Frugal Friday’s TPS Report: Tartlet Burst Top

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Tartlet Burst TopThis strikes me as a really fun top for a casual workday. The extra strip of fabric gives it a bit of an asymmetrical look from afar, but up close it has almost a keyhole effect. I’d wear it with very office-y separates, such as a pencil skirt and closed-toe pumps. It was $48, but is now marked to $29.95 at Anthropologie (in pink, gray, teal, and navy). Tartlet Burst Top

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  1. I really like this top. I’m not sure I’d wear it to work, but I’d definitely wear it out with jeans.

    Just learned that Dr. Michael Mancini will be playing Puck’s father on Glee. I definitely think that Glee has jumped the shark, but I’ll have to tune in for this. I’m just disappointed that Puck’s mother already appeared in Season One. Otherwise, they could have cast Sydney to play his mother. My Sydney love knows no bounds.

    • I used to love that show but have skipped the last season.

    • I think this remindes me of the MAD MEN women! I LOVE that show! And the price is right to!~

      But the manageing partner wants to objectivize me as a woman and I will NOT have that so I will not wear this to work. FOOEY on him!

      • Has anyone else noticed that Ellen’s comments always show up late? I wonder if Kat has it set to send posts by that name immediately into moderation. Which then makes me wonder what kind of really inappropriate posts we’re being spared…

        • Ellen has complained about this in the past. Though recently her posts have been ALMOST sensical — or else I’ve just been spending too much time on here.

    • I wouldn’t wear it either. It looks a bit low cut and also that little cut out makes it seem more revealing than it really is. Also, a cardigan or jacket would ruin the neckline and I usually wear one at work.

    • Woods-comma-Elle :

      But you can now try for some Mrs. Marin love on Pretty Little Liars to sooth the Sydney pangs…

    • I salute your Melrose Place reference. Netflix Season 7 is currently getting me through an insane chapter of my year at work.

    • I really like it too and actually have it in my cart in both the pink and teal. But I’m looking at the fabric and how cute it looks on the mannequin and I think I’m going to skip it. I’m not built like the mannequin and I don’t want to be depressed about things not fitting when I’m FINALLY losing weight.

      Sad too because it seems like it would be a great weekend top (not for with my girls!!). But I also am trying not to spend any money right now so I can pay off one student loan…(only 1 of 4 and almost the smallest but the highest interest rate!)

    • Agree that Glee and jumped the shark.

  2. AnonInfinity :

    Has anyone used MakePace? It’s a website that helps you track your pace toward a billable-hours goal. I just read about it on the ABA Weekly Journal today, and it looks really neat. I had to email the company so that my law firm can get access to it, so while I’m sitting around waiting for that — Any experiences? Thoughts?

    • AnonInfinity :

      Just put all of my info in — It looks like a great tool! I did have a mini freak out attak because it shows that I’m pretty far behind my goal for the year. Boo.

    • Maybe it’s just my group, but I don’t have that much control over how many hours I bill day to day/month to month. I bill what I can when I have work, and I bill less when I don’t. It usually works out to much more than my hourly goal, but I can’t just push off deadlines because I’m ahead of my hours or have already hit my 8.6 hours for the day.

      So makepace wouldn’t be very useful to me. If you have more control over what you bill every day, I’m jealous!

  3. Any recommendations for a primary care doc in D.C.? Ours closed up shop and moved to the suburbs. Thanks.

    • Mine just moved to a non-Metro-accessible location, and I’m cranky about it. So I’m interested in recs too.

      • I should name her for anyone in that neck of the woods – Dr Anjula Agrawal, now in the medical building by Sibley Hospital. She’s amazing, great manner and strong emphasis on preventive medicine. I love her (just don’t love that it takes an hour for me to get there from my house in the VA ‘burbs).

    • When I lived in DC I saw Dr. Paul Silver of Medical Faculty Associates and thought he was great (but MFA itself could be a bit of a mess for referrals and appointments and stuff).

    • Interested to hear recs too because I don’t really like mine and have been meaning to find a new one.

    • She’s not in DC proper, but I can recommend Dr. Karen Lawson. She’s in Ballston, just a few couple blocks from the Metro.

    • I love Dr. Karen Myers with Washington Internists (near L and 19th). She’s fantastic.

      • Dr. Theresa Stone is nice. She hugs you at the end of the appointment so if you’re not into that I would see her. I’ve only seen her once or twice, though, so I can’t say much useful.

        One of my friends joined the new “concierge” practice, One Medical, and has been happy with it so far (she has a chronic condition so is a connoisseur of doctors). Capital Bikeshare had a discount on joining for its members, don’t know if it still stands. I considered it but have so little need for a primary care physician that I didn’t pull the trigger. If they had specialists in their practice I would have joined in a heartbeat.

    • anon for this :

      Dr. Alphonse Mehany at MedStar. He is right off the Friendship Heights metro, in the Barlow building. I have referred several colleagues and friends and they all love him. No long wait times and he really listens.

    • I like Dr. Shotashvili at Comprehensive Primary Care in Woodley Park. The location is really convenient, right next to the metro, and I have always been able to get a same or next-day appointment.

      • I like some of the other doctors in that practice more than Dr. Shotashvili, but the practice overall is pretty good.

    • Any recs for one in Manhattan?

    • Thanks everyone. My provider directory lists a lot of docs through One Medical. I refuse to pay $200/year just to be able to make an appointment. Ridiculous.

  4. Threadjack…I just bought a great new bag…leather. I’ve had a series of cheap ones up to now but I decided I wanted something nicer. I bought a B. Makowski at Nordstrom Rack on vacation. The leather is like butter. Here’s the questions…

    There was a little label saying that because it’s leather etc, that some color transfer could occur. How likely is this really? I’ve had leather bags before and never had a problem, but I’m wary that they thought it necessary to include the warning.

    But my real question is, I’ve had it a week now just sitting there empty because I can’t decide whether I should pretreat it in someway before using it. Should I use a water proofer, or follow my grandmother’s lead and use a clear shoe polish to give the bag just a little extra protection from the elements? Or is it good to go just as it is?

    Do you do any special prep. with leather bags?

    • Some of the brighter colors will get color transfer onto jeans/pants where it rubs on your hips. I’ve had that happen before. I’ve never seen color transfer with shoulder bags.

    • I’ve had the opposite problem: when I used my bright pink leather Coach messenger bag while wearing dark-rinse jeans, the denim blue rubbed off on the bag. I took it to a good shoe place in town and they informed me that there’s no cure. Devastating.

      • Same thing happened to my brown saddle bag and I wear it 6 days per week.
        I am OK with having that blue dye because the bag looks antiqued, but every few months I give it a good rub with a leather cleaner just to refresh it.

      • Yes, this can also happen. If you’ve treated the bag with a leather protector it should be easier to clean off, but it can still stain. I usually wash dark jeans before wearing and spray them with scotch guard to help prevent the dye from rubbing off.

    • What color is your bag?

    • I’ve had a B. Makowski dark brown leather bag transfer onto a white skirt where it rubbed. I’ve also had a Lands End black tote rub off on the shoulder of a tan cotton sports coat.

      No tips on how to prep any bags, but since I’ve only ever had these 2 issues, I stopped wearing those particular combinations.

    • heatherskib :

      Grab a white terry cloth, and give a portion of the bag a good rubbing with it. That’ll give you the best guess as to if and how badly it’ll crock.

    • I spray mine with Cole Haan’s leather protector before using. It’s super gentle and works great to protect your bag. It should also help prevent color transfer up to a point.

      Color transfer can definitely happen if you have a dark or colored bag and are wearing light clothing. I think that cleaning and conditioning it before the first use helps prevent this. I use Cole Haan’s leather conditioner/cleanser. You might see a little color come off when you clean it, but don’t fret; this is what would have otherwise rubbed off on your white top.

    • I have a dark brown B. Makowski shoulder bag (also from Nordstrom Rack) and I have not had trouble with that bag in particular. Also, I love it.

    • SoCal Gator :

      B. Makowsky is my favorite brand in bags. You can good deals on them also at Endless. My main bag is a lovely buttery brandy colored satchel that can fit my iPad. One day I left it on top of the dryer next to a detergent bottle that I did not realize was leaking. It got to the bottom of the bag and all the color leached out — completely ruined. So I think you have to be careful with these colored bags, although I suppose detergent would ruin any leather bag. I have never had the color rub off in ordinary circumstances. Fortunately I was able to replace the bag for half of its original cost on Endless.

      Enjoy your bag! They hold up well and have so many neat pockets and zip compartments.

      • My bag is black. I was open to colors this time, but the bag found me in black so black it is.

        I agree with the pockets. The one I have has a flap top and theres a zipper all around the edge of the flap creating a pocket in the top! I thought that was kind of crazy and neat.

        I’ll check out the kenneth cole leather conditioner too. My husband’s leather jacket should probably get a going over with that too. He was supposed to, but never got around to it.

        • and yeah ok you said cole haan, not kenneth cole. =)

          • Yeah, I think the Cole Haan one is best. Coach makes a good cleaner/conditioner too, but it uses silicones, which can leave a slight sheen on your leather. I switched to the Cole Haan one a few years ago and like it a lot more. I condition my bags 2 or 3 times a year and they look great. Also, it only costs $4.50.

      • I love B. Makowsky too! The leather is so great at a relatively affordable price. And I love the leopard print interior!

    • I have three B Makowsky bags. A bright blue one, a dark brown one, and a medium gray one. My dark wash jeans left a blue mark on the gray bag. Neither the blue nor the brown bags have transferred their colors to my clothing, but I rarely wear really light colors. I just bought a camel/tan leather jacket, though, and so will be careful with the shoulder straps of these bags.

      BTW, lots of B Maks on eBay, so if you find you really like the brand you can search for another color there at significant discount. That’s how I got my brown bag. It is exactly the same style as the blue one but I paid about half the price. Score! One word of warning, though. There seems to be a lower quality B Makowsky line that is carried by QVC and some other store (Kohls, maybe?) The leather isn’t nearly as soft and the hardware is chintzier. That’s why I advocate knowing the exact style before searching eBay, and really pouring over the photos.

      I’m going to look into the Cole Haan leather protector; thanks for the tip.

  5. I think the top is kind of meh, but am I the only one who saw the name come up in the TPS headline and immediately channeled their inner 13 year old boy?

  6. After our looking polished discussion recently, I decided it’s time to start with a real makeup routine–a change from my go-to mascara and lip gloss. I ended up getting a make-over/lesson at a Lauren Mercier counter. Great experience for those looking to get into the polished profressional world but are hesitant of overbearing make-up. Highly recommend it (and I have no affilitation with LM).

    • Thanks for this suggestion. My mom (who wears only lipstick) wants to start wearing a little makeup, maybe I’ll take her there.

    • I’ve been thinking about this, too. I’m just starting out in my career and my routine is basically under-eye concealer, mascara, and lip stain. Maybe a sheer powder if I’m having a bad skin day. I know I need to step it up/figure out what colors work best for me. I may be taking a trip to the makeup counter this weekend.

    • I was also inspired and went to Sephora last night and did some damage.

      Thanks b23 for the primer recommendation. I tested it last night and it really is amazing!

    • AnonInfinity :

      Is LM a light makeup? I don’t like the look of heavier foundation and powder. Having trouble finding something that gives a little more coverage than a tinted moisturizer.

      • Have you tried LM tinted moisturizer? I found it to be closer to a foundation than moisturizer. Don’t rule it out just based on the name. They have a wonderful beginners kit that’s pretty inexpensive– posting link separately


        • I’ve heard good things about the LM tinted moisturizer. I rarely wear makeup, but when I do I use Chanel tinted moisturizer. It’s good, too. Expensive, but good.

        • I hate the look and feel of heavy makeup, so when I want to look a little more polished, I use LM’s tinted moisturizer as “foundation”. I find it heavier than my regular moisturizer, and it may make me break out a little (I’m not sure if it or just other things were causing me to break out), but I generally find that it is light-reflecting and makes my face look “dewy”.

        • Amelia Bedelia :

          I LOVE LM tinted moisturizer. Love, love, love. It gives you a polished look without being too heavy.

        • I use LM tinted moisturizer and like it. I was on the fence about it at first because I already have a moisturizer that I really like and didn’t want to over-do it and wind up oily, but the woman behind the counter (consultant? makeup artist? I don’t know what the right title is…) explained to me that despite the name, “tinted moisturizers” are not really moisturizers. They are sheer foundations. According to her, they should not replace the moisturizing step in your skin care routine.

      • I’d say so. I lean towards more coverage so I don’t personally use her foundations, but a few friends with better skin do and looks fantastic.

        • You might try LM Silk Creme foundation. It has more coverage than the tinted moisturizer provides.

      • They put me in primer+tinted moisturizer+finishing power and it looked great. Enough covereage to even me out, but not heavy at all. I was a little skeptical until they put the finishing power on, which is a clear powder basically, and all of a sudden I had prettyface.

        • I also just bought Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and I really like it. I’ve never liked the feel of foundation on my skin but I wanted to try something that would make me look just a little more polished. My skin is very pale but I also have a lot of freckles, and the oil free formula with SPF looks great – I look a little more rested but my freckles show through the makeup so the difference is still subtle. I don’t look so “ZOMG MAKEUP!”

    • Second Laura Mercier. I also love Bobbi Brown. They gave me an easy day look that can be quickly turned into a night look.

      • Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and Benefit are my favorite make-up brands. I find that they are the most long wearing and vibrant.

      • SF Bay Associate :

        Those are my two favorites as well. I like that their colors are well-edited for a naturally pretty and polished look. I also have a toe on the slippery slope into financial insolvency with Chanel makeup – their lipsticks colors are amazing, especially the reds.

    • A little testimonial:
      I have been gradually adding more steps into my makeup routine.
      Today, I have perfected the 2 eyeshadow colors look (which is acceptable because I wear huge birth-control glasses).
      Every 3 weeks, I added something (powder, a bit of mascara etc.) to my routine. and every time I got a ton of comments about how I look rested, nice, polished etc.
      If you are new to make up then just start with your basic routine, and every couple weeks add something. Soon enough, you will be easily doing your whole make up in under 10 min.

      • heeey Houda, are you military? You’re not walking around in standard-issue BCDs (Birth Control Devices), by chance?

        I know some Army talk. But I can’t tell you why. It’s classified.

        • I don’t know, maybe I am a bit of a masochist. My eyes are probably one of my best features.. so what’s a girl to do? Hide it with the ugliest thing on earth.
          But I am planning on doing a lasik surgery in few months..

      • Another vote for the LM Tinted Moisturizer. I agree that is leans a little more towards a foundation, but it is light enough that you can ramp up on those days that you need more coverage and use a lighter hand on the days where you need less coverage. I would also recommend Chantecaille Tinted Moisturizer. I actually (slightly) prefer Chantecaille, but the price is a little too rich for my blood these days.

      • AppealingLawyer :

        Wiping spit off my keyboard from laughing too hard…Birth Control glasses.

      • goirishkj :

        A friend just referenced BCG on facebook yesterday–first time I’d heard that phrase, and now I hear it again today. Made me laugh, thanks Houda :)

    • I like to keep it natural during the day – Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Maybelline FIT Me powder (use a powder brush, apply lightly – you can build coverage if you need to), Stila Oasis shadow, Bobbi Brown brown gel eyeliner, waterproof Covergirl Lash Blast, a touch of Sonia Kashuk Lily blush, and a Revlon Lip Butter (this is a fantastic new lipstick-chapstick hybrid). I also start with Ole Henrickson Vitamin Plus moisturizer. This takes about 7 minutes.

      To amp up for the evening, I love Sonia Kashuk’s shimmering sands eye quad. On top of your day look, simply refresh your powder, add more eyeliner, a sweep of darker eyeshadow over your lids and layer on a little shimmer, maybe another coat of mascara.

  7. I have admired this top online but have yet to actually try it on. I imagine it would either be gorgeous or really tragic on my petite/straightish frame.

    Does anybody have personal anecdotes to share about out-of-state job hunts? Business (proj mgmt) not law. I would especially appreciate success stories!

    • I think it would be perfect for a petite/straight frame. I think anything over a b-cup would be a little too va-va-va-voom for the office (and non-office depending on one’s personal aesthetic)

    • I’m in marketing, early career, and I’ve done two cross-country job hunts. The first failed miserably for a couple of reasons. First, I was searching in California in Spring 2008 as a new college graduate. I didn’t know a single person in CA to network with, the economy had just crashed, and Silicon Valley is not very new-marketer friendly. No one wanted to talk to me until I’d actually moved to the state, but this might have been a factor of my low-level vs. other factors (who really considers re-locating a marketer with less than a year of experience?).

      My second hunt went much better because I knew people in the state, and I came out for a 6 week stay to job-hunt. It made it easy to go to lunches/interviews/events on short notice, I had a local address to put on my resume, which eased fears about re-location, and I went to college here.

      My recommendation is to make sure you can network with people, and if possible, have some kind of connection to the new state, whether college, childhood past, SO has a job, something to show you want/can live in the state. Good luck on the hunt!

  8. Awful Lawful :

    My first thought on this top was no way. After looking at it a little longer and thinking about it paired with Kat’s styling suggestions, I do like the top, but I think it would be a little too low cut for work, expecially since the neck is cut so wide and I think a cami would ruin the effect of the neckline. Cute top for casual wear, though.

  9. Skippy pea :

    Thread jack!

    In market for nice looking diaper bags that do not look like diaper bag. Looked at Kate spade ones and they were okay, but looking for more suggestions!


    • MZ Wallace “Kate”:

    • This might be a weird question, but are you looking for a feminine bag or something more unisex?

      • Skippy pea :

        I will have a backpack for dh to carry, but this one would be exclusively for me.

        • Baby weight :

          I did this and funnily enough end up using his backpack! It allows me to have both hands free. I might look at a Longchamp Le Pilage backpack.

          • Thinking about doing something similar :

            Sigh! In suspect I may do the same! But always need an excuse for a nice bag. ;)

          • We didn’t have a diaper bag before my sn was born, so we just used a Marmot bag that can convert between shopper and backpack. It was super light, fit everything, and hung on the back of the stroller really easily. I had thought we would get a “real” diaper bag eventually but never needed to.

        • Skippy pea :

          Sorry, not a backpack gal at all. No fear here.

    • It might look too much like a diaper bag for you, but I LOVE my jujube be all. Perfect size, pretty print, and every last detail was so perfectly thought out.

    • a passion for fashion :

      Marc Jacobs!!

      My husband just got it for me for Christmas and I love it. I get tons of complements.

      • I don’t have a baby but I’ve seen the MJ baby bag and it is gorgeous. I’d definitely get this one if I were having a baby.

      • Skippy pea :

        Yes, had that one in mind already. Also liked a Michael Kors one recommended here sometime back.

      • Anonymous :

        I have a Marc Jacobs diaper bag and I LOVE it. It’s huge, with lots of pockets, and so cute.

    • I think there was a post on here before about how great the Rebecca Minkoff diaper bag was – for diapers and in general.

    • heatherskib :

      Whak Sak ultimate tote. Lots of pockets and organizational, padded pockets so it can work as a laptop bag in the future, removeable insulated bottle cover on the outside and a pocket in the center inner pocket for tennis balls that would really work for another bottle.

    • Appealing Lawyer :

      The Vera Bradley outlet had a BEAUTIFUL diaper bag in plain, quilted navy blue. Very understated. I went with a blue floral print instead and I really like it.

    • PharmaGirl :

      I use a regular shoulder bag and keep baby stuff in gallon-sized zip locks inside. The diaper bags have so many compartments that I was always misplacing things or losing my wallet when I switched back to my regular bag.

    • I have a Lesportsac one but I really just use it for airplane trips and normally just put stuff in my regular large handbag. What I’m saying is, you can use this opportunity to just buy a new purse instead. :)

    • Rebecca Minkoff

  10. Any 4th year med student corporettes (doctorettes?) going through the match today???

    • No, but if you are, I wish you luck!

      • Ugh, I went through that with my husband, and it is the worst!!! So stressful and all of your successes or failures are announced in front of friends, family, and colleagues. Who thought that was a good idea????

  11. Litigatrix :

    Good morning hive!

    I posted several weeks ago about job application tips and you ladies definitely helped me out with good advice…and I just got offered the job I was applying for! I am excited, but this excitement is completely overshadowed by the fear and sick feeling in my stomach because I am petrified to tell my current firm that I am leaving. I feel so horrible and guilty to leave because they will have no idea that it’s coming and I do not think that it will go over well- small firm, I work for a partner and he has no other associates, etc. I am loyal and I don’t want to hurt their feelings, but at the same time, I wasn’t completely happy with my current job, but always put on a good face about it at work. This is where you all come in- how do I break the news??? Also, I have my own clients and some may want to come with me….I have never left a firm before (I graduated in 2010, and I am currently working for my first firm) so I don’t know what is the norm here. I can’t enjoy the offer being made because I am so stressed about leaving.

    Also, are there any ladies out there who practice in government relations/lobbying? If so, any resources/tips that you would recommend? Things you wish you knew before starting? In my new position, I am picking up work in this practice area and I am a complete newbie.

    THANK YOU! :)

    • Wow, first of all, congratulations!

      Breaking the news when they have no idea is going to be difficult, but I think I would focus on what’s exciting about the new job and what it can offer you, rather than anything at all about your current job. “I’m really excited about having the opportunity to do ________ (thing that would never happen at currentjob)”, that kind of thing. Definitely don’t give any indication you were less than happy, as it may affect your networking chances – just emphasise that the new job is YOUR DREAM JOB and you’re so thrilled about the opportunity to move forward.

      • Former MidLevel :

        This is pretty much what I did when I left Evil Empire LLP. Although I didn’t like being at the firm, I did work for one partner who I really liked and I knew I was his favorite associate. So telling him was hard. But anyone with a heart will understand the allure of a dream job. Good luck!

        • Litigatrix :

          Thanks Former MidLevel. I cracked up when you said Evil Empire LLP. Did you just blurt it out? Did he take it personally? I like my partners, but I am underpaid, overworked, and I have ups and downs with the fit/style of the firm. I won’t say this stuff of course…

          • Former MidLevel :

            Yes, I just told him. He didn’t take it personally at all. I think he was a little surprised, because I hadn’t told him about my specific aspirations before that day, but he was happy for me. Granted, I wasn’t going to a different firm, but I really do think most people understand that “dream jobs” don’t come around that often.

        • Yeah – I’ve had that situation before as well, leaving a job where there was one person (my direct manager) I really liked and who had put a lot of effort into helping me and my career out, but the rest of the job was just…not what I was looking for. My mentor was also really gracious and understanding about it, even though I was pretty upset about doing that to her.

          That’s the hidden downside of having a brilliant mentor at work!

          • Think of it this way – if they are good managers, they’ll want you to be successful and while they may be hurt, they’ll want what’s best for you.

            If they’re bad managers, they’ll bitch and moan and you’ll know that they’re bad managers and hopefully you’re going to a better place :)

    • First, congrats on getting a new job!!!! It’s still more difficult than many people think.

      Next, try to remember you are doing both yourself and your old firm a favor by leaving. Eventually it would have been very difficult to put on that good face and keep up your excellent work. Burn out is very real and it happens. It is always tough on small firms when associates leave but it’s also just how the business works.

      Tell them the good things about working there and that you will always appreciate having started your career there but that you realized it wasn’t a lifetime position for you and you thought it was time to go before you both mutually invested more time in your development there.

    • Do you know what issues you’ll be focusing on w/i GR? If so, start reading! Depending on how in the weeds you’ll need to be, I find it helpful just to have a basic understanding of the historical aspects of major pieces of legislation I’d encounter. Also, if you haven’t already, just flip through a Congressional facebook and familiarize yourself with the leadership of the Committees you’d be dealing with (or the issues you’d work on would fall under). Finally, when in doubt if you’re meeting a member – big pin = House, small pin = Senate (only helpful if they wear it!). Being pleasant and willing to learn gets you far! Congratulations

      • Litigatrix :

        Thank you Frugal City Girl, KLG, and L! I appreciate what you are saying and it is helpful. To make matters even *more* awkward (yayyyyy), my boss is leaving early today to conduct depositions out of state for the next week. New firm wants me to start in the next 2-3 weeks (I stressed that I wanted to give my current firm as much notice as possible). Should I tell them today before he leaves? The final terms of the offer won’t be worked out until Monday after he leaves- but I am going to take the job. If I wait until he comes back, one week of my notice will be gone. Argh! Last freakout, I promise.

        • Yes, tell him today. You’ll feel better and he’ll have more notice.

        • If you are 100% positive you are getting the job and there aren’t any shady terms etc I’d tell him today. Unless you think he’s the type that would be pissed you told him before he was leaving (I’ve had some people like this). The best thing you can do now is to put together a list of your outstanding projects and what you will complete before you leave and create a list of procedures for your replacement. Present it as others stated, but couple it with a plan that makes him feel confident that he’s gone for a week and you’ll still have your nose to the grindstone.

          • Yeah, I very much agree about having comprehensive documentation about everything you’ll be leaving, both “where is this project currently?” and “how exactly do I do this thing?” It’s an easy, professional way to leave a stirling reputation behind you.

          • When I have left a firm, I made up a one page form that basically served as a summary of each case and its status – parties, attornies, experts, pending court dates or deadlines, a basic timeline, etc. I left a copy in each file, a stack of the entire set with each partner [small firm!] and took a stack of the entire set with me for documentation and also for conflicts checks for the immediate future. The time frame for your notice should also take into account your workload that others will be taking over – if it’s huge, I’d give a month’s notice or as close to that as I could.

    • Thinking about doing something similar :

      Sorry, have no pointers about your question, but I would really appreciate finding out more about how you went about finding a job in this field. I am also looking for something similar and lost as to where to begin.

      • Litigatrix :

        I wish I had some great wisdom to pass along about how to break into the field, but I just happened to see a job posting and applied….BUT I would suggest looking into firms that have government relations groups and try to contact someone for an informational interview, or look into trade groups/associations because they also employ lawyers for this purpose. I am also a litigator, so this position happened to like that. I will maintain my litigation practice in my new position as well.

    • Congrats!

      I think you’ll find that your stress is mostly for naught. Firms are used to seeing associates come and go. All you have to do is say something along the lines of, “I wanted to let you know that I’ve accepted a position at ____. It was a tough decision for me because I’ve really enjoyed my time here, but it’s a fantastic opportunity, and I’m very excited.”

      Also, worst case scenario prep: I would make sure you have all your clients’ contact info stored in a location that your work doesn’t control. That way, if your worst fears are realized, you’ll still be able to contact your clients and let them know about your switch.

      Good luck!

    • First, congrats! I was in almost your exact shoes five months ago, except for the government relations/lobbying part. I know it is hard to tell the boss, as I was also the only associate in my old firm. But, you need to do it ASAP so he can start planning. Don’t feel guilty at all–you are your own business and need to look out for yourself first. I guarantee you that your boss is looking out for his business and would let you go in a heartbeat if it was necessary. As far as how to tell the boss, I’d definitely focus on something you can do at the new job that you couldn’t do at your old job. In my case, my boss had put blood, sweat and tears into the firm and so couldn’t understand why it wasn’t a dream job. If that’s your boss too, then I’d find another way to spin it. I have health issues that are made worse by stress so I focused on getting away from the stress of billable hours and that made the transition easier, though there were a few bumpy moments during my last few weeks. No advice on clients since I went into government, but I’m sure the hive will have plenty of good advice there. I know you know this, but check your local ethics rules to make sure you’re in compliance. Have any of your friends left firms in your area recently–you could talk to them to get a feel for local practice as well. It’s a small world we all live in and during this transition you’ll want to make sure you don’t burn any bridges that you might need later on.

      Yes, the transition was stressful to wrap up everything before I left so that I stayed on good terms with old boss. But so far it has been SO worth it for me, and I hope it is worth it for you too! Do something nice for yourself to celebrate this great opportunity!

    • You shouldn’t feel bad at all. You have to be your #1 advocate for yourself and for your career. You just need to be honest with the partner that this decision is not personal at all, but a question of finding a position with perhaps a better fit at the right time. Be honest, constructive, and genuinely grateful for the opportunities this firm has afforded you…but don’t feel as though you’re being disloyal. I love my job and the people I work with, but if something else came up that was a better fit at that particular point in my life (given family, money, career aspiration, etc. reasons) I would pursue it – my job is my job, not my family or BFF, so I’m not abandoning them!

      • Litigatrix :

        Thank you so much to everyone for responding! This means a lot to me. I’m scared (silly I know) and stressed, so it means a lot to me to get such good advice from you all. I will just take a deep breath and get it over with today…

        …and then go have a gigantic glass of wine.

        • I left a small firm not too long ago, and a bigger firm before that. Both times, stressing about telling them was FAR worse than the actual telling them. Take a deep breath and do it. And the wine’s a great idea!

    • Anonymous Poser :

      I’m not an attorney, but I’m wondering–when you say government relations/lobbying, will you be lobbying at the federal level? State? Local? A mix?

      I used to work in public policy, about 15 lifetimes ago, so I might have something useful to share. I mostly helped our members (also not attorneys) influence their state legislatures, but also was occasionally involved in comment drafting for federal agencies.

      • Litigatrix :

        It is a mix of state and local lobbying. As I understand it, working on legislation at the State’s House and Senate, and also for clients dealing with state gov’t agencies.

        • Anonymous Poser :

          Please forgive me if any of what I’m about to state is obvious, or just plain not useful.

          I’ve lobbied (just as a plain ol’ constituent/citizen) at my state general assembly for 2 sessions. Before that–years before that–I did an internship with a lobbyist during one session. So I thought I knew, you know, the tip of the iceberg about what goes on there.

          This year I’m interning with a legislator (yay! not entirely a poser, anymore, but I digress), and basically what I know about the way laws get made in my state is…one tiny chip of ice that was knocked off that iceberg. Obviously the official policies and procedures of the way a bill proceeds through both chambers, to the governor, and into law are something that everyone has to learn, but that is SO little of the story.

          I guess I don’t have much that’s specific to share unless you’d like to ask questions. Legislation moves along with typos, legislators don’t always (or usually, YMMV) have time to read all legislation, and so sometimes pass something they never intended to vote for. The land of unintended consequences is vast. Relationships are complicated and perhaps more malleable than at the federal level: I’ve seen someone who held a representative’s bill up in committee go to the well on behalf of another bill by that same representative. Information is currency. Sometimes you can get good information from concerned citizens. YMMV, etc.

          Many of the lobbyists in my state are attorneys or work for/with attorneys, so you’ll have company, in that respect.

  12. I don’t know that I’d wear it in pink, but I love it in navy – I’d definitely wear it with a lighter grey pencil skirt and dark pumps. Sadly it’s only available in grey and teal (which is also a lovely colour, but one I’m less likely to wear to the office) on the UK Anthropologie website – and no markdown for us!

  13. canadian anon :

    This is very cute, and like Bunkster I’d definitely wear it with jeans on the weekend (probably not at work). But I find some of Anthropologie’s tops like this one are very flimsy and thin, which is disappointing when they look so nice on the screen. So I’d definitely check this out in person.

    First impressions recommendation: Banana Republic’s silk/cotton v-neck long-sleeve sweaters. I picked up two last night (thanks to a 50% off email promo), in black and pink, and I’m really happy with the fit and feel. Some of the reviews on the American site say that they pill quite quickly though, so how well they hold up is TBD. They’re handwash cold. They come in a number of other colours (light blue, yellow, lavender – very Easter egg-y) but I didn’t go for those since I make an effort to avoid anything that would make me look too young.

    • It also has a weird seam that comes out of one of the pleats and continues in a diagonal across and down the back. I don’t sew, but there does not appear to be a reason that this top would need to made this way.

      • It looks like it has to do with the twist in the front and the way the top of the shirt is attached to the bottom. It could also be working with the bias of the fabric, which would encourage better draping. Also, it doesn’t have side seams like a lot of t-shirts do.

  14. Sorry for the early TJ, but my sister is having a problem and hopefully you wise ladies can help. She’s having some weird intestinal issues that cause her to miss work for a week every month (she usually ends up in ER). She is working with her doctor to get a diagnosis. Her employer is not sympathetic to these absences and has started to require a doctor’s note (employer’s policy is that more than one day at a time of unscheduled absence requires a note and no more than 5 days per year). I’m not an employment lawyer, but is seems to me that she needs to talk to HR about the situation and they need to make reasonable accommodations (like not yelling at her every time she’s out sick), and they can’t terminate her based on a medical condition. Am I right? Any other suggestions?

    • If her employer is covered by FMLA (generally, an employer with more than 50 employees where she’s worked for more than one year), she’s entitled to 12 weeks per year of unpaid leave for medical reasons: www (dot) dol (d0t) gov/whd/fmla/.

      The ADA also applies to nearly all employers. Here’s a link to a Q&A about ADA coverage.
      www (dot) ada (dot) gov/q%26aeng02.htm

    • Anne Shirley :

      I think it’s completely normal for an employer to be concerned she’s out a week every month. Whether she is entitled to FMLA leave depends on how ling she’s been there and how large the employer is. At this stage, obviously employer knows something, so I dont see a downside to asking HR how they can work with her on this.

    • So — there is the FMLA — which provides for UNPAID leave. So at the least she shouldn’t be laid off.

      But she should also be working with her doctor so she can get diagnosed with a recognized disability. And to get whatever this thing is under more control so that she isn’t getting hospitalized once a month! I know its very common for women’s with GI conditions to have flares around their periods each month — has she considered changing her BC choice so that she doesn’t have her period? I know some people who have had relief from doing this.

      • But — she needs to be prepared for the fact that — if she DOES get laid off, it can be very, very difficult to prove discrimination based on disability. So she may want to start considering what she’d do if this does happen, you know “hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

        • Awful Lawful :

          Also, if this condition has lasted or is expected to last for 12 months, she should consider filing for Social Security disability.

        • This. Also, in order to make out a disability claim she’d have to show that they were aware of her disability. It is perfectly legal to terminate someone for excessive absenteeism. Speaking with HR and raising the disability and accommodation issue, as well as requesting FMLA leave if eligible, will go a long way toward helping her.

    • I think if she wants any protection, she’s going to have to disclose her condition. I don’t think a doctor’s note is out of the ordinary for this type of thing.

  15. hello corporettes,

    I have been a faithful reader of this blog for a while now, but I have never posted before. I thought it would be nice to finally join the group and hear your thoughts on something. I am starting a new job in NYC in early Sept. (3L currently) and my husband and I are looking to move to a new apartment at the end of August (sort of an upgrade from our still-in-school den). How long in advance do you think we should start looking? So far, we have never lived in a fancy apartment so we were always able to find a place within 3-4 weeks before we had to move out of our old place. But now that we want a nicer place in a Midtown/Downtown neighborhood, I am a little nervous that 4 weeks may not be enough. We are planning to use a realtor. Thanks a bunch in advance!

    • karenpadi :

      I’m not in NYC but I wouldn’t step so quickly into golden handcuffs.

      Do you have student loans? Do you absolutely need to move (kids, commute)? I would seriously consider staying in your den for as long as you can possibly stand it to pay down student loans and avoid getting into a financial lifestyle where 6-figures are necessary to just barely pay the bills.

      Many people have been laid-off from BigLaw and many more enter BigLaw only to find that they absolutely hate it. Trust me, it’s better for your psyche to not need the BigLaw salary and be able to walk away from all that money.

      • I completely agree with not needing the BigLaw salary. My husband and I have discussed that many times now. Apart from moving, we do not want to be changing our current lifestyle too much. Thus, I can pay down my loans (which thankfully are not that big) and we can start saving in an organized way. The only reason why I want to move is because our current place is too far away from my future job. My husband’s job is much more conveniently located, and even if we move, he will have the same commute. Knowing that I will be working late more often than not, I just want to avoid spending long time commuting. We have worked out a budget that we think we can work with and we are definitely not going for something luxurious. It is mostly the location that matters to us.

        Thank you for the words of wisdom, karenpadi! I try to stay level-headed, but hearing it from someone else is always very helpful.

      • Anonymous Poser :

        Heartily seconded.

  16. Non-lawyer making close to $90K at a job I’ve been at for 10 years (started at $40K with promotions along the way). Anniversary gift for these 10 years of service, many nights and weekends? $250.

    I guess I shouldn’t be suprised. Five years of service was recognized with a padfolio. I know, should just count blessing for having a job.

    • Can't Wait to Quit :

      I used to work at a large energy company where the 25 year gift was a “gold” watch for the gentlemen, and a fairly nice string of pearls for the ladies. I thought it was old fashioned but sort of cute.

    • Honestly, I think it’s nice that your company even recognizes years of service at all. While I agree that the sum is a bit of a token (especially given your salary), there are many, many companies out there that don’t do anything for long-serving employees at all.

      So, I’d say yes, be thankful that you have a job, but also that your company is at least making some kind of effort.

    • I guess my non-snarky question would be…what were you expecting? And what were you basing your expectation on?

      • The assistant to the CEO sent me an email that I would be receiving monetary recognition and a service award at our company meeting. Since few folks make it past even five years, I guess I had assumed it would be more like a bonus or something. That probably wasn’t fair. I guess maybe that’s it. I probably would have been really happy if it hadn’t been for that email.

        And even though I work long hours, I do enjoy what I do and absolutely love the people I work with–so I guess I should just consider myself “gifted” in many, many other ways.

        • Spend on something absolutely unnecessary. That would make me feel better!

        • We have had a number of people at our firm for 30 years this year and have never done a single thing to even recognize their loyalty and longevity. So, yes, be happy you have a good job you love and that they at least express their appreciation with a token. I can see how your boss’s email had you hoping for more, and I’m sorry for the disappointment.

    • Anon for this... :

      My old company recognized 5, 10, etc. years of service with Tiffany items (e.g., keychain, money clip) – but they were monogrammed with the company logo, which I think made them much less desirable.

      Although I do think it’s nice just to be recognized for long-term service to the organization and realize that many places don’t even make an effort.

    • karenpadi :

      My firm gives out lapel pins for years of service. I’d rather have the $250!

      • We get Tiffanys gift cards when we hit 5 year marks. I received a $400 one for my 15 year anniversary. This August is my 20th year ( how did THAT happen?), so I have already started trolling the web site for silver bracelets. I think it is a nice gesture on the part of the firm.

    • Hon, I just got a Seiko watch for my 15th year. I checked online and its cost new is less than $100, and I’m sure my company got a better deal than that.

      No one works this long somewhere just for the anniversary gifts. I hope there are things you like better about your job!

    • I’m pretty sure the service has tightened up the rules on the tax deductibility of these gifts so it doesn’t make sense for them to spend as much money as the norm (set say 20 years ago) when the gifts were essentially deferred compensation.

  17. I am pretty much the biggest Anthro fan in the world, but it has recently come to my attention that the owner has given tons of money to Santorum in the past. The only info on this is from many years ago, when he was just a Senator and not running for president, so who knows what the deal is now, but still. I just can’t get as excited about spending money there as I used to knowing that some small portion of that money could end up in the pocket of someone whose policies I disagree with so completely. Sad.

    That said, I do have a $200 credit there that I have to use. I mean, if I don’t use it, then it’s just giving them the money without even getting anything in return … so I have to …

    • I love all things Santorum, and today I am chortling over this article: dailycaller (dot) com/2012/03/14/vigorous-santorum-crackdown-may-catch-internet-porn-viewers-with-pants-down/

      • There Goes The Republican Race? :

        If Santorum is promising to kill Internet porn if elected, will likely Santorum voters in the remaining states vote for someone else now?

    • Obviously Anthro needs to be punished for supporting a politician with whom you have an ideological disagreement.

      • What’s so wrong about using your money as free speech, just as Anthro did? She didn’t say she was punishing them, just that she doesn’t support the politician they seem to, and therefore chooses not to shop there because she would prefer the profit they realize from her not go to politicians she does not support. While I tend to be the opposite views of that particular politician, I wouldn’t be offended if someone didn’t shop at, say, Whole Foods or a company who made contributions to liberal candidates for that reason.

        • I think it all comes back to the current mentality that anyone who disagrees with you is evil, which seems to be pretty prevalent in today’s society. The better response, imo, to ideas with which you disagree, is speaking out regarding the ideas with which you do agree, and voting for politicians who promote those ideas. In the market place of ideas, truth will emerge from an open competition of ideas. But hey, if you want to boycott people, that’s your privilege.

          • Your right not your privilege. Big difference.

          • I think you’re reading too much into her comment, personally. She didn’t say that she thinks Santorum is evil. And while I also agree that actual voting is an important part of the political process, broader social change also dictates that we vote with our money. So, if I’m not in support of not just a candidate but ideas that the candidate espouses, I think it’s totally appropriate to “vote with my money” and try not to shop at places that give money to advance those ideas.

            In the end, I think it’s a matter of personal preference, just as are politics. And if you don’t want someone to label someone as “evil” for disagreeing with a political ideology (which again, I don’t think was the issue here), then I think the consistent viewpoint is not to judge or get defensive when someone avails herself of her right to free speech (since SCOTUS has agreed that money is speech).

        • whole paycheck foods :

          Know it’s off topic, but is anyone else bothered with being asked to donate to things when you’re checking out? I made a $500 donation this month to an animal shelter where I volunteer, which was something I had been saving for. When I went to Whole Foods last night the clerk asked if I wanted to donate to some project of theirs (which I know nothing about ). When I said no thank you, he responded that even just rounding up my purchase makes a difference. I obliged because it wasn’t a huge amount and I felt like a jerk for saying no more than once. But I also felt kind of annoyed as I walked to my car. I don’t think it’s fair to have causes jammed down your throat.

          Is it not enough that they’re already so overpriced, that now I’m supposed to donate to their causes as well?

          • PharmaGirl :

            I find those requests annoying as well but have never been asked more than once to contribute.

          • I dislike those at WF and at basically any retailer. I feel particularly guilty when I go to Petco/Petsmart and they ask me to donate $1 to homeless pets each time I go. I don’t always give because I do support our local animal shelters with monetary and wish list donations, but I’m kind of annoyed that I am always asked.

          • I’m surprised he pressed you. Rude!

            I always decline (they solicit donations at all the grocery stores I shop at, not just Whole Paycheck). I’ve never been pressed when I say no, but I’ve always thought that if I were, I would say something along the lines of, “I’m pretty careful about who I donate to, and I like to do my research first. But I’m glad to see your organization cares about supporting [x].”

          • I read an article a couple of years ago (so I can’t find it again) talking about how for most of those donations at check out there is absolutely no accountability as to whether the donation actually goes to charity. It might, it might not, but no one (except presumably someone in accounting at the grocery company) actually knows. I feel a lot less bad about not donating at the cash register knowing that. If I want to donate a dollar without any accountability, there are plenty of homeless people in my city who will get a lot more pleasure out of it (and I do donate to people on the street when I happen to have cash on hand).

          • My pet peeve is when the cashier asks me if I “would like to support breast cancer.”

            No! I would prefer to donate to a cause *fighting* breast cancer.

          • I always just say ‘no, I prefer to make my donations directly’.

      • The only social power the average person has is his or her consumer spending.

        • Exactly. IT’s not that anyone who disagrees with you is evil, it’s that I don’t want to give them money to continue to promote a point of view I disagree with.

          • Boycotting is not an issue of giving money to the person you don’t support, it’s not giving your business to a business that supports someone you disagree with. You would rather shut up the speech with which you disagree by punishing the speaker economically (boycotting their financial supporters). I would rather respond to the people with whom I disagree with competing ideas. I can’t imagine getting a list of Bill Maher’s sponsors so I can boycott them, even though I think he is a reprehensible person with no redeeming qualities at all. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. But doesn’t boycotting, if successful, lead to a very quiet marketplace of ideas, and is that really a desirable result?

          • Actually it is. In the present case, if the OP buys items at Anthroplogie, that money ends up with the owner who then gives it to Santorum. By not shopping there, OP keeps any portion of her money from going to Santorum.

          • Anon, if you’re going to say that money equals speech, then the OP’s decision not to use her money to indirectly support Santorum is speech in exactly the same way someone’s decision to give to Santorum is speech.

            And as for quieting the marketplace of ideals, if so many people feel a candidate is not worth supporting with their money that it becomes functionally impossible for them to run, then perhaps that particular candidate does not have the support they need to be elected. This is not actually infringing on anyone’s “free speech.”

      • How is the OP punishing Anthropologie? She’s making a choice where she wants to spend her money. Btw, I shouldn’t have to remind you that for years, the very right-wing leaning branches of Christianity have been a very powerful consumer group, to the point that there are movies and retailers that self-censor in order not to lose them. Why can’t a progressive person (like the OP) do the same?

        • I wish there were a “like” button on here.

        • Harriet Chalmers :

          Restaurant X makes hamburgers. Owners of Restaurant X give money to Cause Y (insert your political poison here). I think it’s perfectly reasonable for Owners to give money to Cause Y. It’s equally reasonable for me to buy my burgers elsewhere if I don’t like Owners’ support of Cause Y. Or, if I don’t like the source of their meat or the packaging of their burgers or the jingle in their ad that sticks in my head. Someone else may make a special trip to Restaurant because they, too, love Cause Y. From my perspective, it’s not different than any other form of capitalism: I choose what I buy, or don’t buy, in any given marketplace (ideas or products) based on any number of concerns. Some products in a marketplace don’t take off and companies go out of business. Ideas are no different; and surely another idea will make it’s way into the marketplace and allow the market to thrive. To take it to extremes: I would have no concern whatsoever if any number of ideas – say, slavery – are drummed out of the marketplace of ideas, and the marketplace gets quiet on that issue. You boycott, I support – that’s the way a marketplace is supposed to work.

    • karenpadi :

      It is unfortunate that politics have become so polarized that many people (including myself) feel the same way you do about having to avoid businesses for what used to be trivial reasons.

      I’d use the $200 credit. Then don’t shop there again.

    • I absolutely vote with my money, always have (chose a bank over 10 yrs ago based on it having the best inclusion policy regarding same sex partners, boycotted stores who donate to the anti-equality movement, etc.). Good for you for recognizing that your power isn’t just the one time per year you vote, that it’s within every dollar you have to spend.

      That said, I’d go online and see if I could sell the credit to someone for close to what I got for it. Maybe you can get $175 for it and decide it’s worth taking the hit? Otherwise, spend the credit, no more than the credit though, and then email the higher-ups of the company in their corporate office letting them know what history you have with the company and why you’re no longer a customer. It isn’t just about stopping the purchasing, it’s about making sure they know why so they can consider that when making future donation choices.

      And really, good for you! :)

    • Anonymous :

      Many large corporations make donations to causes on both/all sides of the political spectrum… basically a big CYA move. I’d research into what other causes Anthro gives to before deciding to spend there/not.

      You never know, they may make huge donations in something you are in favor of, and it just has not been publicized.

  18. Visiting NYC :

    I’ll be visiting NYC for the weekend with my sisters, who are both in college. Any suggestions on where we should go shopping? Idealling I’m looking for places that aren’t super expensive/all designer and not totally overrun by tourists! I’ve also been hearing about a place called Century21, but not sure what it’s all about. TIA!

    • Century21 is fun but can be very hectic. There’s a Nordstrom Rack in Union Square as well.

      I always enjoy just picking a neighborhood and walking from store to store there – you can find clusters of good stores in Soho, along 34th street, or around Rockefeller Center. Mostly, the stores in those areas are the same as anywhere in the country (Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, J Crew, etc), but there may are some that are less common elsewhere (H&M, Club Monaco, Madewell). And it’s fun to see the city and people-watch in between all the shopping.

    • if you want to avoid tourists, definitely don’t go to century 21!

    • It’s been awhile since I lived in NYC… so I’ll just offer some helpful past comment threads that had lots of suggestions:

    • Century 21 can be hectic, as stated, but can be a lot of fun and would have the best deals/variety to find. Also, if you go to the Century 21 down in the financial district (google for an exact location), I would definitely recommend going to the TKTS line at South Street instead of in Times Square for cheap day-of Broadway tickets- MUCH shorter lines (and you can browse South Street Seaport!). You can also just sort of hoof it around Soho/the village and pop in to boutiques – some will be expensive, but not all, and anyway there are always sale racks/good finds to be had. If you just want to window shop a bit, Bendels, Bergdorf’s, and Barney’s have some of the best oggling. You can walk down 5th to the Rockefeller Center shops (and stop in Magnolia’s for a treat).
      Also – some shows have standing room only tickets – you show up an hour or so before the show and can get a ticket for like $20. That could be an option. Enjoy!!
      Oh – and check out Daily Candy NY to see if any sample sales are going on this weekend!

    • Century 21 is the mecca of all discount designer stores. They sell fancy and non fancy things at much cheaper prices. Think TJ Maxx or Marshalls but with more, better stuff. There are two Century 21s in Manhattan now. The original location is by ground zero, the new location is on the upper west side at Columbus Circle. Some people insist that the original location is better and more fun, but if you want to avoid craziness and tourists, go to the one in Columbus Circle.

      If you go there, you can also do some Broadway shopping nearby – there’s the Shops at Columbus Circle, which is a NYC version of a mall but not really. Nothing too special – JCrew, AX, Sephora, some luxury shops, etc., but it can be a fun detour plus there is an awesome bakery inside, Bouchon, where you can grab a cup of coffee and a pastry. (An aside: there’s supposed to be an LK Benett opening there soon!!! Also C Wonder for those who like the Tory Burch aesthetic but want to pay less for it).

      Nearby on W. 57th, I’d hit up the Daffy’s there because it can have some amazing bargains, etc. If you want to head uptown on broadway you’ll find all the usual BR, Gap, etc., stuff, plus Zara (66th St), Lohmann’s (72nd) and Barney’s Coop (mid 70s).

      Other places you should go to: H&M (they vary by location, my favorite is the one on 5th and 51; also one of the ones in Soho but I never rememver which); the Nordstrom Rack on 14th St. While there, also may want to check out the DSW (shoes) and the Forever 21 (your sisters will love it); Uniqlo (one in Soho, one on 5th avenue in low 50s) – great well-made well-priced basics, awesome cheap jeans (if you can, go there early in your trip – they do free hemming but it takes a few days).

      Also check out Anthropologie – there’s one in Soho on W. Broadway, one nr. Rockefeller Ctr., one on 5th ave and 17th st (great shopping area, too, and near enough to 14th/union sq.) and one just opened on the upper east side but I wouldn’t go out of my way for that location.

      There’s also a store on lower Broadway (not on the upper west side) in soho called Aritzia, which might be kind of fun, artsy/unusual. I think it’s a canadian chain but definitily not something you find in a lot of places in the US. It’s near Madewell and Uniqlo and the good H&M, so you can make a fun trip of it. Oh, and definitely go to Top Shop while there, too.

    • IMO, Century 21 is a shadow of its former self, and not worth the crowds. Especially the one near Lincoln Center.

      Some of my favorites are Marimekko, Montmartre in the Time Warner Center (yeah, it’s a chain, but I can usually find great work-appropriate dresses on sale), Uniqlo for basics (esp. lightweight merino, & cashmere if you’re into that), and Barney’s Co-Op on the UWS.

  19. Visiting NYC :

    Also, forgot to ask– does anyone have any insider tips for getting last minute or cheaper Broadway tickets? Thanks!

    • Google TKTS – they have at least 2 locations in the city that I know of (South Street Seaport and Times Square). They likely won’t have things like Book of Mormon, but they do last minute/discounted tickets.

    • Go to the TKTS in Southstreet Seaport, skip the Times Square one. You can easily get there on a variety of subway lines, and the lines are SO much shorter. They sell tickets for same-day evening performances and (unlike the Times Square TKTS) next-day matinees – so if there’s a particular show you’re hoping for, you can buy for either the Saturday evening show or the Sunday matinee – double your chances :-) Or, if you’re a bigger fan of Broadway than I am, you can buy tickets to two shows in one stop.

      FWIW, (a) do not bother going in the Southstreet Seaport shopping center, (b) Bon Chon chicken is down the street, and (c) Century 21 is a less-than-10-minute walk from Southstreet Seaport.

      • Third on the Seaport rec. If you have a smart phone, download the free TKTS app and it will tell you what they have available that day. Show up around lunch. They usually have a good selection (though not stuff like Lion King, Wicked, Mormon b/c that’s always sold out); more often than not they have Phantom of the Opera – if you’re not sure what to see, see it. It’s such an amazing Broadway show experience. If you want something a bit different – there’s a fantastic play called Venus in Fur which they sometimes have tix for; it’s amazing (but no singing/dancing ;)).

        • Gail the Goldfish :

          The app will also tell you the frequency they sell tickets for a specific show, so you can try to guess if something will show up the next day if there’s nothing you like on one day. Also, certain shows do cheaper same-day rush tickets like 2 hours before the show for their unsold tickets. Check the website for the specific theaters. And you can always get Phantom of the Opera tickets for the upper mezzaine level directly from the box office for $25-50, which I think is cheaper than TKTS, though worse seats (I read an article in NY Times recently that apparently this strategy has worked really well for Phantom and it’s one of the very few shows that’s profitable every week. This is also the reason I’ve seen Phantom 3 times. “Oh, hello friend in town, you want to see cheap Broadway? We’re going to Phantom)”.

    • A lot of places have student discounts ($30 tickets usually, I think), and they have $30 tickets at the Manhattan Theatre Club if you are under 30, although you have to join the club/sign up for an email and learn the under-30 code. Also, you can get morning-of tickets for again, I think, $30.

    • When I was still a student I got “student rush” tickets–not sure if that’s the official name, but the day of the show you could get cheap tickets if you showed a student ID (and we were allowed to buy multiple tickets, so one of your sisters could buy yours with her ID). But you had to get in line super early (got in line around 6am…but it was also for a popular show) and when they sell out that’s it.

  20. I have bought clogs similar to the ones at the link. They are comfortable, but the piece connecting the horizontal bands slides around. How should I fix it in place? Can a cobbler help?

    • The shoes:

  21. if you want to plan in advance, TKTS if you want to buy tickets the same day you see a show. Discounts range depending on the show.

  22. On the topic of clothes, does anyone have good advice for finding and choosing a tailor? I found one I like through word-of-mouth who’s only open 9-5 Monday-Friday and is a 20min trip away, which isn’t ideal for lunchtimes, so I’ve had to write her off unfortunately. I haven’t heard of anyone else near my office and I’m not sure how to go about looking for one I can trust!

    I’m just looking for someone to alter storebought clothes so they fit – especially tops as my boob-to-waist ratio is not ideal for department store purchases.

    • Try calling some high-end boutique shops in your area. Ask them which local tailors they use.

      • Ooh, that’s an idea! I called a men’s tailor in the area to see if they had any leads, but they sounded really confused and couldn’t think of anyone they knew who did women’s tailoring. It was really disappointing (on a systematic sexism level as well as a personal one).

      • Second this. I get the best dry cleaning, tailoring, and shoe-repair recommendations from boutique owners.

    • I found mine through Yelp, and he’s been amazing. Where are you?

      • I’m in London – I work in the City and the good one I found (she did my wedding dress! it looked amazing!) is in Soho, so no good. The ones I’ve seen on Yelp all seem to have mixed reviews, some raves and some harsh one-star ones, and it’s hard to tell which reviews are trustworthy or not.

        • Oil in Houston :

          in that case – whilst living in London I found my tailor through the Bentalls men suit department, that’s where they used to send all their suits , so that’s where I went. Nothing fancy, but they were good. They were in Richmond though, so would be too far for you, but worth asking John Lewis / House of Fraser next time you’re there

  23. Job hunters, I just want you all to know that I am carefully reading every one of the 52 applications I received for a faculty position and making notes on each one. Even the really bad ones. I don’t want to be one of those people you all wonder about!

    • My personal favorite:

      Q. “I’m calling to confirm that you received my application–”
      A. “Yes, confirmed. I received it. Thank you.” (hangs up without asking caller’s name.)

      • Wow! I sent an email to each applicant confirming that I had received the application. It is part of my log-in procedure.

    • I know I’m not one of your applicants, but as someone who has been looking for a job for a year now, THANK YOU for the careful consideration you are giving these candidates.

      • You’re welcome! I worry sometimes, though, that after the initial email that we received the application, they don’t get anything from us saying that we are no longer considering the application. Sad but true. The wheels of academia move slowly and some people just don’t get that.

      • Second. I have been searching for a long time and I like hearing that you are giving them thoughtful consideration!

  24. canadian anon :

    Threadjacking off the earlier GP threadjack… anyone have recommendations for a good GP taking new patients in Toronto? Frankly almost anywhere, but downtown or midtown to North York would be best, or near a subway line.

    • No recommendation, but I’m in the same situation in Vancouver. My GP is leaving the city and she wasn’t that good anyways. She didn’t prescribe BC for personal reasons so I always had to go to a walk-in clinic separately for that. All my friends went to her too, and some of them just gave up and have been relying on clinics.

      • canadian anon :

        Oh man, that is annoying. I basically just need someone for an annual check-up (something I haven’t done since I was twelve, maybe) and BC prescription renewals. I figure I’m stuck with relying on walk-ins, but worth asking around anyway!

        • Canadian Anon :

          If that’s what you need you should check out the Bay Centre for Birth Control. Unfortunately I don’t have any recommendations for a GP, but I do know excellent dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, and physiotherapists in the east end (nothing east of Woodbine or north of Danforth) who are all taking new patients.

          • Anon Canadian :

            Oops I got thrown of by your handle! I’m going to have to figure one out soon ;)

      • For D – I don’t know where you live but if you live on the West Side, I would recommend Dr. Carolyn Chong, who has an office on W. 10th near UBC. She was my doctor when I lived in Vancouver and she was fantastic.

        • Thanks, I’ll look into that. At this point I’m considering recommendations from friends of friends that are in N Van or Surrey, but I don’t really want to go that far.

    • I go to Monica Pearl on Bay street (basically next to the subway) and like her a lot. I just do yearly checkup/pap/BC and have had no problems. She consistently runs on time but doesn’t rush, unlike every other GP I’ve seen.
      She’s at the Wellpoint clinic, which has a bunch of family doctors and I believe that some of them are taking new patients, although I don’t know about Dr. Pearl specifically. I’ve seen two other GPs there for emergency appointments when my doctor was away, and both seemed fine.
      I would also second the recc for Bay Center for Birth Control or Planned Parenthood Toronto though. I know people who have used both – for checkups and for sexual stuff – and have liked them. Both are downtown and close to transit. Planned Parenthood does have some days where they only do sexual health, so keep that in mind if you want a checkup.

      • ND, Amateur Sleuth :

        I’d like to give a shout out for the Toronto Western General Family Practice Unit. Great hours. Choice to see physicians or nurse practitioners for physicals. You often get a whole hour with nurse practitioners. Uses electronic records so any one you see has easy access to your records. You can be asked to be assigned to a particular doctor / np – although I see whoever is convenient and haven’t had any complaints. Only thing is that it is a teaching hospital so sometimes there are students observing / assisting.

  25. SoCal Gator :

    I have to share — today’s review of the Neima sandal on is based in part on a recommendation I posted on Kirsten’s BDS Facebook page and she quotes me. It’s a cute sandal that comes in multiple colors.

    • Glad to know there are other active BDS fans here! I often leave comments on Kirsten’s site.

  26. Anon St John Purchaser :

    First, not a fan of the TPS pink shirt.

    Thread Jack: What do you think of the St. John’s knit blazers? I’ve been practicing for about 12 years and am just starting to dip my toe into the world of designer fashion. I just ordered the following jacket with a pair of pants and a skirt:

    On the plus sides, I love the “ink” color and the 3-buttons. I also REALLY DESPISE wearing jackets in general (although I love how they look). I just find them too uncomfortable. But I am hoping that the knit fabric of this jacket with make it feel less confining.

    But then, on the other hand, I also wonder if the knit fabric makes it too casual? Would you wear this jacket to court or just a dep? Is it interview-worthy or too “designery.”

    Yet another question for those shopping higher end, do you ever “dress down” for court so you don’t look like you (or your client) has too much cash hanging around? My boss tends to do this but his version of “dressing down” is better than what most of his peers wear on a good day.

    • Mmm. Love.

      I don’t think anyone seeing you in that jacket will find it to be too casual. I would certainly wear it to court (and maybe for trial, towards the end of trial). My opinion: if you have been in practice for 12 years and can purchase St. John’s knits — you don’t need to wear the standard interview suit for interviews. If I were interviewing you, I’d assume you had a good book of business along w/ concomitant legal skills to support your St John’s purchases, and therefore, you would be of financial benefit to my firm.

    • I have zero connection with the law, lawyers, and court, so I can’t provide any useful advice about its appropriateness in your circumstances. That said, I think this is lovely and would compliment you if I saw you wearing it IRL.

    • SoFlaAtty :

      15 year attorney and I have this jacket in charcoal grey. I wear it over sheath dresses to court, or with pants for a depo/client meeting. I love it – as comfy as a cardi without being informal. I don’t dress down for court in terms of clothing because I don’t think many would be able to figure out what I’m wearing, except for female judges if I’m using a designer purse with a logo or signature style. I am careful with jewelry for court – but down here my jewelry is usually eclipsed by my colleagues so I rarely give it much thought.

  27. Does a silk top work with light grey wool (flannel) pants?

    I have light grey wool pants but have to idea what to pair it with! Straight leg if that matters.

    • With something that basic and neutral, I think a silk top in almost any color or pattern would be lovely. Personally, I usually tuck, but depending on your dress code and the cut of shirts you may also untuck with some. You have so many options. Have fun!

      • Thanks! I was thinking about a flowy, silk top that is a light pink/nude color. The only neutral shoes I have are patent nude pumps. yay or nay?

        • Eh, if I were you I’d do one of the pairs of non-neutral shoes (that you own) with that outfit. The pants and shirt are both such subtle colors, I think you can and in fact should go darker and/or brighter with shoes and perhaps also a necklace or scarf. :)

    • The poster at is always doing neutral outfits. I think they look great on her but prefer pops of color. I second the suggestion for a non-neutral shoe.

  28. MissJackson :

    Threadjack to thank everyone for the AGL recommendation for comfortable yet attractive commuting shoes! I actually ended up with a pair of the wedges, which I found to be even more comfortable than the flats. They are, indeed, “like buttah!” It’s all I can do to keep myself from ordering them in every single color available!

  29. PSA: 25% off plus free shipping at Talbots today

  30. I’m undecided about the style of this top, but I like the color. I could wear fuschia every day. And it has such a fun name too…Tartlet Burst!

  31. Threadjack – ethical dilemma.

    As you know, I am in the final throes of negotiating terms for a new job. I expect to be able to accept the offer sometime next week, after which I will give notice to my current firm. However, I can’t give notice before March 27 because my boss is away at the ABA conference all of next week.

    My ethical dilemma is this: yesterday afternoon my boss (who is a conference/CLE junkie) found a conference on the other side of the country that he thinks I should attend next week. (Basically, I think he would want to go in an ideal world, but since he is already at the ABA event he can’t, and he wants someone to attend this other one.) There isn’t anyone else at the firm who would be appropriate to send to this conference. His assistant is now trying to see whether there is a spot still available and whether the firm can book an air ticket for me using points at such late notice. The firm is not doing so well financially at the moment and total cost to the firm will be about $4k, all told. I am hoping it will all fall through (*please* let there be no more spots open), because I feel terrible about going to this event when I am planning to give notice less than a week after it. I can’t give notice to my boss today (i.e. before he leaves for ABA) because I don’t have the final offer from the new firm. But I feel like if I go, I’ll be taking advantage of my current firm and spending money that the firm shouldn’t be spending. I feel terrible. What would you do?

    • Politely decline based on am unexplained personal commitment. Putting in notice a week after the financially struggling firm shells out 4K would probably burn some bridges…

    • Never mind, thank goodness it has all fallen through due to no flights being available during spring break at such short notice. I am so relieved.

      • Now you can get back to being excited about your new job!

        • Oh my goodness, I wish. At the moment I am just feeling so stressed about listing and selling my house (seriously, preparing for an open house is *hard*), and trying to find another house in the new city, I don’t know which way is up.

  32. AppealingLawyer :


  33. hello corporettes,

    First, I apologize if this gets posted twice, but my comment has been sitting in moderation for a while now. I hope this gets through.

    I have been a faithful reader of this blog for a while now, but I have never posted before. I thought it would be nice to finally join the group and hear your thoughts on something. I am starting a new job in NYC in early Sept. (3L currently) and my husband and I are looking to move to a new apartment at the end of August (sort of an upgrade from our still-in-school den). How long in advance do you think we should start looking? So far, we have never lived in a fancy apartment so we were always able to find a place within 3-4 weeks before we had to move out of our old place. But now that we want a nicer place in a Midtown/Downtown neighborhood, I am a little nervous that 4 weeks may not be enough. We are planning to use a realtor. Thanks in advance!

    • You can’t really find a place more than a month and a half out, and most listings still show up about a month out, so your plan sounds very realistic. Plus, I would not recommend trying to find a place at the end of July when you will be studying for the bar.

      If you want to do something in advance, focus on finding a broker you will want to work with.

      • Oh, and welcome aboard! :)

        • Thank you, Aims! I certainly don’t want to be looking when studying for the bar. Now, I am not that worried that starting the process in August will be too late. :)

  34. I get the weekly shesheme email, which is usually a post about fashion, but disguised as a blog about a woman who works in marketing and fashion. Today’s email had a link to this shorts suit:

    • Oh dear. Formal shorts in tweed … would not look good on me.

    • But do you think those shorts are too short for work? FWIW, I am not as tall as the model.

      • I just say KYY AIMS…I mean, how can I tell you whether those shorts are too short for YOU.

        But please, wear them with nude hose, you’re else you’ll look like a hussy.


  35. For all that I like Anthropologie things (and am ok with others wanting to boycott, even though I don’t do it myself), I don’t like this top at all. It looks better on the form than IRL. It just looks like a manufacturing mistake, an extra band/strap-gone-wrong. Can’t be paired with a cardi, because the neckline looks weird, too low, and can’t really put a tank top under it either.

  36. You can tell I’m on my lunch break now.

    Anyway… apparently, bitter job resignation letters are becoming a trend:

    • While I agree that Google is possibly (probably) going downhill, the fact that that guy is now employed at Google’s chief-competitor (and published the “rant” on his employer’s blog) makes his opinion’s reliability somewhat suspect.

  37. he Melitta :

    Don’t like it… looks like a pink toga cut as a t-shirt. Sry.