Who Do You Follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium?

Who are your favorite LinkedIn Influencers?Our recent post asking for recommendations for the best podcasts for professionals brought tons of reader comments, so now we’re wondering: Who do you follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium (and other platforms), for professional reasons and otherwise? Whose thoughts, advice, and analysis do you appreciate most? Is there anyone whose writing you’ve added to your daily or weekly reading list specifically because that person’s experiences and/or views are very different from your own? Or (no matter what your political leanings are) do you fear you’ve created a virtual echo chamber where everyone more or less shares your views? (See SNL’s sketch from last year, “The Bubble.”)

(Corporette isn’t super active on any of the platforms, but you can follow us here: Twitter, Medium, and LinkedIn.)

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We’d love to hear your recommendations for the viewpoints you enjoy reading — and to start the conversation, here are a few wide-ranging suggestions for people and publications for professionals to follow on Medium:

Readers, who do you follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium? Do you write on Medium or LinkedIn yourself? How do you find the people and publications that you think are worth following? Do you tend to look at one site for one kind of commentary (e.g., this recent joke that Facebook = essential oils, Snapchat = I’m a bunny, and Twitter = THIS COUNTRY IS BURNING TO THE GROUND).the best people to follow on social media if you're a professional woman

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  1. LinkedIn is so exhausting/irritating. I’m on it because I have to be.

    I’m squeamish about self-promotion, and hate this strange pressure to provide commentary on *everything,* leave superficial “good insight!” comments., and “brand” yourself while not really saying anything.

    And these seemingly well-adjusted people putting every menial credential and training on the profile. I guess I get self promotion, but it gets a hard eyeroll from me. (when are you actually working? why are you so insecure? or is it arrogant?)

    The people (excluding sales) who are truly successful in my field kind of have a profile as a placeholder, but don’t do the megaposting that seems to be de rigeur these days.

    • Totally agree. LinkedIn posturing is the WORST. Having an accurate profile makes sense to me, but I hate the social posts, the people who describe themselves as innovators and thought leaders, and the people who shamelessly self-promote.

      • Oooooh, the thought leaders. My eyes roll so hard they hurt.

      • I like Link’d in and am not a tweeter or twitter fan. I also do NOT use Facebook b/c the manageing partner does not want us to be on the Internet all day. FOOEY!

        If I had time, I would follow Ivanka Trump, b/c she married Jared Kushner.

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