Sponsored Post: Put “Busy” on Auto-Ship with Hoseanna

HoseannaSo a few months ago, I got to meet the founders of this new site, Hoseanna, and was introduced to what I seriously think is a great idea: letting busy women put some of those fundamental things (the ones you buy again and again) on auto-ship. That way, you don’t have to waste valuable mental space (or that even rarer commodity: free time) over these things — they just magically show up at your door on your schedule.

When the site launched it was just a curated hosiery collection (hence the name, Hoseanna) — but the site recently expanded. They still have legwear (now with more brands, including Berkshire, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Hue, and more). But the new site delves into some of those other little things that women hate to buy (and especially hate to ask their significant others to buy): feminine care like pads and tampons, as well as intimate things like condoms and lubricants. They even have a bunch of brands in the “health and beauty” category — you know, the items that even YOU manage to grab the wrong item off the shelf, no matter how much you think you know what you want. Alba, Aveeno, Biore, Blistex, Burt’s Bees, Carmex, ChapStick — you can put it all on auto-ship. I also like that the box includes a monthly surprise treat — and that now, as a bonus, you can earn shopping dollars for future Hoseanna purchases when you refer a friend.

This video explains what they do a bit better (and a bit more amusingly) than I do…


Don’t forget that we’re currently running a giveaway with the service — click here to enter to win a $50 shopping credit to try out Hoseanna!


  1. Sorry, but this seems like just another way to spend money on stuff you don’t need. I’m sure that you can remember to buy lotion without having it magically appear at your door (likely several weeks/months before you really need it). Are we really THAT busy?

    • I agree. We should NOT be stupid with our MONEY! We should spend alot, but spend WIZELY.

    • This. Also, if you run out of lotion and you don’t have a backup and you can’t get to the store for a few days? Life probably goes on.

      Not to mention – are we really not yet old/mature enough to be able to both buy tampons without embarrassment and/or ask our SO to buy tampons for us without turning multiple shades of red and stammering? Yeesh.

    • I’m sort of inclined to agree. I know different things work for different people, but for me, I’d rather just pick these things up when I go do the “big” grocery shopping (the one at that store that has everything for cheap). For things like lotion, tampons, deoderant, etc (that I know I’m going to need, and won’t go bad), I usually just buy another package as soon as the first one is at half-way, so I know I’ll have it.

      • Yep, me too

        We’re just now getting over huge stockpile of this kind of stuff from my son’s coupon-clipping binge last summer (2010). funniest moment of that shopping spree: when he tried to convince me to change my tampon brand because we could get such a good deal on another kind.

        • Cute – reminds me of our spring/summer campaign to use up all the little toiletries from hotels and airplane flights…finally got through about 5 years’ accumulation. The items we didn’t need (toothbrush, paste, combs) all went to the local Salvation Army, including the little cases from the airplanes. Just passing on an idea.

      • Eh. If you live in a big city and don’t drive, there’s no such thing as a “big” grocery shopping or stores that have everything for cheap. There’s just the drugstore that’s overpriced and always out of everything you want, and the corner grocery that has only one kind of peanut butter.

    • Amelia Bedelia :

      As someone who never really does the “big” grocery shop, and hates to shop at all (!), this seems really helpful. Because when I forget to restock feminine hygiene products, I can’t just “wait three or four days.” I need them now! And no matter how old we get, my husband does not appreciate the 6am runs to CVS to buy tampons . . .

      • Am I the only person who buys ten packs of my preferred product when it’s on sale? Yeah, it’s kind of crazy to show up to the counter with 6 packs of pads or 4 deodorants but I’m kind of paranoid about those two things. Plus, my favorites always run out.

        • SF Bay Associate :

          You have to have the storage space for those 10 packs though. I have no such storage in my apartment, any more than I can buy Kirkland toilet paper or paper towels. This seems like a convenient idea to me.

        • I have Amazon ship me 3 40-packs of each size of my O.B.s every few months. I can’t bear running out and having to use an applicator tampon.

        • Ru – I’m with you. I look like a hoarder when I go shopping–taking advantage of sales, plus I think non-food grocery shopping in general is a waste of my time. I like to avoid one-off trips to the store by stocking up in advance. Hence the 4 bottles of shampoo underneath my bathroom sink.

        • I completely do that- though more with (non-perishable or freezable) food than anything else. Once I was at the big box store, and they were having a sale on the bacon that we like, so I grabbed so many (to put in the freezer) that the cashier asked me if Elvis lives at my house!

        • Yup. I have something like six bottles of shampoo and conditioner in my linen closet and three deodorants in my medicine cabinet. Why not buy extra when they’re on sale for $3 instead of running out and having to pay double in a pinch? I also do the same with cans of tomatoes (there are a dozen also in the linen closet) and I buy the giant bulk sizes of detergent, Mr Clean, dish soap, things like that, and just refill into smaller manageable bottles as needed. You do have to have the space, but I make it fit in the closets as much as I can.

  2. Amazon has a similar service that I’ve used for years. You can turn it on and off…it’s actually very convenient and less expensive than buying at my local drugstores that may or may not have an item in stock.

    • My shameful secret is that I do this with cat food. Someone would be in for a rude surprise if they stole those two large Amazon boxes that appear outside my door every 6 weeks!

      • I do it with cat food too. As a city dweller who doesn’t own a car and walks everywhere, I appreciate not having to lug cases of Fancy Feast home from the store!

    • BigLaw Refugee :

      Yes, and you get a discount! For most things, I can’t predict my usage well enough to use Amazon’s auto-ship, but for the few that I can, it’s a great deal as well as convenient. I’d be surprised if this Hoseanna thing were as well priced.

  3. Anonymous :

    I do auto with beauty products from HSN and QVC– when they have a super deal on Philosophy or somesuch, you can lock in the cheaper price for infinity, scheduled as rarely or often as you like.

  4. Anon for this :

    Ladies, I must recommend the Diva Cup. It will change your life. You won’t have to worry about running out of tampons again – just buy a new one once a year or whatever the recommended time is for buying a new one. Small to pack, no frequent or furtive bathroom trips, no trying to hide your tampon bag or stick them up your sleeve. I wrinkled my nose at the idea, but I finally gave in and bought one and never looked back. It took me 1 or 2 practice rounds, but now I am a devotee. I feel like I am free from so many inconveniences with that little cup.

    • I think I would find “boiling my menstrual products on the stove” to be an inconvenience.

      • haha! Jas, I’m with you. I used the predecessor to this and it was just…. gross.

        • Anon for this :

          Ha! Jas, your comment made me laugh out loud. I have two so I only have to do “the monthly boil” as my husband calls it, every other month. It’s not a big deal for me – 15 minutes on the stove and done.

          I travel a lot and it has made life on the road so much easier.

    • Used to like it, but now I have am IUD and there’ re some concerns about using them together.

    • THIS. I own a LadyCup and I’ve had it for quite a few years.
      No vaginal microtears from removing a dry tampon, no midnight dashes to the drugstore, and it holds WAY more than a tampon ever did.

      Yes, there is an ick factor. But I sure as heck don’t boil my partner before he and I have fun time–but I boil my cup. Which is cleaner?

    • No furtive trips to the bathroom? Washing out your Diva Cup in a public bathroom seems like something I can forego. Getting blood all over my hands seems like something I can forego. Sign up me up for disposable products behind closed bathroom stalls where no one is the wiser.

      • Diva Cup Devotee :

        But the thing is, you might not have to empty the Diva Cup at work or in a public bathroom. If your flow is relatively light, you can go 12 hours without having to empty it. If your flow is heavy, then maybe you have to empty it after 6-8 hours. And if you do it carefully you do not get blood on your hands. It is all contained in the cup, which you just dump into the toilet.

      • I am a klutz, and I can easily empty it in a public bathroom, wipe it out with a bit of toilet paper, reinsert, and go about the day. It is not a big deal. I was really surprised by how easy and convenient it is. If you’ve never tried it, you really have no call to knock it.

        • Those of us who are fortysomething remember the days of the super-absorbent Rely tampon, which meant that you didn’t have to change anywhere near as often as regular tampons – and then not changing is what caused Toxic Shock Syndrome. You younger ones won’t remember this – but this was a huge deal at the time.

          • I am familiar with that, but the TSS stemmed from the bacterial growth on the tampon. Most women who use a reusable cup leave theirs in for 10+ hours, though there are stories of women who have left them in for a day or two. The medical-grade silicone inhibits growth (and there’s no wick–unlike on a tampon–to introduce fecal bacteria, either).

            There is quite of bit of discussion on the subject, but since we all have better things to do than read all of it, I’ll sum it up: Cups are safe.

  5. So I realize this post is a promo for a site sponsor, but I can’t see why anyone would use Hoseanna when you can sign up for the exact same thing on Amazon using the subscribe and save program, and you get a 15% discount, free shipping, and a much, much, much wider product range than Hoseanna offers.

    I get kitty litter, hair products, and my beloved O.B. tampons shipped to me at regular intervals so I never run out, and it all costs less than it would in the store. <3 Amazon.

  6. Rural Juror :

    Does anyone have the LL Bean Town and Field Leather tote? I’m looking for a bag I can use for weekend trips, and I wonder if it is big enough. If anyone has any tips for leather weekend bags that look classy but are under $200, I would love to hear them!

    • anonymiss :

      I have one and love it. I recommend it to everyone. I don’t know if I would use it as a weekend bag, unless I only planned to use it for clothes/toiletries and plan to carry a separate purse for um..purse-like items. That being said, it’s a truly lovely bag, with good organization, nice leather, and sufficiently long straps to wear over any coat. I’ve had mine for almost 4 or 5 years and it still looks fantastic.

    • I have one and I love love love it. I use it for weekend trips all the time. I usually carry a couple of shirts/thin sweaters, pair of pants, pair of flats, small makeup/toiletry bag, hairbrush, water bottle, and a book, plus wallet, keys, etc. Great leather, good construction with sturdy straps (very important to me because I tend to abuse my bags). I find the construction isn’t especially conducive to carrying a laptop (it tends to flop around a bit), so if I need my laptop I usually end up stuffing everything into the Lo & Sons O.G.

    • Does anyone actually wear hose often enough to need it automatically shipped to her at regular intervals?

    • Yes, I love it. I think it’s fine for a weekend bag if you also carry a purse. I’ve also used it to carry a small laptop. If you have a 13.3″ or smaller it will fit in the zipper compartment. Anything bigger and you may be in trouble.

  7. This is really neat! Not for me, and not really necessary at all, but still pretty cool.

  8. Magdeline :

    I like this. I’m in law school and too poor for this, but I am running out of stuff constantly. (I work right by like 10 Walgreens, so I can easily run out on my lunch hour, but it would still be so nice.)

    • Have you seen http://www.alice.com ? I haven’t used it personally, but it’s free and I’ve heard good things about it.

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