The Hunt: Work-Appropriate T-Shirts

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2017 Update: You may want to check out our latest discussion on the best tees for layering!

Sure, we all know what basics professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

Ever since I found The Limited’s highly-rated t-shirt, I’ve been thinking about that perennial summer question: which are the best t-shirts for layering under suits and otherwise wearing to work? In my mind, the perfect work t-shirt:

  • is opaque
  • is thick enough to not see the outline of your bra
  • keeps its shape throughout the day (and after several washes)
  • retains color evenly after numerous washes
  • looks like a perfect basic — not too memorable or trendy

I’ve rounded up some of my favorites below — but readers, which are your favorites?  (Psssst: check out The Corporette Guide to the Best Tops Under Suits if you haven’t already!)

work-appropriate t-shirts 2.indexedI really like Gap’s “essential” v-neck Ts, at least for simple black Ts. (The white ones definitely need a camisole or something beneath them, unfortunately.) They wash up great, retain their color and shape, and generally make for a nice basic to wear with trousers or skirts. They aren’t available in many colors, but they are available as a scoopneck and a crewneck. They’re currently $12.50 (down from $14.95) at Gap. Essential V-neck T
work-appropriate t-shirts 3.indexedAnother basic, yes, but I really like it: The J.Crew Perfect-Fit V-Neck Tee. This one is a bit more figure-hugging than the Gap one (or perhaps this one is more true to size and the Gap one runs bigger). I love the variety of colors it comes in (12, as of today!), and the fact that it comes in crewnecks, camisole tanks, and “ballet button” tees. The v-neck is $19-$25 at J.Crew (and take an exra 30% off summer sale items with code SHOPNOW). Perfect-fit V-neck tee
best t-shirts for work 4.indexedI haven’t bought this one yet myself, but it’s highly rated at Nordstrom, and I love the look of those ruched sleeves. It’s available in black, white, salmon pink, and “jungle” green (pictured) for $44. Vince Camuto Ruched Short Sleeve Tee
best t-shirts for work 5.indexedI’m always amazed at how super soft Splendid t-shirts are. The slight tradeoff to this is that they can be a bit thinner than other t-shirts, but depending on what else you’re wearing (under a blazer or a cardigan, or on top of a camisole) that may not matter. This one is $46 at Zappos, available in black, white, and a “paprika” red.  Splendid – 1×1 Half Sleeve V-Neck Top (Paprika) – Apparel
best t-shirts beneath suits 1.indexedI love Three Dots t-shirts. I first discovered them years ago at a sample sale, and the quality — the thickness, the softness, even the stitching — always impresses me. I like how this one is a cross between a crewneck and a scoopneck. This top, available in “tomate” (pictured), aqua, black, “chile” red, and white, $52 at Zappos (but note that you can find a ton of lucky sizes for as low as $14.99 at for this brand, including this very top in pink punch). Three Dots – 1×1 Light S/S Open Crewneck Top (Tomate) – Apparel
best t-shirts beneath suits 2.indexedTheory’s “Juin” t-shirt was always a reader favorite, so I thought I’d throw in this Levanoa t-shirt, now available in primary blue, green, and red. I like the wide scoopneck, the cap sleeves, and the slim cut — it’s $85 at Nordstrom (and apparently is so popular only lucky sizes are left in some colors). Theory ‘Levanoa – Encase’ Ruched Stretch Pima Cotton Tee

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  1. Hi Kat. It’s Kat (Ha!). Been reading your blog for sometime and have been “lurking”. I actually would actually like to see you post something up on what NOT to wear to work. What is NOT appropriate. I know that everyone is in different professions and sometimes some companies are more ‘lax than others. But sometimes people need visuals of what is deemed inappropriate for the office. Do you think that would be do-able one of these days?

    • she has in the past. do a google site search, i know there was at least one for summer interns.

      • haha. I’m in moderation with the actual link to the post, but yeah you can find it by searching this site with a post for “what not to wear”. But it did cause the great lace debate. Or one of the great lace debates. So…yeah.

      • Does anyone else ever get less than complete search results when using Google to search this site? There have been a couple of times where I searched on Google, didn’t find what I was looking for, and then painstakingly searched old posts and did find it. I don’t know why this might happen.

    • This has been done. See e.g.

      If you’re ever looking for something on the site, search google with site: [this site] and your search terms.

    • There are at least five posts that I can recall in recent memory which did just that.

    • There is a label/tag “what not to wear to work.”

    • Judithesl :

      I saw a young woman in the financial district here in San Francisco last week who looked headed to work (ballet flats, opaque black tights, hair up) but her dress was white lace with a slit back that showed her bright yellow bra!

  2. No mention of the Land’s End brand t-shirts? They are under $20 (some even less in more “interesting” colors, and have a variety of size/neckline options.

    I have owned several in the past, and they were very washable. However, I would not get it in white. For some reason, no one makes a non see-through white t-shirt.

    • I haven’t tried them all, but I ordered some of the LE Canvas tees based on this site’s recommendation and have to say I thought they were too casual. I think work t shirts need to be a certain kind of material, and the LE just weren’t it – at least for me.

    • agree that lands end ones ive tried are too casual for work for me. but I love their tees, I wear them with shorts all summer

      • I agree that they are on the casual side, but I wear them to work if I have another piece (blazer, cardigan) or an accessory (scarf, necklace) to pull my outfit together.

      • The fitted cut, cotton modal blend are nice enough for work, at least imo. I wear them a lot. They have them in v-neck and scoop neck.

    • CPA to be :

      What is the sizing like on the cotton modal ts? I’m petite and “small boned” and have never bought from lands end because I assumed it was cut for the more matronly figure. I usually wear either XS or S at banana, for comparison.

      • Anne Shirley :

        Hem hem! I certainly find the sizing generous, and I think it probably runs large for you, but I prefer to classify my figure as “curvy” or “gorgeous” rather than “matronly”. I wouldn’t describe Theory as being cut for people with childish figures just because I can’t squeeze my hips in.

      • I am 5 feet and about 95 pounds and wear the lands end petite xs in the cotton modal tees. they fit great, and I love them. For hot southern summers, they beat 100 percent cotton by a long shot.

        I also, however, am a big fan of Ann Taylor basic crew and v neck tees, in regular size, not petite, b/c they are long enough to stay tucked in skirt or pant suits.

  3. TJ-Any recommendations on a good bustier-style bra to wear under a strapless wedding dress? I’m a 34DD and need some good undergarmet support for the big day that I won’t have to worry about! Thanks! :)

    • Also, preferably not too heavy material and no padding…it’s outdoors in August and I’ll be hot enough!

      • I used strapless bra (size down one band size for best fit in strapless) and Spanx Higher Power shaper (yes, the strategic hole works so you don’t have to take them off). THat combo was cooler and smoother than a bustier in my dress.

    • Research, Not Law :

      Go to Nordstroms, they’ll set you up.

      • I actually did and the woman in the lingerie department told me they didn’t carry them! She did not offer to help size me for one or mention they carried them online (which I discovered they did when I got home). I’ve ordered two online from them but not sure if they’ll be right so I’m open to any other suggestions!

        • Wouldn’t the place you got your wedding dress be able to help you out? Or at least suggest a place to go? Around here (DC area) there are several lingerie shops that could definitely help – are there any such specialty shops in your city/town? But I keep coming back to the wedding dress store…

        • Research, Not Law :

          Wait, what?? I got my 30DD there four years ago. Walked in, tried on about three, and left with one in hand that worked great. I’m sorry that I can’t remember the brand… it was probably Le Mysterie or Chantelle (spelling?) as those fit me well.

          My only general advice is to definitely get the corset kind. I have a strapless/convertible bra that’s good quality but not nearly as stay-put as my corset one.

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      Do you already have the dress? I’m the same size and my strapless dress had a corset style top that had metal bars in it and had molding for cups for the girls. It fit and supported me without further undergarments required.

      • They can also build this into the dress, if it doesn’t already have it.

      • Yeah, if you can get it built into the dress, that’s by far the most comfortable and least likely to need constant adjustments.

      • This. You should see about having them build a bra into the dress. Regardless of size, a built in bra is wonderful and you don’t have to worry about anything falling or doing the tug/pull.

        • anonymous :

          I dissent as to the issue of building it in to the dress. I had to wear a second bra (bandeau-style so it would fit) under my wedding dress because it was possible to lift right out of the built-in one.

    • I am a 34D and got a great longline bra from either Fresh Pair or Bare Necessities (the difference between longline and a regular strapless was night and day for me). I ordered a bunch of different styles and sizes and returned what did not fit. I don’t remember the brand I ended up keeping but it was perfect – no padding.

      • I was also going to suggest a longline (wore one under a bridesmaid’s dress at my sister’s wedding). I agree that the support is better than what you would get from a regular strapless bra – great if you are at all busty. However, I noticed that the OP is looking for something that won’t be too hot. In that case, it sounds like having something built into the dress is the best option, assuming it’s still possible.

    • My sister ended up getting one at Victoria’s Secret. It was a strapless bustier, i.e., came down to her waist. She said it stayed up a lot better than just a strapless bra. She looked several places, and was surprised to find it there, don’t know if they still have them, this was a couple of years ago.

    • Sites:
      HerRoom <— GREAT for reviews and photos!

      Wonderbra (UK, not US–but you can buy via certain US sites like Figleaves)
      Ewa Michalak
      Va Bien
      Simone Perele

      Be sure to check RetailMeNot for coupons! :)

      ps. Congratulations!!!

    • summer associate :

      Fantasie! I think it’s called smoothing strapless or something like that. I am a 32E and it is the only strapless bra I would ever wear again. Not padded, but thick enough so you won’t get headlights!

    • SoCalAtty :

      I found a dress that it was built into – and I was so excited. One less undergarment to shop for and store after. It will of course depend on the dress and if they can build it in for you, but with properly placed boning and buttons, lacing, or a row of hooks & eyes this can really work. It will eliminate a layer, so you will be cooler, and also get rid of any chance you might have foundation garment lines showing.

      It does increase the risk if any wardrobe malfunction should occur! I’m involved in a non-profit where we wore very poofy formals starting at a young age, so I’m really, really comforable in a giant skirt complete with hoop skirt or crinoline. I’ve built foundations into strapless formals for at least a 34DD – a good seamstress can get it done! Failing that, if you go with something that has boning spring for something that at least has metal stays, not plastic, and sews the channels correctly. Out of control boning is not fun :)

  4. Migraine Sufferer :

    I’ve also gotten good T-shirts at Eddie Bauer, reasonably priced on sale at the end of the season. I can’t even imagine spending $85 on a T-shirt.

  5. Blonde Lawyer :

    I love the Target scoop neck with ruching (no idea if that is how you spell that word.) They used to be double layered which was nice but caused some pilling. Now they are single layered but still look great under suits.

    • I love these, but had trouble with the dye spot-fading on a green double-layered one. Brown one was just fine, and I can’t explain why. Maybe they’ve resolved this problem with the new line.

    • I’m thrilled to find out they still have those. I have a couple of the old double layered ones which are finally starting to die.

  6. CPA to be :

    If that is the same basic t-shirt I tried on at the limited last week I really do *not* recommend it. The shirt was soft and attractive, but was bizarrely shiny. Like… the light in the dressing room caught on the spandex, especially across the chest region and made it look shiny in that “I’m wearing a material not found in nature” sort of way. That said, It would probably go great under a suit…. but I would not feel comfortable wearing it on its own.

    • Anonymous :

      I’ve got two of them and they are definitely made to be worn under a suit jacket. And they look fantastic and court-appropriate under a suit. But I know exactly what you mean.

  7. Chicago S :

    I have found great work appropriate t-shirts at Banana Republic both last year and this year. Even the white, which in my mind is the real test, is great and they are priced under $20.

  8. I have the luxe-touch tee from Banana Republic. It’s a great basic with a bit of shine at the collar, and available in several colors (lucky sizes only, though).

    Slight work annoyance: in our office, we routinely send out notices to the other people we work with to notify them that we will be out of the office in the coming weeks (i.e., taking a few days for vacation, have a long business trip and will be inaccessible via email for much of it). Most people use a greeting such as “hi everyone,” “greetings,” or just no greeting at all and go straight to the message. However, one person who is junior to me just sent one that began with “staff.” Um, I am NOT your staff. Nobody in this office is your “staff.”


  9. I find the key to work-appropriate tees is wearing them with an outstanding necklace. If it’s outstanding enough, nobody notices you’re wearing a tee shirt.


  10. I love the Lands End Tshirts, but I would never wear one with a suit.

    I recently tried on the Uniqlo basic Tshirt and really liked it:

    • Really? I’m wearing one today with a suit, and it seems perfectly appropriate. It’s black, and I have the second one in blue. I wear them both to work.

      • The collar doesn’t lay flat and formal for me under a suit. It sloshes around too much for my taste.

        I used to buy the nylon Tshirts from N-M in the late 90s/early 00s (about $50 at the time) and they were formal enough with a suit for me. Sadly, N-M brand clothes, like SFA brand clothes, seem to have disappeared. Too bad — they were well made and reasonably priced.

  11. Upset anon :

    I need to vent and get some advice.

    DH & I have been trying to conceive kiddo No. 2 for seven months. I got my period this morning and have been trying not to cry at work pretty much all day. I am really sad. I’ve held it together pretty well until now, but it’s finally starting to sink in that it’s not happening very easily this time. Given my age (early 30s), I know it’s not technically considered infertility yet, but I’m starting to worry.

    I have two questions:
    1) How do I make it through the rest of the workday when all I want to do is go home, have a good cry and then snuggle with my husband and son?
    2) Is it worth talking to my doctor about what’s going on, or should I be patient for awhile longer? I haven’t been doing full-blown charting, but I have been tracking my cycles since December and everything seems normal.
    3) Does being sad make me totally selfish and ungrateful? I love my son to pieces and know I’m so lucky to be his mama and there are many women who would love to be in my position … that doesn’t make me want another child any less, though. :( It’s pretty much impossible to avoid pregnancy talk and questions when you already travel in kid-friendly circles. And it’s getting harder to evade people’s questions about when we’ll be adding to the family without a) either freaking out on them, or b) telling them waaay too much information about my s3x life.

    FYI: My scoopneck tees from LOFT look pretty good for work wear.

    • 1. Close your door and pretend to be highly focused on your computer screen. Continue reading Corporette. Or, if that’s not an option, tell your boss you have a terrible headache, you feel nauseous, and you need to go home because Tylenol’s not helping.

      2. Yes, talk to your doctor. I think they say that if you’ve tried for over 6 months you should seek medical advice. But even if your doctor just tells you everything is fine, at least you’ll have peace of mind.

      3. Of course it doesn’t make you totally selfish and ungrateful. My goodness, I throw a pity party when Macy’s doesn’t have the shoes I wanted in my size. I can’t even imagine wanting a baby and not being able to easily get pregnant.

    • 1. Close your door and pretend to be highly focused on your computer screen. Continue reading C o r p o r e t t e. Or, if that’s not an option, tell your boss you have a terrible headache, you feel nauseous, and you need to go home because Tylenol’s not helping.

      2. Yes, talk to your doctor. I think they say that if you’ve tried for over 6 months you should seek medical advice. But even if your doctor just tells you everything is fine, at least you’ll have peace of mind.

      3. Of course it doesn’t make you totally selfish and ungrateful. My goodness, I throw a pity party when Macy’s doesn’t have the shoes I wanted in my size. I can’t even imagine wanting a baby and not being able to easily get pregnant.

    • So sorry for your disappointment today. If you can call it a day early, I say by all means, go for it. If not, maybe pop out for a walk around the block or a Starbucks. Sometimes just being in the sun helps to remind me that there are bigger things at work than me, and I feel more hopeful and clear-headed.
      I don’t have any advice about talking to your doctor (don’t see how it could hurt), but I just want to say that IN NO WAY does being sad make you selfish or ungrateful! It just means you are sad, and understandably so. Having children is the least selfish thing you can do, and it sounds like you do have a grateful mindset. Your desire for another child, for a sibling for your son, is real, and it makes total sense that you are disappointed today. Be sad, but then be hopeful because you have not been given any reason to think this is anything other a little delay. Hang in there!

    • I don’t have much advice, but I have gone through the same thing (we’ve been trying for about 9 months) and totally know what you mean. I have teared up at work because of this but then I make myself read some boring legal document to take my mind off the problem. Then when I get home I let myself have a solid cry. I read somewhere it’s best to let yourself be sad for a set amount of time, then force yourself to move on and get excited for the next try … That was in relation to this problem specifically, but sounds like decent advice in general …

    • Been There :

      Definitely go see your ob/gyn. However, don’t stay long with him/her, a reproductive endocrynologist is really the specialist that deals with fertility issues. A good ob/gyn will refer you on pretty quickly, but there are ob/gyns who like to think that they are specialists (and I have known too many women who have wasted valuable time with their gyns, and most stories you hear of fertility treatments gone awry are those done by gyns).

      Secondary infertility is a real “thing.” You are not being selfish, but your feelings are very common. Feeling like your family is complete is very individual and so long as there is a whole where you feel there should be a child — no mater how many you have — you will go through a grieving process.

      I was in a bit of a different position, because I had already gone through primary infertility, but my post-kid friends didn’t know that right away, so I got all the unintentionally prying questions about having another child. I found it easiest to answer them head on (though you may not be there yet). When people asked me about having a second child, I would just say that may not be in the cards for us and we’d be taking it a step at a time. Anyone with half a brain would back off then.

      While this may be just a bad stroke of luck, going in and checking under the hood (of both you and your husband) is a good idea now. Hopefully you will get good news (and maybe a positive HPT before you get your appointment). If not, at least you should get an action plan, which will hopefully be the first step to the second child you are wanting.

    • tcoyf fan :

      Even if you aren’t charting and don’t want to, it’s worth reading the section in Weschler’s “Take Charge of Your Fertility” on medical intervention, so you are better informed when you meet your doctor. It might help you avoid some medical procedures and help your doctor pinpoint the problem faster. Do you have the book? So much useful information, and there’s nothing to be afraid of with charting. All you are doing is learning useful information about your own body.

      • Been There :

        Weschler’s book does have a great amount of information in it (though I completely disagree with a lot of her views on policy, but that is a completely different issue). However, I would not do charting in lieu of making an appointment with her doctor, for two reasons. First, if there is a problem, it could just as easily be with her husband. Second, charting will only bring to light certain issues, not the full spectrum if things that could be preventing a pregnancy.

        I think charting is a fabulous idea (I had misread OP’s post to suggest she had been charting). I would do it at the same time as making an appointment with a doctor, though.

      • I would add to this: do both. Chart and make a dr’s appt. But at 29, at the first appointment when I raised concerns with my ob-gyn, she told me to chart for 6 months and then come back if I don’t get pregnant (I didn’t). At my first visit with an RE a year later, she went through my stack of charts pretty closely. So you might as well get started on it now.

        When you (OP) say you’ve been keeping track of your cycles (but not charting) and everything looks fine, what does that mean? Are you doing ovulation prediction kits? Are you just noticing that you have a regular, 28 +/- day cycle?

    • Any chance you can work from home the rest of the day? You can still get work done, but at least if you want to cry (or eat a cookie), you can do it without worrying about what you’ll look like. Otherwise, shut your door and do whatever makes you feel better. Do you have a friend at work where you guys could run to the coffee store together for a quick break this afternoon? That might help get your mind off things.

      And definitely feel free to ask your doctor. The rule of thumb is unsuccessfully trying for 6+ months. It could be something as simple as not charting close enough and you’re ovulating later than you thought in your cycle. But at least that way you can work to find out why you’ve been unsuccessful thus far.

      And you have every right to feel exactly how you feel. Like Bluejay said, I mope and whine when my size is sold out in something that I want. Anyone that has had trouble conceiving knows exactly what heartbreak you’re going through.

    • Upset anon :

      Thanks for your kind words, ladies. I’m currently eating my feelings with Muddy Buddy Chex Mix and plan to take it easy with DH & kiddo this evening.

    • Re selfish and ungrateful question:

      I don’t think so. My thoughts were always that if I had a child (married late, so no expectations of even getting 1), I would want that child to have a sibling. I have seen some very happy only children, but I work a lot and my husband is gone a lot and I would have wanted a child to have a sibling so that they would have each other, especially after we’re gone (we’re not OLD-OLD, but still . . .). I may be biased since I can barely remember being an only child myself and even though my sister and I weren’t always close, we always had each other. I thought of having a second child as a lot of work, but something that is for both of them, especially after Mom and Dad are gone. That said, after two miscarriages (PGs 1 and 3), I was grateful that I even had one child and was over the moon to have her if she was all I ever had.

  12. In the Pink :

    Love the tanks and long sleeved ts from Undertease.

    Sadly, they are now called Mod Bod and the finish and weight has lessened.

    But they are still my regular go-tos, with stacks of different colors of each style in my top drawer. Wash, dry, wear. Great for layering on trips and even as the odd pj item in the suitcase.

    I get them from my local sample shop/boutique, so I don’t know about regular vendors.

    Worth the search.

  13. I have to put in a plug for my beloved Lands End cotton/modal shirts! I have the scoopnecks in four colors and they are the best under-a-suit tees I’ve ever owned. They meet all of Kat’s criteria. Pro tip: they run a bit long, so I bought a size larger in petites and that fits perfectly.

    • I like these too – but why oh why do they not offer the v-neck in plus sizes? They are so much more flattering than crew necks and I would buy a million!

    • I second that, I love Landsend’s cotton/modal t’s. I’m 5’7″, and actually like the length, they are perfect for me.

  14. Help! I have a question regarding camisoles under blouses, button-up shirts, and cardigans. Is it okay for the bottom of the cami to show over the waist of skirts/pants? Because I have a large bust, I have been wearing camis under everything and in some bottoms tucking the camis in just doesn’t look right (maybe because the camis are long?).

    Here’s a picture for reference (albeit most of my cardigans are non-lacy):,r:2,s:0,i:80

    • Generally I think longer camis are very “tuckable” even into lower-rise pants/skirts, so I can’t really see what the problem is with wearing them tucked in. Regardless, I think the pictured look is OK and I actually wear a longer cami with a cardigan, or a shirt hem peeking from under a sweater; but my office is quite casual, and you need to know if this would work in yours.
      I don’t think this look will look good with a skirt, unless one is going for boho style.

  15. For not-so-work appropriate opaque white t-shirts, I’ve found great success with Hanes undershirts for boys. I wear 6/8/10 tops and the XL fit me perfectly. Plus, they’re so much cheaper than women’s t-shirts (~$10 for 5 t-shirts).

  16. Maine Associate :

    I love the Worthington Womens Shirt, scoop neck at JC Penney. They wash well and look good under suits. Some of the prints are out there, but the solids are nice:

  17. Kontraktor :

    I solve this problem by never wearing t-shirts! In fact, I don’t think I own any t-shirts…

    Well I mean, I own large college/sleep shirt type t-shirts. And I did own one gray stripe t-shirt from Gap which I loved more than life for casual weekend wear until I washed it on cold and hung dry a whole few times and it shrunk like nobody’s business. And now not only do I not own any t-shirts anymore, but I am also bitter that the t-shirt gods took my one away, so… I think if I ever have to buy them again for a weekend thing, I’ll assume they will die quickly and just go to F21 or something. Meh.

  18. layered bob :

    I actually love American Apparel. Not all the styles but last year’s “Classic Girl” version is great – saturated colors, and thick, smooth fabric. (This year’s version is not as good.) But what I really love about them is the “crew” neck on the women’s tees is really a mild scoop neck that doesn’t emphasize the shortness of my very short neck. Often scoop or v-neck tees show too much cleave, but AA tees just show my collarbones and follow the lines of my suit jacket. Warning – I’m a small 12 (sometimes can wear 10s) and wear the biggest size all AA’s women’s clothes, so they are not size-friendly.

  19. In House Lobbyist :

    My MIL just brought me 3 Jones t-shirts last week that are great. I am going to have to find out where she got them and stock up.

  20. I just stocked up on a bunch of plain tees from American Apparel on Hautelook for $6/each. Good quality and always happy to buy made in the USA (even if owner of said company is a bit sketchy).

    I have also been eyeing this t-shirt, it looks so soft and good quality but have yet to pull the trigger:

  21. White House Black Market has amazing white tees that are not see-through. They’re a little snug so I sized up.

  22. I second the recommendation for Banana Republic Luxe tees. They are fitted without clinging inappropriately like the Limited ones. The ones from Limited also seem to be more low cut and look cheaper. I always find 40% off coupons and get a good deal. Most of the colors have a slight sheen which makes them look and feel a little more office appropriate, they don’t show bra lines, and aren’t see through.

  23. Anonymous :

    Wolford shirts are fabulous — expensive, but flattering and available in great colors/necklines/sleeve lengths. I’ve had some for a few years — wash and air dry really well. Sale is on now (30% off some things)!

  24. I’m a 24-year-old JD to be, working as a summer associate at a Midwestern firm. We have casual (read: jeans) Fridays. I have yet to sport a pair of jeans because my denim collection is a vestige of undergrad… Miss Me and Big Star are the dominant players… and do not feel like they are appropriate to wear at the office. I’m plus sized (34ish in jeans) and needing a few pairs of not insanely expensive, attractive (non-momish) dark jeans… anyone have some great suggestions?

    • How plus sized are you? I’m a very hip/butt/thigh heavy hourglass 16, and have had weirdly good luck with the newer Gap jeans (the 1969 line, particularly the long and lean cut, despite not being particularly long or lean) and historically Levi’s, but haven’t investigated the Levi’s since they changed to the Curve ID or whatever their new system of naming is. Also with the Gap pants, their website goes up to a 20, I think, in pants, and I’ve had excellent luck with some of their non-jeans as well, as casual-but-not-jeans sorts of pants.
      If that’s not helpful, I’d recommend taking a wander through Manolo for the Big Girl, both the “denim” tag and doing a search– manolobig(dot)com. They’ve got some good recommendations for a wide range of sizes and shapes. (Also I love them, but that’s a side note.)

  25. james perse has the best-t’s hands down! jcrew and banana republic t’s are not soft and after a few washes, loses their shapes. gap t’s are okay…but anything not cotton just feels cheap and more times than not look cheap too.

  26. Love the BR tees, I’m wearing one I royal blue right now.

    And I love lafayette 148 tees for work, though they’re spendy.

  27. I am positively surprised with Old Navy’s crewneck T-Shirts. And at only $ 8, I can pick up three and just replace more often. If you are concerned about the environment: just cut up old shirts and use as cleaning rags.

  28. I had good luck with Madison t-shirts (cotton/modal/spandex) from Belk recently. And they’re cheap ($14) too!

  29. How about an excellent, high quality Made in the USA option, like the American Giant tee shirts at ? The scoop neck comes in 10 colors ( ) and the v-neck in 14 ( ). 100% made in the USA sports local textile jobs and the quality is exceptional. 4.8-ounce cotton weight provides good cover and comfort.

  30. I am late to the party, but I cannot resist commenting because I am so confused…a T-SHIRT? With a SUIT? I thought you had to wear a dress shirt or shell underneath a suit. I have never seen a t-shirt worn to a “business casual” office, and business casual to me means dress pants or skirt, and a dress shirt or blouse, sans jacket (or tie for men). I get the impression that most of the posters on this page work in “business formal” offices, where a complete suit is mandatory, and so this t-shirt thing has me baffled. A t-shirt with a suit seems like something they’d try to sell you at Express, along with an electric blue suit and dangling rhinestone earrings. Can anyone understand where I am coming from and enlighten me? Am I just clueless? Have people been wearing t-shirts with suits for a while now? I’m not trying to be snarky; I am just befuddled…

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