Suiting Brands for Women: Plus Size Suits, Petite Suits, Tall Suits and More

plus size suits2018 Update: We still think this is a nice roundup of plus size suits and more, and links have been updated below — but you can also check out our updated post on where to find stylish plus-size suits for work (as well as where to find the best women’s suits of 2018). Looking for petites? Check out our roundup for where to find stylish petite suits for women.

In case you missed it, we did a major round up of the best suiting brands for women a few weeks ago, from the budget brands to the boss brands. As promised, we’re back with a focus on specialty suiting brands for women — if you’re looking for plus size suits, petite suits, tall suits, or even suits from independent/specialty boutiques, this round-up is for you.

Ladies, if you’re on the hunt for one of these types of suits, which are your favorite brands and styles? Where do you shop the most, and what kind of sales have you found? 

The Best Plus Size Suits For Women

(Links have been updated as of 2018 — you can also see our latest roundup of where to find stylish plus-size suits for work!)

plus size suits

  • Amazon – Jessica London, Kasper, Le Suit, Tahari
  • Bloomingdale’s – City Chic, Lafayette 148 New York, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Marina Rinaldi, Nic+Zoe, and Vince Camuto
  • Dillards – Calvin Klein, Investments, Kasper, Lauren Ralph Lauren – Pictured
  • Eloquii – Lots of fun suits for work, with a few 9-to-5 Essential” options
  • Full Beauty – Nice collection of brands including ellos, Jessica London, Roaman’s, and Ulla Popken
  • Jessica London*
  • JCPenney – Evan-Piccone, Liz Claiborne, and Worthington
  • Kohl’s – Alfred Dunner, Apt. 9, Simply Vera
  • H&M*
  • Lands End (particularly their washable wool suiting)
  • Lane Bryant*
  • Last Call – Good selection of Lafayette 148 New York on sale, including suiting
  • Lord & Taylor – Calvin Klein, Nipon Boutique, Tahari – (also check out Gravitas dresses at L&T) – Pictured
  • Macy’s – Alfani, Anne Klein, Calvin Klein, Kasper, Nine West, and Tahari
  • Moi Même – Bespoke/custom sizes
  • Navabi – Lots of blazers in their own house line, as well as foreign brands such as Adia, Elvi, Frapp, Hermann Lange, Jo & Julia, Manon Baptiste, Nör, and Zizzi (free shipping over $399)
  • Nordstrom Lafayette 148 New York, Louben, Sejour, Vicky Vi, Vince Camuto,
  • Off Fifth – Basler, Calvin Klein, Lafayette 148 New York, Max Mara
  • Simply Be – A few more traditional suiting options like this or this
  • Sumissura – Bespoke/custom suiting
  • Talbots (particularly their seasonless wool suiting
  • Saks Fifth Avenue* – Lafayette 148 New York, Marina Rinaldi, Nic + Zoe, Stizzoli – Pictured
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Awesome Options for Tall Suits for Women

petite suitsStylish Petite Suits

Updated 2018! Any store that may have limited options for conservative suiting is marked with a *. You may also want to check out our last guide to suiting alterations for petites!

The Best Suits to Wear to Work If You’re Pregnant

2018 Update: Check out our latest post on the best maternity suits for professional women!

It is very difficult to find a good basic suit in maternity sizes. If you really need maternity suiting, try:

Independent Boutiques / Specialty Stores for Suits


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    But is it really? As long as I stay in the main touristy areas, I’d be fine, right? I’d be with a friend part of the time and solo the rest of the time. I speak reasonably good Spanish and have traveled extensively around the world, so this seems like a no-brainer to me, but my parents’ reaction gives me pause.

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    • S in Chicago :

      Afraid I can’t answer about Mexico City.

      But go Cubs!

    • It's Me Again... :

      Not sure about Mexico City in particular, but I do find that Americans in general have a sense of fear and panic about a lot of places that may not necessarily be fully warranted. That said, I am a born-and-raised New Yorker (think NYC in the 80’s…. not the 2016 version) and have pretty sharp street smarts and awareness.

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      Point is — I’m sure if you’re careful and aware, most places are fine. Exercise judgement!

    • Totally safe. This is coming from a Canadian though. I am not really sure why Americans are irrationally afraid of Mexico.

    • Mrs. Jones :

      Mexico City is fine. Just use common sense like you would anywhere else.

    • You’re right, it’s a no-brainer–you should absolutely go. Use your judgment, especially with taxis at night, and trust your gut, and you’ll be absolutely fine and have a great time.

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  3. Excited to see a few new plus size suit options here that I havent tried before!

    Is it just me or do other people find that Kasper suits seem to be of the cheapest quality possible? I just hate the fabrics they use. Calvin Klein suits have much nicer looking/feeling fabrics for the same price.

    • Stephanie L :

      Agreed. The cuts are matronly and the fabrics are stiff. I used to wear Kasper suits but I just don’t bother with them anymore.

  4. I’m not sure why they aren’t listed, but the Limited’s petite suiting is perfect for those of us who are petite but hourglassy. I especially love that they have dresses coordinating with blazers, as I’d much rather wear a dress with the matching suit jacket rather than a skirt.

  5. Appreciate the effort that must have gone into this compilation!

    That said as a curvy petite I am perpetually disappointed with the options I’ve found at many of the stores mentioned.

    Halogen has a near perfect length, however the blazers seem cut for women with no waist at all, though it is currently my favorite suit I own.

    Ann Taylor fit in the shoulders, but the arms were huge and the skirt was cut too close to the body to be appropriate in a conservative work environment.

    Calvin Klein is built for more straight and narrow types

    The Limited has huge differences in sizing, an 8P was too tight in the chest, whereas I drowned in the 8R.

    Tahari is often too matronly and cut for women with no waist at all.

    I desperately wish suitsupply, indochino, etc had female counterparts!

    • P, you are SO right! I can’t beleive you have taken the troubel to list the issues I have. I am also petite, with curves, but also a “shelf” (think tuchus), and even tho I love Ann Taylor, I often have to have the skirt’s refitted at the tailor b/c of my tuchus. Also Tahari has advantages, but I need tailoring. When I make another $100K per year, I will have all clotheing tailored at Lord and Taylor. That should be my middel name — Tailoring! FOOEY!

  6. Stephanie L :

    I hadn’t heard of Jeetly. How cute is that Chelsea jacket??

    Banana Republic has some decent petite suit options. I’ve found their customer “service” line and the in-store staff consistently snarky/eye-rolly, which rather dampens my enthusiasm. The 2 BR suits I have really have held up well, so I’ll probably make myself go back for another at some point.

  7. stephannei :

    At 5’10”, I find Theory works for me when I’m thinner (at 130–150 lbs, 10s and 12s) and Boss/Hugo Boss works for me when I’m not as (160–170 lbs, 10s). My limbs are expectedly long but not excessively; if going with pants, they’re long enough for 3″ heels and jacket sleeves hit properly. I like the material and the trimness of the cut.

  8. Sherri Ottinger :

    Kasper has long been my favorite (petite) but their selection seemed to dwindle and now looks like all their outlet stores are closed. It is getting harder and and harder to find dressy clothes for work.

  9. Sarah J Washburn :

    Most of these links no longer work.