The Saks Friends & Family Sale

Elie Tahari Merino Wool Chariot SweaterThere are so many good things on sale at the Saks Friends & Family sale that I though I’d do a quick roundup of some of my favorites. (Pictured: an elusive shrunken sweater! Elie Tahari Merino Wool Chariot Sweater.  Was $298, marked to $223.50, with discount down to $178.) A few notes:

– There is So.Much.DvF. Like, everything I’ve ever featured on Corporette by DvF is on sale now. I haven’t even seen this before, but you can get the classic Jeanne wrap dress in both black and navy — both lots of sizes left. The dress was $325, now $243, with F&F discount it comes down to $195.
– Pretty good selection of evening-wear, if you have any fancy cocktail parties coming up.
– Lots of lucky sizes only.

Happy hunting, ladies!

(Unfortunately I only realize now that the prices showing when you mouse over the pics below aren’t always the sale prices (and never the F&F prices).  So take the “prices” with a grain of salt — most of it is really reasonably priced for the quality of the brands.)




  1. Charlotte :

    Sorry to TJ right off the bat…. but I was wondering if anyone could counsel me on the practicality of still having a desk calendar — the kind from [email protected] with the day-per-page inserts. I ask, b/c I am sorely tempted to buy a really nice leather cover for the one I have (to replace a vinyl one I’ve had for 12+ years). I am also about to get an iPh0ne for the first time. Has anyone been a paper calendar person for a long time, but then completely switched to electronic calendaring? Are there good reasons to keep a [bulky] paper calendar? FWIW, I’m an attorney who appears in court a lot. TIA!

    • I have both. I’m not actually great about looking at my electronic calendar(s), and writing helps me remember.

      Now I have a dumb dumb question: How do you get the F&F discount?

    • It depends. I can’t use a desk calendar because people have to be able to put meetings on my outlook calendar. You can use a desk calendar if 1) you are a sole practitioner (I guess) or 2) you have your admin put everything from your electronic calendar onto your physical calendar.

      The only time i use a paper calendar is to look at, for instance, what day of the week November 19 is. I have a wall calendar for that.

    • LadyEnginerd :

      I use electronic for appointments and paper to plan. Thus, my calendar is on my phone (it dings when I’m supposed to be somewhere!), and my to-do list lives on paper. I use weekly pages and every week I take the time to look over my electronic calendar and plan out my week with paper. If paper works for you, keep doing what works!

    • I use my electronic calendar for work-related things and a paper desk calendar for personal items. So the CLE that I have at lunch on Tuesday, for instance, doesn’t appear on my desk calendar because it doesn’t affect my personal life. But my desk calendar has a reminder that I am going to dinner with friends on Wednesday night. I also write things on my desk calendar like people’s birthdays, upcoming holidays and tick marks for days I’ve gone to the gym. It may sound confusing but it works really well for me – I am a very visual person.

    • I carried a Filofax for YEARS, and I could not believe how quickly I abandoned it after getting a smartphone. What did it for me was the ability to synch my Google calendar, which is the one on my phone (I have an Android phone), with my work Outlook calendar so that they auto-update. I can put an appointment directly into my phone, it autoupdates to my work calendar, I will never forget an appointment, and I can never lose my calendar because it is synched to Google and Outlook. Amazing. I will never go back.

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      I LOVE my paper planner. Pretty much everything work and personal gets put on my work electronic calendars. This includes “ticklers,” other people’s schedules, discovery deadlines, etc. It gets messy. My paper calendar just has places I need to be at a particular time (that are also on my electronic calendars). In office client meeting? On the paper calendar. Court appearance? Paper calendar. Doctor’s appointment? Paper calendar. The only other thing besides places I need to be that go on there are drop dead deadlines. Things like answering a complaint or an upcoming statute of limitation. Something that would be malpractice to miss. My method is to keep the paper calendar as bare as possible so I only see the VIP things and never miss something major.

    • anon in tejas :

      I work for a govt agency. I am the youngest attorney here, we all carry paper calendars that we keep at the office with all of our settings. several attorneys also keep a personal paper calendar as well.

      personally, I would prefer to keep everything on an electronic calendar synced with my outlook/g-calendar. however, it’s likely not too possible since it would be getting govt information on my personal device.

  2. psa for those of you who like jcrew flats: the ladies over at jcrew aficionada say there’s a “secret” 30% off ballet flats in-store.
    the way the secret sales work, there are no signs or anything, but the markdown will show up at the register.

  3. eastbaybanker :

    Does anyone know how DVF sizing compares to BR/J Crew? I’m assuming I should size up for the Jeanne wrap dress, since it seems a little low cut on top.

    • Go up about two sizes. I wear a 0 in J Crew and BR, but a 4 in DVF.

    • Charmed Girl :

      LOVE my Jeanne DVF dresses. I pretty much go up a size from my normal BR/ J Crew/ Brooks Brothers, etc. I am busty so pretty much always need to wear a cami underneath, but that size fits me best in the shoulders.

  4. I’ve been sleeping with a co-worker for almost three years. I’m married.

  5. Philly ?
    Will be in downtown Philly for conference next week – was hoping for clothing shopping suggestions from Philly hive?
    Thank you!

    • Anonymous :

      If there’s any way you can swing by the King of Prussia mall it will be worth your time-shopping nirvana. They have everything!

      • Merabella :

        My husband goes to this mall at least 3 times a year when he travels with his team. Is it sad that I’m slightly jealous of him?

    • What kind of shopping are you looking for?

      The (flagship?) enormous Anthro is at 18th and Walnut. Walking east from there on Walnut, you pass a mix of fast fashion (Zara), ordinary stores (Talbots, Ann Taylor, etc.) and pricier (Lagos, Burberry, Coach, Brooks Bros (which I think just re-opened after closing for the summer), Tiffany). Boyd’s – between 18th and 19th on Chestnut – is the local luxe department store, but I haven’t shopped there since purchasing my husband’s tux for our wedding 5 years ago. Fun to browse, though.

      King of Prussia has by far more options, though, if you have a car and a few hours (or the patience to take the bus…) – that’s where most of the department stores (NM, Nordie’s, Bloomie’s) and designer boutiques (from Hermes to kate spade, etc.) are.

      • Was looking for local, independent, boutique-y shopping that I can’t get where I live (Western Mass) or when I go to Boston. Thanks.

    • Headstart shoes on 17th/ Samson has amazing boots; and most of the time a good selection on sale!

  6. Merabella :

    BTW I think I need to start reading Post Secret because I was OBSESSED with reading yesterdays thread. Why am I so fascinated with other people’s dirty little secrets?

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