Weekly Round-Up

nailtiques– Fashionista declares it so it must be so: Black nailpolish is dead. (If it were ever appropriate in an office anyway, which is debatable.) [Fashionista]

– Oh, good, we like to laugh: “Report: Women Increasingly Choosing Dead-End Careers Over Dead-End Relationships.” [The Onion]

– 5 mini-laptops worth lugging around. [Smart Money]

– In case you’re in need of some mini-speakers for your office computer: MUG recommends this pair by Klipsch.

– Wot? A useful Facebook application that lets you add your friend’s birthdays to your Google calendar? No way. [Lifehacker]

– NYT has an interesting take on the age-old conundrum: rent versus buy. We like the advice: If you can rent something for $2100 per month ($25,200 per year) or buy it for $400,000, the “ratio” is about 1:16 — you should never buy if the ratio is over 1:20. [NYT]

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