Coffee Break: Nappa Flex Ballerina Flat

Nappa Flex BallerinaI remember reading years ago that WSJ fashion columnist Teri Agins kept a pair of Ferragamos in her purse for her “commuting shoe” and thinking to myself, MAN, I have got to raise my shoe game — my flip flops or foldable flats clearly are subpar! (This isn’t the article I’m thinking of but here’s another article where Teri Agins sings the praises of Ferragamo flats.) Looking at these Ferragamos, though, I can see why — they look lightweight and comfortable, even if they’re definitely more solid and less foldable than my CitySlips. The shoes are $360 at Zappos, available in this lovely hot pink as well as a ton of neutrals. Nappa Flex Ballerina Flat

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  1. Two Cents :

    DC ladies! Any suggestions on a kid-friendly restaurant in Woodley/Cleveland/Tenleytown that takes reservations (or won’t be that crowded at 6 pm) and that will please both picky kids and another couple sans kids? Prefer no pizza since that’s what we always do. The group is vegetarian. Thanks!

    • Hmm…would Cactus Cantina/Guapo’s work? I’m struggling to think of a place that will check *all* of those boxes.

      • Or, Indique? I’ve found it to be relatively family friendly (in that I’ve observed a lot of families there being warmly and happily served by staff who seems cool with kids). Not sure how picky the kids are, but there could be some good options?

    • We’ve had success with Laredo right on the strip in Cleveland Park in similar situations…

    • Anonymous :

      Duke’s Counter is kid- and vegetarian- friendly and delicious, but no idea on how crowded it gets.

    • Cafe Deluxe might work but its vegetarian options aren’t the best (it is kid friendly and they do take reservations)
      Lebanese Taverna
      Paragon Thai — maybe not so good for picky eaters unless you know they like a particular dish

    • Coppis in Cleveland Park is a decent option- definitely kid friendly, and has pizzas and pastas that would work for vegetarians.

    • District Kitchen maybe? I went with my cousins (9 and 4) and it was fine for them! Menu isn’t huge so check it first.

      There’s also a Panera in Tenley lol

  2. Boston weather :

    I’m visiting Boston this weekend. I used to live there, so I know the weather is nuts, but do I have to go full winter coat and accessories this (April!) weekend, or can I get by with the Eddie Bauer girl on the go jacket with the liner zipped in? Thanks!

    • I don’t know that jacket, but I would definitely have some type of insulation. It’s high 30s most of the day right now, especially if you’re out of the sun. You’re probably fine in one of those super light down jackets + fleece or similar. I don’t really need gloves right now, but YMMV if you get cold a lot. Definitely don’t need insulated boots right now (although boots in general are good because of the rain).

    • I’ve been wearing my Girl on the Go lined coat mostly, but it was crazy windy this morning, so I got out my huge Winter jacket again. It’s supposed to snow/wintry mix this weekend, so I’d go with warm but good in the rain, plus gloves and hat, and you should be good.

  3. Recruiter rec :

    Biglaw corporate associate looking to move to Minneapolis for family reasons. I get a ton of calls from recruiters in my current market, but it doesn’t seem like many of them have leads on other markets (outside of the standard NY/DC/CHI/LA/SF). How do I find a recruiter, and do you have anyone specific to recommend? Or are moves like this best handled myself? I’ve been at the same firm since OCI so not sure of how to move. Open to lateraling or going in-house.

    • I don’t think you need a recruiter, and finding one is another piece of the same hustle to get a job, which I think is actually easier from the political perspective when you are changing markets because you can be less secretive with your larger network. If you know anyone who might know anyone in Minnesota, tell them you’re looking to relocate and ask them to put you in touch with any contacts in the market. Then asking if a blind contact knows a recruiter is a softer touch, because it’s not like your first interaction is, “Please give me a job!”

    • Frozen Peach :

      I was in BigLaw in Mpls for years. Do not work with a recruiter unless you have a very special niche. Because there are so many law schools there and so many native Minnesotans who want to stay, the market is absolutely flooded with talent. Absurdly so. Recruiters are generally seen as an unnecessary expense, and if you are associated with one, it will drop you off the list because of the cost you come with as a candidate.

      Work every local connection you have, as hard as you can, for as long as you can.

    • I had a friend who just lateralled from Briggs (sp?) to another firm. His experience was that there is a “hidden” job market there–firms hire opportunistically, not based on posting open job reqs. So I agree you should work your connections and apply at every firm you can–don’t be put off if you don’t see something open. There apparently are very few public openings, but firms will hire if they like your resume.

      He was local (already in Minneapolis, UW grad), and junior and did not feel the need to use a recruiter and was also cautioned against it. Hope that helps. Good luck!

  4. Baconpancakes :

    My SO has noticed how snappy his friend is dressing these days, and decided he needs to up his game. He is pretty fashion-challenged, and has requested help figuring out what to buy. While I’m gleeful that he’s finally moving past his current uniform of holey teeshirts paired with corduroys and hiking boots, and I certainly appreciate a well-dressed man, I’m not an expert on men’s clothing, and I don’t want to be his personal stylist. He tried two Bombfell boxes two years ago and was not impressed, although he did keep a shirt and pair of jeans I said made his butt look great.

    He finds stores overwhelming and hates having to think about shopping in general, but he has specific things he wants (“I want a vest like Josh’s. No, not like that one. It had more pockets.” etc.) There are no Nordstroms near us. What would you ladies with well-dressed partners advise for him?

    • Anonymous :

      That he go shopping with his friend.

      • Yes, this.

        Or, if shopping together is completely off the table for fragile masculinity reasons, you could ask Josh about where he gets his clothes and give him a list of places to shop. (I know, this shouldn’t have to be your job but it sounds like the least maddening solution if you’d like to help.)

    • Anonymous :

      Trunk Club?

    • My husband loves Trunk Club. His stylist really nailed his style after a box or two. (For reference, his style is sort of rugged-chic, think REI boots + Nordstrom sweater.)

      • Baconpancakes :

        That actually sounds perfect. He bought a pair of fancy Cole Haan roughout “hiking” boots that he loved, but then he wore them to actually hike in and they look… less fancy. But that’s definitely his style.

      • Senior Attorney :

        Another fan of Trunk Club for men. They’ve got my hubby looking like a million bucks.

        • I told my ex, Sheketovits to shop here, but he refused, preferring instead to wear stuff that his brother gave him when he went to college, which were old and smelley. As a result, he always looked like a schlub who never got out of college, and he never was able to keep a job, in part b/c he looked like a schlub. I no longer date him, and do NOT miss the musty odor. FOOEY!

      • Trunk Club. A totally shlubby friend of mine all of a sudden started showing up really well-dressed. It was so noticeable that I asked him about it and apparently he started doing Trunk Club.

    • Anon in NYC :

      My husband likes Bonobos and Express Men.

  5. Anonymously Frustrated :

    Reposting here since I hit the usual group late: Any tips on how to deal with that one person you just seem to have difficulty dealing with at work? I am currently taking a “high-road” approach, but am getting increasingly frustrated. This person consistently speaks and behaves like they are the only authority and that comments or questions that I or others make are not relevant, not right, or a waste of time to bring up. If you don’t come to the same conclusion they do, you are just wrong. I am fairly thick-skinned, but concerned I am going to lose my temper at some point. This person is a favorite of executive leadership, senior to me (except right now, as I am acting at their level) and my boss has basically said it’s up to me to sort it out with the person, which has not been successful.

    • Anonymous :

      Do you have a group of people that notice it, where y’all can back each other’s ideas/comments up?
      I don’t know how you’d search for this, but some time back there was a question as to how to respond to mansplainers/interrupters. Might be helpful?

    • biglawanon :

      Can you avoid working with this person? That’s how I dealt with a similar situation.

  6. Help me (Furniture) Shop! :

    Ladies, I have a vacation home that is mostly family used but sometimes a rental and I need help sofa shopping! It’s a rustic type of lake place and I’d like a sofa with sleeping capacity as it’s a rental selling point. We only use it about 4-5 months a year, mostly on weekends, so it won’t see a ton of every day wear and tear. I’d like not to spend a fortune since it’s not my primary residence, but I also think you generally get what you pay for. Right now, I’m considering the Soma Sectional Sofa Bed by Article or the Anton Daybed by Joybird. The Soma makes me nervous because how does anyone make a couch and bed for $1500 and the Anton Daybed, well, maybe that works because we just need it for lounging/TV and an occasional overnight guest? Or, should I be shopping elsewhere? I know Room and Board is frequently recommended but is much more spendy (esp. for second home). Thanks!

    • Strong recommend JC Penny for sofa beds (Macys would probably be similar quality). I bought a hide-a-bed for my apartment that’s been going strong for at least five years and that I frequently get compliments on. It has mid-century-modernish lines.

    • This actually is something that I would go to your local mid-line furniture store on and order what you design with them. The Hubs bought his leather bachelor sleeper sofa this way and 23 years in it still is doing well enough to be sat on daily in our basement.

    • Anonymous :

      11 years ago, I bought a sofa bed at Jennifer Convertibles. I sold it three years ago on craigslist and it still looked great after 8 years! I actually sold it for more than my boyfriend sold his newer Room + Board (non-sleeper) sectional.

      I think the company went through bankruptcy and is now doing business as Jennifer Furniture. If I were in search of a sofa bed, I would start there and see if the quality level has survived bankruptcy.

      • +1 My Jennifer sofabed finally started showing some wear after 14 years of everyday use as a sofa. It only has had occasional use as a bed and it isn’t the most comfortable bed in the world (as with most sofabeds). It’s still currently in use and going strong, just moved out of the family room to the basement.

    • Anonymous :

      My MIL has a Lazy boy sofa sleeper that is actually really comfortable. She got the additional air mattress thing on top and it is not bad to sleep on. It is a nice enough looking couch too. She was able to pick the fabric, etc.

    • I love our article sofa (and also got it for our vacation place – it’s held up great with renters and I like that it’s stylish)

    • Strong rec for Macy’s sofabeds. Mine was great for years, I moved and just bought a Macy’s sectional. Their quality is decent and the sofabeds with memory foam are actually comfortable to sleep on.

  7. Any recommendations for an immigration attorney in Toronto? Or, more generally, tips from U.S. citizens who’ve relocated northward? I’m currently based in Chicago and planning on joining my partner in Canada this summer; pursuing the Skilled Worker Express Entry route as well but would like a good source of solid legal advice beyond just Google searches. :)

    • Anon in T.O. :

      I don’t have any insight but I have a recco: Brian Dingle, BLG.

    • Anonymous :

      As a US citizen who relocated to Canada as a skilled worker, this is something you can easily do yourself. Save the money and just fill in the application online.

  8. Anon Attorney :

    Has anyone used their state bar’s ethics hotline? My boss is pushing me to do something that I believe violates the rules of professional conduct, and her insistence is making me question my application of the rule. I know that the hotline will not answer hypotheticals, but I don’t want to get myself or my company in trouble just for asking the question.

    • Anonymous :

      Yes. Ours does not ask for your name – it’s anonymous so you have nothing to lose.

    • Anon for law :

      Yes, at least a half dozen times over the years. My state asks for your name and bar number, but inquiries are kept confidential unless you authorize release. I would call and ask how your state handles things if you are concerned.

      FWIW, I am on the regional disciplinary committee in my state. When we review bar complaints, the facts we want to have from the attorney-respondent include whether the attorney spoke with the hotline and whether the attorney followed the hotline’s advice. If you are concerned, protect yourself.

      • anon for this :

        Our state asks for your name but it is totally confidential. Our state bar ethics counsel is fabulous. I encouraged someone today to call her.

  9. Anonymous :

    Looking for some crowd-sourcing help (already consulted a financial planner) – if you were single, had $2.5mm in liquid assets, $500k in home equity, and a special needs child with a life expectancy of 1-10 years and costs of care of $100-150k out of pocket each year, how much additional life insurance would you purchase, if any?

    • This is an awful question but: why do you need life insurance for yourself when 1) the parent can pay the care out of pocket even with just your current liquid assets and 2) the parent will outlive the child. If you’re talking about the occasion that the parent predeceases the child, then a term life of $1 to $2 M should be okay, unless any health insurance being used may disappear with parental death, then the full predicted cost of care.

      Also, a special needs child with short life expectancy will be almost impossible to get life insurance for.

      • Anonymous :

        You are assuming she isn’t the parent?

        And I don’t think anyone is trying to get life insurance for the child – the child would be the beneficiary?

    • Anon in NYC :

      In your scenario, I think the absolute bare minimum I would have is 1.5 million to cover the cost of care of 150k for 10 years. But I would probably also add in my expected earnings over that time period, as well as the cost to pay off the mortgage and any other debts.

      • Anonymous :

        Agreed. It’s conservative but special needs children are beating their life expectancies seemingly all the time these days. I have a friend with a 7 year old who was only supposed to live until 5 and she is doing better than she was 3 years ago thanks to medical marijuana. I would hesitate to plan based on a max life expectancy.

        Being a parent with a special needs child is difficult. I wish you all the best!

    • Anonymous :

      You all wouldn’t assume use of the $2.5mm for her care (so lowering the amount of life insurance)?

      • Anon in NYC :

        I an admittedly conservative about this sort of stuff, but I would try to keep that 2.5mm for anything above and beyond the estimated cost of care for 10 years if the child’s life extends beyond 10 years or if there are costly medical bills that go beyond the life insurance amount.

    • Anonymous :

      I would probably get a $1.5 million policy because of the combination of (a) if I had as much $$ as you do, I would barely notice paying for the policy (assuming you are in good health) and (b) I would want to hedge against the potential that the child lives past 10, which I am sure is your hope and (c) I would want the caretakers who took custody of the child to have $$ beyond the strict “cost of care” to make a home for my child and themselves and repay them for taking on the responsibility of caring for my child in my absence (special needs or not).

    • Anonymous :

      Thanks everyone. sounds like It should stay at the level it’s currently at.

  10. I know I’m posting a bit late, but has anyone with wide feet ever tried Ferragamos (any style, but I’m especially interested in the Vera and Verina)? I know they make shoes in a B and C width in the US, and I’ve read they come even wider, but I guess that’s in other countries? Anyone know which countries? Does the C width work for people with wide feet, or do they run narrow?

    • Anon prof :

      Late reply sorry, but hopefully you’ll check. I have wide feet but normal heels. I have Varas in a C and they are okay but not amazing. They are very stiff and don’t form to fit your feet as well as most expensive shoes do, in my experience. I have high arches and I think that doesn’t work too well with them.

  11. What glasses styles are trendy these days? I need to buy a new pair. My current pair — a few years old — are thickish and largish.

    • Following. My current pair is from 2012 and are narrow rectangular thick tortoiseshell frames. Looked awesome in 2012, but I hate wearing in public now.

    • biglawanon :

      I switched from smaller plastic thick-framed glasses to plastic thinner-framed glasses to update my look last year. Oliver Peoples has excellent styles that are fun yet work appropriate.

    • I’ve seen more thick but clear frames or a combo of both. Check out Warby Parker – they’re usually right on trend.

    • Metal frames, 70s style – but it may be too… fashion forward for some? Ray ban-like thick, large and full frames are still in, although they don’t feel that fresh anymore (if it makes any sense). I also see them in more muted colours – black, tortoiseshell. Chanel has some great frames and some are relatively affordable (at least cheaper than anything else by Chanel) – for example a 3281 model.

    • Marshmallow :

      I wear gold cat-eye glasses most of the time and have gotten compliments on them from partners and clients. They are pretty fashion-y but if the frame is thin it’s not overwhelming. I’ve also seen a lot of clear plastic glasses around recently.

  12. Pants for pears :

    Someone recommended the Express Editor pants yesterday. The ones that I found were all low-rise, which always makes me feel like I need to tug up my pants all day. I saw that the Columnist comes in mid-rise and lots of fun colors – do any pear-shaped ‘rettes recommend these?

    • Pear here, and while the Editors fit me well, the Columnists are cut too slim through the thighs and rear. I’m partial to the Editor Wide Waistband.

    • I would try both the Editor and the Columnist – I’m a slender pear shape and like the Columnist. However, beware Express’s sizing. They have the most inconsistent sizing among pants that I’ve ever seen. Different styles and even different colors of the same style generally all fit differently, in my experience.

    • Petite pear. Columnist does not fit my butt and thighs, but I did not find that I have to pull up the Editor. The wide waistband seems to counteract that issue.

  13. BusinessLitigator :

    Hello! For those of you who work long hours and have family/kids responsibilities after work. Any tips to add workout time in our -already busy- daily routine? Thanks so much!!!

    • The only way I’ve made it work is by exercising in the morning before everyone is up. There are days when I absolutely hate getting up that early, but I’ve managed to stick with it for nine months, four or five days a week. Basically I decided I was going to make it a habit so I never had to decide to exercise. Every time I’ve tried implementing an evening or lunch hour workout routine, it’s failed miserably. Too many things get in the way of making it happen regularly.

      Sorry, I know that NOBODY wants to hear that they should exercise in the morning!

    • Because our kiddo is a very early riser (5:45-6:15), DH and I alternate mornings getting up with the kiddos so that each of us gets 2 mornings a week to work out or sleep in, and we alternate Fridays. Then we each work out once over the weekend. It’s not great, and half the time I give into the tiredness use my morning to “sleep in,” but it’s the only way we’ve been able to get consistent time for each of us. Every couple of weeks I’ll work out in the evening after kiddo’s in bed, but I can never rely on that for all the reasons you know too well about last-minute things in the way, being too drained to leave the house at 8:30 pm, etc.

    • How old are your kids? We rock climb and have been able to take our 2.5 yo to the rock gym with us. She has a blast, we can alternate watching her with the other person doing autobelay, and she gets to see Mom & Dad have fun doing physical activity. 40 min in the evening a couple times a week. We also have a home jungle gym type setup that kiddo loves and we do pull ups on whenever we walk by it (as I write this it sounds mental, but it works to keep us in decent shape). The “gym” is in our tiny office, you don’t need much space like you would with standard home gym setups. It’s rated to 100KG (220 lbs) so it depends how big the adults in the house are but we’re both comfortably under.

      • This is the jungle gym we have. Definitely need to get extra mats to go with it because this gear is no joke for kids.

  14. Because our kiddo is a very early riser (5:45-6:15), DH and I alternate mornings getting up with the kiddos so that each of us gets 2 mornings a week to work out or sleep in, and we alternate Fridays. Then we each work out once over the weekend. It’s not great, and half the time I give into the tiredness use my morning to “sleep in,” but it’s the only way we’ve been able to get consistent time for each of us. Every couple of weeks I’ll work out in the evening after kiddo’s in bed, but I can never rely on that for all the reasons you know too well about last-minute things in the way, being too drained to leave the house at 8:30 pm, etc.

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