The Hunt: Stylish Business Card Cases

Sure, we all know what basics professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have. Today, we hunt for stylish business card cases for women.

I don’t think we’ve done a Hunt on card cases since 2009 or so — so let’s start looking! (Whoa: I just updated that 2009 post and almost everything is still available — crazy.) Ladies, how do you use business card cases? There are a few ways that I do: 1) to hold business cards (those to give and those I receive), 2) to corral a few extra cards that are location specific — for example I used to keep one in my desk drawer at work that had deal cards for lunch spots in my building, such as “buy 10 salads get 1 free” — or if there are a bunch of stores near each other I would try to keep all the cards together and then throw them into my bag before I went to the mall or that area of town, and 3) to use as a wallet for my credit card, license/insurance card, and a few bucks if I’ve downsized to a clutch and my regular wallet won’t fit!  We’ve noted the very popular Jet Set card cases and I recently featured these gorgeous metallic Kate Spade cases (now on sale, btw) — here are a few other stylish business card cases I’m seeing around the web:

card case for women RFID This is billed as a “credit card holder” and has RFID-blocking techniques as well — but for $12-$15, especially with these bright, happy colors, I’d be fine to use it as a business card case.  The purple is available from $12.99 but not available for Prime; there are four other colors (including a kelly green) that are $15.99 with Prime. MEKU RFID Blocking Slim Leather Credit Card Holder Business Card Case Minimalist Wallet with Cash Clip
glitter card case for womenI love this glittery card case from Kate Spade, particularly if your intended purpose is keeping a stash of only your business cards, and you want to keep them pristine.  It’s $30 at Nordstrom and available in three colors; this $9 option is similar but a bit more affordable. (This $30 single initial monogram business card case is also gorgeous.) Pictured: kate spade new york glitter business card holder
business card case for women leatherLodis is always a favorite with readers, and I like that this simple, high quality leather case comes in a zillion colors — this particular one is “beet” on the main parts with an edging in “iced violet.” Nice. It’s $34.99, and available via Prime shipping. Lodis Audrey Mini Card Case
floral business card case This colorful floral case from Halogen is another lovely choice if you want a covered option. It’s $35, leather, and has an ID pouch on the other side; it also comes in a solid black and “opal gray.” Halogen® Leather Card Case
personalized card case for womenMark & Graham offers “next generation personalization” on a variety of things, and these colorful leather card cases look great, especially for only $68. I like that there’s a pocket in front, a zipper, and a way to attach it to your bag — great if you don’t have pockets and your card case gets lost in your bag. Vivid Zip Card Case
card case for fashionistasNot only does this card case for fashionistas pay homage to the very popular Valentino heels (I swear, they seem even more popular now than they did when they came out) — but because of the raised rockstud spikes the card case is easy to find in your bag.  Nice. The case is $275, and available in black, red, and “water rose.” (If you like the raised studs, this $68 case is similar.) Valentino Rockstud Calfskin Leather Card Case

How about you, ladies? What do you look for in a stylish business card case — and how do you use your card cases the most? 

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  1. Anonymous :

    Has anyone bought anything from Reformation? I’ve admired some of their dresses for a while, but they always seemed overpriced, and there’s a pretty decent sale going on right now. Thoughts? Are they all too “early 20’s” or should I pick up a weekend dress for spring/summer?

  2. Shopaholic :

    I have a card case from Henri Bendel that I really like. Good quality too – it gets thrown around in my bag and the leather still looks pristine. I get tons of compliments on it when I pull it out.

  3. Gail the Goldfish :

    I use card cases to hold my license+credit card when I’m using a tiny purse. My favorite is a metal one from the Met Museum store that is based on the Tiffany Magnolia windows–it doesn’t look like they sell it anymore, unfortunately (they do have a bookmark on the same pattern). I have two of the Kate Spade metal ones (one says “Call me,” the other “let’s do lunch”. Both were gifts…)–one has held up great, the other has what appears to be weird tarnish marks all over it (but they don’t polish out), so mixed opinions on those. I see a lot of interesting looking card cases on etsy, but haven’t actually bought any.

  4. It would be much cheaper to buy your own stud gun and apply studs to a plain business card holder than to purchase the Valentino card holder. Good grief.

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    • Anonymous :

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  6. I bought my card case off of Etsy – (she has a lot of other styles). When my purse was stolen and I had to contemplate rebuying everything in it, I went right back to the same shop and was ready to pull the plug on buying another (until the purse showed up). It has definitely held up from being at the bottom of my purse for the last 5 years.

  7. I like the Kate Spade Darla–it has two pockets (I use them one for my cards, one for cards I receive), and an ID slot on the back (like for your work ID or your conference badge). I have about four and don’t go to a conference/event without one.

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