Frugal Friday’s TPS Report: Printed Slub-Knit Tops

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Women's Printed Slub-Knit TopsTees aren’t always appropriate for the office, but something about this $15 paisley tee looks lux to me. I think it would be great peeking out beneath a cardigan or blazer, or on its own with a spring scarf (perhaps in a complementary print) around your neck to accessorize. It’s $15 at Old Navy (also available in a pinkish version). Women’s Printed Slub-Knit Tops

Seen a great piece you’d like to recommend? Please e-mail [email protected]


  1. It’s cute, though I don’t think I’d describe it as luxe. Most “slub-knit” tees that I’ve seen tend to be pretty thin. If you look at the shirt in the other print it definitely appears to be on the thin side. It may need a cami underneath.

    • Me to. Yay! Fruegel Friday’s!!! I love Fruegel Friday’s!!!! Also I love these tee shirt’s but for me, NOT in the office b/c Frank and the Manageing partner take turn’s stareing at me b/c the tee shirt’s should not be loose fitting.

      I saw Erin Callan on the Today show this morning after my dad sent me an articel from the NY Times. My DAD read’s the NY Times EVERY day, as well as the WALL STREET JOUERNAL, and the LONDON TIMES. But he has a PhD and is very smart. I do not have the time to do this.

      Why isnt the HIVE talking about this IMPORTANT article? She used to be the CFO at Lehman and she is now 47 and has been tryeing to have a BABY for year’s and can not. FOOEY!

      She says she worked to hard and did NOT enjoy her life the way she should, and she has NO baby. That is sad and that is why I want to get MARRIED NOW and have a BABY when I am still YOUNG! BUT I first must find a boyfreind to marry me.

      I say the HIVE should do a THREAD on this. Kat? Isn’t this important to us corporaetes? I say YES! Please consider a THREAD on this Kat?

    • Sydney Bristow :

      Unfortunately, I’ve had such horrible luck with tees from Old Navy stretching out over the course of the day (or even just a few hours) that I don’t even bother anymore.

      My favorite tees right now are from The Limited, but they only come in black and white, and even then the white one needs a cami underneath. I’ve tried the J Crew ones but I thought they were too stiff and I have a couple from New York & Co but I don’t really like those either. I’d love to find the perfect tee, especially one in white that doesn’t need a cami under it.

      • Miss Behaved :

        Got my first “Posting too quickly” message.

        My favorite tees are from Nordstrom:

        I have them in every single color.

      • What color bra are you wearing with your white tees? I have never found a white shirt that worked with a white bra, but nude for me bras are fine with a lot of my white tshirts. In the past, I have had good luck with ones at BR and Uniqlo.

        • wintergreen126 :

          Since you mention Uniqlo…I’ve been eyeing a few of their shirts; they look good and are really well priced. But since I’ve never purchased anything from them before, any thoughts on their quality and/or sizing?

        • wintergreen126 :

          Since you mentioned Uniqlo, how is their quality and/or sizing? I’ve been eyeing a few things there–they look good and at a great price–but since I’ve never purchased anything from there before, I’m hesitating.

          • wintergreen126 :

            Sorry, the comments weren’t showing up in Firefox. I just noticed now that it came up when I switched to Safari.

          • Gail the Goldfish :

            I think their size chart is pretty accurate and true to size. I’m a 2 in tops in Ann Taylor and Banana Republic and the like and wear a small for most of Uniqlo’s tshirts. I think some of their tshirts can be a little long, but they’re good quality. They’re good for basics, sort of like Gap used to be.

          • wintergreen126 :

            Thanks, Gail the Goldfish!

        • Sydney Bristow :

          I’m wearing nude for me bras and I still feel like its a little see through. I’ll check out BR, Uniqlo, and the Nordstrom ones. Thanks!

    • I wouldn’t wear this to work either. It looks too much like a bandana print. But I did recently buy this tee at BR in the navy color and I think it’s totally perfect for work (as long as you don’t stand in the pose that the model chooses ;)) – very soft fabric, not too clingy, good neckline, looks pricier than $24. I think it will look really cute with a navy skirt and maybe white blazer in the spring/summer. I highly recommend it.

    • If anyone has a suggestion for work-appropriate Ts, at a reasonable price, that come in Tall sizes, I’d be forever in your debt!

      • Check out Eddie Bauer…they have a lot of tall tops that are very pretty (not necessarily tees), but some of their tees are nicer.

  2. Francie Nolan :

    Hi Kat,

    I am using IE 8 and the only posts I can see are from March 4. If I click a tag I can see the newer posts in the archives. I tried clearing cookies and no luck!

    • argh… thanks.

    • I’m using Chrome, and comments seem to come through in sporadic large batches – like it will stick at 35 comments for an hour and then jump to 95 all of a sudden.

      • +1 with IE 8 – I have to refresh while I’m on the comment page for new comments to come through.

      • I’m experiencing the same lag in comments with Firefox. I posted something the other day and I thought it disappeared, but when I went back later, there it was. The larger-than-normal amount of double posts in the last few days would indicate that others have had this happen as well.

    • I can’t see new posts in Chrome.

      • Interesting; I use Chrome and haven’t had any of the problems discussed here recently.

    • Im using IE and today was the first day I couldnt see the new post. I could only see yesterdays post until I clicked next post

    • New posts don’t show up in Chrome. Firefox has the number of comments messed up.

      • I can get to the correct number of comments in Firefox eventually, but I have to refresh the page a couple of times first.

    • I’m using Firefox and new comments are significantly delayed. They come to my email, but don’t appear on the website.

    • I am having the same problem with Google Chrome? Is this a web site problem or is it corporette problem?

  3. I’m trying to break out of the “plain” t-shirt habit I’ve found myself in — this is really cute. I could see it working in my office, or even just on a Saturday.

  4. To TOLawyer :

    You are right- finding a nice silk shirt is near impossible, especially for those with larger chests- if I size up to get the chest right it’s all bulky around my waist. I love the look of the Bergen blouse at aritzia but I had gaping issues.

    • so frustrating! i love the look of silk tops, but they almost never fit or drape properly.

    • downstream :

      I am fairly chesty and I love silk tops. I’ve had great luck with Equipment, Madewell (some are pretty sheer though) the Joie “Rancher” top and most recently Diane von Furstenberg “Acedia” top (available in a billion colors, some of which are on sale).

    • So funny – I actually bought the Bergen blouse last night in mint green! Honestly, it kind of gapes on me too (even though I am very small of chest) so I think that’s the weird fit. I bought it anyways because I thought it was so pretty.

      Unfortunately, Aritzia’s fit is often for very slim girls (I have to size up a bit from j.crew/banana.everywhere else) so even when they make things in larger sizes, they’re just not necessarily made proportionate. I’ll keep you posted on my hunt!

      • springtime :

        That’s hilarious- I have had to size down at Aritzia, and definitely never size up! Their clothes are longer so it works for me.

        Funny how clothes fit bodies so differently.

    • Zara’s silk tops have a pretty good fit, but unfortunately I find the quality to be poor. Banana Republic had some tie-neck silk blouses last fall that fit really well – they had them in Tall sizes too. Not quite silk, but my favorite tops are W118 by Walter Baker – they have them at Saks and at least 2x per year on for a really steep discount.

  5. Shopping at Heathrow? :

    I have a 3-4 hour layover in London’s Heathrow airport next week. I know there is a Boots pharmacy at the airport – any recommendations for makeup or skincare products that I should pick up on the way? Or any other suggestions for shopping at the airport? Especially for British products that are not available in the US?

    • keep in mind that target now carries a lot of boots brand makeup and skincare, so maybe check them out before you go to make sure you don’t duplicate?

    • funkybroad :

      There are little Harrods in the terminals at LHR, I think — get some tea in tins for gifts and some more for yourself because it’s yummay.

    • Woods-comma-Elle :

      Which terminal will you be in? Terminal 5 is great for shopping, terminal 3 is ok, the rest are a bit crap.

      • believe it is terminal 5 which is where all the good shopping seems to be

        • Woods-comma-Elle :

          Yes, Terminal 5 is the best one, there are a bunch of fancy shops there (fashion labels, mostly) and a big Boots etc. The tea suggestion is good, I can’t think of anything that isn’t availble in the US that is available here, as I always carry back from the US a ton of stuff that we can’t get here. But generally T5 great for shopping and I wish you much shopping joy!

    • There’s a big section of tea and chocolates next to the makeup/fragrance section. I picked up some loose leaf Fortnum and Mason earl grey tea and Cadbury caramel chocolates. Honestly, though, I didn’t see anything in Heathrow that I couldn’t get in the US.

      The Prada store is fun to browse for a while :)

      • BTW, I’m talking about Terminal 5.

      • Tea and chocolates – what a great idea! Thanks

        • Plus, I may be a bit biased here, but I personally think that UK chocolate is better than North American chocolate – not as sweet, and milkier. It’s worthwhile buying some for a taste test if you like chocolate. I recommend UK Dairymilk and Galaxy bars.

          • I agree! There’s excellent gourment chocolate in both, but the “base” chocolate bar in the UK is much better.

    • Makeup Junkie :

      Sleek makeup! Blushes are gorgeous.

    • Gallerina :

      Bourjois makeup is wonderful and pretty reasonably prices. I’m a huge fan of their mascaras and used to bring back tubes of the stuff when I was based in the US. I’d also suggest the Boots cucumber skincare line, I have very sensitive skin and it really makes my skin glow.

  6. Miss Behaved :

    The fire alarm has already gone off twice this morning. With windchill, it’s 11 degrees out. I can’t get warm.

    • Our fire alarm went off a little before 9:00. Annoying since we were all late for our 9:00 meetings, setting off a chain of events. But it’s gorgeous and sunny and 57 degrees, so we really couldn’t complain about being outside. I can’t imagine 11 degrees!

    • Yikes. False fire alarms are the worst.

  7. Anon Baby Lawyer :

    Hi Hive,

    I am graduating from school soon and starting my first job at a Big 4 accounting firm. I need to build a professional wardrobe on $1k or less before I receive my first paycheck. Does anyone have any advice on what to purchase? I already have one suit and a nice pair of black pumps.

    Also, I am a JD/LLM who will be working as a tax associate. Any tax ladies out there have any professional advice for starting in a Big 4?

    • I think there was a post devoted to this topic a while back. Try to find it if you can.
      I would focus on some interchangeable separates. A black skirt, black pant, a non-suit blazer, 1-2 cardigans, a sheath dress in a good, basic color, and a pair of comfortable shoes with a low to mid heel. I wouldn’t bother with button down shirts unless you like wearing them. My experience is people always buy these when they start out because it equals professional in their minds but then no one ever actually wears them. I’d just get some simple shells/tees with high necklines. This is all assuming you don’t have to wear a suit every day.

      • +1 on the button down shirts. I have 3 or 4 of them, bought before I started my first job, hanging in my closet that I never wear.

    • Did you summer there? I wouldn’t buy a huge amount of clothing unless you know how formal your office is. A business formal environment requires a very different wardrobe from business casual. My brother has worked for the same Big 4 firm in two countries, one where he wore polos and button downs with no tie and the other is suit and tie every day. As a new associate, you’ll want to generally wear the same level of formality as everyone else, adjusted for your own personal style. Too casual and you’ll seem unprofessional. Too formal and you’ll run the risk of seeming stuck up, especially since you’ll have more education than most of the (non-tax) associates and they might think that YOU think that it makes you “better.”

    • Not big 4 here, but if I were you I’d just buy a few things to cover you for your first week. Wear the suit that you wore in your interview on the first day, but buy a few tops (silk shells, etc) that you can wear underneath. Those tops should be able to work with a suit to dress them up, or work separates to be a little more casual. Then splurge on the weekend after your first week.

      I’d go for 1 suit jacket, 2 bottoms (1 pant, 1 skirt or only one type if you never wear the other), 2 cardigans and 4-5 tops. Those are the types of things you can easily find on sale, too.

      • I agree with this. Get just enough clothing to get you through a week or two. Stick to classic pieces – a pair of slacks, a skirt, sheath dress, basic cardigan, and a handful of blouses. Maybe one more pair of classic pumps. By the second week at your new firm, you should have a good idea of what is/is not acceptable there. Then go shopping to flesh out your wardrobe.

    • Hey, we’ve helped other readers on this site with this before and would be happy to help you. E-Mail us at boardroombelles [at]

  8. So this is an admittedly fun problem to have: I’m in the daydreaming phase of vacation planning with my boyfriend. Flexible on the where/when and have about 2-3 weeks, depending on how pricey the place is. Budget not limitless, but we have some frequent flier miles to play with that should help.

    Right now I’m thinking some combination of Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam. Other thoughts we’ve had are Patagonia (but I’ve spent a lot of time in Argentina already) or Alaska. The main theme being that we’d like someplace to explore a bit rather than somewhere beachy (though a bit of that would be nice) or strictly urban (though a bit of that could also be nice).

    But since we’re still in the daydreaming phase, I thought it would be fun on a Friday to hear what places others have been to that they’ve found mindblowingly fun/beautiful/interesting, etc. Anyone care to bite? :)

    • India. Spend a few days in Delhi. Head to Agra to hit the Taj Mahal. Then kick it around Rajasthan– Jodhpur (the blue city! my favorite city in the world!), Jaipur, & Jaisalmer. Then catch a flight to Goa and kick it on the Arabian Sea for a few days. Perfection.

      • Oh, that’s a great suggestion! Unfortunately (fortunately?), I’ve already spent a bit of time traveling in India. Still, maybe we could go to different areas!

    • Baby DC Esq. :

      Africa! I did my bar trip there last year, and it was absolutely amazing. We did a week in Kenya on Safari, and then a week in Zanzibar to beach/explore an old city. If you’ve never been, a safari is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done!

    • Favorite trip so far was to Hong Kong. Gorgeous blend of ancient history/culture and modern city, fantastic food, lots of places to visit/explore, great weather and no more than 30 minutes from gorgeous beaches and mountains. Macau is a short ferry ride if you’re into casinos and gambling and mainland China/other Asian countries are a short plane ride away.

      • I love Hong Kong! It’s urban, but surprisingly diverse. Start on the island–explore it, then go up to Kowloon. Then after that, fan out and hike around the New Territories. You get beach, mountains, city, rural….and all that with amazing food :).

      • Agreed, Veronique! Hong Kong is surprisingly diverse. She could start on the Island, go over to Kowloon, then fan out into the New Territories for some hiking and exploring. It’d be easy to jump over to SE Asia from HK, too–Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.

      • Eep. Sorry for the double-post–technical problems!

    • I did Vietnam/Thailand/Cambodia as a solo backpacker after grad school. Obviously, staying in hostels is different than a romantic escape with your bf, but it was the best trip I ever took and am absolutely dying to go back. You won’t regret it.

    • downstream :

      South America? I would definitely go to Colombia and Brazil, and maybe add a third country to the mix. Rio de Janeiro is the perfect city for an urban/beach mix and Cartagena (Colombia) is a pretty good mix of that as well.

      • Did you feel like Colombia was safe to travel through? I’ve spent a lot of time in South and central America, but I’ve never been to Colombia. Was also thinking about Nicaragua!

    • Senior Attorney :

      I did a two-week tour of Vietnam and Cambodia in December, and it was the best trip ever. In the north, Ha Long Bay for sure. One of the highlights of the trip. In Hanoi, stay at the Sofitel Metropole and do a rickshaw tour of the Old Quarter.

      We stayed at the Sofitel Angkor in Siem Reap and loved it. Try to visit the temples during the week if you can because on the weekends they are more crowded than Disneyland (although still amazing and totally worth it). For shopping, don’t miss Artisans of Angkor, where they have beautiful souvenirs of all kinds that are made on site, great quality and great prices. (I bought a lovely little Buddha statuette there and saw the exact same one for sale in the hotel gift shop for double the price!)

      In Phnom Penh, we had the best French dinner of our lives at Topaz. Also have drinks upstairs at the Foreign Correspondents Club.

      In Saigon, be sure and have drinks at the bar on top of the Rex Hotel. We stayed at the Sheraton and loved it — the location is great. For a great souvenir, get a t-shirt at Gingko:

      We found great local guides at

      We flew business class on Asiana airlines and loved it. For a trip that long it’s more than worth it to spring for business class!

      SO FUN! You are going to love it!

    • Miss Rumphius :

      Best trip I have ever taken was Reunion Island, a French overseas department which is a few hundred miles to the East of Madagascar. It’s in the same general area as Mauritius and Seychelles. Great place if you’re interested in doing some outdoors-y things (we went paragliding, hiking – our hike was 3 days, but they have hostel-type places you can stay along the route, which is only accessible by foot or helicopter – and you can also do canyoning, etc.) with great beach options options, too (scuba diving, great snorkeling).
      You can easily fly between the islands in that area, too. We didn’t visit Mayotte but heard great things from others who did.

      Downside is that it’s a hike to get there (Paris>Reunion is apparently the longest domestic flight in the world, at about 11 hrs), and would have been a different experience were it not for my French-speaking sister, but it was an incredible trip and fun place to explore.

    • Sarawak (in Malaysia). One of the most mind-blowing experiences I’ve ever had was climbing Mt. Kinabalu. You hike up most of the mountain on the first day, then overnight in a shelter and complete the climb early the next day to see sunrise from the summit. I have never seen anything more beautiful than when I went outside after dark and saw a velvety bowl of stars in front of me – above and below me.

      Makes an amazing trip with visits to Poring Hot Springs (after you climb the mountain!), Sandakan, the turtle sanctuary, the orangutan sanctuary, a couple of days on the beach and a week in Singapore.

    • Senior Attorney :

      Stuck in moderation, trying again:

      I did a two-week tour of Vietnam and Cambodia in December, and it was the best trip ever. In the north, Ha Long Bay for sure. One of the highlights of the trip. In Hanoi, stay at the Sofitel Metropole and do a rickshaw tour of the Old Quarter.

      We stayed at the Sofitel Angkor in Siem Reap and loved it. Try to visit the temples during the week if you can because on the weekends they are more crowded than Disneyland (although still amazing and totally worth it). For shopping, don’t miss Artisans of Angkor, where they have beautiful souvenirs of all kinds that are made on site, great quality and great prices. (I bought a lovely little Buddha statuette there and saw the exact same one for sale in the hotel gift shop for double the price!)

      In Phnom Penh, we had the best French dinner of our lives at Topaz. Also have drinks upstairs at the Foreign Correspondents Club.

      In Saigon, be sure and have drinks at the bar on top of the Rex Hotel. We stayed at the Sheraton and loved it — the location is great. For a great souvenir, get a t-shirt at Gingko. They have a web site at Ginko-Vietnam dot com with the addresses of the stores in Saigon.

      We found great local guides at toursbylocals dot com.

      We flew business class on Asiana airlines and loved it. For a trip that long it’s more than worth it to spring for business class!

      SO FUN! You are going to love it!

    • Gail the Goldfish :

      My favorite trip was Turkey. It was a summer abroad month-long program, so I had plenty of time to explore Istanbul. We also went out to Cappadocia and to Ephesus and some of the other old Greek and Roman ruins along the coast. I would have liked to have gone to Bodrum and to Pamukkale and some of the other beaches (there’s a famous on on the Aegean I can’t think of the name of). I could have easily spent months traveling around.

    • Our latest trips, that would be great on that time frame are: Panama (good for a 2 week trip, would give you both city and beach), Turkey (ideal to have 3 weeks there), or Brazil (could spend unlimited time there!).

      Have fun!

  9. maternity sizing question: I am doing some premptive maternity shopping because of all the clearance stuff at Old Navy now. For Old Navy maternity…do you keep your original size, just order maternity? Or size up AND order maternity?

    I think for dresses/shirts, it is an easier question. Something like pants, though…especially for those already proportional of thigh.

    • its really tough to figure out the size you will need until you are actually in the position to wear it — and depending on what your body chooses to do, you may change sizes throughout your pregnancy. I probably wouldnt buy pants now, but a few shirts cant hurt. Yes — choose your current size in maternity version.

      I would also say that if it is on clearance now, it is winter stuff, but you would likely not need maternity clothes until it is much warmer out.

      • Oddly enough, it isn’t winter stuff– lots of dresses and skirts and shirts.

      • This. Traditional advice is ‘buy your same size in maternity’ but that wouldn’t have worked for me, especially with my last baby. I normally wore a Medium for t-shirts, but by the end was outgrowing the XL t-shirts (I was a WAHM at the time and didn’t need nice clothes). Let me tell you, it’s a real blow to the ego to outgrow shirts 2 sizes larger than you normally wear!

        On the other hand, I have friends who were tiny throughout their pregnancy. One friend hardly shows at all, and she’s very slender to begin with, but it’s because her uterus tilts back towards her spine & she’s very uncomfortable during her pregnancies.

    • 6 mos prego :

      I disagree that it is easier to buy too far ahead for shirts. I went up a band size and cup size within a couple months, and am now up a total of 2 cup sizes – which also means bigger shirts than you are used to.
      I also bought a pair of maternity pants in the first tri that are now almost too tight in the thighs for work, even though I appear to be carrying “all baby.”

      • Also, Old Navy sizing is notoriously inconsistent. Generally, you should wear your pre-pregnancy size, but read the reviews carefully to see if you need to size up or down.

    • Diana Barry :

      I found Old Navy to run TTS until I was 8 months or so -then I needed a L rather than a M for length (they don’t make tall maternity sizes!). It runs quite a bit bigger than Gap, fwiw.

    • I sized up one size for skinny jeans (the only pants I bought from ON). At 34 weeks, they are still a little big (was a curvy size 8/10 prepregnancy, and I have gained most of my weight in my belly, and weird places like my calves). I don’t put my jeans in the dryer. I bet if I did, I could shrink them down a little.

      I also sized up in ON tops (from M to L). Big mistake. Definitely stick with your prepregnancy size here. The one exception might be button front shirts, but I don’t have any from ON so I can’t comment.

      Old Navy moves their maternity stuff to sale quite frequently, so don’t worry about missing out on deals.

    • With ON, I would size up for pants, esp. skinny jeans, but I would stick with pre-pregnancy size for shirts. I would also possibly even consider sizing down in their dresses. I don’t have the broadest of shoulders and that seems to make their shirts and their dresses both fit me oddly. Even at 8.5 months, the dresses in my pre-pregnancy size seemed to bag on me funny. Also, this is totally personal preference for both how shirts look and how they fit, but the small t-shirts at ON don’t have ruched sides — only a longer front placket. For me, I really prefer that look.

    • I kept my regular size for most things. If anything, smaller was usually better because I didn’t get busty (and I was already really un-busty – thought pregnancy would at least give me a chance!) It can vary, particuarly with Old Navy, where their sizing can be inconsistent. I have a few pairs of ON jeans in a 4 that fit fine (actually, not fine – I haven’t been able to get them on post-pregnancy yet), but I bought a pair of maternity jeans that size that had a bit of stretch to them, and they were bordering on too big throughout the whole pregnancy.

      • In House Lobbyist :

        I’m doing that as well. Also figure out what type of shirts you like. I realized that I don’t really like the shirts that are just bigger and are meant to hang on your belly. I like the more fitted ones that have the rouching on the sides. It took me awhile to figure that out. I just bought some medium leggings and medium workout pants there which is my normal size at ON. They are fine for 4 months but won’t make it all the the way through. I plan to wear summer cotton dresses in either a size or two bigger for most of the summer as well. I like them better than traditional maternity dresses that have the shoestring tie in the back. So don’t rule out those as well. Motherhood has some sales too but their return policy isn’t as good ad ON.

    • I was a six or eight prepregnancy and bought a lot of casual tees and skirts for a vacation at 4 months in smalls and mediums from old navy. Now at 8.5 months the smalls are too small and the mediums are fine. I say since their sizing is very generous don’t size up.

  10. What’s everyone wearing today?!

    I’m rocking an Equipment Brett button down, dark wash jeans, an Alexis Bittar reliquary necklace and some (gasp! pearl clutching!) open-toed shoes. Should hit the high 70s / low 80s here today, and I’m practically giddy.

    • phillygirlruns :

      my favorite game…

      emerald green sleeveless shell with a scoop neck and ruffling down the front; navy j.crew jackie cardigan; medium gray/charcoal herringbone trousers; two-tone navy & green leather belt; leopard flats (which i actually don’t love with this, but no other shoes looked quite right). yurman petite albion studs, pendant & ring, rose gold MK watch.

      shoes kind of stumped me this morning. black seemed too harsh. gold would have complemented my watch & the belt buckle but looked really off against the gray pants. nude looked wrong. leopard looks the least wrong. WW[thissite]D??

    • Head-to-toe fleece. I’m working from home with a cold.

    • Black riding boots, thick ponte leggins with a seam down the middle, a ponte white and black stripe 3/4 sleeve tunic with some gold buttons, and some chunky C-wonder jewelry (a gold initial cuff, some black/gold/diamnte earrings, and a gold/diamnte large beady sort of necklace).

    • Yoga pants, slippers and a fleece. I’m traveling all next week so working from hommmmme today!

      • I’m wearing nothing that is as exciting as “working from home in yoga pants”.

    • I am bringing the casual Friday heat. Ireland zip up sweatshirt with a huge shamrock on the back, grey Canvas Lands’ End tee, white lace-trimmed cami, dark bootcuts, and bright blue New Balance shoes. Moissanite studs, wedding set, Citizen watch, Cape Cod bracelet.

      • Go Eire!

        • Irish pride! I’m obviously Irish in complexion and in name, so I have to show my pride today.

      • Moissanite :

        Do you love your moissanite studs? I want a pair- mostly because I lose earrings frequently, and I’d be a lot less upset about losing a moissanite studs than diamonds.

        Anyone else have moissanite pieces and have comments?

        • Moissanite Lover :

          My engagement ring is moissanite and I love it to distraction. Super sparkly and no diamond-guilt!

          • Moissanite Lover :

            Oh, and I also have moissanite studs which I love equally. I am a moissanite recidivist. ;)

        • I love them a lot! My now-husband bought them for me in 2008. I wear them almost every day and they have held up well and are still nice and shiny. My engagement ring is also moissanite and I love that too. My wedding band is a family piece that has diamonds and they look just fine next to each other.

          My mom procured moissanite studs and an anniversary band after she saw mine because she liked them so much. I’d recommend moissy to anybody, especially people who are either diamond-averse or frugal.

          • lucy stone :

            Kat, the slovenly Irish moissanite lover has been me all along, but Chrome is not sending you my handle when I type it in.

        • My boyfriend asked me to point out styles of engagement rings that I like and I took the opportunity to tell him that I love the idea of doing a moissanite stone instead of a diamond and then putting the money toward something like a down payment. I think they’re pretty and I haven’t heard any real negatives about the quality. I’d love to hear what others think as well!

        • all the moissanite :

          My engagement ring is moissanite and I love it! Like Anon at 12:35, when we starting talking about possible engagement rings, I used the opportunity to talk about why I liked that particular stone over diamonds. My ring is gorgeous, and FWIW, most people won’t be able to tell. I even had a woman who worked at a high end jewelry store known for their distinctive box color gush over how sparkly and clear it was :) I find that they are almost as durable as diamonds (unlike softer stones like sapphires and such), and you can’t beat the price. I am next looking for a moissanite tennis style bracelet and maybe a pair of drop earrings. I highly recommend them! If you can, try and find a place where you can pick them out in person. There can be a difference in the color and some appear whiter than others, so if that is important to you, its good to look up close in person.

        • I LOVE my moissanite studs. I got them for myself as a law school graduation gift (OK, I got them with Lexis rewards points). They’re either 1 or 1.5 carats, and like all the moissanite said above, look VERY real and fetch a lot of compliments about how great they look. They’re easy to clean and very durable. I lost one for about a month and a half, and was really heartbroken. Luckily, it had just fallen deep under my bed and I was able to find it by vacuuming with an old pair of pantyhose over the end of my upholstery attachment (also a great way to find bobby pins).

          • Woah woah, what are Lexis points?

          • They were rewards points from my student account in law school – both Lexis and Westlaw tried to create future customers by rewarding certain amounts of points for everyday research, attending research seminars, etc. It was pretty easy to rack up a good amount of points over three years, and there were some people in my class who gamed the system to get huge prizes (kayaks, etc). I got the aforementioned studs from Lexis; and an Amazon gift card that funded the purchase of a light-up vanity mirror, a Sonicare, and a nice kitchen knife from Westlaw. Now that I think of it, I think the studs were from Westlaw and the Amazon gift card from Lexis. Regardless, it is/was a pretty sweet perk. Joke’s on them in the long run, I used Google Scholar and my local library’s web databases for all my research when I practiced.

          • I’m so upset Canada doesn’t have rewards for using legal research databases. I would have racked up the points during moot/paper research! I too could have had moissanite earrings!

    • Open-toed shoes, Herbie? How COULD you?

      I’m wearing dark-wash jeggings, a charcoal and camel color-blocked sweater, flat black ankle boots, and a teal paisley scarf. For jewelry I’ve got champagne diamond studs and my diamond-faced watch. So basically I am wearing PJs.

    • Emerald green silk shirt, dark wash skinny jeans, green/navy Hermes scarf, small go,d earrings, tall boots.

    • J.Crew’s toothpick jean in garmet-dyed twill in blue grotto colour, a black boatneck sweater from Jacob (I bought it like 8 years ago, and it has held up amazingly well), and black patent leather loafers. And a locket necklace, though I’m a little chilly, so I wish I had gone with an infinity scarf. I actually really love the jeans, I should order them in a few more colours, they’re the perfect ankle length for me, even though I’m only 5’2.

      I was really worked up with myself this morning because my nails are red, and I wish they matched my outfit, but then I justified it by saying that red nails are classic and thus don’t need to match anything. Right? Right?

      • Kontraktor :

        I feel that bright red nails are a pretty classic neutral (especially if your nails are shorter). They are neutral in the sense that they really aren’t outlandish. I think a nice red manicure looks good with just about anything.

        • Excellent! And, oh yes, I generally keep them trimmed and shaped, because I have quite a long nail bed, so when they’re long they’re just too much nail.

          • Kontraktor :

            I am trying to grow my nails out now (long story…) but I used to get at minimum the polish changed each week and when I wanted a neutral nail I’d go for either an american manicure (light pearl tips) or red. I know red doesn’t seem neutral in the sense that it is not a drab, light color, but rather it is really classic and traditional, so I think it doesn’t seem shocking to people. I like Chanel nail polish so I sometimes wear more off the beaten path colors (like Black Satin, Peridot, Blue Satin, etc.) and I’ve gotten comments on those but never on red. I think people just expect red.

        • Now I just want to paint my nails red…

      • Are the jeans in petite? I’m 5’2″ as well and always on the search for pants that fit. Sadly most places seem to equate petite = needs weird flaring out at the hips, what is with that??

        • Nope, they’re not petite- I think they’re a 28 inseam, which is perfect for my just-above-ankle length. I agree with MB, they’re not cropped (which I think is actually great, because cropped pants make me look even shorter).

          I will warn you that I’m short-waisted, and longer in the legs than I should be for my height, so my experience with petite sizing is really hit or miss for pants/skirts. But, I have been really impressed with J.Crew’s petite sizing, it’s way better than Banana, which is just…I don’t even know.

      • The toothpick jeans are perfect for shorties! They hit right at the ankle. Try the cropped matchstick, too. Those are a good length. (Spoiler alert: not cropped at all on my 5’2″ self!)

    • trouser jeans, black flats, emerald tee with a black cami underneath, with an ivory sweater blazer with big black buttons. Gold and black clover necklace (Van Cleef knock off) and gold bangle. My nails are also dark emerald – I’m pretty excited about St Pattys Day weekend in Mtl!

    • Dark wash yoga jeans (love), black leather belt, black suede clogs, blue print Halogen cap-sleeve tee and red boatneck sweater, plus red drop earrings, silver bangles and black leather tank watch.

      Oh, and my red, hooded, knee-length Land’s End puffer coat, every time the fire alarm goes off.

    • Calibrachoa :

      I am off today so it’s black doc martens,purple knee highs over dark purple leggings, burgundy velvet skirt, band tee under a black v neck new look shirt and s big fake fur hat. With a burgundy coat and bag ;)

    • Senior Attorney :

      Silk jersey DVF wrap dress in a black/fuschia/white abstract floral print, black cardi, black patent pumps. Easy peasy for a Friday!

    • Sigh. I wish I could be wearing jeans. I always end up having to go to court on Fridays.

    • Bright green cami under a black blazer, charcoal bootcut jeans, black booties. Minimal jewelry – just my wedding band and a small gold cross necklace. Not quite sure what the weather plans on doing today, it’s a bit overcast at the moment the forecast is for 69 degrees partly cloudy.

    • It’s jeans day!

      A-line jean skirt from Hobbs, black tights, my ubiquitous black flats, navy blue cashmere v-neck sweater, and sparkly red open-weave cotton scarf.

      Apparently the associate “uniform” here on jeans day involves a navy blue v-neck sweater. It’s pretty funny – we all end up wearing variations of the same thing. This is my take on it, as the lone female associate.

    • another attorney :

      Black Halogen slacks, 2 layered cream shell, and kelly green blazer (featured on this site last year in blue), with sleeves rolled to show the cream/black polka-dot lining. Black patent SW platsoon heels, double strand long pearls, pearl studs.

    • Gray Victoria’s secret leggings and a a red thermal pj top from Aerie. I have to stop in the office today, at which point I’ll upgrade to jeans, a lavender printed tshirt, and a gray cardigan.

    • I’ve got dark straight jeans (tapered at the ankle like skinny jeans, but slightly looser and no spandex), a red + blue patterned blouse (raj paisley boy shirt from J. Crew), a grey herringbone blazer (J. Crew hacking jacket from 2 years ago) and bright blue suede loafers. The shoes are cheapies, but I love them and its my first time wearing them. I have done the ballet flat thing for a few years and I feel like these add a little twist to that look.

    • My jeans and plain top are the neutral background to my leopard print scarf and snakeskin flats. Wear all the animal prints!

    • Seventh Sister :

      Talbots hunter-green polished cotton blazer, H & M navy tee, dark wash AG skinny jeans, Brooks Brothers driving loafers. And a plastic bangle that is driving me nuts right now.

    • The black Michael Kors pants from yesterday; American Apparel 50/25/25 half sleeve heather gray baseball tee; long cream and black chunky knit cardigan with a print that can best be described as a mix between “tribal,” geometric, and “cow”; Sam Edelman leopard print ballet flats; turquoise road runner ring; moissanite studs; vintage red leather tote bag that looks just like a Celine from a couple years back.

    • KS IT Chick :

      Chico’s dark teal cotton shirt over a matching lace tank, with gray Kohl’s pinstripe slacks, black knee highs & black Mary Jane kitten heels. Matched with my set of blue-green opal earrings & necklace

  11. funkybroad :

    Ladies, does anyone have any recommendation for a career coach/counselor, or even a good psychologist, in NYC who doesn’t charge an arm, leg & firstborn? Boyfriend of many years is also in biglaw and really hates it but doesn’t know what else he’d do (he did JET for two years, then law school & biglaw). I have my exit plan to go do something I’ve always loved to do but he doesn’t have anything like that and he’s going nuts and needs something to look forward to.

    Thank you all!

    • I’d love to hear what your exit plan is! Always curious to hear others’ dream plans!

      No firsthand knowledge of on career coaches, but I have heard of a group called Love Your Job–I think it’s a bunch of Yale grads doing group career counseling.

      • funkybroad :

        Thanks! I’ll check it out.

        I’m going to paint! (& maybe teach.) I went to art school for a time and am dying, DYING to get my MFA. My art studio is my second home. Painting is the best and makes me feel so alive.

      • I recently went to a CLE presented by this woman:

        She seemed to have helped a lot of people.

    • Michael Melcher. Website/contact info is his name (no space or dot) dot com.

  12. long time lurker :

    If you buy this top or anything else on Old Navy dot com, there is 17% off thru 3/18 with code ONLUCKY

  13. Running Advice :

    I need some motivation to exercise since I feel sooooo much better when I do. I was thinking of signing up for a 5k or 10k that takes place on May 18 in my city. But I haven’t done any running all winter long, and before that I only “ran” (more like a jog) about three miles one to two times a week. And I’ve never actually run a race before. I’m fairly confident that I could get in good enough shape to run the 5k. I’d love the added challenge of trying to do the 10k, though. Do you runners have any thoughts on whether it would be doable to run a 10k in two months’ time if I start training today?

    • If your goal is to finish 10k worth of distance, I’m pretty sure you’d be able to do it.

      However, if I were you, I would stick with the 5k, since you haven’t been running all winter. The shorter distance, and commensurate reduction in the number of miles you’d need to run each week to be prepared, means it’s less likely that you’ll get injured and/or discouraged, since it doesn’t sound like you’re an experienced runner. Is there another 10k you could aim for after the May 5k, maybe in the July range?

    • if you happen to be in Boston, I always do the Harpoon 5 Miler to get in gear after a winter of sloth. It’s late may/early June, not sure this year because I’m not running. Like you, my routine is typically ~3 miles at a time, at a 9-10 min/mile pace. I got it in gear a bit more for the 5 miler and did it in about 55 minutes. Who am I kidding, I trained all spring so I could finish and get drink free beers at the afterparty. BUT I DID IT. 10k seemed like just a bit too much, 5 miles was great.

    • Totally manageable! I highly recommend Hal Higdon’s training programs (totally free). I have used them to train for everything from my first half and full marathon to shorter races. He has great novice programs that can help get you to the start line without being injured. His novice 10k training program is 8 weeks. Have fun training for and running your first race!

    • springtime :

      I think it depends on if you’re one of those types that can bounce back pretty quickly or has always worked out. I ran a 10 k with 12 days notice last year and hadn’t been working out much at all beforehand (just got into a new relationship haha). But I’ve always been active so I think it was easier for my body to bounce back quickly, compared to a person who has only started working out 6 months ago.

    • Do you want to finish it or do you want to finish with a ‘good time’? Distance always fills me with more satisfaction than time, but I have friends who hate doing longer races less prepared because they get upset when their time goes up.

    • That’s plenty of time. If your city has frequent races, perhaps look for a 5K in a month and use that as training for the 10K. My favorite I-have-not-been-training-but-need-to-get-off-the-couch distance is 8K.

    • Running Advice :

      I was a college athlete and have been sporadically fit for the last 15 years since then, so I do tend to bounce back quickly. My town does not have frequent races. The next 10k scheduled near me is in July (hot!) and very, very hilly. I could care less about my time. Just finishing a 10k would feel like a big accomplishment, and I’m afraid a 5k would feel ho-hum since it’s close to the distance I was doing on my usual runs. I think I’ll start training and re-evaluate in mid-April. Thanks for all the input!

    • It’s definitely doable if you start running regularly. If you can comfortably get through 5k right now, you’re in good shape already to get through a 10k.

      I’ve run some races where I was near the front of the pack and ones where I was nearly last. It depends on the crowd. If being last would be demoralizing to you, it might be a good idea to sign up for the 5k and then do a 10k a little later on in the summer.

  14. So I’m in a slightly awkward etiquette situation. A really good friend of mine is getting married soon and I just got my invite, without a plus 1. But she had given me the impression that my SO was also invited. Do I clarify? How do I clarify?

    Ughhh I just feel like this is sooooooo awkward…

    • Two options to consider, depending on your relationship:
      1. Ask the bride directly: “Got your invite, really excited about the wedding. This is sort of awkward, but I’m not clear if SO is invited as well. If not, no worries, I’ll be there.” If she’s a good friend, this shouldn’t be more than 5 minutes of momentary awkwardness. If you won’t attend unless SO can attend, you may have to word differently (ie. “Trying to figure out logistics of single-travel, may not be able to make it…”)

      2. Ask someone close to these things (ie maid of honor, bride’s sister, etc). “Can casually ask [Bride] if my SO is invited, a la “hey, are TO Lawyer and her SO coming?” I got the opposite impression from her, but don’t want to add to the wedding stress. Thanks!”

      When I was a bride, I had both happen. One was someone who had a SO I didn’t know about and immediately offered the +1. Someone else wasn’t invited with a +1, but casually brought up, “hey, not sure if I can attend, long drive etc. etc. and I don’t know anyone [true]”– I just wasn’t thinking when I didn’t’ give a +1, and told him to bring a date on the spot. They both came and we all had a blast. It was slightly awkward, but so much better than missing a wedding over it.

    • frugal doc... :

      I would just give a call or send a quick email, and make it casual.

      Looking forward to your wedding. Is the invite just for me, or can SO come as well? I do understand if you are trying to keep the wedding intimate, so I just wanted to check. Many thanks.

      You can go to a wedding/dinner without your SO, can’t you? It’s a nice gift to them to let them invite whomever they prefer, and keep the numbers/costs down.

    • Thanks ladies! I did check with the bride and she assured me that he was invited (unprompted) so I feel much better.

      I can of course go to a wedding without him, but would probably be a little upset if he wasn’t invited to this particular wedding because we are such good friends, and I’ve already spent a chunk on engagement gifts/bachelore**e party/shower gift.

      • Divaliscious11 :

        I think that isn’t the way to think about it.

        Weddings are expensive and sometimes there is no +1 because the bride/groom are trying to accommodate their friends, their families and requests of both sets of parents when there a room limitations.

        All is well in this instance, but if you are not married and you don’t get a plus one, don’t take it personal. And spending on gifts doesn’t earn you seats at the wedding….

        • TO Lawyer :

          I understand this logically and wouldn’t be upset going to other weddings alone but in this particular situation, I would be offended and feel slighted, even though I know weddings are expensive because of how much I’ve done for this particular friend in the past (and not just for her wedding).

          I’m lucky my friend is awesome and did invite both of us (just failed to indicate so on the invite) but I would still be slightly upset and take it personally if she hadn’t. I wouldn’t let her know obviously and I’d still attend the wedding but I think I would be entitled to my feelings in this situation.

  15. I have an embarrassing problem and I hope you all may be able to help me. I am going through a rough time in my life professionally/financially and also have some family problems….I’m super stressed and tense all the time. So I find I have become “that girl” at social gatherings who yammers on endlessly about herself (I do try to focus on the lighter stuff, eg, telling amusing stories about my horrible part time job and making fun of myself for my new obsession with my houseplants)…

    I know that it’s really impolite but I have a really hard time focusing on conversations (because of the aforementioned stress) and I end up just talking in a stream of consciousness style. It wouldn’t be so bad if I were hanging out with my good friends, but the social situations I am talking about are those where I am hanging out with my boyfriend’s family or his business associates.

    Has anyone experienced this and can you give any advice? I am thinking of asking my bf to help me develop appropriate “talking points” before social gatherings, but honestly I am hoping it doesn’t have to come to that.

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      Has anyone complained? Maybe your stories are amusing and the people are enjoying them! I know that even though I’m an extrovert, I’m sometimes relieved at a gathering for someone to “steal the show” and entertain us all. Someone has to make conversation and if the lives of everyone else are fairly mundane, they might be worried about having nothing to add.

      • I agree. It always takes the pressure off when someone else shares a few stories. I don’t mind someone “yammering on” in social settings. It’s better if they ask questions back and have give and take in the conversation, but honestly, don’t beat yourself up about it as long as other people aren’t sending you annoyance signals.

    • +1. I have the same problem. Hope others have figured it out!

    • kerrycontrary :

      Ask other people questions. And then ask them more questions about what they say. When the conversation turns to you and what’s going on in your life give short answers. And honestly, you might want to see a therapist in the short-term because you shouldn’t be using friends and strangers as your therapist. I know a lot of people who do this, and I can’t be friends with them for long.

    • That you’re aware that this may be an issue makes me think that you’re not annoying anyone!

      • That Girl :

        Thanks, everyone. I do know that the polite/considerate way for speaking to people is to ask them questions about themselves, but I get caught up in the moment and forget. I sort of get on autopilot and try to spit out a chipper patter, if that makes any sense.

        I am going to try to get some help soon – one of the stressors is I don’t have money/decent health insurance, but I am in the process of getting the insurance straightened out at least.

  16. Trademark Attorney :

    Have any of you ladies attended the ABA-IPL annual meeting in Arlington VA before? I’m going for the first time this year, and would appreciate a heads up on what to expect.
    Do attendees wear suits? Where can you get lunch if you don’t go to the ticketed meals?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Anon for now :

      Not an IP person, so no ideas on the conference, but I do live in that neighborhood. There are a lot of restaurants in that area, although many are national chains. Here’s a list:
      Jaleo is awesome and has a great happy hour– if you haven’t been before I’d recommend that.

      For dinners, etc., you’re also a short walk to the Metro, and you’re just a few stops from downtown DC.

    • lurky-loo :

      I went a couple years ago. Just about everyone was in suits or matchy blazer and skirt/pants. If you’re not going to the ticketed lunches, people go either to the Crystal City mall or eat in the hotel. I didn’t stay in the hotel, so I’m not sure what people generally did for dinner. Do go to the Special Section Reception if you can; it’s a good way to socialize outside the conference and the expense is pretty worth it.

  17. Miss Behaved :

    Is anyone else excited for the Veronica Mars movie and the associated Kickstarter campaign? They raised an unbelievable amount of money in less than 2 days.

    • Woods-comma-Elle :

      I never watched this, but loads of people have been getting excited about it, so I really want to watch the show now!

    • To be perfectly honest, I am looking forward to the movie but have mixed feelings about the Kickstarter campaign. It seems like it was meant to fund indie types of things that wouldn’t get funded normally – not a movie that’s going to make WB money…

      • It’s been an issue for years now. WB told the cast and creator of Veronica Mars that they wouldn’t fund it unless they could prove actual interest in a movie. The Kickstarter campaign was the best way they could get folks to show just how much the fans want a Veronica Mars movie. I, for one, am excited!

      • Sydney Bristow :

        I get what you’re saying, but they’ve tried to make the movie before and it never seemed to get off the ground. I think the Kickstarter campaign is partially to raise the funds but also partially to show how many people are into getting it made. Now, if only we can raise enough money to buy the right to Firefly…..

        I wonder what TV and movies would be like if they were all crowd funded instead of paid for by studios and advertisers.

    • I’m so happy there will be more Veronica Mars. Between that and the Arrested Development movie, I don’t know what more I could ask for :)

      • wintergreen126 :

        Ditto!! Veronica Mars and Arrested Development were two shows that didn’t get the endings they deserved. I’m so excited for both of these!

    • I think there is no way it ends up actually happening. You cant do a movie for 2 million, and it was basically a gentlemans agreement. Like oh raise 2 mill and we will kick in the rest. but its very undefined on what is the rest.

      Kickstarter is basically begging for money. It was supposed to be for investments and now its like I want to go on a vacation! pay me to travel and take pictures!

    • I really liked Veronica Mars, though as a distant second to Buffy and Firefly (Joss, I love you). I kicked in yesterday morning and may do so again. I think Kickstarter isn’t limited to “indie types” – Veronica Mars was/is a show with a strong, intelligent, independent female lead who is not a man hater nor a b!tch nor overtly s3xy that the (male) Studio Powers That Be killed because boys don’t like girl shows, and a show with a female lead who dresses like a real person is a girl show –> Veronica Mars is a girl show. Veronica Mars the movie was not going to get funded normally; Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas cajoled WB into agreeing to distribute the movie if they could raise $2m in 30 days, which is a higher set goal than ever on kickstarter. I imagine the WB ivory tower was like, yeah right, sure, go ahead, if you can raise the $ in 30 days (ha!), yeah sure, we’ll distribute your silly project. And were stunned as all hell when it happened in 9 hours, and now are stuck holding up their end of the agreement.

      I (me?) and 50k+ of my friends are voting with our wallets for better female character-driven media – even Oz failed the Bedchel test and it has THREE LEAD WOMEN IN IT ffs. Plus Kickstarter has said that the volume of traffic that Veronica Mars drove to its site has resulted in a huge boost in funding for many smaller, more typically Kickstarter projects.

      • Ugh. Why do movies insist on failing the Bechdel test? I just don’t like watching movies anymore.

        I watched 5 movies going to and coming back from London–Skyfall, Cloud Atlas, Life of Pi, The Intouchables, Problem with the Curve. Only Cloud Atlas passed the Bechdel Test–3 hours, 6 story lines, and it only passed by the skin of its teeth. Grrr.

        • I wouldn’t expect a movie like Life of Pi to have many female characters. The two main characters are a boy and a tiger!

        • holy tv soulmates!! I just had to jump in here to say: there MUST be a bay area cr3tt3 meetup to see the VM movie if it actually comes out, AND SFBA/K-padi, i’m thinking we need a whedon and/or v mars watching party, like, yesterday!!!

    • I heard about it on Day 1, but didn’t watch the video until today. I simultaneously peed and cried, I loved it so much. I think this is a labor of love for them, and it can be done on the cheap. I don’t get the sense that WB will actually be kicking in anything, but I admit I don’t know about costs of distribution.

  18. Hugo Boss sizing :

    Does anyone know if hugo boss runs large or small? I saw a shirt that I would like to buy but it’s only available in one size too big. It’s the “Boss Black” line.

    • my experience is that it runs true to size but if you are larger in the bust you may want to go up a size. i have a few silk shells i bought in my regular size that i have since noticed are uncomfortable/pulling in the chest area.

  19. Hey Toronto :

    Ya think you could increase the ambient temperature by 5 or 6 degrees before I show up next week? That’d be great. Kthx.

    – Nonny

    • springtime :

      Yes! Seriously this is ridiculous! Enjoy TO!

    • Can I second the request, but for Calgary? I’d like about 20-30 more degrees right now, but I maybe I’ll ask for 10 or 15? I don’t want to seem greedy.

      • Hey, come and visit us in Vancouver. Not to be obnoxious or anything, but we have daffodils!

        Actually, I was thinking of taking some to Toronto with me for the people I’ll be seeing there, but yeah, that probably would be a bit obnoxious.

    • TO Lawyer :

      I wish! I am so over winter. Toronto needs to get with it. It was SO nice this time last year.

  20. RosieAims :

    Thread-jack — My brother (who is my BFF and only sib) and his wonderful girlfriend just learned that they matched for medical residency programs in Houston, TX. They currently live near me in the Bay Area and while I know that this is fantastic news, I can’t seem to stop crying. I’m not seeing them in person until Sunday, and I would love to put together some kind of gesture/gift for them. I’m trying to think of Houston or Texas specific treats, jokes, or useful information to maybe put in a little gift basket with some champagne? Maybe flexible tickets to entertainment or groupons for area restaurants? The problem is that I know very little about Houston or Texas in general . . . other than making some plays on the saying that “everything is bigger in Texas”, I’m not sure where to start. If anyone has ideas, I would really love to hear them!

  21. I’m having tech glitches today. I’m using Chrome. Not all the new posts show up and on the home page, it will say there are something like 150 comments but if I click on the comments there are actually more like 190.

  22. Weight Loss Pills: Pro or Con?
    This is ridiculous! Enjoy

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