Left Behind By a Male Colleague While Wearing Heels

left behind at train stationIf you’re running for the train in high heels and find yourself getting left behind by a male colleague (or a woman, for that matter) as you struggle to keep the pace, is that coworker simply being rude? What should you do next time?

Reader L wonders:

I am from Germany and I love your Blog. Some topics are differently handled here but still most of the tips and advice can be applied here as well. I have experienced some male behaviour which I just find to be rude but I wanted to know if other women have experienced it as well and how they dealt with it. I was travelling with my former boss and and we went to meetings with potential partners etc. I usually wore heels. After the meeting we really had to hurry to catch a train. Meaning he walked extremely fast and did not look after me where I was. I really had trouble keeping up with him. The other time I was prepared and wore flats but then we actually had to run to get to the train. A couple of weeks ago I was travelling with a sort of male CEO and the train was a bit late, but we still had more than enough time to get to our appointment. I was also pacing, almost running, just seeing that he did not bump into others.

I’ve seen situations like this unfold — and I definitely have Opinions. I’m curious to hear what the readers say. To recap, we’ve talked about comfortable heels, the best commuting shoeshow to walk quietly in heels, how to look professional in flats, and traveling with coworkers — but I haven’t stated my pretty stark opinion on heel height for work in a while…. so here goes:

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Coffee Break – Dorell Oxford Pumps

Gabriella Rocha – Dorell (Black Suede) – FootwearBoth 6pm and Zappos have great sales on these high-heeled oxford shoes from Gabriella Rocha — and I think it’s a good sign that they have all positive reviews on Zappos.  Suede can be tricky in the springtime, but so long as it’s dry outside and you’re wearing something on your feet (whether it be a pair of tights, knee-highs, or a hidden nylon sock), I think these are still wearable for a few more months. The shoes are available in gray, pictured ($72 at 6pm, $84 at Zappos), a brown “camel” ($60 at 6pm, $69 at Zappos), and black ($48 at 6pm). (The price difference between the two stores may be negligible considering the free shipping and easy returns that Zappos offers, so I thought I’d list both.)  Gabriella Rocha – Dorell (Black Suede) – Footwear


Coffee Break: Lisbon Oxfords

Me Too – Lisbon (Black Goat)In our conversation yesterday about basic black pumps, readers reminded me of a very comfortable brand that I forget sometimes — Me Too. True enough, this oxford pump has glowing customer reviews on comfort (yes, despite the height) and walkability. As I’ve said before, I think this style can be one of the easiest to wear in the winter with tights and pants, and I love that a comfortable iteration is on sale. They were $109, now $87.20 at Zappos. (Available in black, black patent, black suede, brown suede, and grey suede.) Me Too – Lisbon (Black Goat) – Footwear


Coffee Break: Myka Suede Wedge Shoes

Women's Merona® Myka Suede Wedge Shoes - PlumCorporette commenters have sung the praises of these $30 wedges for a while (including today), but I don’t think we’ve ever featured them properly on the site. To hear the commenters tell it: They’re comfortable. They’re versatile. (And they come in purple suede, which you know I love.) They’re $30 at Target.com. Women’s Merona® Myka Suede Wedge Shoes – Plum

Coffee Break: Bandolino Purple Suede Heels

Bandolino - Signmeup (Dark Purple Suede) - Footwear We’re always a fan of a purple pump, and we like these dark purple suede ones from Bandolino. We like the quarter strap (more flattering than a straight-across-the-ankle Mary Jane, but just as walkable); also liking the chain detailing, provided they’re not too noisy in real life. The price is certainly right — the shoes are $68 at Zappos (also available in black and gray).   Bandolino – Signmeup (Dark Purple Suede) – Footwear

Coffee Break: Stuart Weitzman’s Daisy Pump

Stuart Weitzman Women's Daisy Pump,Roccia SerpentToday we’re loving this classic shoe from Stuart Weitzman.  The serpent print is a great “neutral” with some personality — it also comes in a gray “snake” print, a multi-colored “serpent” print (all of the prints for $285) and a red and a basic black leather (both on sale at Endless for ~$150.)  Zappos also has the shoe in a number of patent colors for $298 — beige, hot pink, navy, and red — as well as a black suede and some croc prints (for $315).  Lovely!  Pictured: Stuart Weitzman Women’s Daisy Pump,Roccia Serpent

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