Opaque White T-Shirts for Work

Opaque White T-Shirts for Work | CorporetteOne of the questions I often see readers asking and discussing is the hunt for the best opaque white t-shirts — and really, why is it so hard to find a t-shirt that isn’t see-through? I thought I’d round up some of the best suggestions I’ve seen over the years…

First, what to wear with opaque white t-shirts for work: I definitely recommend wearing a nude-for-you t-shirt bra (Naja is the brand with the most skin-colored shades I’ve seen; Nubian Skin also has three shades for darker skin tones); if you need to layer a camisole I’d probably go for a shade that best matches your skintone in a slightly silky fabric so it doesn’t cling to your t-shirt. (I can only find beige camisoles to recommend — if anyone has any favorite camisoles in a range of skin tones, please let us know.)

Pictured, clockwise from V-neck in top left corner: one / two / three / four

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Opaque White Tees in Regular, Petite, and Plus Sizes:

There are so many options in this range, I’ll split the post by putting shirts that only come in “misses” sizes at the bottom of the post; everything listed in this top section comes in a wide range of sizes.

  • Talbots’ Platinum Jersey line — because they’re double-lined in the front (but not the back), this may be a great option if you plan to wear it with a cardigan or blazer — but not so great if you want to wear it by itself. Right now it looks like they only have longer-sleeved versions. Readers also swear by their Pima cotton line (a common thread throughout a lot of these suggestions!).
  • LL Bean has always been mentioned by the readers, noting that they’re not fancy but last and last and are very opaque. This elbow-sleeve one or this envelope-neck version looks like they might be nice enough to wear by themselves at work, but they also may be on the “frumpy” side of the spectrum. This is their more casual plain Pima Cotton shaped version; in general I’d stick with the Pima Cotton versions (reviewers of the more stylish West End shirts note that the white tee was see-through).
  • On the super-affordable end of things, readers have sung the praises of Kohls’ Croft & Barrow Essential tee line — but do note that reviewers seem split on whether it’s see through or not.  They’re on sale for $7.99 today, though, so the price is definitely right.

Other T-Shirts That Aren’t See-Through

  • I like the black U-neck tees from Everlane, but a friend of mine swears by Everlane’s white tees for opacity — I’d try the Pima cotton tees first, like this elbow stretch version for $25. Their Go-Weave tee is more of what I’d call a “fancy white tee” — but it definitely looks opaque.
  • I’ve mostly seen readers discuss Uniqlo’s Supima cotton t-shirts as being opaque, but they have a new rib knit tee that looks really promising. (And, goodness, they’re $5.90 today, in sizes XS-XL.)
  • Readers have also sung the praises of Boden’s t-shirts over the years — I’d try their essential tee first.
  • This Lafayette 148 New York option is the most expensive t-shirt on the list at $148, but it is a bit prettier than the other options, and several readers note that they like how it’s not see through.
  • I haven’t tried either of these, but when Sally at Already Pretty rounded up opaque white tees, this Fair Indigo Fair Trade tee was one of her favorites; this Bella and Canva tee at Amazon was also one of her favorites, but note that it is very much a traditional “baby tee.”
  • Finally: I haven’t tried any of these shirts, but I’d also take a look at American Giant, Eddie Bauer, and J.Jill (especially if you need a tall size).

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Readers who like to wear white t-shirts to work: what is your favorite brand? If you layer something beneath them, are you a fan of nude-for-you camisoles or white camisoles? (I’m normally on the team of “your camisole should match whatever color your shirt is” but for an opaque white t-shirt I might go with nude for you.) What are your favorite ways to style a white tee for work? 

The Best Opaque White T-Shirts - For Work and Beyond | Corporette

Opaque White T-Shirts for Work | Corporette

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  1. Surprised that Lands End was not mentioned. Thick cotton, high quality, not too expensive, comes in a variety of sizes. They have different cuts and thicknesses, so quite possible to find something that works.

    • Anonymous :


      I have a white tank that I bought to wear under clothing, and it’s definitely opaque.

    • Anonymous :

      +1 to Lands End. I have a tencel shirt that’s also fairly opaque…but you must hang it up when it comes out of the dryer. Sold in Sears. I go there for all the basics.

    • +1 to Lands End. I have a tencel shirt that’s also fairly opaque…but you must hang it up when it comes out of the dryer. Sold in Sears. I go there for all the basics.

  2. Nude for me camisole under white…and everything else – it never fails really. I like the Uniqlo Airism tanks.

  3. cake batter :

    When buying clothes, I do a mental “cost benefit” analysis. Do I have to buy a special bra? If so, is it a fab enough dress and big enough occasion that it’s worth the extra annoyance? Or if it’s a pricey item, will I use it enough to justify the expense? Using my own little mental math, white tees are never worth it. I need to find a bra that’s jusssst the right color so it doesn’t show through, or I can wear under a blazer but not alone (but what if I get hot?), OR I need to get an extra cami – to layer under a tee?! Hells to the naws. I’ll just pick another color.

    • And even if you do find all those things white t-shirts to me often scream CASUAL! T-SHIRT! in a way that other colors don’t. I haven’t found any that I’d wear to work. (And if I’m not wearing it to work I frankly DGAF if you can see my bra underneath it.)

  4. Midwestern Consitutent :

    I’ve had good luck with the Eddie Bauer tees, although I tend to wear them under a blazer and scarf, so you can’t really ever see the shirt.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      The Eddie Bauer ones are the closest to opaque I’ve found in recent years, but I still don’t think they are opaque enough for me. They’re close and I could probably get away without wearing a cami but I’d probably only do that if wearing a blazer and scarf like you.

  5. I am doing some early birthday brainstorming and would appreciate the hive’s comments/advice.

    The guy I am dating is into history and, as like to say, old things (we share the old things interest). He wrote several articles/commentaries on various historical bits and pieces of the city where he grew up. The pieces are accompanied by photographs and old illustrations. He is one of those people who buys what he wants when he wants it and is also somewhat particular (we joke we are grumpy old people in younger people’s bodies). In the event we are still dating when his birthday rolls around, I would like to give him something unique and thoughtful.

    My initial thought was to have his pieces printed out in a way that makes it look like they are bound in an old book. I’m not sure how I would get them off the website and into a format that would lend itself to this type of project/printing. Is this going to be something that is incredibly hard to do if I want to preserve the look of it? Has anyone done something like this? I have used Adorama to print pictures from electronic images and was happy with the quality of those. Are there any other sites out there that would be helpful?

    • Are you sure his love language is gifts? This seems like a TON of effort, money, and work for someone who you’re not even sure you’ll be dating at that point. Yes maybe gifts are your love language, some people love to spend untold efforts on others, yada yada. But as someone who is NOT into gifts, I’d be weirded out by such a thoughtful gift in a still-uncertain/still-early relationship. Maybe save it for your 1 year anniversary or something.

      • Good question! He got me something very thoughtful and unique about two weeks into dating, so either he thinks it’s mine or it’s his.

        I won’t start doing any work for this until it gets much closer to the date, I am just brainstorming at this point. Definitely something to think about.

      • I think if the guy is OK, and CountC seems to think he is, she can be thoughtful with her gift. If he was not, then a simple gift from Macys is fine. My ex got me cheap stuff from CVS, which was a REAL turnoff, so I am kind of jaded here.

  6. The tucked in white tee with a belt and pants(?) is just tragic…

    I never wear casual tees to work – the most I’ll do is a silk tee. I just don’t think it’s a good look, unless its a bit of a fancier fabric.

  7. Anonymous :

    I have a belly and the outline of my belly button is always visible in otherwise opaque white t-shirts. Drives me crazy.

    Anyway, the best under layer for transparent clothing I’ve ever bought is the J Crew silk camisole. It’s in their suiting section. I have it in nude and black. I love that the silk doesn’t get hot like nylon or jersey camisoles.

  8. Love a great opaque white tee – having issues though now that I’m in maternity wear. Any thoughts on the best maternity Tee?

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