Giveaway: Shop It To Me!

Corporette.indexedI’m thrilled to bring you guys the chance to win a $200 shopping spree from one of my favorite shopping services, Shop It To Me.  As always, SITM is a free, personalized daily shopping update for clothing, shoes, and accessories — just tell them your favorite designers and brands, and they do the legwork by searching hundreds of online stores to find them — on sale — in your size(s). They also have a killer new iPhone/iPad app that lets you easily “favorite” things in your SITM collections, find them again — and they even send you price drop alerts by email when your favorites go on sale.

To Enter: Readers enter the giveaway by a) signing up for SITM and b) then leaving a comment, on this post, leaving the email address you used to sign up in the email field — it will only be visible to Corporette staff.  (Readers who are already loyal users of SITM, you can just do part B).   One winner will be chosen the morning of Tuesday, May 20 (chosen by Corporette staff and and win a $200 shopping spree with Shop It To Me.  Please note that, due to legal reasons, this contest is only open to adult residents of the United States. The winners will have one week to respond to Kat to claim their prize or a new winner or winners will be chosen.

Disclosure: Corporette® charges advertisers a fee to promote giveaways.


  1. What a cool idea!

    • I agree! Can I enroll the manageing partner? After all, he is the one that is doeing all of the reimburseing, and if he get’s something, he also can buy stuff for Margie! I am very aware how luckey I am so I am nominateing him also. YAY!!!!!

    • Awesome!

  2. Big fan of the daily SITM emails.

  3. I love shop it to me!

  4. Nice idea!

  5. Yay! Shopping spree for free!!!

  6. Already a fan of Shop It To Me!

  7. shopping spree please!

  8. Miss Behaved :

    Wow. This seems pretty cool

  9. I definitely would not say no to a shopping spree!

  10. Yay!

  11. I love SITM!!

  12. test

  13. Hope I win!

  14. Mrs. Jones :

    Yay shopping.

  15. love this!

  16. Love SITM!

  17. What a neat service!

  18. Love it! signed up with [email protected] Thanks so much.

  19. Very cool – thanks!

  20. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. This is great! Thank you.

  22. Love SITM!

  23. Love SITM!

  24. Yay for giveaways

  25. This looks really awesome! The mostly broke law student in me is crying about the prices, but still, awesome.

  26. ginger gooch :


  27. Cool!

  28. a passion for fashion :

    Wow — I’ve never heard of Shop It To Me! But I am super excited to try it.

  29. Awesome! :)

  30. Another Sarah :


  31. Legally Brunette :

    Thanks for the giveaway! Great idea.

  32. Introduced to SITM a while ago through this site and love it!

  33. Awesome service!

  34. I could use a spree!

  35. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Great idea.

  37. Senior Attorney :

    This looks like it could be dangerous! ;)

  38. Diana Barry :


  39. Love this !

  40. I love SITM. What a great giveaway idea!

  41. Hope I win!

  42. Love your blog, I follow it everyday! I just finished up my 2L year of law school and start clerking in-house at a major corporation next week. I could really use this shopping spree to kickstart my summer work wardrobe!

  43. Not a lawyer :

    Great giveaway- thanks! xx fingers crossed xx

  44. Yes please!

  45. Great giveaway.

  46. Firstgirl :

    Love this. Shop it to me is great!

  47. Love Shop it to me!

  48. I’ve never used it, but now I can’t see why not.

  49. charlottean :

    Very fun! Thanks!

  50. Count me in. I already get those emails!

  51. Love SITM’s emails!

  52. Love SITM! & love Corporette :)

  53. I LOOOOVEEE Shop It To Me! It’s the highlight of my morning (along with coffee) :)

  54. What a great giveaway. Thanks!

  55. Amazing slash potentially dangerous.

  56. Love this site! I am all signed up.

  57. Law Chica :

    So excited for this – I could really use a break!

  58. ContractsinTX :

    I’m excited to try it out.

  59. Curly Sue :


  60. Yay! I hope I win!

  61. Cool stuff! Thanks!

  62. Thanks for offering the giveaway. It doesn’t look like my last comment went through so please excuse any double post.

  63. :)

  64. I like SITM because I wear a relatively uncommon size. It makes shopping online simpler.

  65. Mellifluy :


  66. hellskitchen :

    Love SITM!

  67. Awesome!

  68. Thanks for doing this!!

  69. Love it!

  70. Fingers crossed!

  71. love Shop It to Me. yay for shopping!

  72. Bewitched :

    Shop it to me is my daily pick me up!

  73. Looks good!

  74. Here’s to hoping!!

  75. Elizabeth :


  76. Love Shop It To Me already!

  77. This is going to spell trouble!

  78. Signed up with [email protected]

  79. Thanks!

  80. Psyched01 :

    I love shop it to me!

  81. That website looks so cool!

  82. Love SITM!!

  83. Thanks!

  84. Woo!

  85. Yay.

  86. Thanks

  87. I would love this, a new wardrobe for my summer associate gig would be so helpful.

  88. Philanthropy Girl :

    Thanks, Kat!

  89. I didn’t know this site exists. Thanks for sharing.

  90. Yay!

  91. Nice! Love these giveaways.

  92. Catherine Band :
  93. Oh, I’d love a shopping spree!

  94. haven’t used it yet, but am excited about trying it!

  95. Such an interesting service.

  96. That’s great!

  97. Yesssss!!

  98. Looking forward to trying this out!

  99. Stephanie :

    I need a summer wardrobe update!!

  100. A different Ellen :

    Love SitM!

  101. Already a shop it to me user, would love to win a spree!

  102. Done! Great service and great contest!

  103. I love SITM!

  104. Yay!

  105. I love this!

  106. Thanks for the giveaway.

  107. First time I’ve tried a service like this. Interested to see how it works!

  108. tiffany l :

    cool service!

  109. Sarah Says :

    Great idea!

  110. Great giveaway, thanks!

  111. Deckled Edges :

    I love Shop it to Me!

  112. Storm trooper :

    Thanks! Fingers crossed… Major home and car repair this week would seem better with some shopping loot!

  113. Thanks!

  114. Great referral! Looking forward to trying it.

  115. Good timing. I am thinking some clothes shopping is in my near future…

  116. hope i win!!

    [email protected]

  117. Someone else will track the sales for me? Score!

  118. This would be awesome !

  119. I love SITM!

  120. Great idea! Finally I can find clothes in my size!

  121. SITM is great! I’d lurve a shopping spree!

  122. Amazing, thanks!

  123. SITM is pretty cool! Thanks for the tip.

  124. Thanks!

  125. Awesome!

  126. Does it ship to Canada?

  127. Cool!

  128. Yeah!

  129. Love SITM!

  130. This is a great service!

  131. Love Shop It to Me!

  132. Great contest!

  133. Count me in! SITM is awesome.

  134. Great!

  135. I want this!

  136. I signed up!

  137. Looks interesting– like that you can set plus sizes in your profile. Maybe I’ll be able to get actually useful recs, a lot of these type of sites focus on regular or even just skinny sizes. (Which is not as useful for me)

  138. Awesome giveaway!

  139. Every young professional needs a shopping spree!

  140. Love/hate SITM… so dangerous! ha!

  141. i signed up

  142. Just signed up. Excited to see if the site works as well as it sounds! Thanks!

  143. I’m excited to try it!

  144. Longtime user here!

  145. Fun times!

  146. SoCalTraffic :

    Here’s hoping :)

  147. Catherine :


  148. Can always use shopping help

  149. Awesome. Always drooling over the emails.

  150. I just signed up for Shop it to Me. What a great idea! Thanks!

  151. KS IT Chick :

    I don’t exactly need more encouragement to shop…

  152. Been with Shop It To Me a while and love the styles!

  153. Love the site!

  154. Thanks for sharing this!

  155. awesome, thanks, and good luck to all!

  156. This encouraged me to redirect my shopitome account, which I cancelled during a no shopping period. Excited to give it another try!

  157. Yay!

  158. Nice!

  159. thanks!

  160. Swetha Salunke :

    I have joined the site!! Hoping to win the shopping spree.. :)

  161. Stephanie :

    So lovely!

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    What a great site & app! Thank for doing all the findings for me & all the fellow site & app users! Keep up the good work corporette & sitm