Frugal Friday: Secret Sweater Layered Cardigan

The Grommet Secret Sweater Layering Cardigan | CorporetteOur daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

In general I’m a fan of The Grommet for clever little inventions I never knew existed, so I was excited to get the email about this “secret sweater,” designed for layering beneath a blazer (or wearing on its own). It seems like a great response to the common reader question of how to look professional when it’s freezing in your office. I like that it’s designed to be packable, too, which helps you adjust on the fly. It’s $39.95 at The Grommet, available in a variety of colors. Secret Sweater Layered Cardigan

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Staying Warm in the Subzero Office

Snow(business)man, originally uploaded to Flickr by oxygen timebomb.If your office is freezing, it doesn’t matter how hot it is outside — you want to bundle up and stay as warm as possible. Perhaps there’s a better way than having an office Snuggie, as some of Reader N’s coworkers seem to have done:

Despite record breaking temperatures this summer, I find myself huddled in my “office sweater” most of the day. (You know, the one you keep in a drawer in case your nice business casual outfit can’t keep you warm.) While some of my co-workers have long resorted to bringing in  fleece blankets to huddle in, I would like to avoid this ‘burrito-chic’ fashion.  I’m already wearing winter-weight pants with seasonally appropriate tops, but most of the time I resort back to the tired but appropriate Old Navy sweater. That is, until I found a strange alternative.  My question for you is it so strange I should actually just stick to my sweater…

The piece in question is a blazer made of thick hoodie material. It’s fitted/tailored  just right for me as a blazer, but it has a zipper where the front buttons should be. I feel kind of funny wearing such an odd thing, but it does make me feel like I’m more business-casual than business-burrito.

I’m with you — it always felt like my office was the South Pole in the summertime.  And trust me, nothing makes you feel more glamorous than settling in for a long day of doc review wearing a hat and gloves (although, hey, those are options).  We’ve talked about how to stay warm in the office in the fall and winter, but the summer office can be a bit more difficult because there’s such a stark contrast between your inside and outside dress. (Pictured: Snow(business)man, originally uploaded to Flickr by oxygen timebomb.) Here are some more professional suggestions… [Read more…]

Brrr: The Freezing Office

The Freezing Office | CorporetteReader K has an interesting question about cold offices – how can you look professional in a freezing office?

Now that the weather is changing, my office has a tendency to get pretty cold. I am wondering if you have any ideas on something to keep in the office for when it gets a little chilly. If the answer is a shawl or a wrap, I’d also love some advice on how to pull it off. Also, should I keep two pieces – one for days I am wearing black and another for days I am wearing navy or brown? My dingy cardigan has to go…

Great question, as the cold office seems to be a real problem for so many women I know.  (Pictured: So I broke down and pulled out the heated, fingerless gloves that the CA folks gave me, originally uploaded to Flickr by cindiann.) First, let’s make an important distinction: there’s the cold office as a whole (cold hallways, cold meeting rooms, etc), and then there’s the cold “I’m sitting in my office working by myself and I’m freezing” office. If your office as a whole is just generally freezing, I think your “outfit” for the day should keep that in mind. In other words — don’t keep one cardigan at the office that you’re going to have to change into every day; actually dress warmly enough for the office. Cashmere and wool sweaters, tweed and corduroy blazers… you get the picture. [Read more…]