s just my Facebook feed, but I kind of wish they had one that was a little more revolutionary, like “Live, love, resist,” which was actually on a holiday card I got from friends — but that’s just me right now. They’re available in yellow gold, rose gold, and silver for $25-$35 at Nordstrom. MantraBand

Update: and if you are in more of a revolutionary mood, Etsy of course has something similar that says “I am the resistance.”


Splurge Monday’s Workwear Report: Belted Zip Front Wool Dress

Our daily workwear reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

I believe we’ve featured this dress before, and it seems to be approaching Hall of Fame status. It just seems like a really flattering dress with an interesting look. I like the high waist, the modern zip detailed yoke, and the fact that it’s wool (by the way, labeled dry clean but not dry clean only). The dress only has one review but it’s very positive. It’s $895 at Nordstrom in lucky sizes. Akris Punto Belted Zip Front Wool Dress

Here’s a more affordable dress (in sizes 4-16), and here’s a plus-size option.

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Weekend Open Thread

Something on your mind? Chat about it here.

I like patchwork jeans — I prefer them to embroidered jeans (like these), the other big trend. These are pretty affordable and there are lots of sizes (24-32, the equivalent of 00-14), and I like the distressing, too. They’re $74 at Nordstrom. Articles of Society Carly Crop Patchwork Skinny Jeans

Here’s a plus-size option.